TASTE ( Stark and Stone #1)

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9: Mixed Feelings & What Not


Emeric Drew is the typical popular guy who knows he looks like a lead singer of a famous boy band. Dirty blond tousled hair with a hint of a wave. Perfectly cut, and I just know it would be soft under my fingers. He got facial hair, a trimmed stubble, and those grey orbs that watching my every move. I saw a black Audi and then I saw him waving at me clearly hoping that I would hop in. His lips were stretched into that same smirk which was quite annoying like he is so used to getting his way. Ashley and Hannah appeared out of nowhere beside Emeric and gave me a look that spoke volumes. Stay away. Mine. What I found funny was that both of them were giving me the same look. If he was such a two-timing asshole, I would have let him drive me home today.

Silly girls.

The all too familiar Mercedes approached me and for the first time, Alastair opened the door and climbed out. My mouth watered and I heard girls gasping around me. Take that, Emeric Drew. The man was a walking wet dream and I couldn’t wait to have him in every sense that is possible. He wore black pantsuits and a whitewashed shirt. Even wearing simple casual clothes made him look like he was going to be on the cover of GQ. The sleeves were folded up to his elbows, those crazy veins showing and the top two buttons of his shirt were unbuttoned. I love how thirsty it made me. His brown hair was messed up even more and I want nothing more to run my fingers through it. His eyes were blazing fire today. He was angry and I think I creamed my thong.

“Get in the car, Adelyn.”
Everyone was watching us. Even the three musketeers were gawking at us. Emeric looked pensive as if he couldn’t quite believe his eyes. Alastair cut him a glance and then looked back at me. His jaw clenched and for a second I contemplated going with him.

“Get in the fucking car, Adelyn. You don’t want to mess with me today. I’m angry and I don’t want to do something that I’ll regret later. So just get in the car and let me take you home.”
When I made no sign to move, he took two stairs at a time, twice, and reached me. My heart began its erratic beating. His fingers cupped my jaw and he looked into my probably dilated eyes. The whole parking watched him possessing me as if I belonged to him.

“You have three seconds before I throw you over my shoulder and embarrass you in front of the whole school.”
As much as I knew he won’t do such a thing but his anger could make him do anything. I walked a couple of steps and reached for the car door. He came and opened his door and we drove out of the school leaving behind the trails of gossips and gasps.

The ride was eerily quiet. I had my seat belt on because I don’t want to face his wrath about this again. I pulled out my phone when it buzzed which caught his attention. I had a text from Gina saying who was that fuck me sideways hottie?

I broke out in fits of giggles before replying a family friend. I don’t want people to know he’s my stepbrother and that he’s fair game to everyone. Anyway, it would be too weird after the stunt he pulled in front of the whole school.

The car stopped and I looked up to see that we were parked a few blocks away from the house. I looked at Alastair who was gripping the steering wheel and staring right ahead at the road.

“Where were you? Please tell me the truth.”
His voice sounded hoarse and panicked. A weird gnaw in my chest made me shocked to my bones. I don’t know why his voice bothered me.

“I told you I was fuc--”
The car swerved to the left and stopped with a sudden halt. His hand gripped my neck suddenly and I lost all the words. He brought his face so close to mine that our foreheads touched and lips hovered over each other just an inch apart.

“Tell me you didn’t. I’ll fucking kill him.”
My emotions were all over the place. I was breathing so heavily that my chest started to ache.

“I-I w-went to school. I saw you with that nurse. Talking. I didn’t like it. So I walked out.”
What in the bloody hell. I can’t believe I just said that. Alastair released a breath of relief which made my nether regions tingle with anticipation. My chest rose and fell heavily and they got the attention they needed too. Alastair stared at the heavy cleavage my dress was showing. The tube dress shifted down a little more and stopped just above my nipples.

“What are we doing?”
I asked into the silence. His eyes caught mine again and as if a bucket of cold water had been poured over him he flinched away from me. I felt so cold that I shivered a little.

What the hell did just happened?

I had him right where I wanted him for days and now when he was about to kiss me I ruined it. Why did I ask him that? Why didn’t I jump his bones? If he wanted me to suck him right off in the car where neighbours could see us or our parents could pass us, I would have. And now I just ruined everything.

The roar of the engine broke my chain of thoughts and in a few seconds, he reached our house. I stepped out of the car. I want to talk to him about what happened today but before I could say anything he reversed the car back and was gone.

I stared at the retreating car and searched for answers I was so afraid to ask.

What is he doing to me?

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