Deadly Obsession

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Elijah’s POV




People tend to take advantage of the many treasures in one's life and not see its worth until it is too late, and somehow completely disappear from their existence. No matter how hard you thrive to find it, it becomes almost impossible. So impossible, that when you are finally able to grasp hold of it, you can do nothing but doubt and question if the moment of contentment would indeed last. These are the thoughts and emotions that flowed within me. During my entire time on earth, I have never felt such questions and notions flood my mind like they did at this very second.

"Isabella! Isabella Knight! You get back here this instant!" Fuck! Opening my eyes, I inhaled a deep breath before sitting up from my comfortable position on the sofa.

Five minutes... is all I ask for. Just five minutes of complete silence.

Seeing that my wish was not going to be granted, I waited for the unavoidable mayhem that was to soon shake the mansion.

Not even a second later, little Isabella came sloppily running in a fit of giggles, holding what looked to be a piece of clothing. The moment the one year old caught me in her line of vision, she changed directions, running towards me yelling 'Dada Dada'.

Swooping her into my arms, I tossed her in the air as she laughed with excitement. Gabrielle finally made her appearance, pausing when her large doe eyes landed on me. Her features visibly relaxed once she saw Isabella in my arms.

"Miss me?" Her brows knitted together, a blush coloring her cheeks. It amazed me that she was still able to blush at something so innocent.

"When did you get back?"

I raised a brow, knowing she purposely avoided my question. "About ten minutes ago."

"Did the job go well?"

"It did," She nodded her pretty head, blowing a strand of hair out of her face. Such a simple action, yet she looked gorgeous doing it. I wanted nothing more than to pull her into my arm just to feel her against. It's been a week since I last seen her and if it didn't feel like a decade.

"Aren't you forgetting something?" I asked, waiting for her to come over and greet me.

She tilted her head as she tapped her chin, trying to cover up her smile. "No, I don't think I am."

Before I had the chance respond, Isabella slapped me using both of her hand, wanting the attention on her. She was waving the piece of clothing around as she continued to talk gibberish to me. It was only then that I noticed exactly what it was she is holding.

Gabrielle's eyes widened, "Isabella, sweetheart give that to mommy." Isabella let out a squeal of excitement when she saw Gabrielle moving towards her. She began struggling out of my hold. Putting her down, I grabbed the material off her as she ran away from her mother, who was now focused on me.

Her cheeks were the color of a beetroot. Looking at the red lacy underwear in my hand, I smiled, wanting to tease her.

"Were you planning on wearing these for me tonight." She frowned, but was unable to hide her embarrassment. "I like you in red. Reminds me of our wedding night. Remember all the things I did to you... how you begged me to-"

"Elijah!" I laughed, loving the look of distress and embarrassment that morphed on her face.

The day Gabrielle had all but demanded me to marry her, I simply did not think too far into it. It wasn't until a month later that I gave into her wants and asked her to marry me. The little troublemaker said no... she fucking to me no and saw to Isabella, who was then barely three months old.

After she denied me, she explained that unless I do it 'properly' she was going to continue to reject my proposal. It finally came to me that I did not get this pain in the ass at all. By the third time I had asked her, she finally answered yes with a simple smug nod of approval.

Gabrielle did not want the wedding to be too over the top, but that was the only part I went against. I knew it was Gabrielle way of not asking for too much, but I wanted to give her the world and more. It was the least I could do after all the shit I put her through. I allowed her to do her own thing with the wedding and pretended to give my opinion when she asked for it. She wanted to invite everyone. Noah, David, Eugene, Emily, the cooks... hell, even the gardener. I did not interfere in any of it.

I never thought much of the concept of marriage... never seeing the point of it. I didn't understand the reason people had to marry to prove that they truly loved one another. But as I watched Gabrielle walk down that isle, I could not ease my drumming heart. Her hair was done up in a neat bun, with a few curls falling down the side of her face. The white dress clung to her body, showing off the curve of her hip. Her tinted flushed cheeks only made her look more innocent. She looked like a fallen angel ready to give herself to the devil. I wanted nothing more than to send everyone home, just to take her upstairs and fuck her senseless.

The moment Gabrielle said 'I do', a new sense of joy filled me. The feeling of her belonging to me and only me drove my inner demons with excitement. No one would be able to take her from me, she belonged only to me. I am a sick fuck for thinking this way, but it gave me a sense of security.

"Fine, I'll stop. But only if you come over here and greet me properly." She watched me, weighing her options. I waited patiently for her to ceded like I knew she would. Standing in front of me, she bit her lip nervously before giving me a quick peck on my lips. "See, that wasn't hard."

"Shut up," She mumbled, earning a laugh from me. Wrapping my arms around her waist, I pulled her against me, leaving no space between us. Not waiting another second, I slammed my lips against her, kissing her deeply. She instantly responded, hooking her arms around my neck and pulling me closer. We only pulled away when Isabella latched on to our legs, also wanting to be apart of the attention.

"So you did miss?"

She was silent and for a moment I didn't think she would say anything. "Don't leave us again," It was barely above a whisper but I heard her. Pulling her closer if that was even possible, I nuzzled into her neck, relishing on her scent.

"I wasn't planning on it,"

I sat out on the patio, hoping to enjoy a smoke in peace and quiet, but of course life was not on my side. Not even five minutes into my relaxed time, Noah and David walked out and joined me. I looked them over before ignoring them both, as if they were not there.

"Aww, don't be like that Elijah." Noah pipped up with a big grin on his face. "I'm happy to see Gabby and Isabella is killing your life."

I eyed him out, taking a drag of my smoke. "Fuck off," He let out a boom of laughter, seemingly enjoying my distress. "I mean it, I will put a bullet in your skull." This only made him laugh harder.

"You deserve this for all your fuck ups." David now added. I shook my head, ignoring them both. How did my life come to this?

"Right! Remember when you fucked up that job-"

"I fucked up a job?" David budded in, only to be ignored by Noah who was contempt on finishing his story.

"Elijah was so pissed, he could not think straight. You had suggested for us to hide out and I told him I knew a location not far from where we were. But him, being the difficult man he was, saw the innocent beauty locking up her shop and decided to hide out there. I bet he's regretting his decision now." He ended barely containing his amusement. The corner of my mouth twitched up as I thought back to that night where it all began.

"Both of you fuck off. The fuck are the two of you doing here anyways?"

"That's enough Noah, pretty boy is getting upset." David said gently with a small pout.

I shook my head. "I don't know why I bother." I put out my cigarette as Gabrielle came out along with Isabella. I tensed when her eyes lit up when her gaze landed on Noah and she all but run to embrace him into a hug. Although I knew the action was innocent, my mind did not seem to listen. Every now and then, my jealousy would reel its ugly head.

For Gabrielle, Noah was no more than a brother figure, someone who was always there for her when I was not, but I also knew that Noah did hold some feeling towards Gabrielle. I tried to ignore it, as though I had no idea but that did not seem to help my case. Funny how when she greeted David, I did not seem to mind at all.

Little Isabella wobbled her way to Noah, who placed her on his lap. She clapped her hands while explaining something to Noah. Noah who nodded and agreed as if he actually understood her, sending her into a fit of giggles.

"Noah, how have you been?" Gabrielle moved to the seat besides me. Smart...

"Nothing much... the usual." Noah was very secretive when it came to his personal life. It was never too long before David and I found out about what was going on with him, but he never felt the need to tell us himself.

"How's the job?" David asked now grabbing my attention.

The job I had sent Noah on had slipped my mind, as it was not a difficult job. Jameson Perez. He is a very powerful business man who has some very powerful enemies. In the past, we did a few deals with him, but that was it. He's a proud man, who did not ask for help unless he was desperate, that being the case now. Jameson came to me and asked us to simply look after his daughter, like a bodyguard of the sort. It was just after Gabrielle's and I's wedding and I was ready to turn him down when Noah offered to see to it.

"All good," He said with a shrug.

I eyed him out, watching him closely. "How is the girl... what was her name?" I asked, despite the fact I already knew the answer. "Kelly, Karen, Kaitlyn-"

"Kimberly," He mumbled, his eyes darkening. I raised a brow, finding this very interesting.

"Well, from what I have heard, she's an intriguing woman." I said, testing the waters.

"Yeah..." I dropped the topic and turned my attention to David. Somehow, Isabella had gotten ahold of my smokes, smashing every one then throwing it to the ground. By the time I noticed it was already too late.

"Isabella, you do not break your father's things." Gabrielle gasped out to the naughty child. As she took the little brat inside to clean her hands, I did not miss the small smirk that appeared on her face.

"Gabby is not going easy on you." Mr. Obvious pointed out.

"No shit. What's going on with you?" He raised a brow, but did not say a word. "Are you involved with her?" When he did not answer, I continued. "You understand how dangerous this can turn to be... for fucks sake, of all the women you want to have a relationship with, you choose her?"

"Fuck off Elijah, there's no relationship."

"Did you fuck her?"

"I'm not doing this shit with you. This a job, no different from any of the other jobs I'd done. I won't fuck it up."

I nodded. "Lets hope not,"

It was a long heated silence. Thankfully Gabrielle made her way out taking her previous seat beside me. David took the child off Gabrielle and away from the tense group. Tossing the excited one year old into the air, Gabrielle frowned at him but said nothing. Her back was tense and she avoided making eye contact with me.

"Fuck did you do?" I asked the troublesome woman beside me. Noah shook his head, a grin falling on his lips as we both waited for the dreadful answer.

"There's no need to curse, that kind of language is highly unnecessary. You should try to refrain yourself from using that kind of vocabulary, even more now with Isabella around. Imagine if she was to use that language and think it's alright. The last thing we need is two Elijahs I will have to scold-"

"For fucks sakes, what did you do?" She narrowed her eyes and I could've sworn I heard a 'how rude'.

"I may or may not have ruined one of your statues looking thingy." The fuck?


"It was not my fault. It appeared out of nowhere and I had accidentally bumped into it. I mean, we should not have such things lying around, Isabella could easily get hurt. So this was a lesson well learned for everyone." She nodded her head as if agreeing with her explanation. Not that it was expensive... only worth a couple hundreds thousand... I remained calm, hiding the frustration I felt.


"One more thing. As I was cleaning the mess I made, Isabella smashed the china vase you recently gotten." Noah burst out laughing, causing Gabrielle to look at him with knitted brows. Shaking my head, I reached for a smoke only to realize that my brat of a daughter ruined them all.

David hearing Noah laughter, made his way to us. "What's going on?" As soon as Isabella's big blue eyes landed on me, she struggled out of David's arms and all but threw herself into my lap. I helped her up and she seemed content on staying there.

"Gabby got into trouble again,"

"I did not, it was a minor inconvenience." She said defensively, throwing a glare at Noah.

"Minor inconvenience? Shit was worth a lot of money, Gabrielle."

Isabella giggled, bouncing in my lap. "Shet," She mimicked shocking us all into the silence. The only noise made was Isabella's gibberish and David's loud laughter, who then pretended to cough when Gabrielle sharp eyes landed on him. I did not dare meet her gaze.

"Isabelle, honey we do not use that language." Gabrielle scolded the child gently.

Isabella clapped her hands, as she repeatedly giggled, "Shet!" I tried to hide my smile, but failed miserably.

"You think this is funny mister? Now look what you created." She grabbed our daughter off me and took her inside, keeping her as far away from me as possible.

"You are in some deep shit my brother." Noah said, no longer restraining his laughter. That was true but for now, at this moment, everything was perfect.

Isabella was a very adorable child. She had my blue eyes and her mother's sweet innocent face. There was no doubt she was gorgeous. At first glance, most would say she was the sweetest thing they ever seen, but that could not be further from the truth.

She was the devil disguised as an angel.

Although she was a curious child, she was also very enthusiastic and always seemed to find trouble. Gabrielle did not admit to Isabella being a handful that was killing both of our lives, but I know the thought crossed her mind. She refused to get any help when it came to Isabella, wanting to do it all herself.

Isabella was now running away from Gabrielle in nothin but a diaper, yelling "Shet! Shet!", refusing to allow her mother to dress her. I caught her just before she fell over one of her toys.

"We're getting a nanny," I stated watching her lips pull down into a small frown.

"No," Stubborn woman.


"I don't want a nanny," She whined, acting much like a child. I wouldn't be surprised if she stomped her feet.

"Too bad," I shrugged.

"We had this child and I will not throw her onto someone else. She is our responsibility." She huffed out, nodding her head. Fucking adorable.

"For fucks sake Gabrielle, she's killing you. You look fucking exhausted. We will be getting Isabella a nanny, not to replace you, just to help you with Isabella. You are her mother Gabrielle. I know that, she knows that. Getting a nanny is not going to going to make her look at you differently." I gently but firmly grabbed her jaw. "Only you can be you... no one else."

She looked at me with teary eyes. Whenever Isabella was the topic for discussion, all Gabrielle's flaws and weaknesses were evident. She wanted to raise Isabella and give her everything she was not able to have. When Isabella had turned one month, Gabrielle pulled away, believing she was unfit as a parent. It took me almost a week to nurture and encourage her back to life. It was then that I realized.

Gabrielle was afraid.

Afraid of the mistakes her mother made. Afraid that she too will fall on the path her mother took. She did not want Isabella to go through the loneliness and a feeling of absence like she had experienced. The days she pulled too far into these thoughts, I patiently helped her out of them as gently possible for me, encouraging her and forcing her to see she was nothing like the woman that did nothing but throw into this chaotic world alone. I supported her, just as she always did for me.

"Ok," She gave in. Using my thumb, I swiped away the tears that managed to escape her eyes, before kissing each of her damp cheeks. Sending Gabrielle to go rest, I dressed Isabella and saw to putting her down for her nap.

The enthusiastic child furrowed her brows, much like her mother, and let out a shrill scream. For Isabella, Gabrielle was always there to put her down for her nap, and when her big doe eyes could not find her mother, she threw a complete fit. Using both her hands, she slapped me on the face as she screamed, "Mama! Shet! Mama! Shet!".

It took me a good hour before she ran out of energy and fell asleep. Placing her in her crib and moving her hair from her forehead, I turned off the light and made my way to Gabrielle. Gabrielle who was now in our bedroom fast asleep.

I got into bed beside her, and pulled her into my arms, being careful not to wake her. I don't know when I fell asleep, but I awoken to Gabrielle poking my face. The moment she saw my blue eyes, a beautiful smile set on her lips, tempting me. No longer able to contain myself, I flipped her around, pressing her against the soft mattress as I hovered her body.

"Elijah..." She squeaked out, only exciting the monster within me all the more.

"Gabrielle," I mocked, placing a feathery kiss on the side of her neck. I smiled when I felt her shivered.

"I... I have to use the bathroom." What? I pulled back and eyed her out. When I found no signs of a lie, I grumpily moved away as she rushed to use the toilet.

She walked into the room, a small blush painting her cheeks. "Sorry," She mumbled.

I shrugged, as though it was no big deal that she completely ruined the moment. "Sorry? What for? I'm sure I can find another woman who won't push me away." She frowned, and her angry eyes turned me on all the more.

Nodding her head, she shot back and I no longer wanted to play anymore. "Well, I am also sure I can find a willing man. A new atmosphere would probably do me some good." She did not go there... Jealousy course through my blood.

"Want to run that by me again." My voice was low, the jealousy evident. She smiled... the troublemaker fucking smiled and walked to where I sat on the edge of the bed. Boldly, she cupped my jaw, imitating me. I raised a brow waiting to see her next move, which was to place a small kiss on my lips. Nothing erotic, just a small innocent kiss, but her eyes were anything but.

"You want to play, but you don't like it when I play back. How hypocritical of you, Mr. Knight." She said, almost seductively. I don't think she knew what she was doing as she was trying to mock my actions. She went to pull away, but I was having none of it. I was so fucking turned on by her small show. Again, I flipped her beneath me, this time being sure to not allow her to escape.

"You want to play, then lets play, Mrs. Knight." I slammed my lips against hers, wanting to taste her... needing to taste her. She returned the kiss with the same desperation to have it all.

Gabrielle was completely mine. Physically, mentally, and emotionally... she belonged to me in every way. Not only did the trouble maker hold my last name, but she also mothered my child. She gave one thing I could never replace... the one thing I did not know I craved for.

A family,

Although Gabrielle was the best thing to ever happen to me, she was also the worst. Our ending is by no means perfect, but it was ours... ours to do with it as we please. I wanted to hold onto her forever, never to let go. My wife, my life, and my obsession. Our relationship was deadly and I'll be damned if I allowed anyone to change that.

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