Deadly Obsession

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Gabrielle Lane, a very colorful and joyous woman with a big heart. She was never one to judge, spread rumors, or stay mad at someone for over a day. Closing up her shop one night she was bombarded by four men. Elijah Knight, a cold and dangerous man who never cared for anyone except his crew. A job gone wrong have him meet the the caring and sweet Gabrielle. He instantly disliked the young girl, hating everything about her. But when his hate turns into something more... something deeper, will he be able to control the obsession he soon has over her Warning: This is a dark novel and will have a lot of mature scenes. It will have also a lot of disturbing scenes such as violence, abuse, and other sensitive topics. This is not for people with soft hearts. I recommend 18+

Romance / Horror
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This is a dark novel, meaning there is going to be abuse, violence, nonconsensual and consensual sex. This story is not for readers with sensitive hearts. By no means am I saying these kind of relationships are ok. This is based off my imagination and I hope readers are mature enough to understand this.

Also the male lead is very selfish, rude, and narcissistic. There will be little romance and also very little character development in this story. From my own personal experiences not all people develop and become a better or tougher person. I don't think it is realistic when a character drastically change from literally nowhere. If you don't like it, then please don't read it.

There are many grammatical errors! I have not edited this book and is not sure when I will be available to do so!

Again this is solely based off my thoughts. If you continue be ready for the swirling pool of emotions. Hope you enjoy!

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