Deadly Obsession

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Chapter 11

"Come here Gabrielle." Elijah's voice tore through the silence in the room. I bit my lip and contemplated what to do. Elijah, seeing my hesitation, lifted a brow... daring me to try anything. Not having much of a choice, I slowly made my way towards him.

He pulled me onto him so that I was now sitting on his lap. His hand came up and grasped my jaw firmly, jerking my face to the side. His blue eyes took in my bruised face, inspecting the damage he'd done. Very softly he caressed my swollen cheek.

I hated this... I hated how he was so hot and cold. I hated how he could hurt me then be all gentle and pretend to care. He was confusing and a hard man to figure out.

Not wanting his tender act I pulled my face away from him. Elijah didn't like that, his grip tightened painfully on my jaw. I was sure he was going to break it.

"Don't do that." I glared at him but did as he said, hoping he would loosen his hold, thankfully he did. "I'm curious as to why Garrett never fucked you... with you dressing like a slut and all." He wanted answers.

I drew in a deep breath. "He said I was a guess and only wanted me there so he could have someone to talk to."

"You honestly believe that?" He was not looking at me, his gaze was on my bruised neck as he traced it ever so softly.

"He was a good man." And Elijah killed him. Just like that, not caring that he just took a man's life. A life that wasn't his to take.

"And what am I Gabrielle? Am I a good man?" He asked almost teasingly. When I stayed silent he continued. "He was going to marry you, you know." What? I looked at Elijah not bothering to hide my confusion


He stopped and looked me in the eye, studying my reaction. "He was going to marry you. Tell me, would you have been happy to become his wife?"

"You... you lie."

He tilted his head, his blue eyes watching me so intensely. "Date was set... a month from now." No... Garrett wouldn't do that.


"No?" Suddenly I was shoved so hard off Elijah's lap, I landed on the floor. Quickly I got to my feet as Elijah also stood. "You don't want to believe it? You don't like that Garrett fucked you over?"


"He was going to force you to marry him Gabrielle and you didn't even fucking notice. So fucking empty in the head."

"At least someone was willing to have me after all you tainted me." I lashed out feeling hurt by his never ending attacks.

"The fuck did you just say." I bit my lip, the look in his eyes was terrifying. "You wanted to marry him." No, but I was not going to let him intimidate. "Did you like the attention you were receiving from him?" What?


"Did you like lust in his eyes as he stared at you." He was looking to hurt me.


"See that's hard to believe seeing you were dress like a fucking tramp. Let's not forget you were all but begging me to fuck you last night." Oh god... "More like your mother then you thought."

"Please... stop," The tears I was trying to hold back fell down my face.

"Stop? You don't like hearing the truth? How fast you became a whore..."

"Fine I'm a whore... I get it. I allowed myself to give in. I allowed myself to become this way. You did it... you proved I was like every other woman you encountered with." I agreed feeling exhausted, I didn't have any fight left.

To my surprise Elijah grabbed my hand and led me to the bed. He pulled me to his chest and kissed my teary cheeks which only made me cry all the more. I don't know how long we stayed like that before sleep indulged me into a deep slumber.

Elijah ignored me during the passing weeks. He did not say a word to me, barely ever acknowledged my presence. It was like I was not here. He would spend most of his time with Faith. Faith who was a very positive young women, she was sweet and nice, and seemed like a delightful girl.

It confused me how Elijah never once scold her or any other woman I have seen him with like he did me. He treated me like I was naught but a burden. Maybe it's because I'm always finding myself in trouble.

Noah and David stayed around for some time before they headed off. It was becoming boring having nothing to do. With Noah gone it was hard to fine things to busy myself with. I tried cooking but turns out I was still banned from the kitchen. The cooks almost had a heart attack when they saw me.

After that I would spend most of my time in the library but that didn't hold my interest for long. It was hard being ignored and I didn't like it one bit, mainly because there was nothing to do in this big house. I was sure I was going to drown from boredom.

One morning as I was out on the patio both Elijah and Faith came out and joined me. I sent them a small good morning which only Faith replied to. There was a tense silence. I couldn't be more relieved when breakfast was served. I thanked Lexi and began eating, not once glancing at Elijah.

"So Gabby, do you like live here?" Faith asked sweetly. I shook my head.

"No, I'm here against my will." She looked very confused. I could feel Elijah eyes drilling holes into my head.

"What do you mean?"

"It's a very long and interesting story, but Elijah forced me here and now refuses to let me go." Faith's eyes widened, she looked at Elijah for confirmation.

"Is this true?" He didn't even look at her, his dark eyes were focused on me. He rubbed a hand over his chin as he continued to eye me out darkly.


"Why are you keeping her here?" I looked away from Faith and to the handsome man sitting inches away from me, waiting for his answer.

"Because I can." Wow, how mature.

"Is there any other reason. I mean I don't see you as the type of man to kidnap women."

He was quiet for a minute, his striking eyes never leaving me. Suddenly he smiled. "And to fuck her whenever I'm in the mood." My eyes widened as I stared at him. I was horrified, how could he openly say something like that. My cheeks burned in humiliation. Faith also looked taken aback by his declaration.

"Oh," I glared at him, despising him. Seeing my glare he lifted a brow in amusement. I didn't say more, leaving it at that.

Later on that day I sat on the green grass of the garden, reading a book as I did everyday when Elijah came down. To my surprise he took a seat beside me. I ignored him and continued to read as if this was nothing out of the ordinary.

"What are you playing at Gabrielle?"

Without glancing his way I answered. "Me? I'm not playing at anything."

"Do you think Faith will help you out of the predicament you are in?"

"No, she's a sweet woman. I thought to let her know the true reason I'm here, that's all." Elijah shook his head to himself.

"No matter what you tell her she won't be going anywhere."

Putting down the book, I looked at him now. "Did you kidnap her too?" I asked, loathing him so much

He smiled. "No, only you are forced to stay here."

"Why is it I must stay here? Why not let me go?"

His head tilted as he watched me... studying me. "Say I let you go, where is it you would go?"

"To my shop," I said without a moment of hesitation.

"You will hide back in the bakery. Would you go back to the way you dress and pretend none of this happened." I never really given it much thought. There was no way things could be back to the way it was. Not after all I been through... not after Elijah. He ruined me.

"I don't know." I mumbled honestly. He nodded, seeming satisfied with my answer. Swiftly his hand shot up and grabbed my jaw, forcing me to look into the haunting blue orbs. He wasn't hurting me, but my heart still managed to skip a beat.

"You are mine Gabrielle." He spoke slowly. "You have no one... no one to turn to... no one to run to. I'm the only person you have left. Only me." With that he slammed his lips against mine, kissing me roughly. He was trying to brand me, marking his territory.

Once he was satisfied he stood and walked inside, leaving me dumbfounded. His words hitting hard.

My mind continued to drift to what Elijah had said. He was cruel, rubbing something like this in my face for his satisfaction. Although I wanted to convince myself he was just saying what he said to hurt me, I knew it was true. I had no one, and that truth was hard to come to terms with.

I was so engulfed in my thoughts, I did not notice Faith had walked in until she was sitting across from me. I watched her in confusion, wondering why she was here and not with Elijah.

"Stay away from him." Um...

"I'm sorry?"

"You heard, you stay away from Elijah. He will soon tire of you and will send you on your way. I don't need any inconvenience from you when this happen." I was shocked dumb. She sounded nothing like the sweet girl I once thought she was.

"Okay..." I said, not knowing what else was there to say. She nodded, seeming pleased with that. She went to say more when Elijah walked in and graced us with his presence.

He was dressed in blue jeans that hung lazily on his hip, and there was no shirt to cover his bare chest. My eyes lingered on his naked chest longer then necessary. The ink covering his body always seemed to interest me, it was so fascinating and somehow suited him perfect.

"What's going on here?" Faith smiled and stood, making her way over to him.

"Gabby was just telling me about you, that's all." Elijah raised a brow at her. He then looked at me and I looked away, not having the energy to care.

"Was she now?" His intense gaze had me shifting in my seat. I tried not to make eye contact, not wanting him to see how uncomfortable he was making me. "And what was it she was saying?"

"Nothing really, she's very sweet." She said sounding so sincere. He didn't even acknowledge her, his eyes never leaving me. "Let's go, I think dinner's ready." Faith budded in, feeling the tension that was slowly rising.

We did just that.

I thanked the cooks as they placed the vast amount of food on the table. Not waiting I began eating quietly. Faith was good to keep conversation going and keep Elijah busy. At one point I could feel eyes burning into my head, I didn't dare look up.

"Gabby, what is it you do for a living?" Faith asked suddenly. I met her gaze and smiled.

"I own a bakery."

"You must miss it."

I nodded. "I do,"

"Were you involved with anyone before Elijah?"

"No..." I answered slowly, not understanding why she would need to know something so intimate.

"Like no one? No one at all?" Elijah only watched silently. "Oh, that's... strange."

"Is there a reason you're asking me this?"

"I'm just trying to understand you that's all. You're gorgeous, I get that. But I don't understand why Elijah would go through the extent of keeping you here, unless you truly want to be here with him." She said so sweetly, but I could see the fire in her eyes. I stayed silent. "I didn't mean to offend you, I was curious. I'm sorry if I pride too far." I didn't respond and went back to eating. Nothing more was said.

That night as I was more then ready to go to sleep, Elijah walked in to my surprise. He went into the bathroom without so much as glancing my way. I waited tensely. All too soon he walked out of the bathroom, he got into bed without a word and pulled me to his chest.

"Why do you do that?" He closed his eyes, ignoring me completely. "Do I not disgust you? You hold me so close during the night then tell me how much I revolt you later." No answer.

I sighed. "You can be so confusing." Again he did not answer. He only caressed my hair ever so softly. I felt my eyes becoming heavy and I found myself falling into a deep slumber.

I awoke to no Elijah, not that I was surprised. I dressed in blue jeans, a loose black shirt, and a grey cardigan. I tied up my hair, wanting it out of my face, before heading down stairs. Elijah was sitting out on the patio with Faith but to my confusion they were not alone. As I got closer I was able to make out the person with them.

Eli was sitting there talking with Elijah. They stopped speaking when they caught sight of me. I looked between them, not understanding what's going on.

"Sit down Gabrielle." I did, only so I could figure out why Eli was here. He did not glance my way, it was like I wasn't there. "You remember Eli don't?"

"What is he doing here?"

Elijah's smiled. "Sweet heart did you think I would actually send you to that bastard unsupervised."

"I don't understand..."

"Eli here works for me." My eyes widened in disbelief. "He and half of Garrett's men."

I shook my head, turning to Eli who sat silently. "How could you betray him?"

He raised a brow much like he did before, I knew he was not going to answer. Elijah leaned back in his seat and eyed me out. "You still think to take up for him? He was using you Gabrielle. He let you see what he wanted you to see. Get your head out of the fucking clouds."

"It wasn't your choice to make."

He grabbed my jaw before I could blink. "You see, it was my choice. You belong to me... I am your god. I will kill every fucker that looks at you. Don't fucking test me." With that he roughly let me go.

I glared at him, hoping to cover up how much he scared me. I was sure my heart was going to pound out of my chest. This obsession was becoming too severe. I thought maybe Elijah would soon get over it, but it only became more serious the longer I was with him. It was dangerous... Elijah was not letting up, if anything he was worse then before.

As the day went on I couldn't help but think about Garrett... poor Garrett. Although his intentions were not the best, he was very compassionate to me.

Never did he speak bad about me and only did things to keep me happy. He was only ever good to me. Maybe he was not the perfect person but Elijah had no right to take his life. No one had the right to take another's life.

"What are you doing?" I followed the voice to see Elijah leaning against the door frame, his deep blue eyes were so intense. I found myself staring at him longer then usual. His looks were out of this world... I did not understand how so one so beautiful could be so cruel and cold.

"Thinking," I mumble when I realized he wanted an answer.

He raised a brow. "About?"

"Everything..." There was a long silence. "Where's Faith?" I don't know why I asked, it somehow slipped out.

"Faith?" He walked fully into the room. "Why would I know?"

I shrugged. "You are both always together."

"Is that a problem?"

I shook my head. "I was only curious." He sat beside me. I kept my eyes on the pages of the book on my lap, though I could not seem to get into what I was reading. Elijah's close proximity was making me nervous.

My heart skipped a beat when he grasped my chin gently and turned my face towards him. He did nothing but stare at me, his eyes boring into mine.

"You are so fucking beautiful. Maybe I should hide you from the world... keep you locked up here. That way no man will ever set eyes on you" Oh god.

"Stop..." I whispered.

"Stop? You don't think I tried to stop? You don't think I tried to forget you when I gave you to fucking Garrett. I can't fucking stop. The thought of you with another man does my fucking head in."

"Elijah... please stop. You're scaring me."

He smiled and I wondered how could something so beautiful be so scary. "I'm scaring myself." He kissed my head before letting me go and walking out the room. I stared at his retreating image until he disappeared from sight.

The days went on plainly. Elijah did not mention what took place the other night and neither did I. It was as if the entire ordeal never happened. I tried not to think into it, but I would always find my mind repeating his words.

Somehow I was able to sneak into the kitchen and distract myself. Some of the cooks would see me but they did nothing to stop me. I was sure Elijah had something to do with it, and for that I was thankful.

One afternoon as I was eating lunch, both Faith and Elijah entered and joined me. Faith was trying to get Elijah's attention for the last few days but his mind was else where. Today she seemed fed up and looked over at me, assuming I had something to do with Elijah's lack of conversation.

"So Gabby, you knew Garrett?" Um...

"I did... you knew him?"

She smiled. "Yeah... he was a very handsome man. I can see why you are fond of him." What?

I shook my head. "You got it wrong. We were only friends."

She looked confused. "You were with him for about two months right?" I eyed her out... what she was suggesting. "And nothing happened? That's a long time to be with a man that is obviously attracted to you." Oh god, she needed to stop talking.

I took the chance to look over at Elijah and I knew instantly he was not liking what he was hearing. The wheels in his head was spinning and I could see he was believing Faith's words.

"If you are assuming me and Garrett were more then just friends you are mistaken. He never tried anything within the three months I was with him."

She shrugged. "It's just seems a little suspicious how he was planning to marry you and you had no idea. Yet you still call him your friend, why is that?" I stayed silent.

"Answer the fucking question Gabrielle." Elijah said sounding deadly. I drew in a deep breath, knowing this was not going to end well.

"He was good to me..."

Faith raised a brow. "You speak of him as if you felt affection for him. For such a short period of time you sure did fall for him fast." I stood abruptly.

"You are assuming things you know nothing about. I already told you, me and Garrett were only friends yet you continue to imply there was something more. I don't know what you want to get out this but me and Garrett were never more then friends. I had no idea about the wedding. I would have never saw it through if I did. Now if that is all." I did not wait, I walked up the stairs and to my room.

I was exhausted, mentally and physically. With everyone's attacks, it was hard not to let them get to me. It was tiring and downright humiliating. Everyone assumed because of my looks I was a 'whore', as Elijah kindly put it.

I showered and dress in my night gown that stopped right above my knees. As I walked out of the bathroom I stopped dead in my tracks, not expecting to see Elijah sitting on the bed. He looked up at me upon my entrance, his dark eyes giving away his true emotions.

He was mad, Faith's words had gotten to him.

I stepped back on instinct when he stood. He raised a brow seeing this. Hugging myself I waited for him to make his move. His silence had me tense with anticipation. He was so intimidating, it was hard not to cower from his gaze.

"Did you enjoy living with Garrett?" He finally spoke. I bit my lip out of nerve but did not say a word. "Did you enjoy his company? Did he promise to keep you happy?"

"What do you want?" I whispered. He stepped forward and I took another step away from him.

This continued until my back made contact with the wall, forcing me to stay put. Elijah on the other hand did not stop, he continued to walk towards me until he was standing directly in front of me. He put his hand on the wall beside my head, trapping me.

"I will kill you Gabrielle."

I swallowed. "How is this fair. Faith is allowed to do whatever she want... and Ruth and Madison was also allowed to do as they pleased. You never once treated them the way you treat me."

"Your not them Gabrielle. Get that out of your fucking head. Unlike you they don't pretend to be something they not."

"And what is that?"

"A good for nothing slut."

"How am I a slut? What have I done for you to think so bad of me?"

He moved away from me, I knew he was trying to calm down. "Did you fuck him Gabrielle?" Oh god.


"See, that's hard to believe. Not too long ago you were all but begging me to fuck you. Did he teach you new tricks Gabrielle?"

"I already told you, we did nothing."

"How the fuck am I suppose to know that! You were all but dressing like a hooker when you were with him. What the fuck were you hoping to achieve. To get him and every fucker that looked at you a hard on. Did you thrive off of the thought of him wanting to fuck you." I shook my head.


"You don't like the truth Gabrielle? You don't like what you hear? You don't like that you were parading yourself around Garrett then begged me to fuck you. Funny how you are more like your mother, like mother like daughter." His words hurt... they hurt more then I expected them to.

I nodded, swiping at my tear furiously. "You're right... you proved that I am just like my mother. But you are the reason I am the way I am. You hold on to so much hatred and anger that you want everyone else to suffer for it."

"You hurt Eugene because you are afraid... afraid that he will also disregard you just like your mother did. You hate that he's not your true father and instead of just accepting it you lash out on him with your hurt-"

"Stop talking." He said lowly.

"I will not." I wanted to hurt him how he hurt me. "You want to know why you hate me so much? Because you did not want to believe that there are actually good women out there."

"Gabrielle." He warned.

"You hated that I was the exact opposite of your mother and how she portrayed every women in your eyes. You wanted to prove to yourself that I was was no different from those women and forced me into acting the way I did."

"You ruined me for your own satisfaction and selfishness. You did not care how it would affect me along the way, as long as you got something out of it. I am nothing like you Elijah, and you hate it and blames me for it.... you blamed for being better than you and wanted to bring me down. You should be satisfied... you were able to succeed. My soul is just as tainted as yours." I was breathing hard, glaring at him fiercely.

Elijah only watched me with deadly eyes, I knew I had hit a nerve. His eyes flashed with so many emotions, it was hard for me to keep up. He suddenly walked towards me and I flinched waiting for the blow. To my utter surprise he walked pass me and out the door, not once glancing back.

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