TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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7: A Bit Of A (Mis)Understanding


I was better after sleeping like a log till evening. The pain in my body was now bearable and almost gone. I will probably swing by the doctor’s tomorrow for a quick check-up. I heard some voices and tried to focus on them but they were not understandable. The sound of footsteps proceeded towards my room and I quickly covered my body up to neck with my duvet pretending to be asleep.

The door to my room opened and moments later I felt my bed dip a little. I felt him brushing his fingers over my cheeks. What he did next was something I was not prepared for. The tender kiss he placed on my forehead had me hyperventilating. His lips soft and lush were completely electrical on my skin.

“I know you are awake. You can stop pretending. Are you wearing my shirt? ”
I cracked a smile and opened my eyes whispering a small yes confirming his suspicion. His face was right above mine, so close that I could grab him by his neck and kiss the fuck out of him.

“How are feeling? You slept like a baby for hours. We are going to the doctor’s clinic tomorrow or would you like to go right now. I don’t know how I’m going to explain to him about your current injured state. ”
His hands were unconsciously rubbing my arms and I liked that feeling of warmth. The pain was almost gone. The painkillers worked well.

“I’m fine right now but we can go to the doctor’s tomorrow morning before school.”
If something was wrong then I wouldn’t attend school and stay at home or with Alastair instead.

I studied his face and he looked really tired and grumpy. I sat up and bumped my fist against his shoulder to bring his attention back to me from where it has wandered.

“What is going on with you? You look stressed. Are you still thinking about the kiss?”
His eyes widened with horror when I said that it was hilarious. He looked so adorable that I couldn’t help myself before a few giggles came out before I could stop them.

“It is not about that. I just feel like I’m ready to run the company now. I don’t want to lead the company next year. I want to do it now. I have worked my ass off and have experience in every little thing that was required. I have worked with the employees of the company. I know how this management runs but my father is not ready to give up his other baby now or later. I just don’t know what to do anymore.”

Alastair is so hardworking and ambitious. The man deserves to have everything he ever wished for. This is truly something he feels passionate about. The pain in his eyes is so strong that I just had to distract him from it. I rubbed his hair out of his face combing it back through my fingers. His hair is so thick and soft; the texture feels amazing.

“I think you should do what you feel like. Talk to your dad about this if you think he’ll understand your point of view. Maybe he needs to know that it is inevitable that you are going to lead that company and you are going to do it your way. If your dad thinks you are smart enough to run that company, then you are smart enough to question his decisions too. Don’t let anyone make you believe otherwise. Meanwhile, I can be your entertainment and distract you with my stunts and help you relieve some stress.”
I said with a smile that brought a grin back on his face. He stares at me softly still holding that smile which makes him look so much younger.

Mission Accomplished!

“I’m going to have grey hair by the time I leave this place I swear. ”
That sobered me up real quick. What does he mean by that? He is going to leave this place and me.

“When are you leaving? You are not going anywhere, Mister.”
I gave him a stern look and pushed back the thoughts that were clouding my vision. I don’t want to live here alone. My mother is going to be busy with her new life and I’m fine with that. I’m used to it because I find something to entertain me every time. I just don’t want to bore myself to death in this house if he’s gone.

“Addy, I have to move out. I can’t live with my father under the same roof all the time. The sooner I learn the business which is still a lot according to my father, the sooner I’m moving out and that’s my decision.”
I pushed his hands away from my arms. I don’t want to talk to him right now. I don’t know why I’m so angry about the thought of Alastair leaving. It is so damn confusing. I can always find someone else for distraction.

“I have to change so can you please get out.”
I heard shuffling of his feet and the bang of the door. He looked at me with confusion written all over his face. I know I was being hot and cold with him. I sighed and changed to more presentable clothes.

Dinner was a quiet affair and I liked it that way. I could feel his eyes burning me but I didn’t look up and kept on eating. The conversation was light and only people talking were Grayson and my mother about their business.


I wore a maroon tube dress which fell right above my knees. I combined it with a denim jacket which also covered my bruises. My gold bracelet and the choker was the right accessories for this dress. I threw a shade over my eyes and walked out of my room while fussing with my blond hair.

My mother was nowhere in the scene when I walked into the kitchen. Alastair and his dad were having coffee. I drank my coffee in record speed and was out of the house in seconds.

“Where are you going? Your mother told me to drop you off. ”
I rolled my eyes at him and kept walking. I don’t want to deal with him today.

All of a sudden I was pulled into a hard body. His hands trapped me, with his palms digging on my back. My low heeled boots were not helpful today because I could only reach up to his chest. Damn him for being taller than me.

He looked down at me struggling to get out of his grasp. In doing so I rubbed my body against him in all the right places. I was about to grind myself on him when he let me go. I smirked and folded my arms to listen to him. On second thoughts I don’t want to take a bus anyway.

“So crazy. Calm down, Jesus. I have no idea why are you even behaving like this but you need a full check-up so let’s go.”
He muttered the first part under his breath but I still heard it. The pain in my body was almost gone but I would like to have a check-up.

“Are we going to walk or what? Where is your car?”
He looked up in the sky and I thought he prayed for courage and patience. He walked away and returned after a few minutes driving the black Mercedes. I climbed over the passenger seat and he told me to put the seat belt on which I did. The guy is all about protection.

The ride to the clinic was short and I was still not talking to him. He held my hand for a minute before dropping it like it was on fire when we walked inside the clinic and I relished in the fact that all eyes were on us. The female nurses who were bundled up on the reception, obviously gossiping about something, stopped and stared at us, or say at Alastair. One nurse caught my eye, she was very pretty but seemed familiar somehow and the way she was looking at Alastair was one of longing and shock.

Who the fuck is she?

I curled my arm around his bicep while he talked to the receptionist about the doctor. That small action caught her attention and I smiled at her sweetly when she noticed me standing strong beside him. She gulped visibly and looked away. Most women are intimidated by my beauty and it took me years to master it.

“Felicity, I fixed them an appointment with Dr Sean since she had a clear schedule. Please, show them to her cabin. ”
The pretty nurse took a step forward and Alastair froze.

Alastair was in a trance. He looked like a freak staring at her with his jaw hanging. Maybe she is one of his ex-girlfriends. She looks young. I think I saw a picture of them together on Facebook when I was doing my research.

“Are you going to just stare at us or will you lead us to the doctor’s cabin also?”
I was pissed at him now. The attention I craved was now given to someone else when I’m standing right beside him. I hope he knows that I’m unpredictable when I’m angry. This day is not going as I planned.

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