TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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26: Talk Dirty To Me


My back bows off the bed as I cry out and grab for him, my fingers threading through his hair as I quiver and shake against his mouth, as my must deserved non-solo orgasm tears through me with tidal, elemental power.

I feel it everywhere—to the roots of my hair and in the balls of my feet—and as I’m racked with the gorgeous agony of it, he still pleasures me, still kisses and feasts on me like he can’t bear to stop.

And when I finally, finally still against his lips, going from wire-tight to limp and happy, he gives my pussy a final kiss and rises to his knees, smirking down at the mess he’s made.

He looks powerful towering over me like that. His handsomely squared shoulders and deceptively wide chest and a torso ridged with lean muscle and marked with a single line of dark hair trailing down from his navel are driving me insane.

I’ve never studied his body for so long but I’m not missing my chance now.

My gaze drops down to those hips, trim and narrow, the spread of dark hair low, low on his belly, the tops of firm thighs, and then— Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

His cock.

I want it inside me.

“I want you. Stop playing with me. Come here and fuck me.” He immediately stopped all the delicious moments. His eyes connected with mine and I saw restrained lust in them.

“If you want me to fuck you so badly then you have to beg me to fuck you.” The domineering tone was getting to me and I couldn’t take it any longer.

“Oh no. We are not doing this right now. You better fuck me now or I’m out. It will be difficult but Jordon would have to finish what you started.” I was gasping as his fingers touched me from my neck to my legs.

“Who the fuck is Jordon?”

This crazy man will be the end of me. I can’t believe we are having this pointless conversation.

“Oh god. Why do you look hotter when you are jealous? Jordon is my phallic imitator.”

He stopped mid finger thrust. Why? Oh god, this torture needs to end.

“The fuck does that even mean!”

“A dildo stupid. I don’t like to call it that. You better fuck me now.”

″Ever experienced this before?″ he asks quietly. ″The chemistry, the need?″

″No.″ My answer is easy and it’s the truth.

″Me neither.″

He steps forward and cages me against his arms, passionately kissing once again. My mind swims with pleasure. He’s naked. I’m naked. We’re touching everywhere that two people can touch, his erection wedged against my lower stomach, pulsing in time with my body.

He moans around my lips, his hands sliding down to my ass and onto my thighs, squeezing constantly. I lock his wide shoulders in my arms and let him at me. A swift tug hauls me up to his waist on a whimper, his cock poised and ready to enter me.


I whisper between our kisses. He paused for a minute, then he is searching through his wallet and sheathing himself in seconds.

“Please.” He finally stops torturing me and comes back to bed.

He swivels his hips and enters me on a ragged shout of satisfaction, his teeth clamped lightly around the flesh of my neck. My whole world explodes into a haze of powerful pleasure as I scream to the ceiling, a long, despairing, satisfying scream.

He’s still now but breathing erratically, his long, thick length fully inside of me. The fullness twists my mind, warmth fills my veins and boils my blood.

He pounds forward, and I cry out. Alastair grunts and the momentum is set – no more waiting, no more conscience, no more doubts. He thrusts hard, hitting me again and again, adding the odd deep grind here and there to never let me guess what’s coming next.

My cries of pleasure are on a loop, our sweat is mingling, and his hands around mine are locked tightly, keeping my arms ramrod straight above my head. It’s insane. It’s crazy, raw, carnal fucking, and it’s making me wonder amid the intoxicating feelings if someone heard me screaming.

I’m vehemently holding back, not wanting this to end just yet. I finally have him where I wanted him for so long and I’m letting him go easily.

“Fuck!” He shouts, releasing my hands and twisting me around so that I’m on my knees. My hands grip the bedpost and he drives back into me smoothly.

His teeth clench as he withdraws, his head dropping on my back, his tongue licking my neck. He yanks my hair a little and all my senses come alive. The room is filled with our sweaty skin slapping, our shouts, and cries of pleasure.

The bed is creaking under the force, and just when I think it might give under the strain, his arm slides under my stomach and pulls me up and around.

The front of my body crashes with him, and my shout is loud. He switches our positions such I’m the one that’s riding and controlling him. I lick his lips before claiming his mouth. His hands supporting my ass while I bounced on a rhythmic beat.

“Oh yes...fuckk. Just like that baby.” He’s so deep inside me and I think I’ve stopped breathing because my voice is hoarse, my mouth is dry and I’m gasping every other second.

“Jesus, you feel like heaven. How am I going to stop myself from touching you every time I see you?” His eyes were glazed over and I don’t think he knows he’s saying things out loud.

“Fuck me, Adelyn” He demands his voice like gravel, full of hunger and sex.

“Fuck me hard.” I don’t delay any longer. My hips kick in and I rock back and forth, my palms braced into the hardness of his chest. His fingers claw into my thighs, his face strained.

“Oh, shit”

He groans, his hips now flexing up and meeting my rhythm. The sight of him, the effect I’m having on him, it’s addictive. Then I’m moving again. His stomach muscles tense and he sits up, edging us to the side of the bed with me on his lap.

I yelp, the new position sending him so deeply. My head goes limp, but I refuse to lose his gaze as he guides me, slamming me down onto his lap repeatedly. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to fight off my release. He’s challenging me on so many levels.


I gasp, my head falling forward, our foreheads meeting. My thighs clamp around his waist, and he takes us on that final stretch towards the explosion.

He nods, and I nod right back understanding each other needs without words. He looks in pain as he takes the last few strokes, his face twisting, as I’m sure mine is. The veins in his neck bulge, his cock swells, and I’m shoved over the edge, screaming as the nerves in my clitoris explode.

My world goes blank, my body lax, and I collapse on top of him, pinning him to the mattress as we both splutter and gasp for breath. He twists around to put me under him. His chest is rolling atop mine and his skin’s wet under my hands on his back.

We finally open our eyes and stare at each other.

“There is no going back now.” His lips lazily kiss mine and once again I’m lost forgetting that a world exists beside us.

“This is worth everything.”

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