Deadly Obsession

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Chapter 3

"Why not?" I asked Elijah in utter disbelief. If I wasn't allowed to open the shop then what was I supposed to do all day. I no longer had Noah around to keep me company.

"Because I said so."

I furrowed my brows desperately wanting to change his mind. "Have I done something wrong?"

"Since when do I need a reason." I shook my head. He was so mean. I have done nothing but been tolerance with him, and all he did was be rude to me during the time he has been here.

Standing I began making my way back to my room. "Sit down,"

I ignored him and continued walking. I went to shut the door behind me but was surprised when Elijah had followed me. He slammed the door shut and painfully grabbed my jaw.

"Did I fucking dismiss you?" I tried to nudge him away but he only tightened his grip.

"Let go of me."

"Answer the fucking question." I felt my heart speed up.


"No? So why the fuck did you turn away from me?" He was serious. I had seriously made him angry.

"I'm sorry." I whispered. I just wanted him to leave. He was scaring me.

"You're sorry? For what?"

"For turning away from you."

"And do you leave without me dismissing you?" I shook my head. What was the big commotion anyways?

"No," I managed to whisper. His face was so close to mine. I wanted to turn away but his hold on my jaw was preventing from doing so. "Can you let go of me please?" It was like he had just realized he was touching me. He let go of me as if I was a disease. I watched as he shook his head trying to get himself together.

Without waiting another moment he left. I didn't leave the room for the entire day. I didn't want to face him, so instead I stayed cooped up in the sanctuary of my room.

As the weeks continued to go by Elijah's anger seemed to worsen, sadly I was the one who had to deal with his wrath. Most of the time he wanted me out of his face, but that proved to be a difficult task seeing I was not allowed to wander far from him.

Madison was around a lot more lately. She asked me if I could extend her vacation time which I happily did. She was good to distract Elijah's attention from me here and there, but lately Madison wasn't doing it for Elijah.

I would find Elijah's cold blue eyes on me any chance he got. Like usual I would ignore him but I knew Elijah wasn't one to be ignored. Whatever seemed to be bothering him was proven to be a problem and I was sure that problem was me.

I was now serving my wonderful costumers with a bright smile on my face. I could see Elijah and Madison sitting in a booth not too far from me but chose to pretend they weren't there.

Today was pretty busy and my employees didn't seem to mind being at work. If anything they were more worried about my current schedule. Elijah been choosing when I could and couldn't open making it very confusing for my employees. Most of them thought I was closing down, I had to reassure them that I would never.

The sound of John's voice broke me out of my daze. "Order to table six,"

"I'll take this one Lucy." I offered with a smile. I wanted to keep busy to stop my mind from wandering.

"Here you are sir." I smiled down at him.

"Gabrielle, is that you." I eyed him out. He looked vaguely familiar. It took me a minute to recognize him before it finally hit me.

"It's very nice to see you again Mr. Scott and please call me Gabby." It's been almost three months since I last seen him. The last time I spoke with him he was trying to take my shop away. Very stubborn man.

"I have to say you look amazing."

"Thank you," I said smiling at him politely. "What brings you here today? And If you are here to ask me about my shop the answer will still be the same."

"No of course not, I just thought to stop by. Make sure everything is alright."

"Everything is doing well here. My costumers are more then happy with my sweets, and I am just excited to be working." He stared at me intensely, not saying a word. It was as if he was in some kind of trance. "Um... Mr. Scott... are you okay?"

He blinked a few time and cleared his throat. "I'm sorry, you're just so beautiful." I felt my cheeks heat up. "Go out with me." My eyes widened at his boldness. "Just the two of us for dinner... tomorrow night."

"Mr. Scott-"

"Call me Carter."

"Carter... as appeasing as that sounds I'm going to have to say no."

"One night that's all I'm asking. Go out with me for one night. We can go as friends." I thought about it ready to turn him down. "It can get lonely at times, I just need someone to talk." He look at me desperately, begging me with his eye for me to say yes. I felt myself giving in.

"Just one night?" He nodded. "Fine, but only as friends." The smile that lit up on his face made me feel like I had done the right thing. He offered to call me but I quickly turned him down and told him that I'll call him. He pulled out a business card much like the one from before and handed it to me.

"Until next time." He smiled grabbing his sweets and leaving. I tucked the card into my apron and went to get back to work.

"Who was that?" Elijah, who was now standing in front of me, asked. I pointed to myself not sure if he was talking to me. He nodded stiffly. Wow, the look he was giving me was almost deadly. His beautiful blue eyes were darker then usual.

"A friend," I said it like it was no bid deal. I moved to walk around him but was stopped when he grabbed my forearm and all but dragged me up the stairs.

He shut the door and without warning he slapped me using the back of his hand, sending me to the floor. My eyes widened in shock. Elijah didn't even blink at my fearful expression, he grabbed my arm and hauled me up onto my feet.

"Who was he?" He asked again. My tears were falling fast.

"Carter Scott... I had met him a few weeks ago. He wanted me to sell my shop to him, but I turned him down."

"What did he want?"

I bit my lip and shook my head. "Nothing," I whispered. Elijah smiled before grabbing my neck and squeezing it lightly.

"See I think you are lying to me. Are you lying to me Gabrielle?" Oh god.

"I... no-" Elijah suddenly moved his hand to my apron all while his other hand was still around my neck. Slowly and deliberately he pulled out the business card Carter had given me and twirled it around in his hand.

"He'd given this to you. Why?" The calmness in his voice was scaring me. He sounded so close to snapping.

"He... He asked me to go out to dinner with him. Said he was lonely and wanted some company... it's a friendly dinner." Elijah let go of me and laughed. Like a full blown out laugh. He shook his head once he got his self back together.

"Are you really that stupid? You think he wants to confide in you... want to talk to you about his worries and secrets." I knitted my brows together at his mocking tone. "He wants to fuck you Gabrielle. He wants to get into your pants so bad. The lust and longing in his eyes as he stared at you-"

"Stop," I whispered. I didn't want to hear his cruel words.

"You don't like having men lusting after you? You don't like the attention you're getting from every man that walks into the shop, because let me tell you I watched every one of them look at you with the same longing look. All watched you with lust filled eyes." He was saying it as if it was my own fault.

"I never wanted that. I never wanted anyone's attention. You were the one who forced me to dress like this." I cried out. My entire life people told me how beautiful I was. When I was younger people would stop Gran on the street just to ask if I was real. My looks were literally my downfall.

"I wanted to show you that no matter what innocent charade you put up you will always be like every other woman out there."

I angrily wiped my tears. "And what is that?"

"A fucking whore." I inhaled a sharp breath. I was tired of him judging me from what he thought was right. He downright humiliated me for his satisfaction.

I shook my head and went to walk pass him and back to the shop. I wasn't prepared for Elijah to slam me against the door. I gasped when he rubbed his body against mine. I felt something hard poke my stomach and I began to panic again. He stroked my now bruised cheek so softly, his blue eyes made me forget where I was for a second.

"Kiss me," My eyes widened.


"One kiss and I'll leave you alone." I shook my head. "No?" The way his eyes darkened made me want to take it back. "I don't like the word no... never did." Oh god. I stared at him with teary eyes waiting to see what was his next move. My heart felt like it was going to pound out of my chest.

Elijah suddenly punched the wall inches away from my head earning a small scream from me. His gorgeous eyes glared at me with so much hatred. I was surprised when he shoved me away and left.

I stayed there not knowing what to do. I was so shaken by what just happened. It was like my body was in shock, my body wasn't used to that kind of fear. I didn't understand why Elijah reacted the way he did. It was almost as if he was jealous. I shook my head at the thought. That's ridiculous. If anything he did it to mock me.

It took me a good twenty minutes to get myself together. I was glad to see Elijah had left. Both him and Madison was nowhere to be seen. I helped around the bakery with a calm smile plastered on my face although on the inside I was anything but calm.

I went through the rest of the afternoon and was actually relieved to close the bakery. I didn't bother on making dinner. I was mentally and physically drained and wanted nothing more then to sleep. I took a quick shower before heading to bed.

I woke up the next morning to find myself once again in Elijah's arms. I didn't dare try to wake him, not wanting to make the same mistake as last time. I waited stiffly in his arms.

After a while I heard Elijah curse. He moved out the bed and out the door without saying a word. I grabbed some clothes and waited patiently for him to return to the room.

When he did I went into the bathroom and relieved myself. I went back into the room to find Elijah speaking with someone on his phone.

I ignored him and went to grab a hair tie. I put my hair in a high ponytail to keep it out of my way. I hated my hair although a lot of people always told me how lucky I was. It was so thick and long and was always in the way. At times I didn't know what to do with it. I would usually put it in a neat bun but Elijah had forbid me from doing that 'hideous' bun was what he called it.

"Tell me about your Grandmother." To say I was surprised would be an understatement.

"Why?" I asked him suspiciously. He shrugged as if he really couldn't care. "I don't wanna talk about her." I mumbled. I didn't like to speak about her. It made me sad.

"You can tell me about her or you can come over here and kiss me." He was not being fair. "Choice is yours."

I bit my lip and shrugged. "It's not really much to tell. She was a wonderful woman who raised me from when I was just a baby. She was sweet and nice to everyone... she's the reason I am who I am today."

"What happened to her?"

"Old age," I shrugged as if it was no big deal.

"Where's your mother?"

"I don't know... I never met her. She left me when I was only a baby. Gran always told me about her... about how beautiful she was. Gran said she wanted me but she was just so young when she had gotten pregnant. She never told my father out of fear of him no longer wanting her... Gran said a week after she gave birth she ran away."

I disliked thinking about my mother. Gran had told me that she loved me very much but didn't know how to cope with having a child. I listened and tried to understand the best I could.

"And what was your reason at hiding yourself behind your clothes?" My eyes widened in shock. I didn't like how Elijah observed everything.

"Gran had always told me that my looks were always getting me into trouble-"

"Gran sounds like a smart woman."

I frowned but ignored his comment. "She said my beauty was out of this world and I hated the attention I would get from strangers. Gran raised me dressing me the way I did I just continued to dress that way after she passed away."

Gran was a very strict woman. She raised me teaching me what was right and wrong. Clothing to wear and what clothing to not wear. I had to learn at a very young age how to be a proper young lady. She kept away from children my age and home schooled me.

She embedded into my head her ideas of the correct way at life. Although I was sincerely grateful I couldn't help but wonder how life would be different if it was my mother who raised me.

Elijah nodded no longer looking interested.

"So where are your parents?" I asked out of curiosity.

Elijah raised a brow. "Okay, I'll play." He began. "Never knew my father and my mother was a slut who would do anything for a dollar." I gasped and stared at him with wide eyes.

"That's so mean to say about the woman who gave birth to you." He shrugged, looking like he couldn't care. "That's why you hate all women... because of your mother." His eyes suddenly darkened. Before I could think he grabbed my jaw, squeezing painfully.

"The fuck did I tell you about trying to figure me out."

"I'm sorry," I whispered. He searched my eyes before nodding and letting me go.

"Go make breakfast." I quickly did as I was told. We ate in silence. Madison was nowhere to be seen. After that ordeal was done Elijah allowed me to go open the shop.

Madison soon made her appearance. As soon as she saw Elijah she was on him, kissing him deeply. I looked away quickly and continued to do anything to distract myself.

The day was going good, Madison had Elijah's attention and he no longer even glanced my way. It was like he forgot I was even there. It wasn't until Carter decided to stop by did everything go wrong.

Everyone was gone and I had just finished cleaning the shop and was ready to lock up when Carter knocked on the glass door. I furrowed my brows as I went to open the door.

"Carter what are you doing?"

His face suddenly dropped. "You forgot?" It took me a minute to realize what he was talking about.

I gasped. "It slipped my mind. I'm terribly sorry. I wasn't meaning to stand you up... I just got distracted with work."

He offered a small smile. "So what do you say? Is the date still on?" I smiled and nodded.

"Let me go upstairs and grab my bag." He nodded. As I grabbed my bag I was more then ready to leave, but before I could walk out the door Elijah stopped me, asking where did I think I was going. He was sitting on the couch with a more then satisfied looking Madison. I had forgotten they were here.

Elijah stood and stayed a good distance away from me. He leaned against the door and tilted his head ever so slightly.

For a minute I let myself go and eyed him out properly. He was a really gorgeous man, like out of this world gorgeous. I could see why Madison was always by his side. He could make any girl fall to their knees by just glancing their way.

"Um... Carter's here." Elijah's face darkened at the mention of Carter.

"Yeah?" I nodded. The tension in the room was so thick. I tried not to let Elijah intimidate me. I was glad when Madison stood walked over to us.

"Oh my god, you have a date. I didn't think you would ever come out your nun stage. The pretense was killing me, I wondered when you would let yourself free and stop acting like the Virgin Mary." I frowned at Madison. Her words hurt.

"Get out," Elijah suddenly said to Madison. Her eyes widened in shock.


"You heard, get out." The look on Madison's face made me feel bad for her.

"I'm sorry... I won't open my mouth again-"

"Get the fuck out!" Both me and Madison jumped from fright. Madison grabbed her purse and left but not sending me a death glare. "You still think to go out with him?" I looked up at Elijah in confusion.

I shook my head. "What is it you want? I try to stay out your way, but it's like everything I do gets me into trouble."

Elijah grabbed my face using both hands. He looked so close to snapping. "Gabrielle... sweetheart, go tell Carter you won't be going out with him and to not come around again, okay?" He kissed my head and forced me to nod before turning me around towards the door. I was so scared at his retaliation. Doing as he said, I went down to tell Carter that I wouldn't be able to make it tonight.

"I don't understand... did I do something wrong?" Aww, poor thing.

I shook my head smiling softy. "No... it's just something came up." He nodded and left. I sighed and made my way back upstairs and into my room not stopping to say a word to Elijah. I wasn't surprised when he followed me into the room.

"You think this is a fucking game." I looked over at him noticing how different he looked when he wasn't calm and collected. "You want to go on a date with that fucker?"

I nodded over his sudden change of moods. This was ridiculous. "Yes, yes I do actually. I don't understand how who I go out with concerns you." Elijah smiled. I anticipated the slap before it came. Elijah grabbed my arm breaking my fall. Oh god, the pain...

"You want to be a slut now? Now you want to show your true colors?"

"What does it matter to you? If you believe that's what I am then why do you choose to carry on. It's my body, and I can do whatever I want." Gabrielle stop provoking the bad man to hurt you.

Elijah nodded scaring me out of my wits. "Fine," He went over to the my closet and started pulling out all my clothes. I didn't dare stop him. Once he was found what he was looking for he threw it to me. It was a dress. A very revealing dress."If you're not wearing that when I return I fucking swear I will strip you and force you to walk around for all to see your body." With that he left. I quickly put on the dress.

The dress was tight, and dark red. The V neck of the dress cut low showing a bit of my breasts. Overall I felt extremely exposed. I left my hair down hoping to cover as much of my back as I could. I sat on the bed patiently waiting for Elijah to show.

When he did enter and saw me sitting on the bed his eyes darkened dangerously. The lust filled his eyes, he didn't even try to hide it. He tossed me a bag of make up and told me to get ready. I did so although I was confused to what was his reason.

I only did a natural look since I didn't know much about make up. He told me to put on some black heels and that's when I decided to object.

"Why? What are you doing?" He raised a brow and I knew he wouldn't answer. "I don't know how to walk in them." I whispered. Elijah started walking towards me and I quickly put them on. He grabbed my arm and all but dragged me out the room.

He didn't wait for me to fasten my seat belt after we got in the car. He sped off leaving me to wonder where it is we're going.

A club. We were at a club. I stared at Elijah with wide eyes. Before I could say anything he grabbed my arm and pulled me into the loud place. As soon as we entered I knew I was going to dread tonight.

There was music and lots of people and of course alcohol. I knew this was Elijah's way of punishing me for telling him I can do whatever I want. He knew I was uncomfortable here and used this as a perfect punishment.

"Elijah please... I'm sorry, can we please return home." Elijah ignored me and led me to the bar. I took a seat next to him on the stool hugging myself.

He sat there so casual, I watched how every women that would pass would stare at him with lustful eyes. Elijah ignored every one of them as if he was too good for them. He was so arrogant, he knew he was good looking and he didn't bother to hide it.

It wasn't until two gorgeous brunettes and a blonde came up and whispered something seductively into Elijah's ear did he turn to look at them. He eyed them out darkly. The blonde grabbed his hand and slowly pulled him away as the brunettes followed. He left me there, but not before telling me not to drink anything or to move. Like I was going to do that anyway.

After sitting there for more than twenty minutes I began to worry. There was much more people in the club now.

A man around Elijah's age took a seat in the stool next to me. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. Nothing like Elijah's eyes... I don't think I ever saw anyone with eyes as beautiful as Elijah's.

"What a beautiful woman doing sitting all alone?"

"I'm not alone."

"I've been watching you for quite a while now and haven't seen you with anyone." Creepy much.

"I can assure you that I'm most definitely is not alone, but that's very thoughtful of you to come see how I was doing."

"Well, what man in the right mind would leave a woman as gorgeous as you sitting here all by herself." I smiled at his kind words. He stared at me looking as if he was in some kind of trance.

"Um... I didn't catch your name." He shook his head getting himself together.

"Mason... Mason Reeds."

I extended my hand out to him. "Hello Mr. Reeds. I'm Gabby,"

"Call me Mason." I nodded. "Can I buy you a drink?"

I shook my head. "I don't drink alcohol. I find the taste awful." I felt myself cringe at the thought.

Mason smiled. "I know something you will enjoy." I furrowed my brows as he waved over the bartender and asked for something, I didn't quite catch the name of.

"Here you are," The bartender placed a glass cup in front of me. It was filled with a orange and pink smoothie looking substance. It also had a pretty umbrella in it.

"Cheers," Mason said holding up his cup. His was smaller and had a brown liquid. I clanked my cup with his and sipped the foreign drink. It actually tasted pretty good, giving off a fruity taste. I drank it eagerly loving the taste.

I asked for a fifth cup... or was it sixth. I didn't care to try to figure it out instead I loudly called the bartender over. He smiled at me and walked over. "I want another," I shouted slamming my fist onto the counter.

"Woah, I think that's enough for tonight." I looked over at Mason. Why was he here again?

"Boooo! You're a fun killer." He laughed.

"Yeah, you definitely had enough." I knitted my brows frowning. "Fuck you're gorgeous." I smiled and stood staggering a bit. Stupid heels. I bent down taking off the dumb shoes. I heard Mason cursed behind me.

Kicking off my heels I made my way over to the dance floor. A pretty blonde was swaying her hips seductively while moving her hands up and down the outline of her body. I watched her carefully copying how she moved her body.

I felt someone move behind me and grab hold of my hips. I didn't stop them and continued to sway back and forth. He pulled my hips back so that I was grinding against him. I felt someone grab my arm pulling me away from the unknown man.

"I think it's time for you to go on home." It was Mason. I pushed him away, he barely moved, if anything I stumbled more then him.

"No, I don't want to go." I started walking back to the dance floor but he grabbed my arm again.

"Gabby you're drunk... come I'll give you a ride." I glared at him.

"I said no. Leave me alone, I'm having fun." Mason shook his head and left me. Going back on the dance I began dancing again.

Another man came up behind me and started grinding up against me. I turned and wrapped my arms around his neck. He smiled and told me I looked amazing. Elijah popped up in my mind and I giggled. He would most definitely kill me if he saw me now.

"What's funny?" The man asked.

"Nothing," I said moving away from him and started swaying to the music. After a while I felt him behind me again. I shook my head and tried to ignore him. Everything happened so fast, one minute I was dancing the next I was pulled away from the man and faced a very angry Elijah.

"The fuck do you think you're doing?" I giggled. Wasn't it obvious.

"I'm dancing." Like duh. Elijah's eyes were dark as night. If it didn't feel like the room was spinning I would truly fear for my life.

"We're leaving," I shook my head not moving.

"No, I'm not leaving." I said stubbornly.

Elijah looked like he was trying to stay calm. "Gabrielle... I'm really trying not to hurt you." I furrowed my brows together.

"But I want to stay." I whined. Elijah grabbed my arm and was ready to drag me out kicking and screaming.

"You heard the girl. She want to stay." The man I was dancing with spoke to Elijah. I shook my head at the stupid man.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, he will kill you." I warned nodding my head for more impact. Elijah started pulling me again.

The stupid man didn't heed my warning and grabbed my arm. Before I knew what happened the man was on the floor with Elijah raining punches down on him. He was wild, it took five guards to pull him off of the man.

By now there was no music playing and everyone had stopped what they were doing to watch. Three of the guards had bruises from Elijah turning to attack them but to my surprise they didn't throw him out.

"I told you," I said to the now unconscious man as Elijah grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the club.

In the car Elijah didn't say a word. He continued to stare ahead... his eyes so dark. I felt my heart accelerate in fear. He was mad, like really really mad. Tonight, I knew I was in for it.

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