Deadly Obsession

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Chapter 2

The weeks went on normally as if Elijah and the men weren't here. I tried my best to not let them get to me but I was beginning to wonder if they were ever going to leave. They were so comfortable here, walking around as if they owned the place.

I wanted to address the matter. God knows how bad I wanted to, but I didn't want to come off sounding rude. And not only that but I didn't want to get Elijah angry. I learned he had a very short temper, it seem like everything I do irritate him. He would find every little thing to complain about. It was as if he liked scolding me just to order me around.

So I stayed quiet and continued doing what I would do if they weren't around. I went down to the bakery serving my wonderful customers. After closing I would cook dinner for everyone then go to bed. It was pretty simple. I stayed out of their way and they wouldn't notice me. That is until recently.

I would find Elijah's eyes on me more then usual. He would only stare at me whether we were in public or alone. He didn't care if I caught him staring, his gaze never wavered. I found it a bit strange, but I kept my mouth shut and pretended as if it was nothing out of the ordinary.

As I finished getting dress and went to make breakfast I realized the men wasn't here. They always came and went but never have they left me alone. It was always Elijah and David leave and Noah would stay behind to keep an eye on me, or David and Noah leaving Elijah. But today they were all gone. No signs of any of them.

I wanted to think that they were gone. That it was finally over but I knew better then to believe that. I knew they wouldn't just up and leave. But even knowing this I still hoped that there was a chance that I wouldn't see them again. Hopeful thinking.

It wasn't until that night did they make their appearance. I had just finished making dinner when I heard them enter. They all came into the kitchen and made themselves a plate without so much as greeting me.

All except Elijah who set at the table quietly waiting for me to serve him. He was so arrogant. He knew he was good looking and didn't try to hide it at all. I sometimes found it quite disturbing how he already expected me to be at his beck and call.

I made his plate, placing it in front of him and went to retreat back to my room. Elijah had different plans.

"Sit down Gabrielle."

"I'm not hungry." I mumbled not looking at him.

"Did I ask if you were hungry?" I furrowed my brows now looking at him. "Sit the fuck down." Sitting down Noah placed a plate of food in front of me before taking a seat next to me. I reluctantly began eating. The silence that lingered in the room was deafening.

"So what now?" David asked Elijah.

"What now? Not sure." Elijah answered looking like he couldn't care.

"It's done. Everything went as planned. There's no reason to stick around. Why not just leave and return home?" Noah said. I peeked up, listening to every word.

Elijah leaned back in his seat eyeing Noah out. "What about the girl? What do we do with her?" David asked now. I swallowed hard, nervously waiting for Elijah's response.

"Nothing. She can continue her life and pretend this never happened. There's no need to get her involved." I felt a small smile tug on my lips as I stared at Noah. He was so sweet. Elijah had yet to say a word instead he watched silently.

"She knows too much. What if she goes to the police." David, the trouble maker, added.

"I won't, I promise. I won't say a word... it will be like none of you existed." I said quickly. This got Elijah's attention. His cold gaze had me frozen in my spot.

"Would you like that Gabrielle? Would you like if we were to leave?" Um... Did he actually want an answer. I wasn't sure what to say to that so I stayed quiet.

"Answer the fucking question." He said almost deadly. I felt my heart speed up in fear. Noah must've also noticed how severe this conversation was getting.

"Calm down bro, she's not used to this. Of course she would want us gone, why wouldn't she? All we did was scare her since we've been here." Elijah's amazing blue eyes glared threw my amber ones. I looked away not being able to hold his cold gaze. Nothing more was said after that heated conversation.

After dinner I was a little hesitant about going back to my room. I didn't want to be alone with Elijah. What if he were to go through another one of his moods? Noah wouldn't be there to save me this time.

I spared a glance at Elijah. He was talking to Noah and David about something in the living. Quickly going into my room I grabbed some sleep wear and made my way into the bathroom. I stretched my shower for as long as I could but eventually I had to face the music.

It wasn't long before Elijah entered the room. I was already in bed reading my book when Elijah walked in. Instead of fully entering, he leaned against the door watching me intensely. I tried not to let it get to me but that was easier said then done.

"Come here," My gaze found his and I watched him in confusion. It was something about the way he said it that had me slowly standing and making my way to him until I was standing directly in front of him. I bit my lip nervously waiting for his next move.

My heart almost pounded out of my chest when he grabbed my jaw disregarding the little space between us. He did nothing but stare at me for what felt like forever. His blue eyes were darker then usual. I wanted to move away, put a little distance between us, but fear had me frozen in my spot.

"You're so beautiful." My eyes widened. "So fucking adorable. Your big amber eyes." He traced my eye slowly. "Those light freckles." His fingers slowly stroked the bridge of my nose that was splattered with light freckles. "Your full pouty lips." When I felt his thumb trace my lip I stepped away from him in panic. He didn't like that. I could tell by the way his blue eyes darkened.

"What... what are you doing?" I whispered. Elijah seemed to have snapped back to reality. His cold gaze returned. He actually looked bored suddenly. Not bothering to answer me he turned and left the room. I went to bed very confused as to what just happened.

One morning as I had just finished my shower and was more then ready to get dress Elijah roughly pulled my clothes out of my hand. I looked at him with wide eyes. Without any explanation he threw me a bag. I knitted my brows as I took the pieces of clothing out the bag, eyeing them out in confusion.

"What's this?"

"Clothes." He answered casually. "I want you to wear them." Um...

"That's very generous of you but no thanks. I have my own clothes." I tried to return the bag to him but he didn't take it.

"I wasn't asking."

"I... I don't understand. I am fine with the clothes I already have." He wasn't really going to force me to wear it.

"Gabrielle, I'm going to give you three minutes. If you are not dress I will personally do it for you." I could hear the seriousness in his voice. Feeling my heart speed up in fear of him fulfilling his promise, I grabbed the bag and headed towards the door. "Where are you going?"

Not being able to speak I pointed to the door. "Here... you are changing here." He said sounding exasperated.

"No, I can't change here." Did... did he actually expect me to get dress here... in front of him.

"I don't like repeating myself."

"I can't get dress in front of you. Could you leave the room? I'll only be a minute."

"Time is running out." Oh god.

"I... I can't." I whispered. My heart literally skipped a beat when he suddenly began walking towards me. "Okay, alright... I'll do it myself." I took a few steps back trying to distance myself from him.

I bit my lip out of nerve. "Could you at least turn around, please." I was grateful when he did. Moving as fast as I could, I quickly changed into the clothes giving to me.

It was a plain fitted short sleeve shirt and dark blue jeans that hung too low on my waist. Everything about the outfit was inappropriate. It was too fitted and showed way too much. I felt so exposed.

Elijah turned around not waiting for me to give him the say so. His eyes immediately darkened as he eyed me out. I shifted, feeling extremely uncomfortable. I went to put my hair in a bun but was stopped when Elijah grabbed my arm and all but dragged me out the room. The men were already downstairs. The shop was open and only had a couple of customers.

As I came into their line of view they're eyes darkened, jaws practically falling open.

"Fuck," David said making my cheeks heat up.

Noah stared darkly at Elijah. "What the fuck man?" Elijah ignored Noah and casually took a seat. I stood there awkwardly, pulling at my shirt. I was trying to stretch it out.

After standing there for a few more moments I moved to get to work. Elijah had different plans. He took hold of my arm and pulled me down to sit beside him.

"I have to work."

"Do you now?" He didn't even glance at me as he continued doing whatever it was he was doing on his phone.


"No, you're going to sit right here and let those people in there you hired do their job." I looked at Noah, silently asking for help but Noah just shrugged. He took Elijah side on this.

Having no choice I sat there watching as my shop went on smoothly. I was surprised that everyone was doing their job without me or Emily's help. Usually they would stand around and I would end up doing it for them. I guess it had something to do with Noah firing Dylan.

Dylan was scared as a mouse after whatever Noah had said to him. He refused to come back, even after I told him how sorry I was. Emily had found the entire thing hilarious. Said he had what was coming to him.

I felt glum thinking about Emily. She had left a week ago, telling me there was a family issue she had to see to and went to visit her family out of state. I let her go but I did miss her terribly.

"Everything's done?" Elijah asked suddenly.

"Yeah... we're going to be heading off soon." Elijah nodded. "You coming?"

"Nah, I'm going to hang around for a while... make sure she doesn't do anything stupid." Noah nodded as a response. I felt my heart drop in my stomach at the thought of having to deal with Elijah alone. I couldn't help but dread what was to come.

Elijah, David, and Noah continued to discuss something that sounded very secretive. They talked in riddles and patterns, for the life of me I couldn't figure it out.

A man entered the shop with two other big buff who looked like they could be bodyguards. He was a young fairly attractive man that couldn't be older then his early thirties. He smiled at the men before taking a seat.

"Why the guards Garrett? Afraid we weren't going to keep our end of the deal." David asked lowly. This man, Garrett, laughed but you could see the uncertainty in his eyes. "Don't worry there's no need to get our hands dirty as long as you don't give us a reason." David smiled. He was mocking him. I was trying my best not to freak out.

"So I'm guessing everything went as planned." Garrett asked now.

"You guessed right. Everything is done... now the question is did you live up to your part of the deal?" Elijah asked sounding menacingly.

"Everything is done. Just had to make sure you did your part." Garrett looked a bit strange.

"You're not fucking with me, are you Garrett? You would hate to have me as an enemy." Elijah's voice was so calm but could have anybody shaking in their boots.

Garrett smiled at Elijah. "Why would I fuck with you Elijah? I don't have a death wish. Everything is ready to go, I just have to give the call." Elijah nodded not giving anything away.

Garrett's gaze suddenly found mine and his eyes instantly darkened with lust.

"Fuck," My eyes widened as he eyed me out longingly. I subconsciously moved closer to Elijah. "You are very beautiful sweetheart."

"Thank you," I answered meekly turning my gaze to my shop.

"I know you must get that a lot." I looked at him confused as to why his attention is still on me.

"No, not really."

Garrett smiled brightly. "I'm happy to be the first." He was a creepy man. I shook my head. Did he not get that I didn't want to talk to him?

"I'm sorry Mr..."

"Call me Garrett."

"Garrett... I did not mean to lead you on in any kind of way. I see how you can mistaken seeing the clothing I am wearing. I don't usually dress this way."

"Why change your dress sense now if you don't mind me asking. You look decent enough from my perspective." I glanced at a very bored looking Elijah before returning my gaze back to Garrett.

"I... I wanted to try something new."

"I see." I glanced back at the few costumers in the bakery. "Why do you keep doing that?"

"Pardon me?"

"Turning away from me... why do you do that?"

"I don't want to talk to you... you seem like bad news." With that Garrett burst out laughing. As if I just said the funniest thing in the world. Once he had calmed he turned to Elijah.

"Where did you find this beauty Elijah?" Elijah eyed him out darkly. I knitted my brows not liking the attention I was getting from this man. "Fuck me, I have to have her. She's so fucking adorable. How much do you want?" With wide eyes I looked at Elijah. He wouldn't sell me, would he?

Elijah leaned back in his seat, his expression was one of boredom.

"She's not for sale." I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

"Really? I'll pay whatever you want. Name a price." Oh god.

"Like I said before, she's not for sale." He spoke slowly now.

"Just once... let me-"

"We are done here. You do what you promised and there will be no trouble. You can let yourself out." Garrett looked at Elijah in disbelief, it was like he wasn't used to being talked to like that. With a clench jaw he stood and left without saying a word.

Elijah didn't wait. He grabbed my hand and all but dragged me up the stairs. Only when we were in the room did he let me go. I swiftly backed away from him. He leaned against the door eyeing me out with his cold blue eyes. I didn't dear breath. I didn't like the look in his eyes. Almost the same look that man, Garrett, was giving me.

My breath got caught in my throat when Elijah walked towards me. He gently grabbed my arm and pulled my body flush against his. Bringing his face down he went to kiss me and I instantly turned my head. The look he gave me would make anyone run and hide. Unfortunately for me I had nowhere to go.

He grabbed my jaw painfully, no longer being gentle. "Kiss me," I shook my head. His grip tightened. "I don't like repeating myself."

"I will not. Why do you wish to shame me? I haven't done anything wrong. You forced me to wear this knowing I wasn't comfortable and now you want to humiliate me further."

Elijah shoved me away non too gently. "Your fucking face is what's wrong." I frowned. "Everything about you is what's wrong. This innocent act you put up, I can see straight through it. I know deep down you are exactly like all women, nothing but money hungry sluts."

"You are judging me upon your outlook on women?" I asked in confusion.

"Damn right,"

"Not all women are the same." I whispered. "You shouldn't judge everyone from one bad experience." Elijah was on me in seconds. He had his hand around my neck and pinned against the wall before I could even blink. He didn't add pressure but the threat was there.

"You think you know me?" I shook my head quickly. "Have it all figured out do you?"


"Don't say my fucking name." I immediately shut my mouth, not wanting to upset him further. Elijah didn't move. It was if he was having a mental argument with himself. After what felt like hours but we're only minutes he moved away from me and headed straight out the door.

I didn't see Elijah for the rest of the day. Noah and David seemed distracted with something. They didn't spare me any of their attention. So for the remainder of the day I helped around the bakery.

After closing the shop Noah and David had made their leave. I quickly threw something together for dinner so they can have something to take with them on the road. I ended up eating alone. Although I didn't want to admit it, I felt lonely going to sleep that night.

The next morning I woke up and was surprised to see Elijah in bed. His leg was draped over me and his arm was wrapped around my waist holding me hostage. I nudged him lightly.

"Elijah," I whispered. He didn't budge.

"Elijah," I said a little louder now. I nudged him a few more times but he continued to sleep. The warmth I felt just seconds ago became suffocating. "Elijah!"

Before I had time to think, I was trapped under Elijah's body with his hand around my neck. My eyes widened, still trying to understand what just happened.

"What the fuck Gabrielle!" Elijah let me go but didn't move from his position over me. "You trying to get yourself killed?" I quickly shook my head in fear. Elijah could be a scary man when he wanted to be.

"I-I have to use the bathroom." I managed to say. He eyed me out with his cold gaze before he rolled off me. I didn't waste time to all but run out the room.

Once I finished my business I went back into the room to get dress. I was surprised to see Elijah still in the room, but what took me way off guard was Elijah's bare chest. Covering my eyes I quickly turned away from him. I was sure my cheeks were as red as a tomato.

"Oh my god." I whispered in shock trying to get the image of his tattooed filled chest out of my head. He had so many tattoos that it was impossible for me to count. "You could've warned me you weren't dress." This was not right... not right at all.

"Why would I do that?" Stupid, confusing man. "You can look now." Slowly and with a lot of hesitation I turned around letting out a sigh when I saw he had put a shirt on.

Trying my hardest to avoid his gaze I looked to find something to wear. Instead of finding my clothes, I found freshly new clothes including underwear. I turned to Elijah with a look of horror.

"These aren't my clothes."

"No?" I ignored his mocking tone.

"Where are my clothes?" I demanded. Elijah raised a brow. The amusement clear on his face.

"I threw them out." To say I was shocked...

"Why?" I asked in disbelief. "Why would you do that?"

"Because I can."

"Well then I refuse to wear such revealing clothing." He had no right to choose what I wear. What I wear shouldn't bother him. It is what I'm comfortable with and I was not going to let him change that.

Elijah's dark cold eyes gazed into mine challenging. "Is that so?"

I nodded my head. "Yes, I will not wear something that I am not comfortable with."


I shook my head in defiance. "No,"

He smiled and I knew I was not going to like the outcome of my stubbornness. Before I had a chance to move away from him, Elijah suddenly had me slammed against the wall. I didn't have time to think as he grabbed the hem of my shirt pulling it over my head. Without waiting he did the same with my pants and forced me to step out of them.

Shock raked through my body as no one had ever seen me this way. I heard Elijah hiss in a breath. I shielded myself the best I could from Elijah's dark dark gaze, his eyes roamed my body shamelessly. He stared at me with his eyes filled with... lust. I prayed I was wrong, that I was just seeing things.

"Now, you can get dress or you can walk around like this for all to see." I gave in.

I felt so vulnerable standing in front of him like this. The tears threatened to spill over. "I'll change," I whispered realizing he was expecting an answer. He nodded and went to find me something to wear. I quickly put on the spaghetti straps summer dress he picked, and left my hair down hoping to cover some skin.

Elijah didn't let me help around the shop. When I tried he told me to sit down. His behavior was starting to concern me.

"Why can't I go?" I wanted to get away from him. I felt so embarrassed with him seeing me the way he did earlier.

"Because I said so." I knitted my brows.

"What does it matter to you if I work or not? I'm not in your way."

Elijah shook his head. "Gabrielle shhhh, stop talking."

"I was just asking. You can be very confusing."

"For fucks sake." I frowned.

"You sure do curse a lot."

He wasn't paying me any attention, his gaze was focused out the window. "Yeah..."

"Yeah." I nodded. "Why didn't you leave with Noah and David? You know I won't go to the police." I asked genuinely curious.

"And how the fuck am I suppose to know that?"

I hated how he made me feel dumb. "Why would I put myself in danger? I know you will kill me if I ever went to the police... why would I go through all that trouble?" Elijah didn't answer. He looked bored, as if he was over talking to me.

I watched my shop silently after that. It was Monday so it was very slow and only had about three customers.

I tried my best to stay unnoticed by Elijah and to not do anything to annoy him but it was almost impossible seeing I was sitting inches away from him. It wasn't until a half of hour of just sitting there did Elijah order me to make him a sandwich. I gladly did so, happy to stretch my legs.

As I made my way back to him I noticed someone was sitting with him. Moving closer I saw that it was Madison looking stunning as ever. I was surprised to see her, after all it was her vacation time. I couldn't help but wonder why she was here at the shop.

She was smiling flirtatiously at Elijah, her green eyes staring at him as if he was a god. I couldn't really blame her. Elijah's looks were out of this world. His rear unique blue eyes only added to his beauty.

I placed the plate in front of Elijah when Madison's green eyes landed on me. "Gabby? Is that you?"

"Um... the one and only."

She laughed. "Wow, I thought you would never get rid of those grandma's clothes. What happened? No longer dressing like a nun." I knitted my brows but decided to stay quiet. Her words were a little hurtful.

I took a seat across from them seeing Madison was now in my seat. Elijah was mostly ignoring Madison as he ate his food. I kinda felt bad for her. She was trying so hard and Elijah barely glanced her way. I froze when Elijah looked at me.

"You're not eating." It wasn't a question.

"I... I'm not hungry," Elijah gestured for me to take the other half of the sandwich. "But-"

"Eat or I'll shove it down your throat." Madison eyes widened at Elijah's threat but she didn't comment. Reluctantly and very slowly I ate the sandwich. I sat there awkwardly while Madison continued to flirt with Elijah. It wasn't until Madison whispered something into Elijah's ear did Elijah look at her properly. He eyed her out taking her in. I was taken aback when they suddenly stood and left. I didn't know what to do, so I helped around the bakery.

I cleaned mostly, there were almost no costumers coming in and I found it useless to bake anything. After another boring hour I ended up closing the bakery early and sent my employees home. They were more then grateful with that.

I locked up and headed up stairs. It was quiet so I made dinner to keep myself busy. I ended up eating alone again for the second time in a row.

After taking a shower I went through the mission of finding something to wear which was a silky night gown that came right above my knees. I watched tv for an hour before calling it a night and going to bed.

The next morning as I went to prepare breakfast. I was surprised to see Madison walk out of the guest room. She was dressed in a lacy night gown that showed little to imagination. Her body was very visible through the piece of clothing showing off her lacy underwear.

"Good Morning?" It came out more like a question. She waved me off and took a seat at the table. I frowned but kept to myself.

I continued breakfast sitting out three plates and placing them on the table. Madison began eating her food not bothering to thank me. Elijah soon made his appearance dressed in only jeans. No shirt to cover his naked chest. I saw the number of scratches and love bites that covered his neck and back and felt my cheeks heat up. I quickly looked away, keeping my mouth sealed shut.

I picked at my food suddenly not having an appetite. This didn't go unnoticed by Elijah.

"Gabrielle, I swear if you don't eat your fucking food..." I hesitantly began nibbling at my food.

"Babe, I was thinking we could go out. You know like on a date or something romantic." Elijah looked over at Madison as if wondering why she's there.

"I don't date." Madison's face dropped.

"Well we could always just stay inside together." Elijah nodded not really paying her any attention.

I bit my lip out of nerve and stood ready to leave them.

"Sit down," I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at him, tilting my head ever so slightly to the side.


"Because I fucking said so." I stared at him before slowly sitting down.

"Why is it you do that? I do nothing wrong but try to give you privacy." Elijah didn't answer, he took out a smoke without even glancing my way. "You tend to do that a lot too. Find something to busy yourself with when you don't have a response. You just cut everyone out."

He raised a brow. "Don't try to figure me out Gabrielle. You won't like it." I huffed out a breath.

"How is it you know each other? You don't seem like the type that would associate yourself with her and you call her Gabrielle which no one calls her, not even Emily. And I never saw you around before." Madison asked suspiciously. Elijah looked at me as if expecting me to answer. I glared at him. It was his fault after all. He's the one who brought her up here.

"He's an old friend of Gran." Elijah raised a brow but stayed quiet. Madison shrugged it off not looking like she cared anymore.

After breakfast I cleaned up the kitchen before moving into the living room to start there. Elijah and Madison were both seated, Madison was practically in his lap by how closely she was sitting. I tried my best to ignore them.

"You're okay with walking around like that." Elijah spoke. I looked down at my outfit realizing I was still in my silky nightgown. I blushed and went to change into something more appropriate. "No, keep it on. It fits you." I glared at him but tried to pretend it didn't bother me.

I felt Elijah's eyes on me the entire time as I cleaned. Feeling myself become conscious I took a seat on the opposite sofa.

"May I open my shop?" I asked after a while. He tilted his gorgeous head all while eyeing me out darkly.

"No, I don't think I will allow you today."

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