TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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30: Beach House Party


I accept that I’m temperamental, impulsive, and fucking psychotic when crossed but that is who I am, and trust me I will never cut my wings just because someone I care about doesn’t like me flying.

Everything was coming back to me. The way Alastair talked to me and how condescending her ex-girlfriend was. The things she revealed shook me and it made me rethink my trust in Alastair. I asked him so many times and he never told me. It’s very clear to me that I am just a distraction for him. I’m not some fucking minor and I will graduate in two months then I will be miles away from this city and my deranged family too. I just need a day from my thoughts.

The house was empty as expected because there is rarely a day my mother and Grayson are home just like she was with my father. The only difference is that they rarely fight. I could always throw a party and don’t know why I haven’t already. This house has enough Alcohol to last for months so all I need is some cups to serve. I call Gina to invite and ask in for a favor. She answered immediately.

“Oh my God. You are alive? I had my doubts. Quick gossip: Emeric was asking about you bitch. He wants you so bad.”

That’s Gina. The girl with no care in the world.

“I’m throwing a beach slash house party. Invite anyone and everyone specially Emeric. Also, do you happen to know any local DJs who can work the music for us?”

I felt petty inviting Emeric but I was still angry at him. I think seeing me with some guys my age will bring back some sense into his mind that I can get a man if I want to. I’m not stuck on him.

“YES, I know a guy. This weekend just got a hundred times better. Send me the address. I’m on it.”

I was really out of a lot of things that are needed to throw a damn good party.

“Can you arrange for some cups for the alcohol and anything that might be needed. I really don’t know anyone who can arrange all that. I’ll pay you back.”

She was more than happy to co-host the party and told me to not worry about a thing. I hang up on her and quickly send her the address trusting her enough to know that soon this empty house will be brimming with people.

I go upstairs and take a quick shower and decide to dye my hair brown for a change because I have a lot of time on my hands. I apply the hair colour and put a face mask on. I wash my hair until the water becomes clear and blow-dry it. The brown hair looks good on me.

I wear a short black dress over my silver bikini. I’m just finishing my makeup when I hear the doorbell. I run down the stairs and open the door to find Gina holding all kinds of stuff in her hands. There are few people arranging lights outside. The fairy lights are glowing the path down to the beach and it just looked breathtaking when the sun is setting just behind it.

“Wow. You look amazing Gina.”

Gina was wearing a sheer red body-con dress that complimented well with her blond curls.

“Me? Look at you girl. I’m digging that new hair. You look beyond gorgeous.”

I touched my hair and smiled because I knew they looked good.

“Thanks, Gina for everything. Um....but isn’t it a little too much, Gina?”

I pointed at the lightings and at the few people who were coming my way holding a large tray filled with snacks.

“Hush. I couldn’t get Leo, my party planner here last minute so I had my mother’s wedding planner borrow me some of his men. Let’s just say he owes me one so you don’t have to worry about anything.”

I raised a questionable brow at her as two red spots blotched her cheeks.

“Why does it sound so scandalous?”

“Oh...obviously not as scandalous as you fucking your stepbrother, of course.”

I gave nothing away but my heart definitely stopped for a beat. I studied her and realized she was not at all bothered by that.

“Gina...lower your voice. I don’t think I ever specifically told you about my stepbrother.”

“You didn’t which made me curious. I figured it all on my own. I know I look dumb but I am not. Don’t try to insult my inner gossip girl by giving me any half-ass fake story.”

“Just don’t broadcast this to the whole school like gossip girl.”

“My lips are sealed but my ears are not, so, start spilling.”

“I actually want to take my mind off him for the night, thus the party. Let’s discuss him some other day.”

I looked away from her not letting her see how emotionally invested I was in him.

“Oh..so let’s get this party started, bitch. By midnight you won’t even remember your own name.”

I laughed at the thought then remembered the time when I actually used to be like that. When my parents were doing everything in their power to hurt each other. The downhill of Adelyn Stark, I guess Alastair doesn’t know my past too. But I told him enough while his lips have always been stitched together.

“I said I want to take my mind off him not lose mine along the way.”

“We’ll see.”

Gina gave me a sly look but she doesn’t know this angel has seen hell and it is not a world for her.

“I’ll be right back.”

I ran to my room to touch up my makeup and then locked my room behind me. Then I decided to lock all the rooms in the house because I don’t want anyone fucking in my house. It just gives me the chills and not the good kind. The music started and I started bopping my head to the song. The neon lights in the living room got me into the party mood. I picked up vodka and took the first swig straight from the bottle. Yeah, I think I really want to get pissed as fuck today.

The next twenty minutes, I realized half the school was at my house, I lost Gina and I was a little tipsy. An hour or two later, I managed to walk outside towards the beach where people have started a bonfire and some were already swimming. I almost tripped in my heels when a strong pair of arms stopped me from falling. Without looking up I grabbed his arm for support and got rid of my heels.

“I was looking for you.”

I looked up at the sound of his voice. Damn, he looked good without even trying. Men have it easy.

“Now, you found me.”

I looked around for Ashley or Hannah but found them nowhere. Maybe they didn’t come to the party.

“Where’s your girlfriend?”

“I would tell you if I had one.”

Emeric was a smooth talker but I’ve been with one just like him. I know all the games and the levels he still hasn’t unlocked.

“Hannah or Ashley. These names ring any bells to you.”

“I heard them once or twice. Trust me when I say I have hooked up with one of them but I’m not in a relationship. But if you are looking for one, I’m available.”

“You think I’m drunk and stupid enough to believe all your bullshit.”

“Not stupid but maybe a little attracted.”

His hands grabbed my hips and he pulled me closer to his body. We swayed to the music and for a minute I let him hold me. I closed my eyes and I pushed my body closer to him. Maybe I was a little drunk.

I pulled back a little which brought our faces closer to each other. His hands traced the arch of my back and then I came back to my senses and pushed him away.

“I’m sorry. I cannot do this with you.”

I pulled away from him and turned back to the house only to see Alastair standing there with his sleeves rolled up to his elbow. His veins popped when he tightened his fist. The man gave us the most pissed off look I’ve ever seen on him. He grabbed Emeric by his shirt and then pushed him away from me.

“Don’t you even think about touching her ever again? I will bury you alive.”

Emeric looked ready to pick up a fight and I had to intervene before the rest of the people notice the drama. I pushed myself between them.

“Stop it, guys. Emeric, I think you should leave.”

Emeric looked at me and then surprisingly walked away but not before knocking Alastair’s shoulder on his way. Alastair charged up like a bull and pulled him back towards me.

“Alastair. Don’t do something you will regret later”

“So you could punch Lily but I can’t even touch your boy toy.”

“Are you on some fucking lily daily digest or something? That bitch had it coming.”

“His hands were all over your body. I told you the next time I will see you with him, I will kill him.”

“Alastair, this is not the place. Let’s go to my room.”

He walked over to the DJ and cut the music. Everyone protested but he didn’t give a damn about them. He grabbed the mike and shouted “THIS PARTY IS OVER. GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE.”

Then he looked at me and the unsaid words “you are in so much trouble” stayed while the crowd left the party one by one. Gina finally found me and asked me if I wanted her to stay with her. I told her not to worry but I think this time I may have crossed a line with him.

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