Deadly Obsession

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Chapter 10

It took everything in me not to naturally follow Elijah, the thought of him never returning was unnerving. A piece of me wanted to go after him and then there was another part of me that wanted to break down into a fit of tears. I drew in a deep breath and pushed the thoughts away. I asked for this, I can not back out of it now.

"Why don't we get you settled in." Garrett called in a man by the name of Eli, he was really muscular, like huge. Eli grabbed my bags and led me to the room I will be staying in. I sent him a small smile thanking him softly, which he did not acknowledge, he left without a word.

My eyes observed everything as I took in the very nice room. It was big and looked like it was refreshed for someone who love materialistic things.

I unpacked my things wanting to busy myself. When I was done I sat on the bed and stared out the window, the view was beautiful. I tried to keep my mind from drifting to Elijah and the predicament I'm in once again but that proved to be a difficult task, mainly because I had nothing to do to occupy myself.

It wasn't until Eli came to summon me for dinner did I finally get to leave the room. Garrett was already seated at the table, when I came into his line of view his eyes lit up and a smile slid onto his lips. Feeling uncomfortable by his piercing gaze, I took the seat across from him. This didn't go unnoticed, he raised a brow but said nothing about it.

The maids soon came out and placed the food in front of us. I did not wait, I devoured everything on my plate failing to realize Garrett hadn't touched a thing on his, instead his dark eyes were focused on me.

"For such a small person you definitely can eat." I felt a blush heat up my cheeks in embarrassment. It was not my fault, Elijah had not fed me all day, not that I was thinking about food at the time. Garrett's gaze darkened as he took me in.

"Mr. Garrett-"

"Garrett," Right.

"May I ask you a question?"

"Anything my dear,"

"Why is it you were so eager to have me here? You even threatened Elijah, which by the way is a very scary thing to do." He let out a tired sigh.

"It's something about you... your presence is so uplifting, I did not want to make an enemy with Elijah but I was willing to have you under any means... your innocence, it draws me to you." I was very confused but nodded anyways. "Did you like your room I prepared for you?" He asked after a moment of silence.

"Thank you... I'm very grateful but you did not have to go through all you did. I would have been comfortable with a small room without all the high price things." Garrett stared at me, not bothering to hide his confusion.

"Did you not like it?"

"Oh no, it was very generous of you. I just don't care for materialistic things." His face was one of shock, he was not expecting for me to say what I had. The shock on his face soon disappeared and another emotion replenished in his brown orbs as he smiled.

"You are very different from the women I have met." Not knowing how to respond to that I stayed quiet, there was a long silence. "There are no rules here, you are allowed to do whatever you please." I stared at him skeptically.

"Whatever I please?"

He nodded. "Believe it or not, I want you here as a guess, I need someone like you around. It will help look at the good through all this evil in the world." I was not sure what to make out from his words but nodded anyways.

"Will I be able to leave?" He thought it over and for a second hope sparked my insides.

"You will have discuss it with me and only when Eli or myself escort you where ever is it you want to go." I smiled happy with that for now.

The weeks flew by before I knew it. In the beginning I made Garrett's life hell, not purposely, but I would always find myself in some sort of trouble. There was this one time where I somehow broke the electric box and all the power in the mansion was out for hours.

Then there was the time I accidentally spilled water all over the papers on Garrett desk, but threw it all he never got angry with me. Yes, he would take his anger out on his workers and I would end up feeling bad but whenever he saw the look on my face after he would apologize to both me and his workers.

By the third week everything didn't seem so bad. Garrett stayed true to his word and allowed me out every once in a while. Despite everything I believed Garrett was a very sweet man. He would sit and speak with me about his life, the person he was before he was thrown into a world full of criminals.

He didn't come off as the creepy man I once thought he was, although his stare would sometimes make me uncomfortable he never once tried to touch me, never once tried to forced me to do anything I was not comfortable with like Elijah did.

The longer I stayed with Garrett the more I realized he was nothing like Elijah. He allowed me to wear what I want, and talk with who I want. He never got angry with me and only try to keep me happy.

He was very lovely to me and very understanding, he would listen to what I have to say without mocking me or making me feel dumb. It was sweet how he always made time to hear what I have to say.

"Is there something I can help you with Gabby?" Garrett asked politely. I shrugged my shoulders making my way to the seat in front of his desk.

"What type of work do you do?" I asked staring at the stacks of paper.

"Nothing to worry your pretty little head about." Was his way of avoiding the question. "It's late, why are you still up... you're suppose to be in bed." Again I shrugged.

"I couldn't sleep." Truth was I found myself forever thinking about Elijah, whenever I was alone my mind would drift back to the cold man, it was becoming out of control. "Do you need any help?"

He smiled and shook his head. "As grateful as I am, I have everything under control here."

"Oh..." There was a long silence.

"Do you fear me Gabby?" His sudden question took me off guard.

"Heavens no! I fear no one... maybe Elijah, but no one." He laughed at that.

"Yes, he has his ways at intimidating people." I nodded in agreement. "I'm sure you have an ideal of my line of work."

"I do, but it's not my place to judge you. What you choose to do is your choice... although it's probably not a good choice, it's still yours to make. I would never judge anyone for the choices they make." I explained passionately. Garrett watched me, a look of awe in his brown orbs as he stared at me.

"You're heart is so pure, never have I met anyone like you. It's hard to believe someone like you exist... it's a shame we had to meet under these circumstances."

"Um Garrett... may I ask you something?"

"Anything," He replied without a moment of hesitation.

"Do you ever plan on letting me go? Elijah never really gave me the choice to go out. I would like nothing more then to return back to my life as it was before."

After a long silence and a lot of thinking, he finally nodded. My face instantly lit up as a huge smile stretched onto my lips.


"I promise to let you return home... you have my word, but for now you will have to stay put. At least let me enjoy your presence a little longer." I nodded eagerly.

It was during this that I soon started looking at Garrett as a friend. It was nice to have someone that did not ignore me and actually was interested in what I have to say.

Eli was with me most of the time, whenever Garrett was indulged in work. Eli, who was a very hard nut to crack. I tried to engage with him on many occasions but he was always so stoic. It was like talking to a robot.

"Where are you from Eli?" I asked genuinely curious to know.

"Far away from here." Oh...

"Do you have any siblings."


"Me neither, I always wanted a little sister or brother to grow up with... someone I could teach and show the world to. It can get extremely boring not having anyone around, you understand right?" No answer, his face gave nothing away, I was not even sure if he was listening.

"Do you not like speaking... I understand if you don't. It's okay to be nervous around new people."

"I'm not nervous,"

"There's no need to be uncomfortable, it's very normal to feel that way." He shook his head but kept silent. This was how our conversations went.

Most of the time I would talk to him whenever he was around, it did not bother me if he was not listening. To me he was a great listener, he was good to distract me whenever I would find my mind wandering.

I've been here with Garrett for three months now. Somehow I managed to keep myself from drowning in boredom, Garrett was big help at keeping me busy. He was very compromising, and would assign me things to do so I could keep out of trouble.

There was this time he gave me the job to cook dinner for a huge event he thrown, after it was over he told me all the compliments he got about my cooking and I was overwhelmed with happiness.

One day as I was watering the flowers and keeping the garden looking beautiful Garrett called me over to where he was sitting and asked if I would come with him to meet up with some very important people in his line of work.


"There's this nice restaurant... I will be meeting them there."

"Is there a reason I have to go?" I asked curiously.

"I would like for you to accompany me, it would be a good change of scene for you instead of having to stare at these four walls." Well, it wouldn't hurt to leave this place.

I nodded hesitantly. "I'll go..." the smiled that spread on Garrett's face got rid of the doubt in my mind. Perhaps it will be fun.

"I'll send someone up to get you ready, you go hurry off and clean yourself up... you're a mess." He let out a small laugh, taking out his handkerchief and swiping the dirt from my cheeks.

I did what I was told and got cleaned up. Like Garrett said a women came up and helped me get ready. She did my make up and hair, I told her she did not have to but she insisted. Once she was done she informed me that Garrett had also bought me a dress for the event. I changed into the expensive looking dress before finally being able to look in the mirror.

I looked nothing like myself... nothing like the Gabrielle I was used to seeing when I looked in the mirror. My make up was done perfectly, giving my eyes a smokey look. My hair was curled and fell down the side of my face.

The dress I wore was tight and stopped above my knees, it was backless and the V cut very low showing off a bit of breast. The heels I was told to wear were not very high but they were still very uncomfortable.

All in all I felt exposed, everything was just too revealing. I was just about to tell the kind woman that I can not wear this when she told me how beautiful I look.

"Really? It's not too much..." I asked referring to the amount of skin showing.

The woman's eyes widened in disbelief. "Of course not. You look very modest prepared to what women these days wear. You'll see what I'm talking about." Without waiting she ushered me out the room and down to where Garrett was waiting. Eli was the first to see me.

"Fuck..." he cursed, it came out almost involuntary. I bit my lip and hugged myself still feeling very exposed. I made the mistake of looking at Garrett's dark lustful gaze as his eyes roamed my body shamelessly.

"You look beautiful Gabby,"

"I feel uncomfortable..." I mumbled looking anywhere but him.

"Nonsense, you're stunning." Seeing that I was not giving in he ordered someone to get me a shawl before we were off.

The restaurant was remarkable. There was so many different things, smells, people... it was just all so new for me. I did see what the woman who helped me dress was saying about my dress choice, women was dressed in barely anything. We took a seat at our booth and Garrett called over the waiter to order.

"Should we not wait for your guest?" I asked in confusion.

He stared at me with guilty eyes. "There's no one joining us." What? "I wanted you to come out with me tonight but I was sure you would decline if you knew it was only us."

"You could've asked... it's rude to trick people into getting what you want." I scolded.

"I understand what I did was not right... I've been exhausted all week and wanted to share a relaxing evening with you." Poor man. I nodded in understanding.

"You're forgiven, but next time you should let me know these things."

He smiled softly. "Of course,"

The evening was very soothing. Garrett was a gentleman and engaged in conversation, he was good to keep everything going smoothly. At one point he asked if I wanted to remove my shawl that I had wrapped around me like a thick blanket.

"No thanks,"

"I don't understand why you bother to wear that thing, you're body is stunning." Um...

"Even if that's true, I do not prefer wearing clothing that shows this much skin."

"You're fucking with me?" My brows drew together.

"There's no need for that type of language." He smiled, shaking his head as if he did not understand me.

"I apologize but it's just hard to believe that you're conscious about a dress that is the most modest in this room."

"That's maybe true Garrett, but I do not to wear dresses like this. Perhaps these women do not mind but I do... showing off this much skin is against everything I believe in." He eyed me out, almost as if he did not believe me.

"You always seem to surprise me." He did not explain further.

Throughout the rest of the night Garrett did most of the talking. I couldn't have been more relieved to head back to the his mansion. The drive passed by in a blur and finally we arrived. I handed Garrett the shawl he allowed me to wear and thanked him for the night.

As I was about to head up to my room he suddenly grabbed my hand and gently pulled me to him. I watched in confusion as he clasped both of my hands into his.

He smiled, showing off his white teeth. "Thank you for joining me tonight," The intensity of his stare was making me uncomfortable. I was not prepared for when he leaned down and tried to kiss me. I immediately stepped back and looked at him in shock.

"Isn't this a cozy picture." Both me and Garrett turned towards the direction of the voice. Elijah sat on the sofa looking deadly, his leg resting on his knee with a smoke in his hand. I made the mistake at meeting his gaze and knew instantly that he was not happy. I could see behind his bored facade, the way his blue eyes seemed to darken as he stared at us gave away his true emotion.

He was furious.

"Why are you here Elijah?" Garrett dared to speak out. Elijah leaned back in his seat and eyed him out darkly.

"Why am I here... I never saw you as a stupid man Garrett." Garrett eyes darkened, he looked ready to murder Elijah. Elijah who appeared as calm as ever.

"Neither did I... you come into my home and threaten me. I'll have you killed before you can do a thing to me." Elijah watched Garrett, his head tilting ever so slightly, he did not look the least bit concerned.

"You still think to threaten us." I whirled around to the new voice. David walked out of the shadows and took a seat on the sofa opposite to Elijah.

"Fucked up move if you ask me." Noah said making his presence known. He made his way to the fire place, he did not even bother to look at Garrett as he spoke, he stared at the portraits and other things, analyzing everything.

"I heard about the three of you... that it's basically suicide to fuck you over, but that still doesn't change the fact that you are on my turf... I have men surrounding this place. Kill me, but I can promise, you will not leave out of here alive."

"You sound so sure." David voiced lowly. Elijah did not respond, he ignored Garrett completely.

My heart skipped a beat when his gaze fell on me. He studied my body, his eyes darkening as he took in my form. I mentally cursed myself, I was sure I was a sight to them all.

"Did you enjoy yourself tonight Gabrielle?" My voice got stuck in my throat. He leaned in as he spoke, his elbows resting on his knees. "You like dressing like a whore... no longer a problem now." Oh god.

I was sure I was going to faint when Elijah put out his smoke and stood suddenly. I took a step back on instinct and to my surprise Garrett moved to stand in front of me. Elijah did not like that. In an instant Elijah attacked, Garrett tried but he was no match to Elijah, not while he was this riled up... he was like an animal.

Garrett was on the floor, beaten and bruised in no time, he spat blood and attempted to stand. I was sure my heart stopped when Elijah pulled out a pistol and aimed it down at Garrett.

"Any last words,"

"Fuck you," He spat and Elijah smiled. I found myself grabbing onto Elijah's arm. The look he gave me was one that could have anyone wanting to throw up in fear.

"Please... please don't kill him." I could feel Noah and David glaring holes into my head but I ignored them and kept my attention on Elijah.

"You love him?"

I bit my lip. "He's my friend," I whispered. His hand wrapped around my throat so fast, I didn't have time to process it. His grip was firm but not too much to cut off my airway.

"Get your fucking hands off her!" Garrett was going hysteric, thrashing back and forth. Noah landed a punch on his jaw, shutting him up. Elijah didn't even glance their way, his blue orbs zeroed on me.

"You want me to let him live Gabrielle?" I did not waste no time in nodding. "Yes? You want me to let this fucker that threatened me and my boys and also took you away from me live?"

I nodded slowly. "Yes," I squeaked out. We were so close, he was almost speaking into my mouth.

"Wrong answer," With that he slammed his mouth onto mine, kissing me viciously. He wanted to mark me... to brand me. The sound of the gun going off echoed through my ears. I tried to look back but Elijah didn't allow it, his grip on my neck tightened the more I struggled.

Finally he broke the harsh kiss and didn't waste no time into pulling me out the house. I glanced back and saw Garrett's lifeless body laying in a pool of blood before I was shoved out the door.

Elijah didn't say a word to me or glance at me during the drive. I also kept silent out of fear and shock at what just took place. Garrett was dead. Elijah had killed him without any hesitation. My body was having a hard time processing the event that had occurred.

Elijah stopped at a small motel and got us a room. In the room Elijah leaned against the door and eyed me out dangerously. I hugged myself wanting to run and hide from his deadly gaze. The anger radiated off of him in pools but this time it was only directed towards me. He looked so close to snapping.

"Why did you do it?" I found myself asking.

"Why? He fucking threatened me that's why. He threatened me and then thought he could take what's mine."

"You didn't have to kill him." I whispered.

Elijah rubbed a hand over his neatly trimmed chin. It was like the more he stared at me the angrier he got. "Did you love him?"

"No," I answered meekly.

"Did you fuck him?"

"No..." And with that he snapped. Elijah shook his head. I was met with a smash against the face, he didn't even try to hold back his strength. I fell to the floor, trying to distract myself from the throbbing pain in my cheek. Fingers threaded through my hair and I yelled out as he pulled me up. It felt like my hair was tearing out my scout.

"You dress like a fucking hooker and want me to believe you didn't fuck him!" I was sure I was going to have a heart failure. Never have I seen Elijah this riled up, he looked ready to do some ever lasting damage on me. "You look like a fucking tramp... you like dressing like a slut for him. Tell me, how long was it before you gave into him." Oh god...

"I didn't do anything wrong." Again, I was greeted with a harsh slap to the face. My head smacked the floor and I was sure I was out. I couldn't see straight, my head was spinning. Elijah nudged me with his foot before grasping my arm and hauling me to my feet.

"How many times did you fuck him Gabrielle?"

"I swear we never did anything... he never touched me." I cried in fear, tears falling down my face so fast. He shoved me away so hard my back hit the wall.

"You're a fucking whore! I thought you were different but you proved that you are like every other attention seeking whore out there!" He suddenly grabbed my arm and forced me in front of the mirror.

The makeup on my face was smeared with my tears. My dress had risen, barely covering my parts from view. My hair was now messy and wild. I looked away not able to stomach myself, but Elijah had different plans. He grabbed my jaw harshly and forced me to look.

"What? You don't like what you see? You don't like the whore you've become?"

The tears continued to fall down my face. "Stop..." I whispered. With lightning reflexes Elijah hand was again around my throat and my back against the wall.

"Does it hurt to see you ended up like every other women out there... you became your mother in a blink of an eye." His grip tightened with every word that left his mouth.

Black dots blurred my vision and I was sure he was going to kill me then and there, but before I could lose conscious Elijah removed his hand. I gasped trying to inhale as much air as possible. He patiently waited for my breathing to even.

"I-I'm nothing like my mother." He smiled.

"No?" Before I could even proceed I was tossed on the bed with Elijah hovering above me. I quickly tried to sit up but he was quicker.

He pushed up my sorry excuse for a dress and tore off my underwear. I was not prepare for when his mouth was suddenly on me. Moans spilled from my lips and my back arched as the pleasure neared. My hands found Elijah's soft hair subconsciously. Elijah who grabbed my wrists and pinned them to the bed as he continued his assault. I let out another moan, I was so close...

I almost cried out in frustration when Elijah pulled his head from between my legs and climbed onto my body. His talented hands was on me, he teased my nub, his slow ministration was working me up.

"Who do you belong to?"

"You," I declared, blinded by lust.

"You want me to put this to an end?"

I nodded. "Yes..." I was so close but so far.

"Ask me to fuck you Gabrielle." When I didn't he added pressure and I was sure he was going to give me what I want when he once again slowed his movement.


"Please what?" Oh god...

"Please take me,"

"Fuck, Gabrielle... ask me to fuck you." Again he added pressure.

"Please..." I whispered. "...fuck me..."

"What was that?" He added more pressure.

"Elijah... please fuck me." I moaned out. He smiled down at me.

"With pleasure." And then he slammed into me. I was not prepared for when my orgasm hit me with such force. He continued to thrust into me non too gently, he kissed me deeply, his mouth moving furiously against mine. Watching how his neck tense and his eyes baring into mine so intensely had my pleasure building up again.

Suddenly he wrapped my legs around his waist and stood. He slammed me against the wall as he continued to take me roughly, his eyes never leaving mine. I felt a wave of pleasure hit me. I bit his lip so hard as my orgasm rushed through. Elijah shuddered before he followed suit.

Still breathing heavily I unwrapped my legs from around his waist. Elijah looked just as angry as he did before, maybe even angrier.

"A worthless whore is what you are." His words hit hard. "A good fuck, nothing more." I did not respond. I couldn't believe what just took place. I was revolted with myself, how could I act such a way. It was sickening, Elijah made me do things I did not think I capable of doing, he was ruining me.

Without looking at him I moved to head into the bathroom wanting to wash away the disgust. But Elijah grabbed my arm, stopping me from moving further.

"In bed,"

"I'm dirty," I mumbled. His eyes darkened.

"Good," We slept with our back facing each other. I wanted nothing more then to drown in my self pity. Gran would be so disappointed if she saw me now. It hurt to think that I have failed her, but what hurt the most was Elijah's words. It was like someone stabbed me in the chest. He did not hold back at all, he said it how he saw it. Maybe he was right... maybe I was more like my mother then I thought.

The next morning I awoke to Elijah staring down at me. I didn't dare move. His eyes were so dark as he searched mine, he was still mad. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding when he moved away.

"Get up," He didn't waste no time, he left the room not saying more. I quickly showered, wanting to erase all traces of last night away. After I was done scrubbing my body clean I found myself looking into the mirror. I was certainly a sight. My cheek was swollen and red, I had a bruise on my head and my neck was marked up pretty bad.

I bit my lip tearing my gaze from the mirror and walked out. Elijah was now in the room. The towel around my body now seemed like a thin piece of paper.

"I need clothes," I stated. Elijah tilted his head to the side as he continued to eye me out.

"Do you now?"

I nodded. "Yes, I do,"

"Nah, I think you're good with the clothes you have, it suits you." I glared at him.

"Elijah, I'm serious."

"So am I,"

"Please, I... I can not wear that again." Not again, I was too exposed. Elijah smiled.

"Too bad."

"I haven't done anything wrong,"

"Your fucking face is what's wrong."

"You sent me to Garrett... I willingly went but you were the one who left me there." I said wanting to cry. He just abandoned me.

"You were suppose to know that I was coming back for you. You honestly thought I was going to let you go, just like that. It's nothing there... nothing the fuck up there." He said tapping his head. "But instead I found you prancing around as his tramp."

"This is not my fault."

"No?" He asked. "Tell me, did you hold his hand during your little date last night." He was close to snapping again.

"It was not a date." I whispered. "He just wanted the company-"

"Shhh... no more talking." I gave in and put on the lacy material, no underwear. Elijah put on his disregarded shirt and grabbed his keys before we were off.

I couldn't have been happier as we approached the mansion, I wanted nothing more then to change into something appropriate. As I was about to head to my room Elijah grabbed my forearm and all but dragged out onto the patio. David and Noah was already seated outside.

"Sit," I looked over at Elijah.

"I want to change."

"Not my problem." Slowly I took the seat beside him not wanting him to rile him up more. We did not need a repeat of last night. Noah cursed and grabbed my face assessing the damage.

"What the fuck man."

"Fuck off Noah,"

"You are fucking her up." Noah looked mad... very mad. As if he wanted to do some serious damage to Elijah. I never saw him this livid. Elijah eyed him out so darkly, I got afraid for Noah.

"I'll do whatever I see fit to her. If I choose to fuck her up then fuck her up I will. She's my bitch, mine, I'll do what I want with my bitch." Noah was raging. He stood abruptly and made his leave, I wanted to follow him, to see if he was alright but I knew Elijah would not like that.

"You just can't help yourself?"

"I have nothing to say to you." His words hurt, did he really not care at all about me. What I didn't expect was for him to grab my jaw so hard, I was sure he was going to break it.

"You don't fucking dismiss me, you're my whore, you understand?" I clutched onto his hand, trying desperately to tug off his fingers. Elijah didn't let up. "Do you fucking understand?" I whimpered.

"Elijah, man, that's enough." Elijah ignored David, his eyes were focused on me.

"Don't make me ask again..." The threat was loud and clear.

"I understand." He nodded, seeming satisfied with that before unexpectedly shoving me away, hard. I fell to the ground.

"Fuck off out of my face." Pulling down my dress that had risen I did just that.

In my room I changed into some jeans and a loose plain shirt. I left my hair done hoping to cover my bruise face. I stayed in my room all day until I was summoned down by Elijah. The boys were once again seated outside. I took a seat next to Noah without looking at Elijah.

"Back to dressing like a nun I see, I have to say the dress was more you." I ignored his sly comment. There was a long silence that is until a woman walked out. She had long brown hair and pretty blue eyes, nothing like Elijah's. Elijah eyes could put anyone's to shame.

She was dressed in a blue jean skirt and a fitted white shirt. To my surprise she walked up to Elijah and kissed him before taking the seat beside him.

Her blue eyes then landed on me. "Wow, you are like drop dead gorgeous." My cheeks heated up. "She's yours Noah?" Both me and Noah was shocked. I didn't dare look at Elijah.

"Are you Noah's, Gabrielle?" I sent him a heated glare.

"Um... am I missing something here?" The woman asked looking so confused.

"Faith this here is Gabrielle." Elijah introduced so politely. "Gabrielle, Faith."

"Please, call me Gabby." I added.

"Gabby... if you are not here with Noah then may I ask why you are here?" Um... I turned to Elijah looking for help but of course he did nothing.

"I'm a... friend." Elijah lifted a brow at my stupid response. Idiot Gabrielle, just dumb.

"Oh..." Thankfully she didn't push the subject further. Dinner was eaten in silence. Faith would try to make conversation, sensing the tension, but it was futile.

After the ordeal was over I was more then happy to go up to my room. I showered and dress in my nightie. When I returned to the room I was surprised to see Elijah sitting on the bed, I was sure he was going to spend the night with Faith.

His eyes were so dark as he stared at me. He looked ready to kill me but at the same time devour me. I couldn't help but think I was once again trapped. Here I was back in the blue eyed devil's lair.

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