Deadly Obsession

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Chapter 12

Elijah’s POV

I awoke in an unfamiliar hotel room. I don't remember how I got here or give a shit for that matter. At the moment all I cared about was the pounding in my head...

Looking down at the red head beside me, I stared at her hard, trying to remember the events from last night. It didn't take long before everything came back to me. I had drunk myself stupid last night all because of one woman.


She was driving me fucking insane, everything about her was driving me crazy. She had shocked the fuck out of me when she finally snapped, I knew she would but I never expected her to say what she did.

Her words hit home, everything she said was the truth. It was like she was looking deep into my soul and at all the deep dark secrets I had hidden inside me. I did not know how take what she was telling me, for the first time in my life I had nothing to say.

She was right... I wanted to prove that she was like every other woman. I hated how she was so good and innocent... the exact opposite of me. I wanted to bring her down so I could come up, wanting to show her she was just as bad as myself, fucked up on my part. She fucked with my head, playing me into her little hands.

She deceived everyone into believing she was a naive brainless girl when really she was clever... too clever. Funny how she played us all, making it out as if she had no idea what was going on... smart bitch.

The red head beside me stirred, drawling my attention back to her. Emma was her name... or was it Ella. Her eyes fluttered open, landing on me almost instantly. She smiled up at me, very pretty girl.

Ignoring her I sat up needing to find anything to end the throbbing in head. As I was about the stand I felt her wrap her arms around my neck from behind. She whipped her hair to the side and placed soft kisses onto my neck.

"I had fun last night," She whispered into my ear. I turned my face halfway towards her and her smile widened. Shrugging her off I stood and tossed her clothes on the bed.

"You can let yourself out," The colors drained from her face and her eyes widened in shock. Taking in a deep breath I turned away from her and into the bathroom in hope to find something for the ache in my head.

"Are... are you kicking me out?" Ignoring her I continued my task at hand. "Elijah?" I let out a breath and rubbed my temple in irritation.

"Emma... you seem like a smart girl, there's no need for me to spell it out for you. It was a fuck... I enjoyed it, you enjoyed it. Why try to make it more then that?"

Her pretty eyes watered and a hard glare set on her features. "It's Erica, you asshole." With that she put on her slutty dress and grabbed the rest of her things before leaving, making sure to slam the door behind her... Fuck! Did she have to be so fucking loud.

I shook my head before calling for room service. They were all the same, always expecting more... never being satisfied. Each and every one of them thought if they were able to impress me and hold my interest that I'll suddenly be tied down to them. It was laughable.

Women was just a tool made to be used and thrown away. They all wanted the same thing... money. Money was all they cared about. They all believed they could control me into doing what they wanted.

I was not oblivious about my looks, at a very young age I had women fawning over my looks, my eyes standing out the most. It was easy for me to get any woman I want, they were all desperate to get a minute of my time. All wanting to be the center of my attention... all except Gabrielle.

She was the only woman who did not fall to my feet because of my looks. While most women would do anything to get my attention, she hated it. She even went as far as ignoring me, which was definitely a first. She dismissed me as if I was no one... as if she was too good for me.

That infuriated me.

I wanted to show her that she was just like every other woman out there. For some reason the thought of her not wanting me angered me. If she was anyone else I wouldn't have gave a flying fuck, but that wasn't the case with Gabrielle.

Everything about her irritated me. Her innocence, the way she dressed, the way she carried herself. I wanted to prove to her that she was no different from me even if it meant breaking her in the process.

I knew I had pushed her pass her limit last night, her words were like knives, each one coming harder then the last. I had called Noah to come to the house not explaining further then that.

I just needed to escape, needing to get as far away from Gabrielle. Seeing her face all minutes of the day was fucking me up. It was hard to stay at bay, my body craved her.

The lust I felt for her was unlike anything I have experience before. Never have I lusted after any woman, after fucking them once that was all it took to get them out of my system, but not with Gabrielle. She was fucking with my head. Like an addiction, no matter how much I take I still can't get enough.

"Where the fuck have you been?" Ignoring Noah, I stride pass him and continued to make my way out onto the patio. As expected, he followed me and took a seat also. I grabbed a smoke and took a long drag.

"Where is she?" I asked instead.

"Upstairs," I nodded before taking another drag of my smoke. "Do you want to tell me what happened and why you been gone for over a month."

"Needed to clear my head." Was my simple response.

"Why not let her go if you don't want her here?" Million dollar question. "How long do you plan on keeping her here?"

"Until I'm ready to let her the fuck go."

He shook his head. "You're fucked up man," And didn't I know it. "She's miserable here... she needs to get out before she go crazy, she's not used to being trapped in one place." I felt my anger rising. He was right but I didn't give a fuck, Gabrielle does not concern him. I hated how he was so worried about her.

I trusted Noah, he was one of the few people I actually cared about. Him and David was there through it all, if anyone know me it's them. Over the years they stuck by me and was there when no one was. Even after all the shit my bitch of a mother put me through they made sure I stayed fighting.

Somehow I still cared for her even after all the shit she did... even after she told me repeatedly that she couldn't give two fucks about me. Somehow I still cared.

The day she died I was there, I had watched the entire thing. My body had reacted and tried to protect her, but I wasn't strong enough. A fourteen year old boy taking on a fully grown ass man, he had beat me to a pulp within minutes.

I had thought that I would be somewhat glad the day she finally was out of my life for good, but for some reason I wasn't. Pity to say I still felt something for her even after she second handedly ruined my life.

Standing suddenly I walked inside completely ignoring Noah's questions. I made my way up the stairs and to my room. As I got closer I felt myself becoming unsettled. Gabrielle's words were still fresh on my mind, how would she react with seeing me. Even with that thought I didn't deter. For some reason I needed to see her.

Entering my room I found her asleep in bed. I moved towards her, taking a seat at the edge of the bed. Letting my eyes run over her I stretched out my hand and caressed her flushed cheek ever so softly.

Her beauty always seemed to amaze me, it was out of this world. She was gorgeous, yet you could still see the innocence in her features. Maybe it was the light freckles that covered her button nose, or the way her big amber eyes would glisten with mischief. It was her innocence that draw me and every man to her.

I don't know how long I sat there staring at her before she stirred. Her eyes fluttered open, looking around in confusion before her gaze zeroed on me. Her eyes widened slightly, the sleep in them now long gone. She did nothing but stare, her eyes never leaving mine, almost searching them.

"Elijah..." She was trying to find her words. "I'm sorry... I shouldn't have said what I did to you. I didn't mean to hurt you. I... I don't know what happened." Again she shocked me to the very core. Her words made me feel like even more shit.

I know she was beating herself up over her judging words towards me. That was the one thing she hated, she never judged anyone, it wasn't her place she would say... always so forgiving.

After a moment of silence and her waiting for me to accept her apology, I stood and left the room without a word. I needed to breath, Gabrielle was fucking with my head again.

Why the fuck did she apologize... if anyone should be apologizing it should be me. I'm the fucker that did nothing but abuse her physically and emotionally since she been here. Never have I treated a woman how I treat Gabrielle. Yes, I fuck them and disregard them, but never have I struck one, not until Gabrielle. For some reason she brought out the worst in me.

The thought of her with another man did things to me. It made me want to fuck them both up. My sudden jealousy was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. I hated how easy it was for her to make me lose control... how easy it was for her to make me snap.

All too soon Noah and David came out and joined me on the patio. I ignored their questioning gaze and focused out on the open field. Gabrielle loved the garden for some reason, she could spend hours just sitting out on the green grass.

"You mind telling us what's your fucking problem." David said not bothering to beat around the bush.

"Not really,"

"What's wrong bro? You haven't been acting like yourself lately." No shit...

"You think,"

"Is it Gabrielle?" Noah asked putting two and two together. I stayed silent. "What do you plan on doing with her."

I shrugged. "Haven't really figured that out yet."

"She's not good for you. If you keep her here you will only be damaging the both of you." I eyed Noah out darkly. Noah didn't flinch under my sharp gaze. I knew he was right but that didn't change a thing... Gabrielle was mine. "She's fragile Elijah, she put on a front but if you continue to push her you will break her." And didn't I know it.

"Yeah..." I said boringly.

"Where the hell you been for the past month?" David asked now. I rubbed my temple, feeling my frustration rise.

"Enough with the questions. I'm a grown ass man. If I leave without informing anyone it's my god giving right."

"Grown man my ass." David was not buying it.

"Seeing that you're the youngest you let us know when you suddenly want to make moves."

"Fuck off,"

"Aww, Dave I think we hurt pretty boy's feelings. His pretty face is turning red."

I cursed. "Not that shit again." Back when were teens they had called me pretty boy thinking because of my looks I was spoilt and stuck up. It was comical how they couldn't have been more wrong. But them being the hardheaded boys they were had their minds set.

"Serves you right for leaving here without so much as a note."

I smiled. "What she do?"

Noah shook his head, looking exhausted. "What didn't she do?" My smile widened. "Next time you leave suddenly call Dave. I swear she can fuck anyone up." We all broke into laughter with that. Gabrielle, that troubled woman can do anyone's head in.

On cue Gabrielle walked out looking as breathtaking as ever. She had on jeans and a very loose shirt. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail but there were a few strands falling on the side of her face, she hated it in her way.

"Good morning," She said lively as ever.

David scoffed. "Morning? More like afternoon." Her brows knitted together and I cursed under my breath feeling my pants tighten. The way her face scrunch up is so appealing.

She took a seat beside me seeing there was nowhere else for her to sit. Not glancing at her I took out a smoke and took a long drag. I could feel Gabrielle's eyes burning into the side of my head.

I looked at her and her cheeks heated up, embarrassed that I had caught her staring. I raised a brow and offered her a smoke from my pack of smokes. She frowned adorably and shook her as if something was wrong with me. I fought the smile that wanted to come out.

"So Gabrielle, what is it you been doing while I was gone?"

"Um... not very much..."

"Really? I heard you gave Noah a hard time." She looked away from me and glared at Noah.

"That's not true."


"Noah, tell him it's not true." She demanded.

Noah shook his give Gabrielle a 'you're on your own look'. "I'm staying out of this one sweet cheeks," She shook her head and stood.

"Where are you going?" She looked surprise that I questioned her.

Hesitantly she pointed inside. "To prepare lunch,"

"No, sit down." Her mouth parted in disbelief. She turned towards Noah as if waiting for him to do something. Noah who only raised a brow. I waited to see if what she would do next. Smartly, she chose to take a seat but not before mumbling something under her breath.

There was a long silence before someone entered grabbing our attention. Faith had came back from what I suppose was shopping due to the shopping bags she sat on the floor. I heard Noah curse upon her entrance. She had yet to see me as she closed her eyes and rubbed the back of her neck as if she had a cramp.

Finally her pretty blue eyes landed on me and a wide smile spread onto her face. She squealed and all but ran into my lap. Her mouth was on mine before I could think. She kissed me deeply and I found myself responding to her kiss.

"I missed you so much," She said when she pulled away.

"How much?" I asked loving her reaction. She smiled seductively before grabbing my hand and leading me up the stairs.

Faith was good to keep me sated me, always so eager to please me. After we were done I showered before we made our way back downstairs. The boys and Gabrielle were sitting in the living area.

Gabrielle was sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table with David sitting across from her. He was teaching her how to play chess. Gabrielle looked so focused, her face all scrunched up as she watched the board game so intensely.

I walked fully into the room and took a seat on the opposite couch from Noah with Faith glued to my side. I watched with amused eyes as Gabrielle did everything to avoid my gaze.

"We have another job." Noah said breaking through he deafening silence.


"Couple weeks from now." I nodded. After another moment of silence Gabrielle stood and left. I didn't stop her this time, letting her go clear her head.

As soon as she was out of sight Noah turned to me. "You are fucked up,"

"Piss off Noah,"

Noah then turned to Faith, looking at her with so much distaste. "Why are you back, I thought I told you to fuck off this morning."

She frowned. "I wanted to wait for Elijah... it's not up to you to kick me out because you dislike me." She said sounding like she would break into tears. Noah shook his head looking exasperated. Nothing more was said after that.

As dinner neared we went into dinning room taking our seat. I was about to send Faith to go summon Gabrielle when she entered. She and the cooks placed the food onto the table before she thanked them and took a seat beside Noah. For some reason that irritated me.

"Everything smells so good, did you make all of this yourself Gabby?" She looked up at Faith, forcing a smile onto her face.

"I did, the cooks also pitched in."

"This taste so fucking good Gabby." Noah complimented. "I love your cooking, I don't understand why Elijah would ever ban you from the kitchen."

"You banned her from the kitchen?" Faith asked seeming intrigued.

I nodded, not glancing up as I continued eating. "Yeah..."

"What for?"

"She almost burned down my house."

"I did not," Gabrielle exclaimed, sounding offended. "It was a small accident, that's all."

I tilted my head. "Small?"

"Yes small," She said nodding. I watched as she ate her food doing everything in her power to avert her gaze and not look at me. Something was bothering her and it was beginning to frustrate me.

Once dinner was over Gabrielle all but ran to her room. Noah and David went to their room leaving only myself and Faith. Faith who didn't want to leave my side. She stuck with me as if I was her life force.

"Why can't you sleep with me?" She asked pouting.

"Because," Was the only answer I gave her before heading to my room. Gabrielle was nowhere in sight leaving me to believe she was in the bathroom. I changed, disregarding my shirt before getting into bed.

A couple minutes pass before Gabrielle entered the room with only a towel around her body. I never understood why she wore those hideous clothes before. Her body was immaculate. If it wasn't for fucking Faith just hours ago I would have surely fucked her.

She looked shocked to see me there. She thought I would spend the night with Faith. Her gaze shifted to my bare chest lingering a minute too long. She always did that, for some reason she found my tatted chest interesting.

She eventually tore her gaze away from my chest and slowly went and grabbed her underwear, putting them on all while keeping the towel around her body. Before she could grab the rest of her clothes I told her to get into bed, her eyes widened.


"In bed," She bit her lip, something she did when she was nervous. Grabbing my disregarded shirt and putting it on quickly she did as I said. I didn't how to feel about that. She turned her back to me and that pissed me off more then it should have. I grabbed her arm and roughly forced her to look at me.

"You're dismissing me?"

"Where's Faith?" The fuck? "Why are you here and not with her?" It took a minute before realization dawned on me.

I smiled. "You're jealous,"

"I am not, I'm curious as to why are you with me, I know she must have missed you terribly." Shit like that made me want to fuck her up. Why couldn't she be more like Faith. She acted as if she would be fine without me when I surely wouldn't be fine without her.

"Faith? She's a good fuck." She looked away from me, her cheeks turning a shade darker.

"Is that how you see me?" She whispered. I shrugged carelessly, wanting to tease her.

"Maybe," Her mouth parted and I could see the utter loathing in her eyes. She once again turned her back to me, earning a laugh from me. "Did you miss me Gabrielle?"

"No," I laughed again. She was a funny bitch.

"I think you're lying to me." I pushed her onto her back so that she was staring up at me. "Are you lying to me?" Her brows knitted together and I couldn't resist myself any longer. I kissed her pouty lips softly. To my shock she kissed me back almost instantly.

"So you did miss me." I said once we pulled away. Her flushed cheeks formed with another blush and she bit her swollen lip.

"Shut up," Was how she responded. I kissed her softly again before pulling her into my chest, holding her to me tightly. I fell asleep noticing how perfect it felt having her beside me.

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