TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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27: Bedside Confusion


“Worth everything, huh?”

There is a teasing and playful tone to his voice and I loved that I put him in such a good mood. My head is resting on his chest; his fingers are lightly following the arch of my spine. When was the last time I felt this relaxed?

I am feeling the delicious soreness in places I never thought would feel this much sore. The room is filled with our combined smell of skin, sweat, and sex and I love every minute of this moment.

“I was talking about sex.”
I teased back and in a swift moment, he was above me, holding my eyes in his captive stare. His eyes shifted downwards and he arched his eyebrow at me.

The way he was looking at me was making my heart get some ideas that were too soon for us.

“You look beautiful. Your teary eyes. Your blushed cheeks. Your swollen red lips. Your heaving breasts. Your sexy stomach. Your patterned thighs. Your long stunning legs. And my personal favorite. Your gorgeous pússy and ass that makes me go wild.”
His emerald eyes were shining with honesty and for a moment I stopped breathing. This is way too much. The sex has gone over his head.

“We are going to do it again and again if you keep talking like that. Let’s shower and look less like we fucked each other brains out.”
He smirked when I let the blanket slide from my naked body. No matter how old they get, men will be boys. I rolled my eyes at him and pushed him back on the bed when I saw that hungry look in his eyes.

“No mister.”
I grabbed my clothes and made a run for the bathroom. I locked the door and checked it twice. God knows my luck with locks is bad. I showered and let my body relaxed under the hot spray.

I decided against wearing the same clothes so I grabbed a robe and covered myself in it. As I came out of the shower I saw Alastair sleeping like a starfish. I tiptoed out of the room to get one more look at his gorgeous face which looked so damn peaceful. Thank you, baby Jesus for carving his face like a Greek god.

I quickly ran to my room and changed into a pair of shorts and a red tank top. I drop a message to my mother asking her whereabouts but I’m met with no replies. Maybe, she is busy with Grayson.

A yawn escapes my mouth and I decide it is better to sleep in my bed tonight to avoid catching more feelings. As soon as I hit the bed I was fast asleep.

I woke up disoriented a little while later and found myself in Alastair’s bed. When in the hell did I got here. The man is missing and I don’t know what to feel anymore. I smiled lazily to myself as I twisted around in his bed.

“Why are you in Alastair’s bed?”
The voice came from the front of the room and I froze mid twisting my body. My eyes were suddenly wide open and with a jerk, I sat up and looked at Grayson standing there looking all kinds of confused and suspicious.

“Oh well... I..um..mmm.”

That was all I could muster as he continues to scrutinize me with that intense gaze. There was a loud thud that distracted him from me and I turned my head to see Alastair looking as unaffected as ever.

“Hey, Dad. You are back. Where is Kate? I didn’t saw her downstairs when I made coffee. There is enough for you two too.”
My heart was thudding wildly in my chest. I was still half asleep because my senses were all numb.

Think fast, Adelyn. Think fast.

“Alastair, did you repair the air conditioner in my room. It was so hot in my room. I couldn’t sleep at all. So that’s why I slept while Alastair took the sofa downstairs.”
The air conditioner in my room has been causing some troubles but it was working just fine. But if I can sell the lie right, he will believe it.

“Yes, Adelyn the air conditioner is all good now.”

I gave Alastair a quick “thank you” and instantly regretted it. He was the reason why I’m so close to a cardiac arrest while he looks like he does this every day.

Grayson looked at me for a second too long and nodded at Alastair. I don’t know what was that but I’ll take it.

“Kate is with her friend Lucy Adwell. She’ll be home late. Alastair, please go change. I have an important meeting today so I will leave for the office in an hour. You better be at the office on time.”
With that said he left the room and I released my breath which I’ve been holding all this time. The sound of his steps descending the steps was music to my ears.

I fell back on the bed and covered my face with my hands. The bed dipped and Alastair pulled my hands away from my face.

“Oh my God. We were this close to getting caught. I think I’m sweating through my ass. Stop laughing. I could have handled my mom but your dad intimidates the hell out of me. This is all because of you. I slept in my bed. Why did you bring me here?”

“I missed you.”

He kissed my lips softly but I pushed him away but that didn’t stop him. I kissed back bunching his collar in my hands and pulling him over my body.

We sprung apart as we heard the footsteps once again. Alastair made a beeline for the bathroom while I just sat there doing nothing.

Wow. It’s good to know if we ever get caught he’ll haul ass.

I stood up and started doing yoga because it was better than sleeping in his bed. My mom came into the room and looked at me for a minute or two and then shook her head.

“Darling, you could have slept in our room. Why did you trouble Alastair?”
My mother’s sickly sweet voice reminded me of something that I need to know. The woman sugar-coats everything when she is busy causing trouble.

“I don’t want to sleep in a bed where you have done god knows what. I actually have to ask you something. Where the hell were you?”
I threw back the question at her and she rolled her eyes at me as if I’m being dramatic.

“We were out with friends, honey. You forget sometimes that I’m your mother. Anyways I have something I want to tell you about your father. Get ready because we are going out.”
I had school but I guess that’s not her problem. I could always go half-day to school. It’s not like it matters to her if I go to classes or anything. Who needs grades when you have money right?

“Let me get changed.”
She left the room and closed the door behind her. I opened the bathroom and there he stood all male and powerful under the jets of shower.

Damn, this man is sexy. He could give the Hemsworth’s brothers a run for their money.

I quickly tap my knuckles on the glass door. He gives me a wicked smile before sliding it open.

“Not here for a shower. Just want to tell you I’m going out with my mother. She apparently has something to talk to me about. I’m shocked and a little curious. If you get away from the office then let me know.”
I kissed his wet lips before smacking his butt. I move out of the bathroom before he could tempt me anymore.

This shit should not feel this normal. Whenever my life becomes a little bit of normal. I’m reminded of the storm that’s ready to hit me hard.

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