TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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28: The Wedding & The York


“Your father is getting married. That son of a bitch!”

My mother dropped that bomb on me as I took my first sip of coffee that came right out. I quickly grabbed some tissues and wiped my mouth and the table.

“Geez, mom give a girl some warning before going all out with it.”
The level of drama my somewhat family has each day is incredibly ridiculous. I could start my own Kardashian and Jenner series.

“You have to stop the wedding. My plan is going to fail miserably if that woman married your father.”

My mother forked the salad as if was my father’s unfortunate fiancé’s eyes.

“Mom, what the hell is wrong with you? Are you still trying to ruin your ex-husband and his company? I thought it was just a phase. You cannot be serious about this.”

How has my life gone from the amazing mind-numbing sex to this miserable family drama so fast?

“Adelyn, you don’t understand, do you? That man took everything from me and now when I’m this close to getting what I want he ruined it for me again. I won’t let that happen. Fool me once, twice but the third time I am burying him in the ground alive.”

I looked at my mother for the longest time to grasp the seriousness of the situation.

“We are going to that wedding even if we are not invited which we will be not because when have your father given a damn thought about me.”

I just kept on staring at my mother and then I saw it. Under the angry façade, hidden was a broken-hearted woman. A wave of compassion drives through me and I hold my mother’s hand on my own.

“Mom, you don’t have to this. You are better than this. You have Grayson now. You don’t have to concern yourself with him anymore.”
My words went into dead ears because that angry wall fell back in front of her eyes and I gave out a sigh. I cannot help this woman from self-destructing if she doesn’t want to help herself.

“You don’t understand. Anyways I have an important meeting with a friend. You can take the car.”
I reluctantly pushed out of my seat and kissed my mother’s cheek before walking out of the cafe with her car keys.

After the stressful day, I had today, I just want to lay in bed all day and do nothing. I guess I deserve a day off from school.

I drove all the way back to the house only to find two cars standing in the parking. Alastair car was parked there with a red Honda and something about it seemed familiar.

I quickly parked the car a little away from the house and locked it. My heels were clicking against the gravels and I was wobbling my way through the path but I got there.

I pushed the front door open and I grabbed my heels in one hand. I don’t want to alert the people inside the house that I’m here.

“You have to stop doing this.”
Alastair was like an explosion in the silent house and I followed his voice only to find him holding that Lily or Felicity chick. His hands were resting on her bare shoulders. Her bandeau top and yoga pants were accentuating every part of her body.

I dropped my heels dramatically to let my presence be known. Alastair jerked back as if I caught him doing something wrong. Was he doing something wrong? I narrowed my eyes at him and then greeted Lily with a saccharine smile.

“Adelyn, what are you doing home so early?”
His eyes were begging me to not make a scene so I turned my smile up a notch.

“Hey, Lily right?”
I know her name is Felicity and only Alastair calls her that but I don’t want that to be their thing anymore. She flinched back as if I’ve hit her.

“I prefer Felicity.”

Oh a spine, I like that.

“I just came home to fuck him. What are you doing here?”
I didn’t bother seeing their faces and moved towards the fridge taking out some fresh juice.

There was an undertone of warning in his voice and it thrilled me a little.

“I don’t know why I bother anymore. Alastair, we’ll meet somewhere private where your child-girlfriend is not present. Call me.”
My reflexes were slow because by the time I pushed away from the counter to bring her back by her hair she was already running out of the house as if she sensed my actions.

Alastair’s arms went around my waist and he held me close to his body. I struggled against him trying to break free. My eyes were red with rage and I saw the knives on the counter. I jumped for it but once again he pulled me back.

“I’ll murder that woman the next time I see or the next time you see her privately. What was she doing here? What was she talking about?”
I turned in his arms to get my answers from this gorgeous annoying man.

“Fuck, Adelyn. You have no control at all. Sometimes I really think maybe you are way too young for me.”
I pushed at his chest with that same rage. How dare he say such a thing to me?

“Last time I remember I was not way too young for you when we were fucking each other like monkeys. Don’t cover it up and tell me what is going on. If you won’t tell me I will ask her and I can’t promise what I will do to her next time.”
I looked him dead in the eyes. There was something going on with him and I need him to tell me. I want to be that person for him.

“You can’t let anything go. Can you?”
He shouted and pushed me away. I grabbed the counter to control myself from shouting at him back. He is in a bad mood and we can talk through this.

“No. So tell me, baby.”
I moved forward and stopped his pacing. I kissed his lips softly and ran my fingers through his hair. His head dropped down on my shoulder and I rubbed my hand down his back. His lips made their way from my neck to my jaw.

I leaned into his strong body, getting as close as I could so there be not an inch left between us. My breasts pressed against his chest and I kissed him passionately. He took the lead and set the pace, and I followed and he rewarded me with a squeeze of his hand. Our tongues swirled provocatively, mounting the desire between us.

Damn, every damn time. He’s distracting me and it is working.

He pushed me up against the kitchen counter and unbuttoned the shorts before pulling them off my body. As I went to lean back into him for more, he stopped me abruptly and pulled away by pushing my hands down.

His fingers danced delicately over my collarbone to the thin strap of my tank top, slipping it off my shoulder. My breathing deepened, my shirt slowly rising and my nipples were hard little points beneath the lacy cups, while his finger twirled across my chest but not dipping past the thin fabric.

His hand slid around my neck, clutching me, his fingers brushing against my sensitive skin.

“Why do you do this to me, Adelyn,” he said huskily.

“Why do you make me want you so bad? You make me want you in ways that should make me feel ashamed of myself.”
I don’t know where all this was coming from but I’m here for him.

He picked me up and we stormed into my bedroom. He threw me onto the bed and ripped my panties off with a fast tug before he could rest between my thighs.

The man loves his foreplay but today everything seemed different.

“You are so fucking gorgeous it hurts.” He shook his head in disbelief.

“I have tried to fight it, this urge that is deep inside me to stay calm, but you are all I think about, all I want.”
He gripped my inner thigh and I bit my lip.

“I am going to show you just what your body needs.”
He paused and then looked me in the eyes searching for something.

Slowly, he removed his jeans and slipped his shirt off. He climbed onto the bed and settled between my thighs before I got a good look at his length. We groaned in unison at the flesh on flesh contact. My heart bloomed, loving the feel of his body on mine. The pressure, the weight, the heat of our bodies fusing together was a feeling I couldn’t describe.

He slid in with ease. The pleasure was completely taking me by storm and all I could think about was how great he makes me feel. My breath hitched in my throat, and I whimpered into his mouth. Quiet gasps escaped my chest. There was no way to stop it. I couldn’t. The feeling of him pulling out and thrusting back in took my breath away. Long deep strokes with just the right amount of pressure. The way his fingers laced through mine, how he held my hands to the bed. The way his tongue slid down the column of my throat, tugging on my skin. And the way his hips picked up was a maelstrom of fire brewing inside of me. Every time he surged back in, he hit my clit...And God, it felt fucking amazing.

He kept the pace steady as his thumb slid over my clit and began rubbing in circles. My knees jumped from the unexpected touch and my hips rose off the bed. It was too much stimulation, too many sensations flying through my body, and I couldn’t think straight.

“Ahhh...Alastair. Come with me.”
We both were breathing heavily and I came again with him. He drained himself inside and only then we realize that in our haste we forgot to use protection but I was on the pill so I think we are safe.

We stayed there lying beside each other. I ran fingers down his chest and he rubbed my back tenderly.

“I’m sorry I forgot to use protection. You make me forget everything Adelyn. Everything.”
There was something in his voice that was so vulnerable.

“It’s okay. I’m on the pill. Alastair, please let me in.”
He turned his face to mine and looked me in the eye.

“I’m moving out. I had a job offer and I think I should take it.”
He shut down his eyes and released a heavy sigh.

“So what is the problem? Your dad doesn’t want you to work for anyone else?”
I asked tenderly not showing the weird panic settling in my chest.

“I can’t work with him anymore. I need to do something of my own. The job is in New York.”

Fuck, he is going to my hometown.

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