TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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3: Close To Heaven


I am never the one to gawk at a man so shamelessly, it is always the other way around. I like to keep the guys I want to know nothing about my interest in them until I decide to make it obvious to them. I was not prepared for the man who just walked into the house. I think he made me believe in lust at first sight. He was even more handsome than the pictures he’s posted on Facebook from three years ago. The man is not very active on social media. I did a thorough research about the people I was going to live and spend family holidays with.

I am not naïve and I know how I look. I noticed how he blatantly checked me out but as soon as he was jerked back to reality when my mother made her entrance where I was introduced as his stepsister, an unreachable wall fell in front of his body. I saw it in his eyes as he realized he just had some dirty thoughts about his stepsister and could no longer relive them with me ever. I gave him an innocent smile which I’m sure made him question his entire life. A girl should know her strengths and use them in this male-dominant world with every opportunity she gets no matter what.

I learned that Grayson and my mother always went for a night walk after dinner so the universe gave me the perfect opportunity to know everything about this man. As soon as they were out of the house I moved back to the kitchen where I saw Alastair washing the plates. I never met someone whose name sounded so sexy rolling on my tongue. I want to scream, shout and moan it all at once. A small smile curved my face as I saw his black V- neck cotton shirt sleeves folded up to his elbows. Damn, this man.

His biceps bulged out as he moved his arm to do the dishes. The man is not afraid to get his hands down and dirty. His blue denim jeans were snug and looked entirely sexy on him. His brown locks which kept on falling on his face made me want to run my hand through them and never let go. A man who looks this delicious and is domesticated is a rare sight to capture. He just became ten times more attractive in my eyes.

He turned sharply and noticed me gawking at him without any shame. I did it before so showing him disinterest doesn’t matter anymore. The guy knows that I like what I see. He composed himself after catching me staring at me and resumed washing the last plate without saying a single word to me. I moved forward and took the washed plates from his hands, pressing my fingers lightly against his knuckles, drying them with the towel hanging above the washer. We stood next to each other, arms and thighs touching simultaneously, in silence doing our little chores like good children.

After every single plate was washed and dried, we still maintained our positions, our breaths becoming heavier each passing second. My heart was beating erratically against my chest and I couldn’t stop thinking about how close we are and how no one was at home. We could do anything and no one will ever know.

“I think it’s past your bedtime. Go to sleep.”
He said after the pregnant pause and started walking away. Nervousness turned into anger in a matter of seconds and I stopped him by his arm, digging my nails into his hard skin. If I want something I will most definitely have it.

He turned around with a confused questioning look and his gaze dropped to where I held his arm. He can’t act like there is no connection between us and treat me like his kid sister. Without giving him a chance to protest I kissed him, hard. I was high on the sexual tension that I needed to do that.

He didn’t seem to give it a second thought. A man could never resist and he is no different. He looked at me almost tenderly, tightening his grip on my soft hands, and then we were brazenly kissing. His hot lips were eager to taste mine, and I accepted them hungrily, allowing my hand to roam up his strong forearm and settle onto his bulging bicep.

Our tongues danced, sending waves of longing crashing throughout my body. He gripped me tightly, pulling me closer to his body until I could feel the hardness of his lust pushing urgently against my belly. I can do this all night and every night with this man. His kisses are like a dose of morphine and I’m ready to take him up inside my holes.

A sharp knock on the door startled me and I look around frantically. No, this is not happening to me. I was in my room and had the most amazing dream which I’m sure I can recreate in real life too.

Fuck. It feels hot in here. Fucking heaven.

“You have school Adelyn. Wake up.”
I shout back to my mother that I was up and made my way to a much needed cold shower. I get out of the single shirt I wore to bed and closed my eyes as the water fell on my body. Yesterday was a day I will never forget in my life. If I was like a normal teenager, I would write it all down in my secret diary or maybe I should. I can always write all my dirty thoughts in them and accidentally leave it in his room.

I remember how Alastair tried small talk with me asking me about my school, hobbies and friends. Over the dinner, we sat there eating, talking and laughing like a normal family but beneath those smiles I threw his way was a mask desperately trying to crack through the falseness of emotions but it was too soon to act on what I felt today.

The best thing about last night was that Alastair and I talked for hours which completely surprised me. We kept talking even after our parents returned from their walk.

He kissed my forehead, murmured a goodbye and slipped into his room.

What a wonderful brother he is!

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