Deadly Obsession

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Chapter 16

My heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest as I stared into Elijah's vicious eyes, the beautiful blue orbs now looking black. His close proximity did nothing but frighten me all the more. His body was pressed against mine, keeping me trapped against the wall. I was sure he could feel my heart beat racing.

He was so close, if I leaned in just a bit our lips would touch. He made no move to say a word, if I wasn't mistaken I was sure he was trying to calm himself down. Whatever was in his head only made him angrier with each passing second.

It was then I detected the faint smell of alcohol off his breath. He'd been drinking? But why?

"Elijah..." I tried but he cut me off.

"Shhhh," I held my breath, waiting for his next move. "Did you fuck him?" What? I shook my head, unable to find my voice. "No? You didn't fuck him?" Again I shook my head. My silence only irritated him all the more. "Words Gabrielle."

"No," I whispered and he smiled. I flinched when he suddenly stroked my cheek so softly. His eyes didn't leave mine, he watched me like a hawk.

"He's a dead man." My body went cold.

"Elijah..." I was sure I was going to have a heart attack from how fast my heart was speeding. He just voiced he was going to kill Carter as if it was the most casually thing in the world.

He raised a brow, daring me to try to protect Carter. I decided to leave it for now and blamed it on the alcohol.

"How was your date?"

"It was not a date." I added quickly.

He tilted his head. "No?" I shook my head. "But you said it was a date."

"I... I lied, it was only a friendly dinner." His thumb traced my lip softly.

"See, I think you are lying to me Gabrielle." Oh god. Even when he was intoxicated he was still so intimidating. His voice was so calm.

"I wanted to make you jealous." I spoke without thinking. Idiot Gabrielle... idiot.

He looked really confused now. "Jealous?" I nodded slowly. "You think it's smart to be trying to get me jealous?"

"I... why do you care if I went on a date or not? It's my life, remember." I defended, using his words against him.

Elijah moves away from me and I let out a breath I did not know I was holding. I was not expecting for Elijah to start laughing, but it was nothing humorous about it. It was more of a frustrated laugh.

"You belong to me Gabrielle... your life belong to me. You are mine... say it."

My brows knitted together in confusion. He was confusing me. "But you said-"

"Fucking say it!"

"I belong to you." I said quickly.

"Damn right you do." Elijah nodded seeming satisfied with that. "Go wash his stench off you." Not waiting I did just that, needing to get away from the craze man. Even in his state he still managed to terrify me.

My mind drifted back to his words. He was trying to confuse me, I was sure of it. One minute he was telling me it's my life and the next I belong to him. I came to the conclusion that he was toying with me, wanting to scare me so he could tease and mock me later.

I stretched my shower for as long as I could before returning to the room. I was hoping he would be already asleep but I should've knew better. Elijah was on his back in bed, waiting for my arrival.

I slowly made my way into bed, being sure to keep an appropriate space between the two of us. If Elijah noticed he didn't say.

"Carter's the stalker." He suddenly voiced. I was not sure I heard him correctly.

"What?" He did not bother to repeat himself, instead he watched me carefully. "Why would you say such a thing?"

He shrugged. "Don't like him." Oh okay...

I shook my head at this absurd man. "You can not just accuse people because you do not like them. And to accuse Carter of all people is just ridiculous. He's done nothing but been good to me ever since you left me here and abandoned me."

"Abandoned you? Sweet heart you been begging me to let you go for months." Yes, but...

"I... I..." I stuttered not knowing what to say. It was the truth. "That is true, but..."

Elijah shook his head. "Which is it Gabrielle?"

"I don't know." I answered truthfully. My feelings for Elijah were complicated... here I was in love with the man that only caused me hell for the past year. A man that did not return the same feelings.

Elijah sat up abruptly, for some reason looking irritated. "You don't know?" He shook his head. "Don't fuck with my head Gabrielle, you won't like the outcome." I stayed silent and watched as he stood from the bed, grabbing his car keys and left. I bit my lip and forced myself to close my eyes and go to sleep, not trying to let the fear of being watched consume me.

It took two days before Elijah returned. He walked into the bakery so casually, without saying so much as a word to me. I wanted to question him... to ask him where has he been, but decided against it. Rather, I ignored him and focused on waiting to my customers.

Finally I had closed up the shop and headed upstairs to confront Elijah, only to find him in bed already asleep. By morning he was up and ready before I awoke, again not saying a single word to me. It appeared to me that he was avoiding me.

For the next few days Elijah barely glanced at me, not to mention spoke to me. He kept our discussions short. He was always around, keeping me in his sights but never too close to me. He suddenly seemed very distant. It was becoming unsettling, seeing him always look so bored and careless.

One afternoon I was tidying up around the shop, closing time was nearing and there was hardly any costumers coming in. Elijah was seated on a stool in front of the long counter, typing away on his cellular device.

I finished up around the shop until closing. Elijah has disappeared about an hour ago, saying he had to make a run. I only nodded, knowing there was no point in trying to get more out of him.

By closing, the last of my employees left and I was just about to lock up when Carter stopped by. I smiled, glad to see the familiar face. Last time I saw him was when we had went for dinner.

"Carter... how are you?"

"I was in the neighborhood, thought to stop by and check on you... make sure everything is okay." How considerate of him...

"That was very thoughtful but I'm fine, you should not worry about me." I insisted reassuringly.

"I'm always worrying about you... with Elijah around you all the time. I don't trust him... he's dangerous and I don't like to leave you here with him."

I shook my head. "There's no need for all that... I'm fine and Elijah is only here to look after me. Soon he will go and continue his life and I will be here serving my delicious desserts to my wonderful costumers." Carter eyed me out skeptically with disbelieving eyes. I sent a soft smile, trying to reassure him.

He finally gave in, and nodded stiffly. "If you say so then I will just have to take your word for it."

"See that wasn't so hard." I said trying to lighten the moment. Carter didn't show any interest in my joke, his mind seemed somewhere else. "It's getting really late, you should not be traveling at this time of night. It's dangerous." I scolded.

Carter agreed. "I should get going." As he went to stand his stomach grumbled so loudly.

"When was the last time you ate?" He shrugged. I shook my head and glared at him. "You should not be going hours without food. I'm about to start on dinner, how about you stay until then." He smiled and nodded.

Just as we were about to head upstairs the door suddenly opened and in walked Elijah. I felt my heart skip a beat when his dark gaze landed on Carter.

"What's going on here?" Um...

"Where have you been?" Elijah raised a brow at my sudden braveness. He leaned on the wall with his arms crossed over his chest looking so bored. I knew from experience that wasn't a good sign. "I invited Carter to stay for dinner."

"Did you now?" I nodded.

"Is that going to be a problem?" Carter asked now. I desperately wanted to tell him to shut up. Elijah dark gaze met his challengingly.

"A problem? Yes it is a fucking problem." He then turned to me, dismissing Carter completely. "Get rid of him Gabrielle, for his sake." Then he just left us there.

"Gabby?" I felt so bad for Carter, he had nothing to do with this. He is a good man to me and here I was treating him terribly.

"You should go," He frowned before nodding stiffly. I smile apologetically, hoping he would understand. He didn't smile back or say goodbye.

Upstairs Elijah was in the room, waiting for my arrival. He was seated on the sofa quietly, watching me, almost trying to figure me out. He shook his head and stood causing me to instinctively take a step back.

"What the fuck was he doing here?"

"I invited him to dinner." I was not going to let him intimidate me.

"What part if he's the fucking stalker don't you understand?"

"He's not the stalker... you don't know that."

Elijah looked ready to throttle me. "No? You know anyone else it could be?"

"No, but I'm sure it's not Carter. Anyone but Carter... he has been only kind to me."

He nodded. "Yeah like Garrett, who was planning to force you to marry him... he was a good man too. And let's not forget good old Mason, who wanted to drug and fuck you. They were all kind to you."

I shook my head. "You are wrong," I said not backing down.

"Gabrielle, I don't like the extent you are going through to protect another man." What?

"I... if you are so sure Carter is the stalker then why haven't you done anything?"

He smiled. "You want me to kill him."

"No, of course not. I mean go to the police."

He shrugged. "Trying to figure everything out."

"Why Carter?"

"I don't trust him." He answered logically.

I furrowed my brows together. "I will not start accusing people because you dislike someone. Carter is sweet and caring, and is always trying to help me. I will not let you blame him."

"Such little time and you already fell for him."

"I beg your pardon?"

"Do you have feelings for him Gabrielle? Are you that desperate for attention?" My eyes widened. "I spent months with you Gabrielle... I know you more then you know yourself. I know that you only misbehave when no one is paying you any attention. You will get yourself into trouble and only then will you be noticed."

"That's not true."

"No? You do not keep Carter around solely to have someone willing to do anything you ask?"

"I'm scared," I whispered feeling my eyes water with tears. "I'm scared that you will up and leave and I will have no one to protect me." Elijah eyes softened.

He tugged me into his hard chest, wrapping his arms around me, pulling into a tight hug. His hand grasped my jaw gently and he swiped at the tears that were able to escape my eyes before kissing my teary cheeks. His lips found mine and kissed me so softly and tenderly, I felt myself leaning into the kiss.

Somehow the kiss became heated and soon the kiss was no longer soft but hard and rough. Elijah kissed fiercely as he tugged at my clothes. He was able to force me out of them within seconds.

He tore off my underwear and before I could think he picked me up, forcing me to wrap my legs around him, and thrust into me with one hard thrust. He groaned as soon as he was fully inside me.

I held onto his shoulders as he began thrusting into me ruthlessly, each thrust harder then the next. I felt my body reacting with every thrust that rocked through my body.

Suddenly Elijah pulled me from the wall and to the soft mattress of the bed, all while staying inside me. Sounds spilled from my lips on their own will, I no longer had any control of my body.

Elijah's thrust became more intense, and the burning in my core increased along with his thrust. My legs unconsciously tightening around him. Just as my orgasm hit Elijah slammed his lips against mine, swallowing my cries and mewls as I trembled under him. Seconds later I felt him shudder.

I bit my lip as Elijah's arm wrapped around me, pulling into his body. My mind drifted to the event that happened only minutes ago and I felt my cheeks heat up at my sinful behavior.

Elijah mind seemed somewhere else as he stared blankly at the ceiling. His fingers played with strands of my hair in the best way possible, but he was not paying attention to what he was doing, as if he was doing it subconsciously.

"Elijah?" He hummed. "Do you love me?" His eyes met mine, not bothering to hide his shock. He was surprised by my sudden question.

"What?" I almost wanted to laugh at his expression.

"Do you love me?" I repeated unwavering.

"I'm incapable of love." Was his answer. What a horrible thing to say.

"That's not true. You love the boys... Noah and David." I said nodding my head. He stared at me through the silence. "I love you," He did not say a word but instead dipped his head and capture my lips in a warm kiss. The kiss didn't last long but it didn't have to. Elijah continued to play with my hair until I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I awoke before Elijah. Getting out of bed proved to be a difficult task in itself. Elijah refuses to release me. Finally after lots of struggling I was able to break out of his hold. I quickly showered and dress for someone reason feeling a lot more happier today.

I dressed and debated if I should wake Elijah or not. I chose the later and went to open up the bakery. Not long the place was filled with customers, waiting to be served. About an hour later the place had calmed and there was only a handful of costumers entering the shop.

Elijah soon came down and took a seat at the counter, his eyes watching me intensely as I worked. He did not even try to hide the fact he was staring, he did it so openly. I was glad when something on his phone pulled his focus from me.

Throughout the day I watched almost every woman that would enter the bakery stare at Elijah longingly. Some went as far to try getting his attention, but Elijah being the cold man he was did not spare any of them his time.

A very stunning woman entered the shop and almost immediately her eyes landed on Elijah. She took a seat beside him and waited patiently. Me, thinking she was waiting for someone to take her order, walked towards her and asked what she would like. She glanced at Elijah once more before tearing her gaze away from the handsome man and towards me. She smiled politely and ordered.

I scribbled down her order before sending it off to the cooks. Only when her order was ready did I head out from the back and to the counter. Elijah had not looked up from his phone and the woman was becoming irritated.

After I handed her the desserts she ordered she thanked me before sliding a piece of napkin towards Elijah. Elijah who for the first time since she had entered the shop looked up at the woman and eyed her out casually.

The woman sent him a seductive smile before grabbing her things and leaving the shop. Elijah said nothing... only shook his head, but said nothing. I tried not to let it get to me but it did.

"What is that?" I asked curiously, pointing to the napkin the woman gave to Elijah.

"What is what?" Stupid, stupid man.

"The napkin... why would she give you a napkin?"

He shrugged. "Maybe to use..." He was teasing me. I let out an exasperated breath at the difficult man in front of me.

"I'm serious Elijah?"

He shook his head. "What did I say about leaving the room without waking me first?"

I frowned. "I did not want to... you were sleeping so peacefully."

"Then you don't leave." Was his logic.

"Why did she give you a napkin?" I asked still very confused. Elijah tossed it to me carelessly.

"See for yourself." On the napkin was a phone number and 'call me' written in pen. Just like that I felt my stomach drop and the happiness disappear.

"Oh," Was all I could say as I placed the napkin in beside him feeling like a big loser.

Suddenly the sound of Elijah phone rang caused me to jump. He looked at it before standing and beginning to make his way to a quieter place. I noticed he left the napkin behind, and although I wanted nothing more then to throw it out, I knew it was not the right for me to do.

"Elijah, you forgot this." He turned and eyed out the piece of paper in my hand before waving it off. "Do you not want it?" I asked in confusion.

"Why would I want that? You're right here."

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