TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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8: Sweet & Spice


Removing my jacket, I let the doctor examine my wounds. I told her I fell down the stairs. I don’t know if she believed me or not but she was clearly not interested in the backstory either. After a thorough check-up, she gave me some medicine and ointments and told me that I was physically fine.

Emotionally? It is still up for debate.

I found Alastair and that pretty nurse in a deep discussion which annoyed me so much. So I left the hospital, hailed a cab and made my merry way to the school. As I reached my lockers my phone started ringing. I pulled out my phone without looking at the caller ID because I know who it was. I gave him a special ringtone. Wild Thoughts.

“What the actual fuck Adelyn? Where are you? I am searching for the goddamn hospital here like a lunatic looking for you. Where in the hell are you?”
He was an overdramatic bitch. I’m not his five-year-old daughter. The man has a temper but now he has met his match.

“I’m having sex right now with one of those cute male nurses. This is not a good time. Do you want to hear me orgasm or what?”
He hung up on me so fast it was almost hilarious. I laughed evilly. He is so easy to mess with and I love that. I’m sure I’m going to hear another lecture from him today. He’s going shout the house down going by his love for theatrics and drama.


“Gina. Is she the one who you were talking about? ”
Hannah Parker was aggravating and a total bitch. I don’t normally judge people so quickly but she left me no choice. I don’t know why people feel so insecure in their skin that they start treating everyone around them like they are worth the dirt on their shoes.

Gina and I had a free lecture together so she convinced me to come here and talk to the current cheerleading captain about my interest in joining the squad. I was the captain in my school and I’m not going to settle down for anything less even though I’ve lost motivation to be a cheerleader.

“Yes. Hannah and Ashley meet Adelyn Stark.”

I’m not giving out free hugs to them or handshakes even. I stood my ground and steeled my spine. I’ve been against such people before who felt threatened because of me. I’m not gloating it is simply the truth. I prefer honest over pretend any day. Ashley was accessing me from afar. She didn’t come out as rude or obnoxious but she was not very welcoming too. Hannah, on the other hand, was another story. Her face was twisted in disgust and I had the sudden urge to slap her.

“I would like to join the squad. Gina said to contact you guys for further proceedings.”
The rest of the cheerleaders were now walking towards our small group. The gym teacher walked out of the staff room holding a paper in her hand which she attached to the notice board.

Everyone at once moved to the notice board in record speed. They still read notice boards here? I followed them and with my tall stature, I could easily look over the other girl’s heads.

Cheerleading captain auditions tomorrow. Green gym. 9 am sharp.

“I can’t believe that bitch. She is thinking of replacing you, Ashley.”
I rolled my eyes at her obvious fake concern. She wanted to be the next captain too. This is what I exactly needed. I want to earn this position fair and square.

“This happens every year Hannah. No need to be overdramatic. We created this rule of changing captain every year and we’re going to follow it too.”
Ashley turned around and looked at me. Tilting her head to the side, her green eyes studied me for a moment. I met her gaze head-on.

“You can give auditions tomorrow. We’ll see what we can do for you.”
Her tone was not condescending but her words were. I walked straight up to her, we were face to face and eye to eye.

“I was the captain of my cheerleading team back in my previous school. I’m not only going to earn your spot in this team but be fucking better at it too.”
A smile broke out over her face and I gave one of my smiles to her too.

“We’ll see.”
Hannah was about to say something but Ashley held her back and they both walked out of the gym with a posse of girls following behind them. As I looked up, all the other cheerleaders who were still here were staring at me with their mouths open. To clear the awkwardness, I introduced myself and talked to each one of them. I am a social person. I get along with people like liquid. The squad plays a major role in selecting the captain. If I can leave a good impression on these girls, then they’ll be by my side.

Gina was silent the whole time we walked back to the lockers from the gym. I couldn’t take the silence anymore and had to break it.
“Gina. You need to talk. What is going on in your head?”
She turned her face towards me stuttering some words and then composing herself to speak more proficiently.

“I don’t know what you did back in the gym but it was either something extraordinary or successful social suicide. You don’t know the power of Ashley Green and Hannah Parker, together they are venomous. And if Emeric Drew found out you talked back to his girl, you are finished.”
Gina looked so scared that I almost thought of hugging and soothing her worries away. So naïve.

“I’m not afraid of anyone Gina. Keep that in mind if you want us to remain friends. I am not ordering you around but if you keep talking about such people with so many stars in your eyes and fear in your voice then I don’t think I can spend my time with you. I hate people like these who like to destroy someone’s social life just because they feel insecure. And if these three are like that then you should know something about me, I’m a sweet little thing until I’m provoked.”
I smiled at Gina hoping she understood what I said and didn’t find me too honest and harsh.

“Well, that’s one way to describe us. Ashley said you were something else but she forgot to mention you are hot as hell and twice as fierce too.”
His voice sounded a lot like Alastair which forced me to turn around and face him. He was a foot taller than me so I had to look up to capture his face. His eyes were grey like a storm and they were filled with amusement. His hair is black and looks unkempt but sexy. His lips stretched into a smirk as he caught me checking him out.

“Do you like what you see?”
The guy had an air of arrogance around him which was a total turn off for me. I like guys who don’t pretend to be all high and mighty. Ignoring him I turned back to Gina whose jaw was almost on the ground. Without a glance back I dragged Gina with me to our next class.

“Oh my god. I can’t believe Emeric Drew talked to you.”
Gina gushed a little but settled down real quick when she remembered our previous conversation. I smiled at her behaviour and relaxed down on my seat immediately looking out the window which gave a clear view of the hallway.

Emeric Drew stood there unabashedly staring at me and then he was out of sight.

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