Deadly Obsession

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Chapter 4

Getting out the car Elijah came to my side and pulled me out also. I felt my head spin from the fast movement. I leaned on him for support feeling my feet ready to give out. Elijah cursed picking me up bridal style and walked into the shop. I put my head on his shoulder, staring up at him.

"You are like the most handsome man I've ever seen, you know that right?" He ignored me. "You're eyes are so beautiful. You're a very beautiful man. It's sad you are so mean and cruel. If it wasn't for your personality I might actually find you attractive." No answer. He put my down once we were in the room.

"Why are we here? I want to go back." I stumbled towards the door trying to leave. Elijah grabbed my arm pulling back into the room.

"No Gabrielle."

"Why not? I was having fun. I'm not being boring Gabby anymore. I'm fun and daring and fearless. I'm not a child or a nun. I'm adventurous. You... you are boring. Boring Elijah." I said nodding my head. Elijah pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Gabrielle you're not leaving." He sounded exasperated.

"Why is it you call me Gabrielle? Gabby is faster to say."

"Because I can."

"Because I can." I said mocking his voice. "That's your answer for everything."

"Shut it,"

"Shut it," I mocked.

"I'm serious,"

"I'm serious,"



"Fuck me," My eyes widened.

"I'm not repeating that." I mumbled. He smiled. I bit my lip.

"Come here,"

"No, I don't think I will," I shook my head. "Why do everyone treat me like a child? I'm twenty one years old meaning I'm not a child. Or stupid... I'm not stupid, I'm actually very intelligent." Elijah looked like he was over it. He grabbed my arm causing me to slam into his chest. The fast movement made me dizzy again.

"Elijah, I don't feel so well." I rushed into the bathroom and to the toilet.

Not a second later I haunched over and threw up everything in my stomach. Elijah held my hair while I continued to empty my stomach.

After what felt like forever it stopped. I put my arm on the toilet seat and place my head on it and cried. I was mentally exhausted.

Elijah handed me a cup of water for me to rinse my mouth out. He grabbed the hand towel off the rack, damping it with water, and gently wiped the makeup from my face. My tears were falling nonstop. It was like they wouldn't stop. I felt so vulnerable.

Elijah helped me up and back into the room. He sat me on the bed and helped me get out of my dress. I heard him curse when he saw the lacy underwear I had on. It wasn't like he left me much of an option in clothing. I was too tired to try to cover myself.

Elijah took off his shirt and forced me in it. I didn't wait to get under the covers and was surprised when my crying finally subsided. Elijah moved into the bed and pulled me into him so that my head was on his chest. I fell asleep minutes later thinking how confusing this man could be.

The first thing I noticed when I woke up was the pounding in my head. I groaned getting up ever so slowly and headed into the bathroom. Opening the medicine cabinet I took a pill trying to relieve the pain in my head. As I entered the kitchen I noticed Elijah was nowhere to be found. I decided to ignore it and start on breakfast.

I had just finished making plates and was going to pour me a cup of orange juice when Elijah walked in. He took a seat in a chair and eyed me out. I felt uneasy under his judging gaze. Trying not to let my discomfort show I offered him a small smile. His face was blank, devoid of any emotion. Biting my lip I placed his breakfast down in front of him and joined him.

"Did I do something wrong?" I asked him softly when he continued to do nothing but stare at me. He leaned back in his chair, his eyes never leaving me.

"Did you do something wrong..." The way he said it sent chills down my back. "I don't know... do you believe you did something wrong?" Oh god.

"I don't know." I whispered honestly.

"What happened last night?" I furrowed my brows in confusion.


"I want you to tell me what you do yesterday night. Don't leave a thing out." I thought back to yesterday.

"Um... I had cleaned my shop after closing and locked everything up when Carter had came to take me out on a date. You told me to inform him that I could no longer go then you got mad and I told you I can do whatever I want. That's when you told me to get dress and you took me to that... that club. Um, then you went with the pretty ladies and left me there... I don't remember much after that." I said biting my lip.

"What did I tell you before I left?"

I frowned. "Not to move,"

"And what else?"

"Not to drink anything."

"And are you sure you followed those rules? Think hard?"

I thought back, remembering that I did too drink something. "I... I had a drink but it was a smoothie." I quickly defended myself.

"You stupid, stupid girl. I'm really starting to wonder if you have anything up there at all." He said tapping his head. His words were harsh. "How many of these drinks did you have?"

"At least two or three."

"Well your two or three drinks led to someone being put in the hospital and three others with a broken nose." What?

"I don't understand..."

"The drink you had were alcohol... very strong alcohol, that was covered by what you thought was a smoothie. You were drunk off your head yesterday showing everyone how much of a woman you are."

"You... you lie." Elijah raised a brow at my accusations.

"Lie? Sweetheart you can't remember half of what you did last night and want to accuse me of lying. We could always go back tonight and ask the bartender and the guards about the little show you put on last night."

"Oh god." I said feeling humiliated. How could I be so stupid. "Was I really that bad?"

"When I found you, you were grinding your ass on some fucker's cock-"

"Oh my god, please stop. I can't... I can't hear this."

"You don't like to hear how much you whored yourself around last night." He was blaming me again.

"How is this my fault? You were the one who forced me to go. I didn't plan on getting drunk and I sure didn't plan to behave the way I did." My heart was beating frantically. I was so embarrassed... so humiliated.

Not being able to stand myself I placed my face in my hands and cried. I cried at my humiliation, my vulnerability. I cried and cried until I couldn't cry anymore.

Elijah waited patiently for my tears to subside, he didn't look at all taken by my tears.

"What do you suppose I do with you?" I wanted to cry again.

"I don't know," I whispered knowing that he wanted an answer. Elijah didn't say a word, he only stared at me almost like he was over the entire conversation. My heart dropped in my stomach when he began eating his food, leaving me to fear the unexpected punishment to come.

I found myself becoming more nervous as the days flew by. The anticipation of Elijah's punishment was taking a toll on me. I tried to do everything to not anger him but it was like everything I did set him off.

So instead I tried to stay completely out of his way which was quite difficult. Elijah hasn't allowed me to open the shop since the night after we went to that club. I didn't question him or complain hoping that would be the ultimate punishment.

I did everything to keep busy. I clean, cooked, read... anything to stay out of Elijah's way. Madison had also popped up and begged for Elijah's forgiveness.

The day she made her appearance I was relieved at her being here, I was glad she could help keep Elijah busy, that is until night fell. I was in bed when I heard loud moans and screams from the guest room.

I felt downright humiliated. This went on regularly. I began dreading having Madison here. Most of the time they kept me up during the night, no matter how hard I tried to get away this place was small and had very thin walls. It was becoming tiring.

One afternoon as I was sitting in the living area reading, Elijah and Madison graced me with their presence. They took a seat on the couch opposite to me. I wanted to leave but I knew Elijah wouldn't allow it. I reluctantly stayed seated trying to be as invisible as possible.

"Let's go out, I'm tired of being here all hours of the day." Madison complained breaking threw the silence.

"Then leave," Elijah answered simply. Madison face dropped for a second before she quickly masked it with a smile.

"Or we could go leave this god forsaken prison, we been here for weeks. We could go out to get some fresh air." She said tracing his bare chest. Elijah ignored her. "Please," she whined while pouting. She was so stunning. I could understand why Elijah was intrigued with her. She could make anyone feel invisible.

I was surprised when Elijah turned his attention to me. "Would you like to go out?"

"No," I said a little too quickly. I didn't want a repeat of the other night.

Elijah smiled at my answer. "Get dress,"

"Why?" Dumb Gabrielle. Have you not learn anything, don't question the bad man.

"Because I said so." I sighed and went into my room to get dress. I put on some blue jeans and a loose blouse. Elijah and Madison was already ready when I left the room. At Elijah's car, Madison quickly sat in the passenger seat sending me a smirk. I smiled at her causing her smirk to drop. I didn't mind sitting in the back, it was only a seat.

My eyes widened when we pulled up to the beach. I was so shocked that I hadn't realized both Elijah and Madison had exit until I felt Elijah grab my hand and pull me out. I had expected him to let go of me but he didn't. He led me down to the beach all while Madison followed behind us.

"Elijah babe, can you come swim with me." Madison tugged at Elijah's arm. I could see she didn't like that his attention wasn't on her. I let go of Elijah's hand not wanting to cause any trouble between him and Madison. I instantly regretted my action when I looked up into Elijah's dark eyes. I bit my lip nervously.

He shook his head and took off his shirt. Madison had already took off her shirt and shorts revealing her bathing suit that showed almost everything. Not waiting another minute Elijah went down to the water with Madison following close behind him.

I watched as the women ogled Elijah as if he was some kind of god. Elijah ignored them all including Madison who was sending the women death glares.

A brunette went up to Elijah with a seductive smile. Elijah didn't seem to mind that she was shamelessly flirting with him. It wasn't until Madison went and stood next to him and said something to the brunette did she look away from Elijah. The brunette glared at her and winked at Elijah before walking away.

Shaking my head I walked closer to the water. I plopped down with my knees bent towards my chest. The tides pushed the water towards my feet as I stared out at the sea. I sat their for a while feeling myself growing bored.

"Funny, I find you alone again." I looked up to see a man with blonde hair and blue eyes. He looked familiar.

"I'm sorry?"

"Mason... Mason Reeds... from the club." Then it hit me. He was the guy who ordered me the drink.

"Oh, Mr. Reeds I'm sorry, my memories from that night is limited."

"I bet it is. You were drunk off your head." I blushed in embarrassment.

"I'm sorry about that. I hope I wasn't any trouble."

"No you were no trouble at all. I also apologize, I didn't think your body would respond the way it did towards the drink. You're not used to drinking alcohol?" It was more like a statement. I sheepishly shook my head. "It's okay... everyone have their days. But I have to say I didn't think you had a seductress side to you." I turned my head away from him feeling my face the color of a beetroot. He laughed taking a seat next to me.

"It's good to see you back to yourself. You didn't really fit that scene."

I looked at him in confusion. "What do you mean?"

"No offense but I didn't see you as the type to drink and wear revealing dresses. Most of the women there is looking for a night of fun. First party then a man to spend the night with... you just didn't look the type that fit that scene. You're more modest and innocent."

I smiled at his compliment. "That's very sweet of you." He stared at me strangely. His eyes looked different as he stared at me.

"What's going on here?" A deep voice had us both looking up at Elijah's angry eyes.

"Um... this is Mr. Reeds." Mason stood and extended his hand towards Elijah. Elijah only stared at him darkly. When Mason realized Elijah wasn't going to greet him he awkwardly retrieved his hand. I looked up at Elijah and the look in his eyes frightened me. He looked ready to attack. I quickly latched onto his arm before he could move. "Can we leave please?" His gaze locked on me and I almost had a heart failure. "Please," I pleaded.

He grabbed my arm painfully and began pulling me along. I saw Mason start walking towards us and I quickly shook my head stopping him. Elijah roughly pushed me into the car and got into the driver's seat. He didn't wait for Madison, he pulled off without a second thought. I sat silently during the ride knowing that I was in for it.

As soon as the car stopped I rushed into the shop and up the stairs. I tried to shut the door and lock it but Elijah was there before I could. I backed away as he fully entered and slammed the door shut behind him.

"I didn't do anything." I found myself saying. Elijah smiled before grabbing my arm and pulling me flush against him. He stroked my cheek gently.

"Oh sweetheart, you did plenty." I felt my eyes tear up.

"What did I do? Tell me what have I done wrong?"

"What were you and that fucker talking about?"

"You're jealous," I concluded. Elijah tilted his head. "That's why you're acting this way... because of your jealousy."

"Trust me baby, you don't want to be making me jealous." I shook my head at the absurd man.

"I haven't done anything wrong. I spoke with him... I'm allowed to speak with whoever I want. You can't control me." He rubbed a hand over his trimmed chin while eyeing me out.

"You like the attention you're retrieving? You like having men lust after you? Whoring yourself around for all to see."

"You... you bastard." I lashed out feeling hurt by the never-ending attacks.

Before I could think Elijah grabbed my neck hard, cutting of my air way. I struggled to remove his hand. It wasn't until I thought I would pass out from lack of air did he release the pressure. I coughed and sputtered trying to inhale greedily.

"What you say?" I didn't dare repeat myself. "Answer me... what was it you called me?" I shook my head feeling the fight leaving me.


"You sure it was nothing?" Oh god,

"Yes, I'm sorry... I didn't say anything." Elijah nodded his head seeming satisfied with my answer.

"Kiss me." I shook my head. Elijah suddenly slammed me against the wall all while his hand was still around my neck. "Kiss me." He repeated. Again, I shook my head. He added pressure to my neck and only when I felt as if I would pass out did he let me go. "Fucking kiss me." He was losing his patience. I gave in.

Sealing my mouth shut I placed my lip on his and quickly moved away. Elijah smiled. I wasn't expecting the slap that followed seconds later. I would've fallen to the floor if it wasn't for his hold on my neck.

"Kiss me," he repeated. The tears were falling fast. Again I placed my lips on his but this time I held them there longer before pulling away. Again, I was greeted with a harsh smash to the face. I cried out, the pain was unbearable.

"I don't know what you want." I cried. Elijah frowned, almost looking confused. He roughly pushed me away causing me to lose my footing and fall to the floor.

"You fucking disgust me." With that he walked out the front door leaving me there.

It took a week before Elijah returned. I had opened my shop again thinking that maybe he was gone for good. I couldn't have been more wrong. I had just got out the shower and was looking for something to cook for dinner when Elijah walked in so casually. But to my surprise he wasn't alone. A gorgeous blonde with green eyes and a very slim body was with him. Without so much as sparing me a glance he went into the guest room with the woman.

I continued preparing dinner making sure to make enough if Elijah and the woman decided to eat. I made their plates and just as I had assumed both the woman and Elijah walked into the kitchen and took a seat. I placed their plates in front of them and also a glass of water. I heard the woman scoff when she saw the water.

"Are you serious?" I looked at her in confusion.

"Excuse me?"

"Water? Where's the wine?" Um...

"I don't drink alcohol." I heard Elijah mumble something along the lines 'could've fooled me'. I glared at him.

The woman waved me off as if something was wrong with me. We ate in silence. After that was over I washed the dishes before making my way into my room. I got into bed and was more then ready to sleep.

I jumped when I felt someone move into bed beside me. I looked up surprised to see Elijah. Without giving me so much as an explanation he wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me so that I was flat against him. Too tired to care I placed my head on his chest and snuggled into his warmth, falling into the best sleep I had all week.

By morning Elijah was already up and out of bed. I looked at the time and realized I had slept in. Quickly getting dress I rushed out the room. Elijah and the woman were now seated in the living room. She was saying something to Elijah who was doing something on his phone.

"Well look who's up." The woman spoke out causing Elijah to look away from his phone and at me. I awkwardly stood there before very slowly taking a seat.

"Um... Elijah?" He returned his gaze to me, tilting his head ever so slightly. I found myself getting lost in his eyes. It's been over a week since I've seen him and as much as I hate to admit it I did miss having him here. It can get pretty lonely not having no friends or anyone to talk to. I shook my head snapping out of my thought. "Elijah?"

"Yes Gabrielle," He sounded exasperated.

"Can I open my shop? I promise I won't cause any problems."

He looked to be thinking it over. With the small nod of his head I jumped up and all but ran down to the bakery. In less then an hour the place was filled with a good amount of people. Elijah soon came down with the blonde woman. I was confused when he grabbed my arm and made me sit next to them.

"They work, you sit here." Very simple words. I let out a breath and sat watching as people entered and left my shop. Everything was going smoothly. It wasn't until Madison showed up did the chaos began. She walked straight up to us smiling before she saw the blonde sitting on the other side of Elijah. Her smile instantly replaced with a frown.

"Who are you?" She asked the blonde.

The blonde smiled sweetly. "I'm Ruth, I'm with Elijah." Yeah, this wasn't going to go well.

"You lie... he's mine, you two timing whore." She hissed.

"Yours? He can't be yours since he's been fucking me everyday this week." Oh god, did she really just say that?

"Elijah what is the meaning of this." Elijah leaned back in his seat eyeing Madison out.

"You heard her." He said it without a care in the world.

"I will not stand for it. I'll leave, I will not have you be with another."

"I never made you stay. You're free to leave whenever you want. Just know if you want me you will have to share."

Madison's eyes filled with tears as she stared at Elijah. She truly looked heart broken. "Fine," She gave in taking a seat across from us.

After a while I went outside wanting to get some air. The tension back there was so thick I was beginning to feel suffocated.

As I was ready to head back inside I felt someone grab my arm. I looked back to see Carter staring a me with a polite smile.

"Long time no see stranger."

"How are you Mr. Scott?"

"Carter... just Carter."

"Im sorry... I forgot. What brings you here?"

"I wanted to see you," I furrowed my brows. "You never did let me take you out on that date."

I let out a nervous laugh. "Um... about that, I thought about it and decided we shouldn't be talking about dates and things like that."

He looked genuinely disappointed. "Why? Did I do something wrong?"

"No... no of course not. It's just I'm very busy and don't have the time at the moment."

He didn't look like he was believing my lie. "Well maybe some time in the future." I nodded.

"The fuck is this?" My heart dropped at the sound of Elijah's voice. I turned around to see him leaning against the pole lighting himself a cigarette. He looked bored but I could tell by how dark his eyes were that he was mad... again.

"Nothing... I had stopped Carter as he was passing and greeted him." I said quickly.

"Is that so?" He asked menacingly. He tossed his smoke and walked towards me.

I took a step back wanting to escape the mad man but he grabbed my arm and roughly pulled me into him. From the corner of my eye I saw Carter take a step forward, I silently pleaded for him to leave. Elijah also noticed Carter's movement.

He raised a brow at him almost challenging. The last thing I was expecting was for Elijah to suddenly grab a fist full of my hair and kiss me hard. The kiss was so brutal, almost as if he was trying to brand me. I whimpered when he bit my lip hard enough to draw blood.

Everything happened in a blur after that. Carter swung a punch at Elijah who anticipated his attack. He roughly let me go and dodged Carter's hits. He continued to let Carter throw his punches before he decided it was his turn. One punch from Elijah and Carter was down and out, but Elijah didn't stop there, he continued to beat up the poor man.

I pulled Elijah off him and did the only thing I could do. I slapped him... hard. I wasn't ready for Elijah to slap me right back. He grabbed my arm breaking my fall. By now we had formed a small crowd. Elijah didn't give me any warning when he abruptly pulled me back to the shop and up the stairs. He shut the door and slammed me against it, trapping me between him.

Before he could lash out at me with his insults I placed my head on his chest and cried taking him by surprise. I hated allowing people to see this vulnerable side of me but I couldn't help it. Elijah continued to constantly hurt me. He was so hot and cold. One minute he's ignoring the next he became mean and cold. It was becoming hard to deal with.

I could tell that Elijah was way out of his comfort zone. He awkwardly tried to console me by stroking my back and telling me to stop crying.

"Why do you keep doing this?" I cried. "You're confusing me Elijah. Please just leave me. Go and leave me here... I promise I won't tell anyone about you and Noah and David. I only ask for you to leave me... please.... you're scaring me."

Elijah let me go running a hand through his hair. He looked so out of his zone. "You think I can control the way I act around you? I can't get you the fuck out of my head." His crazed eyes stared at me with lust.

I almost fell to my knees when he walked in front of me. He grabbed my jaw and brought his face down towards mine. We were so close, I could feel his breath fan my lips.

"I need to get you out of my fucking system." I felt my body trembling in fear at his words. "Kiss me," Oh god, please not this again. I shook my head in panic. His hold on my jaw tightened causing me to wince. "Gabrielle," The warning was there.

With tears falling down my cheeks I placed my lips on his and kissed him softly. I just sat there with my lips on his. He didn't move and neither did I. It wasn't long before Elijah took over the kiss, kissing me hard and fast.

He thrust his tongue into my mouth while holding my jaw in a firm grip preventing me from moving away. Only when he rubbed his body against mine did I began to struggle.

My eyes widened when I felt his very hard erection. I pushed at his chest using all the strength I could muster. Without breaking the kiss he forced me to wrap my legs around him, holding me up against the wall.

I thought I would pass out from lack of air when Elijah finally broke the kiss. He closed his eyes and placed his forehead on mine as he tried to even his breathing.

"Let me have you Gabrielle." His electric blue eyes stared into mine deeply. I shook my head. He stroked my cheek gently as he continued to stare at me with his hypnotizing eyes. When he saw I wasn't giving in he roughly let go of me, staring at me with angry eyes. "Fuck off out of my face." I quickly went into my room locking the door for precaution. It wasn't long before loud moans were heard from the guest bed room.

After a few hours I left my room and went to throw something quick together for dinner. I was surprised to see that Elijah had ordered out. As I finished the slice of pizza I went to retreat back to my room when Elijah called me into the living room. I took a seat without waiting for Elijah's order. I kept my eyes on my lap not daring to look up in fear of meeting Elijah's gaze.

"Why are you here?" Ruth, who was sitting next to Elijah, asked. I looked at her with a small frown.

"Excuse me?"

"Why are you here? Who are you to Elijah?" I turned my gaze to Elijah who only raised a brow waiting for me to explain.


"You don't seem like nobody. I've been with Elijah for a while now and I never seen him act the way he did earlier with you." Um...

I bit my lip. "I do not understand what it is you want me to say. I am nobody... just a girl who was at the wrong place during the wrong time... nothing more."

Ruth nodded. "Good, because he's mine but since you are nobody we shouldn't have a problem." I furrowed my brows but did not comment.

I was glad when that ordeal was over. I straightened up and was more then ready to return to my room when the land line ranged. I picked up the phone in confusion to who it might be.

"Hello?" There was no answer, only the sound of someone breathing on the other line. "Hello, is anyone there?" No answer. I hanged up the phone and began to make my way to my room. I jumped when the loud ring echoed out the house again. I answered waiting for someone to respond but I only got the sound of someone breathing heavily. "Hello? Who is this?" Again no answer. I hung up feeling a sudden fear overtake my body.

"Who was that?" I jumped at the sound of Elijah's voice.

"Goodness gracious, you need to send some kind of warning when sneaking up on someone." Elijah raised a brow not moving from his spot against the wall.

He nodded to the phone. "Who was it?"

I shrugged. "I'm not sure. No one answered. There was only breathing, maybe it was a prank call." Elijah hummed in response. I cleared my throat awkwardly. "Um... good night." Quickly going into my room I shut my door and got into bed. I wasn't surprised when I heard Elijah enter. He got into bed and wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me into him. I looked up at him with my brows furrowed.

"You are a very confusing man." He closed his eyes ignoring me. "Do you hear me Elijah Knight?"

"Gabrielle, shhhh... stop talking."

"Why won't you call me Gabby?" I mumbled to myself not expecting an answer from him.

"Because your name is Gabrielle."

"Yeah, but I don't like that name." He didn't comment or even look at me. "My mother name was Gabrielle. Gran named me after she had ran away... said she missed her daughter and I was the closest thing to her." Gran always told me how much my mother loved me but I never understood how could someone not want something they love.

"Everyone calls me Gabby except for Gran. She refused to listen and continued to call me Gabrielle. I hated whenever she would use my full name... it reminded me of my mother." Elijah hasn't moved, his eyes were still closed as he laid on his back. He looked very much asleep. I put my head on his chest wanting comfort. Talking about Gran and my mother dampened my mood.

"It hurts knowing you're all alone." I whispered to myself feeling tears prick my eyes. My mother didn't want me and Gran also left me. I closed my eyes wanting to forget. I was glad when sleep finally came helping me escape even if it was only a little while.

The days continued like every other day. Elijah kept a distance away from me and spent more time with Ruth but lately I could see something was beginning to irritate him. One night as I was getting ready for dinner Elijah announced that he would be leaving soon. I didn't know how to feel about it so I just nodded.

The next day I was up before anyone. I slid out of bed and got ready for a beautiful day. As I was about to go prepare breakfast I noticed that there was a large bouquet of roses. I furrowed my brows in confusion as I read the small card attached to it.

You Will Be Mine

"What's this?" I jumped swirling around to see Elijah and Ruth enter the living room. Ruth had on a simple see threw night gown and Elijah only had on pajama pants that sat low on his waist. I was beginning to wonder if he owned any night shirts.

"Oh, that was delivered here last night. I'm guessing you have a admirer." Ruth answered. Elijah walked to me and took the card from. His eyes darkened as he read over it.

"I don't know who it's from." I quickly explained myself. "I... I think I have a stalker."

Ruth scoffed. "Yeah? How flattering of you." She said sarcastically.

"I've been getting these strange phone calls. No one answers... I just hear harsh breathing. At first I thought someone was prank calling but then it been happening more frequently."

"If so why the fuck you haven't told me this?"

"I didn't think much of it." I mumbled.

"Of course you didn't. Having a stalker is nothing to worry about yes?" He mocked.

"I didn't know." Elijah shook his head and walked out the room.

"What game are you playing?" My eyes widened at Ruth's accusing voice.


"Enough with this innocent bullshit. You trying to steal Elijah away from me." What?

"No, I-"

"Let this be your only warning. Elijah is mine, stay away from him." I frowned but nodded anyway.

Things didn't get better after that. If anything everything worsened. The 'stalker' continued to send teddy bears and roses but after the second week of that I started receiving threats. I would find slashed up teddy bears and dead roses. Whoever this stalker was, he was getting tired of waiting. The threats and promises were beginning to frighten me.

He would send me cards saying he's watching me and how he couldn't wait to finally have me. It was disgusting. Elijah ignored me when I tried to explain to him about the never ending threats. He would read the cards but not say anything of it. He acted as if he couldn't care.

"I'm heading off tomorrow." Elijah stated as soon as I walked into my room. I had just put on my night wear and was ready for bed. Not knowing what to say I nodded wordlessly. On the inside I was panicking. What if the stalker decided to attack? I doubt I would be able to fight him. "I will be gone before you wake." I nodded again and got into bed.

I was surprised when Elijah also got into bed. For the pass few weeks he'd stayed away from me at every given opportunity. He spent all his time with Ruth.

I didn't comment when he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into him. He snuggled his head in the crook of my neck and inhaled deeply.

"Elijah?" He hummed. "What if the stalker comes while you're gone?" I felt him tense. When he stayed quiet I decided to continue. "How am I suppose to fight him?"

"I'll leave you a gun."

"What? No! I'm not shooting anyone." I softly fisted his smooth, sleek hair and gently pulled his head from the crook of my neck so he could see how serious I was. "I don't want your... pistol."

"How do you suppose you will protect yourself then?"

"I'm not shooting anyone." I repeated. Elijah stared at me with angry eyes.

"Fucking idiot... I swear you have no brain in there." He sat up. "What the fuck is wrong with you? I can't do shit if I'm not here." I didn't respond. "You're forcing my hand Gabrielle. I'm trying... I really am trying for your sake. Accept the gun and let me be on my way." I stared at him in confusion. What was he going on about?

There was a long silent. "I'm scared," Elijah cursed. I flinched when he stood and left the room, slamming the door behind him. I fell asleep that night with my cheeks stained with tears.

"No... no... I'm not bringing her... fuck off Noah." I awoke to the sound of Elijah's voice. He was on the phone and by how dark his eyes were I knew he wasn't in the mood. "Yeah... I don't give a fuck... Is it done? Alright, we'll discuss it later. I'll be there soon." He ended the call. "Fuck!" He cursed loudly earning a whimper from me. His head snapped in the direction I was sitting. He stared at me darkly.

"Come here," I felt my legs shake in fear of his retaliation. I crawled out of bed and walked until I was directly in front of him. He grabbed my jaw and placed his forehead on mine.

Closing his eyes he drew in a breath trying to calm himself down. I knew he was having a mental argument with himself. His eyes opened and the unique blue orbs bore into mine, I thought my heart would stop beating. "Pack your things." Without giving me time to process his words he let go of me and left the room.

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