Deadly Obsession

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Chapter 15

I gulped down my shock and waited for Elijah to say something... an explanation would be a kind start. His face was blank and he suddenly looked bored, as if we were wasting his time. I bit my lip nervously not knowing what to do. I could see the confusion on Carter's face as he watched Elijah skeptically.

"Elijah... what are you doing here?" I finally found my voice and spoke out. He raised a brow and moved to take a seat on the sofa where Carter and I was once sitting.

"Who are you?" He ignored me and directed his question at Carter.

"Carter... Carter Scott," Carter looked so uncomfortable, I felt rather bad for him. Elijah did not seem to care about Carter's obvious discomfort. He eyed him out darkly, his dark gaze enough to have anyone feeling uneasy.

"What are you doing here?"

"Gabby asked me to spend the night." Carter replied bravely, not letting Elijah intimidate him. He needed to stop talking.

"Did she now?" Elijah looked to be thinking something over. "You can fuck off, she no longer needs you here." My eyes widened and Carter looked at me waiting for me to object. I smiled apologetically.

I knew better then to try to fight with Elijah, it would only make things worse. Knowing Elijah he would kill Carter if I was to speak out and defend him. It was better if Carter leave, that way he would be out of Elijah's sight.

"I'm sorry Carter, I'll see you tomorrow." I walked him out not daring to look at Elijah. I thanked him for his time and told him goodbye before going back upstairs to the strange man.

Elijah was still seated in his seat on the sofa. He had a cigarette in his hand as he leaned back in his seat and blew out a cloud of smoke. He didn't even bother to look at me when I entered. I cautiously took a seat across from him.

I took the chance to let my eyes take him in fully. He was still as beautiful as I remember, his striking blue eyes pierced through my soul. How could eyes so beautiful be so intimidating?

"What are you doing here?" I asked once I was able to gain up the courage. Elijah leaned back in his seat and eyed me out causing me to shift nervously under his penetrating gaze.

"Noah called... told me to come. Mind telling me what the fuck is going on." Um...

"Noah called you? Why did he call you?"

"He's busy on a job I sent him on. Said you were expecting him to come here and instead sent me. Now, you didn't answer my question." Oh...

"I... I think I have a stalker."

He raised a brow. "You think you have a stalker?"

"I know... someone been calling me and leaving threats and love letters. I had called Noah not knowing who else to call. He came and stayed with me for a few days but then you called... and now you are here." Elijah nodded, taking in the information.

"How long?"

"About three months now."

"Three months?" I nodded slowly. "Three months and you are now calling Noah. Why the fuck haven't you called before?"

"I thought I could handle it... I was scared..."

"The fuck were you going to do if this stalker decided to attack? Kill him with kindness... I swear you have no brains in that fucking head of yours." I frowned at his mocking tone.

"I did not think-"

"Apparently you haven't been thinking at all." I hated how stupid he made me feel. He did not have to mock me. I did not ask him to come here, he has no reason to be upset with me.

"I can handle it from here. Please thank Noah for his kindness but I'll be fine." I said needing him to leave. How dare he come here and make fun of me after not seeing me for almost five months. He was an unfeeling cruel bastard.

Elijah nodded his head. "Yeah okay," He stood but instead of leaving he went into the bathroom. The sound of the water running filled my hearing. I sat there dumbly, not sure what to do next. After some time of just sitting there, I settled on going to change into my nightwear.

Once done I went back into the living room the same moment Elijah also entered. He had on pajama pants that hung lowly on his waist, his chest was shirtless for all to see. I found my gaze lingering on his bare chest, finding it so amusing. Knowing that I was staring I tore my eyes away from the amazing sight and met Elijah's arrogant gaze. A blush slowly making it way to my cheeks.

"I had prepared the guest room, you can sleep there... If you need anything just let me know." Elijah nodded but said nothing. I nodded my head and headed to my room. I gasped when Elijah walked in behind me. He shut the door and looked at me as if he did not understand me.

"Gabrielle I'm sleeping here."

"Um... I'll sleep in the guest room then." I mumbled. I went to walk out the room but Elijah took hold of my arm and forced me back into the room.

"Get the fuck in the bed." He said sounding exasperated.

"Why must I sleep here? The guest room is already prepared." Honestly I was worried. I did not trust him or myself. It's been so long... I did not want to take the chance of something more happening.

"For who? For Carter?" Oh god.

"We are friends. I... I was scared and had no one to call. He agreed to stay here with me for the night, that's all." I said feeling my heart speed up with fear.

Elijah smiled. "Why are you telling me this?"

My brows drew together in confusion. "I thought..."

"It's you're life babe, whatever you choose to do with it is up to you." With that he got into bed, his words confusing me now more then ever. "In bed,"


"Shhhh, no more talking."


"What the fuck did I just say?" He asked now irritated. I forgotten how scary the bad man could be.

"No talking..." I mumbled feeling like a child being scolded by their parent.

"What else?"

"To get in the bed..." he nodded.

"And what are you suppose to do?"

I frowned. "Get into bed,"

"So why the fuck are you still standing there." Frowning I got into bed not wanting to irritate him further. I stayed to my side, not that Elijah attempted to evade my space. He turned away from me so that his back was facing me.

He made no move to hold me throughout the night and for some reason I felt my heart hurt at the notion. Although I didn't want to admit it, I had missed Elijah... a lot, and for him to just disregard me was just hurtful.

I spent months thinking about him and he did not waste a minute of his time to even wonder how I was doing. He never tried to come see me during these passing months, it was like he'd completely forgotten me, and now here he was ignoring me.

Maybe Elijah really don't feel anything for me. He did tell me it's my life to do with as I please. It is obvious he couldn't care what I do now. Maybe it is time for me to move on without looking over my shoulder. I should feel happy that he is willing to let me go for good, but for some reason that thought only enhanced the ache in my chest all the more.

The next morning Elijah was already out of bed when I awoke. Getting dress in some jeans and a loose top I made my way to prepare breakfast. Elijah was nowhere to be found. I couldn't stop my mind from wandering on about where he might be. I ended up eating breakfast alone and put up something up for Elijah to eat for when he return... that is if he returns.

Once I was done I went down to open my shop. Not long customers was coming in and the place was a bit full. As I was working Carter came and stopped by. I greeted him as I did every day and we took a seat at an empty booth.

"So, you are back with him?" He asked curiously.

"Oh no, Elijah is just staying with me for the time being, to look after me."

He frowned. "I could look after you." How sweet. I shook my head and sent him a smile hoping to show him my appreciation.

"Thank you but that is fine. I got everything under control." He didn't look to believe me. I didn't even believe. There was no way I had anything under control, and certainly not Elijah.

We talked on and on like we did everyday. Carter was great. He was always there to lift my mood and keep my mind off things. It was nice to have a friend to talk to. Soon the sun set and Elijah was still out of sight. Carter offered to stay around until I was finished closing which I was absolutely grateful for.

"Are you sure he's coming back?"

I nodded. "Yeah, he will be." I could hear the uncertainty in my own voice. I had no idea where Elijah could be, he have been gone all day. What if he's not coming back? I felt the fear slowly overcoming.

"Gabby, if you want I will stay with you." Carter suggested. I shook my head not wanting to risk it.

"That will be unnecessary. I'm sure he will return."


"Yes, now help me get this place cleaned up." I said trying to lighten the mood and hide the fear I truly felt. All too soon we finished, I let Carter out and made sure to lock everything up. I quickly went upstairs and dressed in my night clothes before getting into bed. I tried to sleep but no matter how hard I tried it only proved to be impossible.

My heart skipped a beat when I heard something coming from inside the house. Soon the noise became louder and I was sure it came from inside the house. Slowly I stood and grabbed something I could use as a weapon. Gran's old cane was all I could find.

Cautiously I walked out the room, hoping to find the intruder. I pushed down the fear I felt and tiptoed throughout the house. As I got to the living room the front door suddenly opened and without thinking I swung the cane towards the dark tall frame. Everything happened so fast.

One minute I had the cane, the next I was pressed against the wall with a hand around my neck, the cane no longer in my grasp. I gasped when the light switched on and I was able to make out the intruder. Elijah stood in front of me, his body pressing me against the wall with his big hand around my neck.

"What the fuck Gabrielle." He let go of neck and took a step away from me. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

"I'm sorry, did I hurt you?" I asked, checking him for any signs of bruises. He shook his head as if not understanding me.

"What are you doing?"

"I heard noises... I thought someone was in the house." I said remembering the reason I was out here in the first place.

"Don't do that again." He spoke lowly. I frowned in confusion.

"Do what?"

"Try to be a hero. You leave and go far away from here. Don't try to figure shit out alone." He said seriously. I nodded dumbly. It was silent. "Someone was here."

"What?" Did he say someone was here.

"I must have scared them off. Whoever it was they were not expecting you to have company." I nodded, urging myself to stay calm. On the inside I was anything but calm.

"Where were you?" I asked him accusingly.

Elijah tilted his head ever so slightly, and it took everything in me not to get lost into his hypnotic blue orbs. "Out," Before I could question him further he went into the bathroom. I stood there stupidly, staring at where he once stood.

Snapping out of my daze I returned to my room and waited for Elijah. After a few minutes Elijah entered, again very shirtless. He didn't even spare me a glance as he made his way to the far end of the bed.

He was on his back with his arms supporting his head. His eye were close but I knew he was not sleeping, it was more like he were resting them for a minute. I watched him feeling very intrigued by his muscles that would flex every now and then.

"Where were you?" No answer. "You should inform me when you decide to leave. I was worried sick, not knowing if you would return or not. You know, that was very irresponsible of you... and I hope the next time you will take the initiative to let me know first. Imagine if something dreadful happened. Gran always said responsibility is the key to greatness. Do you know what that mean Elijah? It means-"

"Fuck me, turn it off," I frowned.

"How rude..."

"Gabrielle shhhh..."

My frown deepened. "There's no need to mock me Mr. Knight, I was only asking you to let me know next time."

"Will do," He replied, dismissing me completely. I shook my head. He was not listening.


"For fucks sake!"

"What if we never find the stalker? What if you get hurt?" I asked, realizing the severity of the situation.

"I won't get hurt." He said simply, as if it was a known fact. Arrogant... very arrogant.

"What if Noah get hurt? Or David?" I did not want anyone to get hurt because of me. They were already putting their lives at risk.

"No one is going to get hurt Gabrielle." He stated, sounding so exasperated. I stayed silent not wanting to irritate him further.

I couldn't stop my mind from drifting. If something were to happen I would forever feel guilty for bringing the men into this. I wanted tell Elijah to leave, that I can handle it from here, but I knew that would get me nowhere. There was no way Elijah was going to leave me here.

Not that he cared, but because he promised to Noah that he would take care of me... the burden that will forever be nothing but trouble to everyone. It was a pitiful way of thinking but I could not help but think that's how everyone saw me.

"Elijah?" He hummed. "When is Noah coming back?" I could've sworn I saw him tense for all but a second, but it was gone as soon as it came.

"Why?" I had his full attention now.

"I don't want to trouble you any further. Noah had no right in asking you to look after me and I will discuss that with him when he return." I nodded my head, feeling my anger rise towards Noah. Noah and I are going to have a long talk when he returns.

"Shut up," How mature...

"No, you are not suppose to be here babysitting me. I'm sure Faith is very upset." I don't know why I mentioned Faith. However, I wanted to know if she was around. The thought of her and Elijah together bothered me.

Elijah raised a brow, catching on to me. "Faith? Why do you care if she's upset?"

I shrugged carelessly. "Because she's human and has feeling also. I'm sure she would not approve if she found out you were sleeping in my bed... with me."

Elijah smiled. "We're not fucking." Oh god... he was vulgar. He said it as if it made all the sense in the world. My cheeks were on fire.

"You... you..."

"Me what?"

"You are crude."

"Aww baby, you are hurting my feelings." He mocked. I glared at him, as I tried to cool down my burning cheeks.

"That is not the point." I mumbled. "She's not going to like it."

"Yeah..." He said almost as if he was lost in his thoughts. "I'm going to ask her to marry me." It felt like someone threw a bucket of cold water on me.

I blinked in shocked. "What?" I whispered.

"Going to ask Faith to marry me... been thinking about it for awhile now." With each passing word I felt my heart break.

I nodded stiffly. "Congratulations, I'm very happy for the both of you." Elijah eyed me out, trying to see if I was being sincere. I desperately needed to leave but I knew Elijah would find it suspicious. So instead I turned my back to him and only then did I cry my eyes out.

Somewhere along the way I had fallen in love with the bad man. It was a sad truth but I could not help that my heart opened up and allowed him in. I tried to keep him away, god knows I tried, but for some reason I just couldn't push him away. Elijah never allowed me, he was always around. He was there when no one else was.

I kept my sobs at bay hoping Elijah wouldn't hear. If he did he showed no signs of hearing. I don't know how long I weeped before I was finally able to cry myself to sleep.

The following morning I awoke before Elijah. I went into the bathroom and dressed and took the chance to glance at myself in the mirror. My eyes were red and puffy from crying all night. I splashed some water onto my face trying to look more human.

I reluctantly walked out, Elijah looked like he had just awoke. He walked into the bathroom not bothering to send me a passing glance. I drew in a deep breath and headed down to open my bakery.

I plastered a smile onto my face as I engaged with my customers. Elijah sat on one of the stools at the counter, watching me from afar. It was all business with him. I found myself eagerly waiting for Noah to return.

As the days went on Elijah barely spoke to me. He would ask me questions like am I alright and make sure I'm fine but that's as far as our conversations would go. It was hard being so close to him yet so far.

I also tried to ignore him but that proved to be a difficult task, seeing I have to be around him all hours of the day. He never let me out of his sight.

One day I decided to take Carter out on his offer. He had been asking me on a date for the last few weeks and I always brushed him off letting him know I was busy. Today when he asked I practically shouted out yes before he could finish his sentence, but I had informed him that this was a friendship get together.

I had yet to inform Elijah and to be truthful I was a little afraid to. He disliked Carter immensely and was always being rude to him. Much like Noah had been, maybe worse. I decided to not tell him, at least not now.

As the sun began to set I felt myself becoming anxious. I convinced myself that it was nothing to be worried about. Elijah will not care, he has Faith now.

I closed up my shop and all but ran upstairs to get ready. I put on some black denim jeans and a fitted shirt, trying to look somewhat presentable for the occasion. I grabbed my bag and went to leave hoping to go unnoticed, but that did not go as planned.

"Going somewhere?" Elijah asked, sitting in the exact same spot I had left him, on the stool. He eyed me out, taking in my figure. I was sure I saw something flash in his eyes.

"Um... I have a date."

He tilted his head, while rubbing a hand over his neatly trimmed jaw. "A date?" I nodded, "With?" I felt my heat skip a beat in fear.

"Carter," I was not going to let him intimidate me.

"What time will you be back?" He asked shocking me to the core.


"The time you plan on returning?" I opened and closed my mouth not knowing what to say. "Gabrielle did you think I was going to stop you?" Yes, "It's your life to do with as you please." I nodded, still feeling very confused. "Now, the time?"

"I-I'm not sure exactly. Not late," He hummed. Before he could say more there was a knock on the door. I went over and opened it to see Carter, who was dressed up nicely. He handed me a rose and I smiled and thanked him.

"I'm going now," I said to Elijah. Elijah who only nodded.

I spared one more glance towards him before we were off. Carter took me to a nice fancy restaurant. He ordered for the both of us since I was unsure about the food here.

Carter did a great job at taking my mind off Elijah. He always knew what to say and how to say it. He was so good with words, I was grateful to have a friend like him.

"So are you and that Elijah guy together now?"

I shook my head. "No,"

"How did you get involved with a man like him. He seems dangerous." Didn't I know it.

"We have history and he was also a friend of Gran." He nodded.

Thankfully he did not ask anymore questions. The night went on, and we spent the most of it getting to know each other more. After another hour or so he drove me home. I waved him goodbye and he put his fist over his heart and pretended to die. I giggled at his charade and walked into my shop.

The second I stepped into the bakery I was slammed against the door roughly with my hands pinned beside my head. I groaned at the pain that rushed through my body.

Elijah thrusted his knee between my legs, keeping me pushed against the door. I looked up at him ready to tell him to explain himself but froze when I met his gaze... his murderous gaze. His eyes were so dark, he looked ready to inflict some serious damage on someone. And unfortunately his anger was directed toward me.

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