TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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33: Dusk Till Dawn


He pulled my face closer to his, our mouths each meeting halfway. His lips covered mine, soft and warm, as he gently pushed his tongue inside. It started slow and easy, our tongues slowly finding a rhythm. His hand shifted and wrapped into my hair, pulling me even closer. My body felt like it was on fire, heat, and arousal building up inside me. The sensation alone clouded my head and any logic my mind was trying to make. My body was thriving under his electrifying touch.

He pushed my legs apart and for a moment just kept looking at me. There was something in his eyes that I couldn’t place. I pushed my arms out and when he didn’t accept the embrace, I sat up and captured his gorgeous face in my hands.

“Hey what’s happening?”
He shook his head a little and then kissed me again thoroughly. I fall back on the pillow and then before I know it we are one again. I gasped as he entered me. This sensation can never get old.

One thrust and I was shaking. Every time with him feels different and yet so familiar. When he withdrew, I didn’t think I could take all of him again. He was too deep, too big, too much—but still, some part of me craved more, more and more.

I was addicted to him. He was more within me than I’ve ever imagined a person could go. The walls I built are now shattered and the feeling of accepting someone with every ounce of my vulnerability on the show feels powerful.

His hands slide up, span my waist, move higher. His touch and his mouth grow desperate, less calculated, our skin slick, dampening the sheets beneath me. He no longer moves slowly inside me but with a force that finds me bracing myself against the headboard. I screamed in agony and pleasure.

His jaw is locked with restraint as he tries to hold back, but his thrusts become fast and irregular, and I feel my whole body tightening up, every muscle coiling and ready to spring. “I’m close,” I cry, and the words are barely out of my mouth before it hits me, my blood heating and exploding as I clench him inside me, my nails digging into his back. I scream his name in all the languages possible as I come undone.

His whole body goes rigid. “Adelyn,” he groans, a single pained syllable as he comes, his mouth pressed to my damp skin, eyes squeezed shut. With one final pulse, he stills and relaxes against me, burying his head in the crook of my neck. I let his weight settle over me as our breathing slows.

That’s all I could say after the exhausting sexercise I just received. I see him disposing of the condom and replacing it with another one.

“W-What are you doing? You cannot possibly think I can go again after that.”
He rolls me over and pulls my ass up. I feel the heat on my hips as he traces his palm up my spine and pulls at my hair. His teeth take a bite of my neck and then smooth it over with a gentle kiss.

“We have only begun. You won’t be able to walk tomorrow that’s for sure.”
With that, he thrust inside me again and writhe under his body as he starts pumping inside me with slow and long strokes.

“Alastair... Please... Fuck.”
And something tells this is the only thing I will be saying for the rest of the night.

The sunlight filtered through the window. I rubbed my eyes a little before finally opening it. Alastair laid there beside me, our legs intertwined and his hand cupping my breast. He should surgically attach his hand to it. I’m clearly keeping apart two things that enjoy each other company a lot.

His back was full of nail scratches and I’m sure however sexy it was when we were in the throes of passion it must have hurt. I really dig my claws at him and my only purpose was to draw blood. The man teased the pleasure out of me and I was so frustrated and tired but still in need of his body all over me.

His breathing changed and he started waking up. His back arched and I watched those triceps tightening. Damn, those arms could hold me for thirty minutes while we fucked, standing in the middle of the room.

I never had so much sex in a day, ever, hell not even months.

I look around at the mess we made yesterday and I'm sure if one of our parents walked in they could smell the sex in the air.

“Are you sore?”
He was already spooning me and I bit my lip. A traitor moan left my mouth when his hand squeezed my breast. They are still sensitive from the vigorous sucking and biting. I may have unleashed the animal living inside him.

“A little.” I twist to catch his lips in a quick kiss.

“I’ll be gentle.”

I gawked at him. We literally finished the whole box of condoms last night. How come he still want me after last night?

“I don’t think it is possible for me to function right now.”

I release a sigh of pure satisfaction and purr as Alastair places small kisses all over my collarbone making me giggle in response.

“Then let me do all the work and you just relax and moan my name in that raspy voice of yours.”
I looked at him then pushed the duvet away and gave him a “why the hell not?” look.

"Wait. I guess we used all the protection yesterday."

The lust-filled eyes stare back at me in despair but I'm not stupid.

"I tell you what. I'm in desperate need of a shower right now. So why don't you go buy some and I'll be waiting for you wet and ready."

He was already dressing up and out of the room. I laughed out loud realizing that I'm smiling genuinely after such a long time. I haphazardly cover my body with the dress resting at the corner of the bed and move out of his room.

I felt him everywhere as I covered the short distance between his room and mine. Boy, I really need a warm bath soak desperately but that thought flies out of my mind as soon as I turn the knob of my room.

That’s the only thing that came out of my mouth the moment I saw my mom sitting on my bed.

“I think Alastair did that already and from the sound of it more than once.”

Double fuck!

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