Deadly Obsession

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Chapter 20

Elijah’s POV

The mansion was more quieter than usual... a lot more dull and lifeless. That always seemed to happen whenever Gabrielle was no longer around.


The woman that singled handedly fucked up my life. The woman that forced her way into my mind, and demanded to know everything. She have done nothing but fuck with my head since she stepped foot into my life. I hated how she was able to leave as if it was easiest thing to do.

For weeks she made me believe she loves me just to up and leave without so much as a fight. As if she couldn't fucking bother herself with me.

Never have I needed to chase a woman, they were all too willing to fall at my feet without so much as a second thought. In the beginning I found that revolting but soon became accustomed to it. Women was more then willing to do whatever I ask to please me, all except the one woman I actually care for. I wanted to fucking kill her.

I admit my feelings to her and she spat on it as if it means nothing. Then she fucking accuse me of cheating, did not even bother to let me explain.

All night women was throwing themselves at me but I only cared about finding Gabrielle. One woman in particular, continued following me around as if her life depended on it. Anna and I fucked on many occasions, no relationship, just used each other to satisfied our needs. She wanted more but accepted what she could get. I ignored the bitch for the most of the night.

By time the party was over, Anna was drunk off her head passed out on the couch. I left her there and slept in the guest room to keep an eye on her. Come morning, I awoke to Anna straddling.

"How bout a little fun before I leave?" She said biting her lips. I raised a brow at her boldness before shoving her off me. "What? Am I not beautiful enough." She pouted.

She was very beautiful, I would usually cease the open opportunity. An easy fuck then disregard her later. But I could not stop thinking about the headache that I was sure is now looking for me.

"You should leave,"

Her face instantly dropped. "Are you serious?" I tilted my head and walked out the room. I knew she would follow. I stopped and turned to the woman behind me when we arrived at the entrance door. She stared at me, as if trying to figure me out. "You really don't want to fuck me? Why the fuck not?"

"I'm with someone," I answered simply.

"The woman last night? The one that looks like a prude." Yeah, that's Gabrielle. "Tell her to fuck off."

"Can't do that,"

"Why the fuck not?" I eyed her out, becoming irritated with her need to know everything.

I shrugged. "Fell in love with her." The shock on her face was comical. "Now I believe I told you to fuck off." She glared at me before her eyes moved to something behind me.

Plastering a sweet smile on her pretty face she kissed me on the lips. Before I could react she turned on her heel and left. It was only then did I notice Gabrielle standing at the top of the stairs.

That was over three weeks ago... three long weeks. Three weeks of nothing but torture. Gabrielle is now living her life as if I never existed while I'm trying to do everything to keep her out of my fucking head.

It took everything in me not to go find her and drag her back here kicking and screaming. I did not want to force her to be with me, I wanted her to prove to me that her love for me was enough to overcome anything.

One day as sitting out on the patio smoking a cigarette, good old Noah decided to join me along with David following behind him. I eyed Noah out, wondering what he was doing. I haven't seen him since he took Gabrielle home.

"So that is it? You're just going to let her go?"

I took a drag of my smoke. "Yeah..." I answered lazily.

"After everything you put her through? She had every right to fucking leave... don't blame her for you fuck ups."

I raised a brow at his sudden anger. "Is there a point you're getting at?"

Although Noah did everything in his power to hide it, I knew he felt something towards Gabrielle. What man wouldn't? She was gorgeous and had an innocence to her that draws everyone in... David was the only man to not fall into her trap.

I did not let on that I knew Noah had feelings towards Gabrielle, but I'm sure he knows I have a hint. Something else to add into my fucked up life... my best man was in love with my woman, fucking great.

"Yes you fucker, go get her." David said now.

"I won't force her. If she wants to fuck off then let her."

"Go show you fucking care and stop sitting around like a fucking sitting duck." Noah snapped.

"Good thing Gabby's not around, she would have your head using that kind of language." David mused. We all couldn't hold back our laughter. Gabrielle, that troublesome woman can do anyone's head in.

The sound of my phone ringing snapped us out of our state. I stared at the number in confusion before answering.

"Elijah, how are you?"


"You don't recognize me? Shame. I almost forgot how cluttered this little bakery Gabrielle have here." My heart stopped.

"The fuck did you say?"

"Now that I have your attention, I'm sure you can figure out who I am."

"The fuck do you want Ruth,"

There was a small silence. "Revenge," The click of the phone echoed in my ear.

"What the fuck Elijah?"

"They have her."

"Who have who?"

"Gabrielle... Ruth is going after Gabrielle." Not wasting another minute I grabbed my keys and left.

Throughout the entire drive I could not shrug off the fear that was slowly consuming me. Fucking Gabrielle... if so much a hair is touched from her fucking head Ruth will begging for death.

I tried to calm myself down but nothing to be working. I never felt this kind of fear and I refuse to feel it again. Once I get Gabrielle out of the way it will be the last time I let her go. Gabrielle is mine and I'll be damned if I let her out of my clutches again.

Pulling up in front of Gabrielle's bakery, I rushed out of the car and quickly into the bakery. It was quiet... too quiet.

"She told me you would come." I turned towards the voice to find Carter sitting at one of the stools with a gun pointed to me.

"Where is she?" He held the gun higher when I started making my way to him. I raised a brow but stopped.

"Don't come any closer or your dead."

I smiled, tilting my head. "Am I," I walked towards him and his finger moved to the trigger. "Then why am I not dead yet." Before he could think I had the gun out of his hand and him on the floor. "Aim a gun, you shoot first and ask questions later." With that I fired, ending his life within seconds.

Noah and David walked in and looked at the messed I made accusingly. I only shrugged before leaving them there and quickly making my way upstairs.

My heart dropped at the sight in front of me. My baby was tied up on the floor with a blind fold covering her eyes. Ruth stood over her with a gun in her hand.

"You arrived quicker than I thought you would. I'm guessing you took out Carter. Stupid man didn't stand a chance... but I already knew that."

"Did you now?" I tilted my head making my way over to her slowly.

"Don't you mock me. You fucking ruined my life. After I done for you and you just disregard me like I'm nothing for this... this pathetic woman. She's nothing prepared to me."

"Ruth, I'm giving you a chance..." I tried to reason with her.

"Fuck you! You can watch me end her life." I reacted out of instinct and slapped the gun from my hand. She attacked me like a mad woman.

Holding the barrel of gun, I hit her head knocking her out instantly. I would have killed her but I know Gabrielle would not have liked that. Dragging the unconscious woman I handed her to David and told him to deal with her.

I went back to Gabrielle and I did the rope and blind fold only to find her unconscious. I checked for any wounds before lightly shaking her awake. She groaned sand swapped my hands away. I couldn't hold back the smile that fell on my lips.

"Elijah, what are you doing here?" She asked innocently. "Carter... he was here too..." I held back my anger at hearing his name.

"Was he?" I asked not letting on. Her confusion knew no end.

"Why are you here?" She repeated.

"To bring you home,"

She glared at me. Standing from the bed, she placed her hands firmly on her hips. "No, I am not Mr. Knight."

"Yes, you are Gabby," Her brows knitted together adorably and it took everything in me not to push her against the wall and fuck like I been needing to do.

"Don't call me that," she mumbled and I raised a brow.

"We leave in five,"

"Why? We're going to go back to the mansion then you are going to get mad and tell me to leave. And I'm going to come here and have to deal with your rejection all over again."

I grabbed her jaw forcing her to look into my eyes as I said my next words full of promise. "You are not leaving my fucking side. I told you I will not be letting you go. Looks like you stuck with me." Her brows knitted together and thus time I did not bother to hold myself back.

I kissed her soft lips, surprisingly she kissed me back with the same need. Picking her up I wrapped her legs around my waist and slammed her against the wall. My lips never leaving hers. I quickly undid my pants and tore off her underwear causing her to gasp.

Not wasting another moment I thrust my shaft into her tight cunt. This was heaven... nothing compared to fucking Gabrielle. It was unlike anything I ever experienced before. I thrusted into her not holding back on my strength.

Her fucking cunt was squeezing me making it hard for me to continue. Her legs tightened around me bringing me deeper into her. Throwing her head back she let out a loud cry as her orgasm took over. Not being able to wait I gave a hard brutal thrust before following suit.

Three days had gone by and we were back at the mansion. After our mind blowing orgasm Gabrielle have been ignoring me. I tried to ignore it but it was getting to me. Needing to confront the matter I waited for her to come out the shower. She was only dressed in her night gown when she entered the room. She walked passed me without sparing me a glance and I unexpectedly snapped.

"What the fuck is it?" I grabbed her arm ceding her movement.


"Nothing? You sure it's nothing. You been all but ignoring me for three fucking days. What is it Gabrielle?" I was surprised when I saw tears fall down her cheek. She roughly wiped them away.

"Are you going to send me home again?" She whispered breaking my heart. "Are you going to get all angry and tell me to get out? I can't do it again." Hating to see her this way, I pulled her into my arms.

"I'm never letting you go Gabrielle get that through that thick skull of yours." I said softly. "Your mine baby," She pouted, "You and our baby," Her brow knitted together in confusion before realization seemed to dawn on her. She placed a hand her stomach.

"Baby?" She looked at me with her big shocked eyes. "We're having a baby." I nodded. A smile took over her features and the water works started again.

For the next few months Gabrielle could not believe she was actually pregnant. She would stare at her now swollen stomach for hours, as if it was an alien. One night we were both in bed and Gabrielle let out a yelp. I quickly sat up and looked around for the intruder.

"Elijah, oh my god, it's kicked... i felt it kick." She said as if it was the most amazing thing in the world.

"Yeah, they do that in the wound," I said slowly. She rolled her eyes before taking my hand and placing it on her stomach. Like clock work, the little thing kicked my hand, as if telling me to get away. A full blown smile made its way to my face. A happiness bloomed within me.

In the beginning when I first found out about Gabrielle being pregnant I kept it from her not knowing how to take it. Neither of us were ready for parenthood and I definitely wasn't ready to be a father. If it wasn't for Noah talking sense into me god knows what I would've came to regret later.

As the due date neared the place was chaotic. Everything needed to be perfect. It was hard and sometimes unbarring but I tried not to let it get to me.

The weight that I will soon be a father was a lot of pressure, but somehow both Gabrielle and I managed to push through these times. I would still have days where time would seem to stop and distant myself from Gabrielle but she was always there to pull me back down into reality.

Gabrielle refused to find out the gender of the baby, saying she wanted it to be a surprise.

I was sitting out on the patio with Noah one afternoon smoking a smoke when Gabrielle waddled her way out. I quickly spat out my smoke and eyed her out. She counted her breath as she inhaled and exhaled.

"My water broke," she stated so casual. That night was the most exhausting night of my life. Gabrielle followed the midwife instructions and was calm throughout as where Noah and I were panicking and yelling directions left and right.

No feeling will compare to when I held my little girl in my arms. She was so fragile I was afraid I would break her.

"Do you have a name?" The midwife asked. After a seconds went by Gabrielle answered shocking me to the core.

"Isabella," I turned towards her but she carried on as if nothing out of the ordinary. Maybe it was just pure coincidence. I let it go and did not let on to my shock at hearing my mother’s name...

It's been three months and I never thought I could compare my love for Gabrielle to any living being. Isabella was the most beautiful baby... she had my eyes but everything else was her mother. She even frowned adorably like her.

"Elijah..." I looked over at Gabrielle questioningly. Isabella was on the bed lying on her back mumbled something to herself. "I want to get married," The fuck?

"Hope you all the best," I said turning my attention back to Isabella.

"I'm serious Elijah,"

"No, you're Gabrielle,"

She narrowed her eyes in frustration. "I don't like doing everything backwards but now with Isabella here, I think it's only right for marriage. I will not disappoint my Gran in not doing this one thing." Her mind was set. Looks like we will be planning a wedding... go figure.

The End!
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