Deadly Obsession

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Chapter 13

I was surprised to find Elijah still asleep in bed, he's normally up before I wake. Pretending that it was nothing unusual, I quietly removed myself from his embrace and made my way into the bathroom to take care of my business.

I couldn't stop my mind from drifting back to Elijah. It's been more then a month since I last seen him before now. The minute he walked out of the room the damage of my words hit me full force. I hated how I behaved, during that moment I wanted nothing more then to hurt Elijah, lashing out at him with not only hurtful words but the truth. I did something I never did before... I judged him.

I desperately wanted to apologize but the next day when I went to find him he was nowhere to be found. Noah had appeared the same day, and I knew instantly that Elijah had left him to look after me. As the days went on I was sure he was never going to return.

Faith continuously blamed me for Elijah sudden disappearance, she would lash out at me every chance she got. Noah finally got fed up with her and told her to leave, coincidently the same day Elijah returned.

I had tried to tell him there was no need for that but one look from Noah had me biting my tongue and keeping my mouth shut. He could be scary when he wanted to, almost as scary as Elijah, it was quite disturbing. Now here we are again... everything back to the way it was once before. Elijah was home and I was now under his watch.

Once dressed, I went down to find something to do, seeing Elijah was still asleep. I debated on waking him but decided against it. It was still very early and there was no need to disturb him.

I settled on preparing breakfast for everyone, going into the kitchen without the few cooks noticing... if they did notice they did a good job at pretending I was not there. They were nice enough to help me set the table. By now everyone was up and making there way to their seats.

I also took my seat and sent everyone a soft good morning, Noah being the only one to actually respond. It wasn't long before a shirtless Elijah came down, taking a seat beside me. I quickly looked away not wanting to be caught staring at his bare chest.

"Why the fuck didn't you wake me?" Um...

"I did not think you wanted me to..." How was I suppose to know to wake him?

"You don't leave the room without waking me first. If you don't wake me, then you don't leave the room." Was his logic...

"Why must I wake you?"

"Because I fucking said so... you stay by my side." Oh...

"But why... it's not like I can go anywhere." I mumbled lowly, but loud enough for him to hear my words. He raised a brow.

"Can't have you getting into trouble," He winked at me and a blush colored my cheeks. I shook my head at he strange man beside me... Faith did not like this one bit.

"Elijah, sweetheart... how about we have a dip in the pool?" She said so sweetly. Elijah eyes her out as if he had forgotten she was there.

"Dip in the pool?" He repeated slowly. "What do you think Gabrielle?" My eyes widened. Um...

"Fine... I guess," I answered slowly, not understanding why my opinion mattered.

"Fine, we will all go for a swim." What? I... I would have to dress in... There was no way I was going to join them. Faith also stared at Elijah with a look of disapproval, she was not liking Elijah's lack of attention towards her. Instead his gaze was piercing through me, gauging out my reaction.

"Thanks, but I will not be joining." He raised a brow.

"No?" He asked, sounding so intimidating. "You think you have a choice?" Oh god...

Deciding not to challenge the bad man, I stood, excusing myself before making my way to my room... not agreeing with Elijah but also not disagreeing. I prayed to god he would just let it go, but it would seem god was not on my side at the moment. Not a second later Elijah entered the room after me.

"Elijah..." He tilted his head, urging me to continue. I bit my lip out of nerve. "I... you can't do this." I mentally face palmed myself. Really Gabrielle... that's the best you can come up with.


I shook my head, trying to come up with something to keep him from forcing me to join them. "I will fight you."

"Then fight me," He was not giving in.

"Please," I begged pitifully, anything to keep him from forcing to go out there basically naked. "I... I can't,"

Elijah smiled and gently grabbed my jaw, forcing me to stare into the hypnotic blue orbs. I gasped when he lightly placed a kiss on my lips. "You think I would actually allow anyone to have a look at what's mine." He said shocking me to the core. "You can't be that empty."

My brows drew together at his remark. "That's not funny," I mumbled. His eyes darkened and not a minute later his mouth was on mine. The kiss was nothing like before, rather then the innocent teasing kiss he gave me moments ago, this kiss was hard and rough. He kissed me ferociously, as if he was craving more.

I stepped back, taking him by surprise and breaking the kiss. The look Elijah gave me was one that could have anyone shaking in their boots. Ignoring the warning signs I went to leave the room.

"Get the fuck back here," I froze at the sound of his voice. I turned to look at him and if looks could kill I would have died seconds ago.

Tilting my head, much like he did moments ago, I eyed him out. "Yes?"

"Don't give me that bullshit... come here." I simply blinked at him.


He was becoming irritated. "Because I want to fuck you, that's why." Oh... my face heated up, he did not bother to beat around the bush.

"I am tired... I was up all morning preparing breakfast... not now." I said wanting to tease him the way he teased me.

Elijah shook his head. "Gabrielle, I'm fucking you." Again, my cheeks burned crimson.

"You are being highly inappropriate Mr. Knight." I whined. Realizing my game, Elijah grabbed my arm and pulled into his hard chest.

"Fucking trouble." With that he kissed me. The kiss that started out sweet and slow became fierce and heated after each passing second. I tried to reciprocate the kiss the best I could, but it was hard to keep up. He grabbed the hem of my shirt and forced me out of it.

Suddenly he broke the kiss and all but shoved me onto the bed. He was on me within seconds, pulling at my jeans. Finally getting the frustrating material off, he tossed it to the floor as his wandering hands continued to roam my body. I gasped when he tore off my underwear and without waiting another seconds he penetrated me.

"Fuck!" He cursed and I felt my body respond, wrapping my legs around him. For some unexplainable reason my body was always ready for Elijah, to take whatever he was willing to give. It was as if it had a mind of its own.

His thrusts were hard and brutal, it was unlike anything I have ever felt, my body began to work itself up with every thrust. The way he his eyes bore into mine so intensely as he continued to take me ruthlessly only added to the pleasure building up in my stomach.

Elijah's thrust became more frantic and I was sure he was also close. I tightened my legs around him instinctively. My eyes widened when his hand wrapped around my neck, he squeezed lightly and pulled forward, slamming his lips against mine. My orgasm hit me so hard, I had no control over my voice as I cried out into his mouth. Seconds later Elijah pulled out of me and ejaculated onto my bare stomach.

We were both panting hard. Elijah went into the bathroom before returning to clean the mess he left on me away. I went to stand but Elijah grabbed me back down. I watched him questioningly as he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into his chest.


"Shhhh..." He shut me up. "Don't move,"

I bit my lip. "But I'm undressed." He gave me a 'really' look and I instantly regretted my words.

"It's nothing I haven't seen before." I glared at him, wanting to slap his handsome face.


"Let me hold you," He nuzzled into my neck, inhaling my scent deeply. Not knowing what to say I did as he asked. It wasn't long before I felt him fall asleep. I stared at him, noticing how different he looked, he was so handsome it was almost a shame... Very softy I stroked his cheek as I continued to admire his sleeping form.

As the day flew by boredom was once again taking a toll on me. Elijah and the men were more busy then usual, they would spend most of their day discussing something that I could only assume was very important.

No matter how hard I listened it was as if they were talking in code. It was becoming quite exasperating. I pushed away my curiosity and tried to find other things I could do to busy myself.

I found myself once again talking to Liam, he never talked to me but it was good to converse with someone familiar. He was good to keep me distracted for now, I would sit and talk with him for a few hours everyday. I sometimes hoped he would say something but that didn't deter me.

Elijah was also acting strange lately. I would find him looking at me at every given chance, for some reason he wanted a lot more of my attention. This did not sit well with Faith.

She would harass me at every giving chance, whenever Elijah was around it was as if she was a different person. She was so sweet and kind when she was in his presence. I did not understand why she did not be that way all the time.

To not cause more friction, I tried to ignore him but that proved to be impossible when he touches me at every given opportunity. It would seem he wanted my attention lately, wanting to be around me more then usual. I only became more confused at his new odd behavior.

One day as I was in the garden, doing nothing but admiring the beautiful scenery, I felt strong arms wrap around my waist, pulling me into a wall of muscle. It did not take long for me to know who the culprit was. Elijah placed his chin on my shoulder and did not say a word for what felt like forever. I stood stiff in his arms, feeling my heart speed up due to the close proximity.

"I thought I told you to stay away from Liam." I tensed. Instead of replying, I stayed silent, not knowing what to say. How did he find out? I was sure only to speak with him whenever Elijah was not around. Elijah, not liking my silence, forced me to face him. When I did nothing but stare he raised a brow. "Well?" Um...

"Why can't I speak with him?" He ran a hand over his face, and I could see the exasperation on his face. "What am I suppose to do? You don't allow me in the kitchen and there's no one around for me to talk to."

"I'm right fucking here," Oh...

"You're always busy... with Noah and David. How am I suppose to talk to you when you're always busy?"

He shook his head. "Busy or not, I don't want you bothering Liam. I will not say it again Gabrielle." I frowned, not understanding this man.

"Fine," I whispered, accepting defeat. I did not want to get Liam in trouble. A jealous Elijah was a terrifying Elijah.

He smiled and I felt my insides melt. "Don't look so disappointed baby."

"What am I suppose to do?"

"You're a smart girl, I'm sure you will figure something out." He was mocking me.

"What is it you, Noah, and David is discussing? You been acting very secretive, it must be important."

Elijah shook his head before pecking me on my lips. "Nothing to worry your pretty little head about."

My brows drew together. "You are a very confusing man Mr. Knight."

"Good," And with that he turned on his heel and walked inside, leaving me to stare at his retreating back.

Later on that day Noah was nice enough to join me out on the Patio. For the past month that Noah looked after me, our bond became stronger. He was such a sweetheart, whenever I was bored and was slowly losing my head, Noah would sit and distract me for hours. It was nice talking with him, he was good to keep me company.

Some days he would shut himself out from me and ignore me, only then did I become troubled. Boredom did funny things to people. I would get into trouble at every given moment, not purposely, but when there was literally nothing at all to do, trouble appeared to be the only solution. Noah, finally realizing his mistake, stopped ignoring me and promise not to close himself off from me again.

"What are you thinking?" He asked, pulling me out of my thoughts.

I shrugged. "Just bored," Noah tensed and suddenly looked a little uneasy. I bit back the smile that wanted to appear.

"Oh no you don't. You are no longer my problem... Elijah can deal with you now." I laughed at his obvious discomfort, although Noah did not look at all amused.

"I'm only teasing Noah," I said smiling brightly. It was amusing how no one knew my sense of humor, never knowing when I'm joking. Everyone always took me as the girl with no brains... always assuming because of my looks and personality I was brainless.

Noah smiled, "Troublesome girl, I don't know how Elijah was able to stay sane. I was only with you for a month and you did my head in." He shook his, as if exhausted just thinking about it.

I frowned, I was not that bad. "You're being dramatic... making it as if I was that bad." I mumbled. Now it was Noah's turn to laugh. He laughed as if I just said the funniest thing in the world.

"Bad? Bad is an understatement." How hurtful...

My brows drew together. "There's no need to be rude." I knew I was a handful, but he was making it sound like I was dreadful. Noah, seeing my expression, calmed.

"I was only teasing Gabby," I turned away from him. "You were teasing me just minutes ago, but don't like to be the one who's teased. That doesn't sound fair." When I didn't give in he pouted, like a child. I tried not to allow myself to be pulled into his charms. "Fine, I'm sorry."

I smiled. "Apology accepted," He shook his head and mumbled something under his breath. Before I could question it, Elijah walked out. Leaning against the door frame, he eyed us out darkly and I knew he was not happy.

"Anything I should know about?" Noah cursed under his breath.

"Elijah," He spoke almost cautiously. "She was bored and I thought to keep her some company."

"Did you now?" His eye shifted from Noah and to me. Not knowing what to do, I nodded silently. "Is everything done?" His eyes didn't leave me as he spoke to Noah.

"It is,"

He nodded. "Good... Gabrielle, come." Not wanting to anger him further, I did as I was told and followed him up to our room. Elijah shut the door and sat on the bed. I watched him quietly. "Come here," I did, walking towards him until I was directly in front of him. I was surprised when he suddenly pulled me to stand between his legs.

"Why is it whenever I leave you alone I find you with Noah?" I bit my lip, knowing better then to answer. "I don't like this attachment you have for him." He continued. "Unfortunately, it's already done, but I'm only going to warn you this once. Don't fuck shit up for you." I nodded, although I wasn't sure what he meant.

"Now, I'm heading downstairs. You are not to leave this room?" I furrowed my brows together, not understanding.


He let out an exasperated breath. "What the fuck did I just say?"

"Not to leave the room..."

"And what are you suppose to do?"

I frowned. "Stay in the room."

"Are you suppose to question me?"

"No..." I answered meekly.

He smiled. "See, that wasn't that hard." He was mocking me.

"I was only curious," I mumbled.

"Curiosity killed the cat." I shook my head and moved to go into the bathroom, but of course Elijah had different plans. He grabbed my hand and pulled me so that I was straddling his lap. I tensed.

"You are cute when you're upset." My cheeks burned in embarrassment and he laughed at my discomfort.

"Shut up," I murmured, slapping his chest when he continued to laugh. If anything, that made him laugh even harder.

Once he finally calmed his caressed my face so softly, I unconsciously leaned into his touch. He pulled my face towards his and kissed me lightly. It was slow and gentle, nothing at all like Elijah. He pulled away and it took me a minute to remember where I was. Elijah smiled, loving my distraught.

He suddenly stood and went to leave. "You don't leave this room under any circumstances. Understood?" I nodded. "I'm not fucking around Gabrielle, I will hurt you." Again I nodded. He glanced at me once more before leaving the room.

The sound of people and music could be heard from downstairs. It's been hours since Elijah told me to stay put, and it wasn't until an hour ago did the music start and the sound of various of people. My stomach has been growling nonstop since then, I was sure I was going to die if I didn't get food soon.

I walked out to the balcony and looked down at all the people. It looked to be some kind of big party. Somehow, I spotted Elijah in the huge crowd. Faith was beside him along with a group of women surrounding him.

My stomach burned with a unfamiliar emotion as I watched as the women gaze at him as if he was some kind of god. They all looked so eager to please him, and Elijah didn't show the smallest bit of interest. He looked down at them like a king would do his servants. It was quite disturbing.

Tearing my eyes away from him, I tried to pick up on where Noah and David could be. It wasn't long before I did. Noah was conversing with a man who looked to be important, while David was standing in a corner with a beer in his hand as he observed everything.

Taking this as my chance I quickly threw on some blue denim jeans and an oversized shirt that I had stretched out. Very slowly and cautiously I began to make my way down the stairs and to the kitchen. I was almost there when I caught sight of Elijah, he was sitting in a seat with a woman on his lap, as she kissed him passionately. I felt my heart stop at the sight.

My mind was yelling for me to finish my task at hand but for some reason my legs were not working with me. Finally I snapped out of my trance but I was a minute too late. A man came and stood in front of me. He had brown hair and brown eyes to match. He was fairly handsome but there was a dangerous aura coming from him.

"My, you are gorgeous. What a pretty woman like yourself doing inside here all alone?" Um... When I did nothing he continued. "Come, join the party." Before I could object he was already pulling me outside. I quickly pulled my hand out of his, and took a step away from him. I needed to get back inside, and fast.

But as I was about to head inside the man again blocked me from entering. I glared at him in frustration. "Excuse me, but you are blocking my way."

"Why are you in such a rush to leave?" I let out an annoyed breath. Why couldn't he just leave me alone without question?

"I'm sorry Mr..."

"Cruz, but you can call me Benjamin."

"Mr. Cruz... I'm sorry but can you move aside, I'm need to get inside or else I will be in a lot of trouble."

"Trouble? Why would you be in trouble?" Before I could answer a voice had me frozen in my spot.

"Gabby, what the fuck are you doing here?" David asked looking so angry. I smiled nervously, and David looked ready to throttle me.

"I was hungry..." He grabbed my hand and went to pull me inside but before he could Mr. Cruz spoke.

"Where are you taking her David... the party's out here." I felt David tense upon Mr. Cruz's words and for some reason he let go of me reluctantly.

I looked at Mr. Cruz in confusion and he smiled showing off his pearly white teeth. "So Gabby is your name. Such an innocent name for an innocent face."

I frowned. "Um... Mr. Cruz, it was very nice meeting you but I think I should go inside."

He laughed. "Nonsense, the party is just getting started, there's no need to worry." I shook my head at the bothersome man.

"You do not understand, Elijah will be very angry if he were to find out I'm here." He raised a brow, not bothering to hide his confusion.

"Elijah? Why would he be angry?"

"Because he specifically told me not to leave the room." I mumbled.

"I'm sure he won't mind." I stared at him before looking at a very stiff David. There was no way I was staying out here. It was way too loud for one, and the women here are all dressed in very revealing clothing. "Do you want a drink?"

"No thank you, I really want to go back to my room."

He stared at me for a moment before his eyes drifted to my figure, arching a brow in what I believe is confusion. "You are unlike anything I have ever seen." I saw David tense beside me. "So innocent..." His eyes staring at me with a weird emotion.

"You wanna watch yourself there." David said lowly as he stared at Mr. Cruz with dark eyes.

"Is something wrong David?" He asked, his eyes sparkling with amusement. David looked ready to do some ever lasting damage.

"The fuck going on?" I tensed at the sound of Elijah's voice. Slowly I turned to face him and the moment his eyes landed on me they visibly darkened. The blue in his eyes looking almost black. I felt my heart speed up with fear. "Gabrielle... upstairs, now." The way he spoke was terrifying. It was as if he was trying to calm himself down.

"No, let her stay. She is very amusing." Mr. Cruz budded in. Elijah did not even glance his way.

"Gabrielle," The warning in his voice was loud and clear. He was going to hurt me, but for some reason I didn't move. The image of him and that woman was running through my mind. Anger slowly replaced the fear I felt, I knew it was stupid, but now I wanted to defy him.

"No, I want to stay." If Elijah was not angry before, surely he was now. Instead of acknowledging his anger I turned to Mr. Cruz. "I think I do want that drink." With that I walked ahead and did just that. I was surprise when Elijah made no attempt to follow me. He only watched me with deadly eyes, before he disappeared within the crowd.

"What is it you would like?"

"Water," The bartender laughed, but handed me a bottle of water.

Mr. Cruz grabbed his beer and led me to sit with a small crowd. Elijah was also there smoking a cigarette, looking as bored as ever as women desperately tried to get his attention. He didn't even glance my way.

Noah was seated too. "What the fuck are you doing here Gabby?" He asked looking ready to strangle me. I was a little taken aback by the anger in his eyes that was directed towards me. When I did not answer he turned towards a very bored Elijah. "You okay with this?"

Elijah took a drag of his smoke all while eyeing Noah out. "She wants to stay."

Noah turned to me with a dark look in his eyes. "Gabrielle go the fuck upstairs."

"I... I want to stay." I said stupidly.

"See Noah, she wants to stay." Elijah said to Noah as if saying he was not lying. Noah who only shook his head.

"The tension between the three of you is thick." Mr. Cruz acknowledged letting out a small laugh. "If I may ask Gabby, what are you to them?"

"No one," I answered, not knowing what else to say.

"Surely you have a relationship with one of them."

I shook my head. "No, I was just at the wrong place during the wrong time." I nodded my head.

"Interesting," Mr. Cruz noted. "You are very beautiful," Um...

"Thank you," I kept my answers short. Elijah was not even looking in my direction. It was as if I was not sitting only inches away from him.

"How is it you know Elijah?"

I shrugged. "He kidnapped me." The glares I received from both Noah and David was enough to have anyone shaking in fear. Mr. Cruz also looked shock by what I said before he let out a loud laugh, as if I just said the funniest thing in the world.

"My, you really are a character... unlike anything I have ever seen." He said staring at me with a longing in his brown eyes. "You are very lucky to have her Elijah."

"Yeah..." he said boringly. There was a long silence. A bartender came around and refilled everyone's glass. He offered me a colorful fruity looking drink, much like the one I had the time Elijah forced me to the club. I softly declined although I felt my hands aching to reach for it.

"Mr. Cruz..."

"Please call me Benjamin." Oh...

"Benjamin... it was very nice meeting you but I think I'm going to head inside now." I said in defeat. Elijah was ignoring me and it hurt to watch him continuously flirt with these women in front of me.

"Why ever so?"

I shook my head. "I'm tired," I went to stand but he grabbed my hand and before I knew it he pulled me onto his lap. I gasped in surprise.

"Please stay, your company is so settling." I went to get off him but he held me still. His hand stroked my thigh and I tensed. I was sure this man had a death wish.

"Let her go Benjamin," Elijah spoke so calmly. Mr. Cruz raised a brow before raising his hands in what I suppose in surrender. "Come here Gabrielle," Oh god. Mr. Cruz's lap didn't seem so bad now.

Slowly I stood and walked towards the dangerous man. I bit my lip when he suddenly pulled me into his lap. I sat stiffly but I knew better then to voice my uncomfortableness. Elijah eyed me out, and if it wasn't for his dark eyes I would actually think he was calm.

"Kiss me," My eyes widened and I froze. He continued to watch me silently. Knowing better then to test him, I did what he said and kissed him. He didn't bother to reciprocate the kiss but this didn't deter me. I needed to keep him from reacting. I could feel everyone's eyes on us but I couldn't care, my eyes never left the terrifying man with the blue eyes.

"Elijah man, not here." Noah said, but Elijah didn't even glance at him. Suddenly he shoved me off of him as if I was a disease. I let out a shocked cry as I fell to the floor.

"Get the fuck out of my face." I all but ran up to my room, quickly locking the door behind me.

I sat there for hours waiting for the unexpected punishment. Knowing Elijah he would attack when I let my guard down. The anticipation of Elijah's punishment had me ready to pass out out of fear. I knew I had pushed him, but he had hurt me. It was already difficult to accept him being with Faith.

I stood when the door suddenly opened and in walked Elijah. He shut the door and leaned up against as he watched me with dark eyes. I stood tensely waiting for his assault. I didn't have to wait long. Elijah grabbed me by neck and slapped me hard against my face. I fell to the floor holding my burning cheek, my tears falling fast.

Before I could get my bearing together Elijah hand grasped my upper arm and he pulled me to my feet. "Do you know why I'm angry Gabrielle?" Oh god. The calmness in his voice had my stomach churning with fear.

"I left the room," I whispered when I realized he wanted an answer.

"And what the fuck did I tell you?"

"Not to leave the room..."

"Not to leave this fucking room." I drew in a sharp breath. "So why did you leave?"

"I... I was hungry." I stuttered, hoping he would just accept that. He laughed, a scary laugh.

"What happened to your sudden bravery? You wanted to stay there... wanting to spend more time with Benjamin?" His jealousy was getting to him.

"No... I... I didn't-"

He smiled and I was sure my heart skipped a beat. "No? You didn't want to be with him? See, that's not what I remember." His fingers lightly touched my bruise cheek and I flinched.

"No, Elijah... I..."

He tilted his head. "You what?" Thinking about him and that woman, I felt my anger rise once again. I shoved him away taking him by surprise.

"You have no right to come here and scare me... you want me to stay put while you go with that woman."

His brows drew together in confusion. "Woman?"

"Yes, that woman. She was sitting on your lap and you... you were kissing her." It was quiet for a while. I shifted uncomfortably under Elijah's scrutinizing gaze.

"You were jealous? You openly defied me because you were jealous. Do you have any brains up there?" He said tapping my head. "A fucking headache is what you are. Why the fuck do I bother to deal with you." His words hurt. I hated how he made me feel stupid.

"I was bored and Mr. Cruz was nice enough to keep me company." His eyes narrowed.

"Fuck did you just say?"

"Mr. Cruz... he was a very nice man. I'm sure he would be happy to deal with me." I lashed out, wanting him to hurt the way I was hurting. Elijah smiled. I was not prepared for the slap I received, it felt like my jaw broke. Elijah grabbed my arm, breaking my fall.

"Tell me again how Mr. Cruz would be so willing to deal with you."

"Why? Jealous?" It hurt to speak.

"Yes, yes I am jealous." My eyes widened. "What? Were you expecting me to deny it." Well, yes. "You don't want to be making me jealous sweetheart, you will only end up hurt in the end."

"So you can do what you want, but if I bring up another man I get hurt... how is that fair?"

"Fair? This is not about fairness. You belong to me and only me. I'll do with you as I see fit." His words shocked me to the very core.

"If you continue being with other women then I will also be with others." I said before I could stop myself. I don't know why I said it, it was like a reaction.

"The fuck did you say?" His hand once again found my neck but this time he added pressure.

"I'll find someone else. I'm sure Mr. Cruz would be happy to accept." I was sure he was furious now, his hold on my neck tightened, cutting off my airway.

"You will fuck around on me? You think I will ever allow you to fuck with me? I'll kill you first! You hear me! I'll fucking kill you!" My heart was pounding in my chest. My hands struggled to remove Elijah's hand from my neck. My eyes became blurry and I silently begged Elijah with my eyes. "I'll fucking kill you." Was the last thing I heard before darkness.

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