TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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35: Happily Never After


A few hours after my mother left me stunned and shocked to my very core, I tried to make sense of all the nonsense she spewed at me. I realized she knew so much about what was going on in my life and it couldn’t be possible unless she was stalking me. It is not like my mother to get her hands dirty. She must have hired someone to do the job for her. Who could go to such lengths to destroy my family?

My phone interrupted my train of thoughts and I saw Alastair’s name on the screen. He must be going out of his mind.

“Hello, what’s going on?”

“I might kill him today. He knows everything and I don’t understand how. I was so careful. I cannot believe this guy. I’m done with him. He didn’t even call me to the office. Kate must have misheard him. He was furious. He’s telling me he will cut me out of his will and freeze my inheritance as if I need his money to survive. My mother told me numerous times to stay away from his company because there is nothing in this world he worships more than that. Not even his family and like a fool I chose not to listen to her. I’m done. I’m quitting and getting on the next plane to New York.”

“Okay, calm down. Listen to me very carefully. My mother knew everything about us from the very beginning.”

“What? How is that possible? She would have killed me today if she knew.”

“Alastair, she knows. My mother is planning on going all psycho on my father at his wedding. She threatened me that she will tell your father about us if I didn’t ruin his wedding. Also, she will go to the media and feed them lies that how you took advantage of me. You cannot afford to be labelled a sex offender right when you are about to pave your own path. I don’t know what to do.”

“Let me get this straight. Your mother knows everything and instead of being concerned she is using this information to blackmail you into ruining your father’s wedding while using me as a pawn in her sick game.”


“You are crazy. Your family is crazy. How the fuck did she know about us?”

I didn’t like his tone. It almost sounds accusing.

“You think I told her, you fucking asshole. After everything we’ve through you still have doubts about me.”

“I’m not saying that. It’s just that how come she knows everything about us. Our relationship and my job in New York. I only told you that. My dad found out today and he wouldn’t take the name of the person who told him. How is that possible?”

“So you think I have blabbered all our secrets to the mother who by the way is making me do something I don’t want to do. Right now, I hate my mother more than my father and that’s saying something. I cannot believe this. I guess that “I love you” means nothing if you cannot fucking trust me. You know what, maybe, your dad knows you better than you because you haven’t done anything worthwhile to earn any position. You are nothing if not a spoiled fucking brat who has the nerve to call me one too even though I’m not the one working under my father for the sake of experience. I wonder why you didn’t listen to your mother, the only parent who loved you? Maybe there is still a part in you who wants to suck up to daddy dearest. If you knew his intentions from the beginning and don’t pretend that you didn’t know that he was never planning of leaving you in charge, you would have been in New York a year ago. Experience, my ass. ”

I realized by the end of it I was screaming at the top of my lungs. There was pin-drop silence on the other side and I pulled the phone away from my ear to check if he had hung up on me.

“That’s enough. I didn’t tell you the weakest moments of my life just for you to throw them back to my face because you are feeling insecure. You know what, I’m glad all this happened. I’m glad that I finally understand. You always thought you might become your mother, guess what, it’s true. And I don’t know who that person is. The girl I loved would have never said the things she just did, just, to get back at me. I’ll be home late. Don’t wait up.”

The line went dead and my knees gave out. The girl I loved felt like a slap on my face. Tears started streaming down my face and I sobbed as I have never before. Everything hurts. Breathing hurts. Thinking about him hurts. I just want to go far away from here. Hours went by and something just clicked in my head. I picked up my phone and called the number I could dial in my sleep.

“I was wondering when you were going to call me babe.”

Nathan is the one who did the dirty work for my mother and I’m sure he must have volunteered to ruin my life.

“You bastard! You ruined everything. Why can’t you just leave me the fuck alone?”

I should have known this from the beginning. I knew how crazy he is. He has crossed all his limits this time.

“That’s the problem, Addy. I tried. I tried so fucking hard to get you out of my head but you are still there. It boils my blood when I see you happy with anyone but me. Your mom still has no idea about us and I guess even if she did, nothing is stopping her from destroying your father. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Right?”

“My father was right about you. You are one step away from turning into a lunatic. You followed me. It was not a coincidence when we met at that restaurant.”

“I always knew you were the smartest woman I’ve ever met. I guess you were distracted this time otherwise you would have seen right through me like you always did.”

“That day when you came home you had some legal papers for my mother. What were those? What is she planning? Well, I know the plan but I want to know how she is going to pull that off.”

“Come back home. I’ll tell you everything and if you are nice I might even help you.”

“Goodbye, Nathan.”

His annoying laugh burned my ears and I hung up on him immediately. How did my life go from heaven to hell in less than twenty-four hours? He laughed because he knows he got me. If I want to fix everything then I need to be in New York and at my father’s wedding. I may hate him but I won’t let my mother win after what she did to me. Nathan was right. Hell had no fury like a woman scorned, a woman scorned by another woman.

Enough is enough. My mother was right about one thing. All men are the same. I deserve better than him. I will make everything right because it is my fault that Alastair’s reputation is in danger and then that’s it. He can go to New York or wherever the hell he wants to because I’m not following him this time.

I pull a suitcase out of my closet and haphazardly push random clothes inside it. I book a flight to New York and then order an Uber to the airport. It’s time to face my demons and I’m not coming back until I have slain them all.

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