TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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4: No Regrets


I walked down the stairs in my plunge neck black top and jeans. My eyes admired the mesmerizing man stepping right into the house after what seemed like a sweaty jog but I’m not complaining, somehow, he rocked that sweaty, muscles bulging Greek God look. He looked up and our eyes meet and there is that spark again. A smile finds a way to my lips and I couldn’t help but take a quick sweep down of his edible body.


“Good morning ”
I said in a chirpy tone and flashed him another smile. My mind quickly forming the vivid visions from my dream in front of my eyes. What if I kissed him? How would he react? I’m done more impulsive and regretful things in my life than this.

He’ll probably stop me before it even happens. I can’t help but chuckle at the thought of how horrified he would be if I tried something like that.

“What’s so funny?”
I looked up in time to catch the breath-taking smile before he swallowed it with his coffee. I shook myself out of this trance and made myself a cup.

“Just thinking about school. It’s going to be my first day today.”
There was nothing funny about it but the work was done. I distracted him from the main topic. I took a sip and eyed his veins popping out on his arms. There is something sexy about a man who has veins running down his arms. It drives me crazy. They represent the strength his arms possessed and it is a turn on for me.

“Adelyn. Can you catch a bus or cab honey? I have to rush to the office.”
My mother’s worried tone pulled me out of my forbidden thoughts. She forced a small smile at Alastair and looked ready to bolt. She has established a new line in Los Angeles which is two hours away from here. She takes regular flights to her office.

“Alastair can drop me to school. You go, mom. Conquer the world.”
I smiled at her with relief and quickly kissed her goodbye. I picked up my black sling bag and I turned to look at my stepbrother.

“I’m going to get late. C’mon, let’s go.”
A small furrow appeared between his brows and he looked so adorable sitting there looking so out of control. I grabbed his arms and we rushed out of the house.

“Adelyn I have work to do. This is only for today. Don’t expect me to drop you to school every day. I’ll give you a car tomorrow.”
He gave me a stern look which made me giggle. As soon as we settled in our seats he grabbed the hem of his sweaty shirt and lift it right off his chest.

My heart almost stopped and then started beating so fast that I was sure I was having a heart attack. The mouth-watering abs and the way his muscles tempted me to touch it was a little too much for me to take. He turned and stretched towards the back seat to grab a spare shirt he must have kept there.

I looked towards him and the irresistible column of his neck came into my view. He was so close to me. The stubble on his face gave him a rugged edgy look and I loved it. He moved back and I moved towards him. As expected our heads collided and I immediately faked my reaction.

“Oh my god. Is your head made of steel or what? My head hurts like a bitch.”
I kept groaning in pain and he quickly wore his shirt and with a look of concern grabbed my chin in his large hand. This man has never been played by a woman ever in his life.

“Let me look.”
The husky voice was like a siren to my other lips. How can I be so turned on right now?

“It’s probably bruised. Leave it.”
I moved away before I did something like acting on my dream or worse straddling him in the car.

Oh my god. Why is this guy, my stepbrother? If he was any other guy, I would have been blowing his life out right now.


“Just drive me to school without killing me.”
He glanced at me briefly, obviously annoyed at me. He must be thinking about how I changed from yesterday's sweet girl to this drama queen. The drive to the school was short and filled with silence. When we reached school, I opened the door and came face to face with endless unknown faces. Turning around I bent down keeping my arms on the window ledge. I knew my cleavage was on the full show because I caught him looking.

“You have to pick me up too. I’ll message you. Give me your phone.”
With a low grunt, he pulled out his iPhone and gave it to me. I saved my number as Babydoll and then returned him the phone and blew him a goodbye kiss for good measure.

I asked a girl for directions to the principal office and she tagged along with me. After talking to Mr. Jensen I collected my schedule and locker number from the secretary sitting outside his office.

“Tell me all about this school Gina.”
I luckily shared the same homeroom with her and we made our way there together talking about everything. Gina was a petite looking girl and she gave that next door girl vibes. Every guy smiled at her as she passed them. She is a cute bundle of joy who comes with explosives. Her blonde curls bounced as she walked.

“So the hottest guy and almost every girl’s crush is Emeric Drew but everyone calls him Ric. He doesn’t like his name for some reason and Hannah Parker is the current Queen Bee of this school. A total bitch in my opinion but a rich bitch. Her family is like the founder of this town. Her best friend and sometimes enemy is far better than her, Ashley Shelton. She is quite popular and the captain of the cheerleading team. We can talk to her about your interest in cheerleading. I’m sure she’ll accept you. Derendale High School is full of drama. You are going to love every moment here. You won’t regret moving to this city.”
Gina waved a few people in acknowledgement and I turned my attention outside for a moment. I’m never going to regret coming here but my reasons are entirely different from hers. I suppressed a devilish smile and moved to my first class at the sound of the bell.

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