Deadly Obsession

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Chapter 5

After a lot of arguing and threats I was forced to return with Elijah to his home. I knew nothing good was going to come out of his decision. Elijah was sure to get angry with me and snap sooner or later. Yes, I wanted him to stay, but I was afraid of this stalker. At Elijah's home I would be at his mercy, back at the bakery I partially felt as if I had a say, but now it would be completely different.

On the road Elijah didn't say a word, he kept his eyes trained straight ahead not even bothering to spare me a passing glance. Ruth had attempted multiple times to gain his attention but Elijah simply ignored her. She finally gave up but not before sending me a death glare.

After driving for almost five hours, Elijah eventually pulled over at a small diner. He didn't say a word as he ordered our food and took a seat at a booth. Ruth quickly sat beside him leaving me to sit across from them. The waiter placed our food in front of us and I sent him a polite smile.

I felt Elijah glaring at me, I ate my food hoping to distract myself from his hard gaze. Immediately after we finished our meal we were back on the road. I was exhausted and was desperate for somewhere to sleep but I didn't dare speak this to Elijah.

"Elijah, honey, lets pull over and find somewhere we can stay the night. I'm tired and want to sleep." I couldn't help but agree with Ruth. Elijah ignored her as if she wasn't there.

Feeling myself ready to doze off I grabbed Elijah's hoodie using it as a blanket. I used my arm as a pillow and laid down on the back seats. It wasn't long before I fell asleep.

I awoke to someone shaking me. Opening my eyes I was met with the beautiful blue orbs. Elijah gestured for me to follow him which I did without question. It was still dark and I wanted nothing more then to go back to sleep.

I rubbed a fist against my eyes as I took in the site in front of me that I was certain is Elijah's home. My eyes widened as I stared at everything in awe. It was huge...

When Elijah saw that I wasn't going to move, too busy gawking at the mansion, he grabbed my hand and pulled me along. Ruth didn't wait for Elijah and I to accompany her, she walked ahead of us and into the mansion leaving me to believe she'd been here before. Elijah led me up the stairs and into a room. It was extremely big and for some reason I was sure this was his room. Not waiting I got into bed and fell asleep almost instantly.

The next morning when I awoke it took me a minute to remember where I was. I looked around the huge room taking everything in. My eyes landed on my packed suit case. Grabbing a pair of jeans and a simple shirt I went into the ensuite and got ready.

Once I was done I thew my hair up into a ponytail and patiently sat on the bed. After sitting there for almost thirty minutes someone knocked on the door. I hesitantly went to answer and was greeted with Ruth. She was dressed in a very tight skirt and a spaghetti strap shirt.

"He wants you down stairs." Was all she said before turning on her heel and walking away. I quickly followed her down the hall and down the stairs. I stopped dead in my track when I saw Elijah sitting on out on the patio with Noah and David.

Not waiting another minute I ran up and hugged Noah tightly. Noah stood tensely for a second before stiffly wrapping his arm around me. I was sure I caught him off guard. I said a good morning to both Elijah and David and went to take a seat next to Noah ignoring Elijah's glare.

"Over here Gabrielle," I eyed Elijah out in confusion. He didn't look very happy. Deciding it was best to just do as he say I went and took a seat beside him. Both Noah and David looked confused by Elijah's behavior.

"So..." Noah started, trying to ease the tension. "How you been Gabby? I hope Elijah haven't given you a tough time."

"Fuck off Noah." Was Elijah's mature response.

"I'm doing very well Noah and as for Elijah, it's nothing I can't handle." I said smiling brightly.

"Everything's in order then?" Elijah asked ignoring me.

"All good. The shipment is ready to go... just waiting for Garrett." David responded coolly.

Elijah leaned back in his seat taking out a smoke. He inhaled the deadly substance. "Garrett? That piece of shit have yet to do his part?"

"Promised to have it finished soon... said he merely needed some time." Elijah took in the information, thinking it over. I tuned them out after that. Instead I admired the mansion, taking in everything around me. The garden was just beautiful.

"You have a beautiful home. If you don't mind me asking, why is it you chose to buy such a big place when it's only you?" I asked Elijah out of the blue.

He didn't even look at me when he answered. "I liked it, I bought it." Um...

"But... does it not get lonely? Being in a spacious house all alone I mean."

"If I get lonely I'll find a woman to bring here until I get bored of her and tell her to fuck off." I knitted my brows at his words. How cold was this man? I didn't try to make conversation after that. I was grateful when an older woman came out with lunch. I haven't ate breakfast this morning and was starved.

Without waiting to be invited I grabbed a sandwich and devoured it within minutes. I looked at the last sandwich then at the boys. I wanted seconds but I was unsure if the men wanted more. I didn't want to be selfish and eat it all from them.

My eyes widened when Elijah grabbed the last sandwich and placed it on my plate. I sent him a thankful smile after I snapped out of my shock. Ruth, who was sitting across from me, were glaring daggers into my head. Once lunch was over the men continued to discuss something that I was sure was important.

After sitting there doing nothing I could no longer help myself, I stood wanting to walk the garden. Before I could even take a step Elijah was on me. He grabbed my wrist pulling me back into my seat, not bothering to explain his reasoning.

"I... I want to walk the garden."

"Do you now?"

I nodded although I knew he was mocking me. "Yes, now if you would excuse me." I went to stand again but Elijah's hold on my wrist tightened painfully. I was sure he would break it. Only when I sat down did he loosen his grip. Taking the opportunity I removed my hand from him and rubbed my now sore wrist.

"Why must I sit here? It's not like I'm going to try to run away." Elijah ignored me.

The silence was deafening. The men were no longer discussing whatever it was they were talking about. The only sound was the light breeze that cocooned around us.

Maybe Elijah liked the silence. Nonetheless, boredom was taking a toll on me. I began fiddling with my fingers and tapping my foot, all while humming a soft tune. This seemed to irritate Elijah.

"What the fuck is it?"

I bit my lip nervously. "I'm bored,"

"Fuck me dead." He cursed.

I shook my head. "Your mouth needs a good washing. I remember there was this one time when I was a little girl, I had said the F word after hearing someone use it, and Gran was so angry... she had told me if she ever heard that kind of language come out my mouth again she would give me some soap and-"

"For fucks sake, turn it off." Elijah snapped rubbing his temple.

I frowned. "How rude," I mumbled.

"Gabrielle, one more word and I swear..."

"Sorry," I murmured. Elijah cursed before standing and going inside. Ruth quickly followed him. "Was it something I said?" I mumbled to myself in confusion.

Noah burst out laughing. I saw the corner of David mouth twitch up. "You are a fucking head doer. I don't know how he lasted three months without killing you." I knitted my brows together at David's word.

That night, I had just got out the shower and finished unpacking when Elijah walked into the room. Without saying a word to me he went into the bathroom. I stood there not knowing what to do. Once back in the room he didn't even glance my way. He got into his bed, making himself comfortable.

"Get into bed Gabrielle." Elijah spoke into the pillow when I did nothing but stand there. Very slowly I got into the big bed staying to my end. Elijah wasn't having that. His hand reached out and grabbed me pulling me against his body.

"Why do you do that? This is a big bed... you can stay on your end while I stay on mine."

"Shhhh stop talking," He nuzzled into my neck and inhaled deeply. "You smell so good... so fucking good." I felt my heart accelerate.

"Um... Elijah can you please move. You're making me uncomfortable." He removed his head from my neck and stared at me intensely. I felt nervous under his dark penetrating gaze.

"Kiss me," What? I shook my head slowly. "You sure you want to do this? We both know how this is going to end." I pushed at his chest wanting to put as much space between us as I could.

"No, go kiss Ruth... I don't want your kiss." I don't know why I said it, it was something about Ruth and Elijah that didn't sit well with me. Elijah's eyes darkened immensely at my words. In one swift movement I was on my back with Elijah hovering above me.

"You don't want my kiss babe? Was that what you said?" My eyes widened as fear drenched my body. He smiled tracing my lips so softly. At this point I was afraid to move. "Who is it you wished to kiss you?"

"No one," I whispered.

"Is it Noah?" My brows drew together. "You wish it was Noah here kissing you?"


"Oh but you missed him so much. Tell me Gabrielle, did you like being in his arms?" Oh god. I was sure my heart was going to pound out of my chest. My tears were falling fast now.

"Elijah, I... I didn't see him in a while and was surprised." Elijah hummed, seeming satisfied with my answer. He stopped tracing my lips, but he didn't remove his finger. His gaze moved down to my lips and I didn't dare breath.

"Let me have you Gabrielle." My eyes widened. "I'm dying... I can't get you out of my fucking head... you're killing me." I gasped when he thrust his knees between my legs. I felt his very hard erection and began to panic. "Gabrielle-"

"Elijah, please stop... you're scaring me." I cried. He paused. I whimpered, resisting the scream that was ready to tear threw my throat when Elijah punched to pillow beside my head. He placed his head on mine staring lustfully into my teary eyes. After calming himself down he got off me and left the room, making sure to slam the door. I cried myself to sleep that night.

For the next week Elijah did everything to keep away from me, as I did the same with him. The only times I would see him is during meals, any other time from that he would spend with Ruth. David and Noah were still around but they didn't have time to convert with me.

The boredom began to eat at me, I had no one to talk to or take my mind off things. Noah tried to get me to watch popular shows and movies on television but that would only hold my interest for a few minutes. It wasn't something I could do all day.

By the second week I refused to sit around and do nothing. I had been in my room for most of the day and decided to get out and head down stairs. The men were seated in the big living area. I said a quick good afternoon and continued to make my way pass them.

"Gabrielle," I stopped dead in my track at the sound of Elijah's voice. He haven't said a word to me in two weeks. I couldn't stop the cold shiver down my spine. "Over here,"

Hesitantly I walked over and took a seat beside him when he indicated for me to sit. He proceeded his conversation with David and Noah. I didn't understand why I had to sit here. Was it because he thought I was up to trouble?

I let out a breath crossing my arm over my chest and falling back into my seat. Elijah raised a brow but didn't say a word.

"Where was it you were going Gabby?" Noah asked when there was nothing but silence.

"Um... I was heading to the kitchen." He looked confused.

"What for? If you are hungry you could just order a maid."

I gasped. "I will do no such thing. God gifted me with two legs and two arms. I will not have anyone wait upon me when I am more then capable to see to myself." Noah looked like he didn't know what to say. Elijah shook his head taking out a cigarette.

"What was it you were going to the kitchen for Gabrielle?" Elijah asked sounding exasperated.

"I wanted to bake." I stated proudly.

"Yeah, no kitchen for you then."

"Why not? I have done nothing wrong? I'm bored here and need a distraction." Elijah took a puff of his smoke and blew it in my face. I coughed swiping at the cloud of smoke around me.

"Tough luck,"

"You... you..." I was not one to throw insults. It was hard for me to come up with something harsh to say.

Elijah tilted his head, staring at me in amusement. "Me what?"

"You... you cold, mean man." Elijah only raised a brow.

"Wow babe, I'm actually hurt." He mocked. I glared at him giving him a shut up look. Ruth didn't look slightly amused. She wanted Elijah's attention.

"Hun I was thinking about getting this dress? Wanna see?" Elijah turned to her, eyeing her out.

"The fuck would I want to see for?"

Ruth looked lost. "I-I just thought-"

"If you want the dress then get it." Her face dropped. She looked so hurt by Elijah's nonchalant attitude, I kind of felt bad her.

Later on the day I was finally able to get to the main kitchen. The maids were horrified when they saw me, they tried to assure me that they could cook whatever it is I wanted. I sent them a sweet smile and told them it was fine. They were very tense but let me do my thing anyways.

I ended up only making my special cheesecake. I wanted to make more but felt bad for causing the cooks discomfort. I thanked them and asked if they could help me with the plates. A young woman, who's name I learned was Lexi, was more then grateful to help. When the boys saw us they said nothing, only stared with unreadable expressions.

I placed the cheesecake down and grabbed the plates from Lexi saying a small thank you. As I ate I noticed no one even reached to try my cheesecake, I felt a little hurt and rejected. Noah, seeing my expression, grabbed a slice. My eyes lit up as he took a bite of the cake, I was anxious to see his expression.

He groaned, dramatically rolling his eyes to the back of his head. "This is so good Gabby. Your sweets are literally to die for." I knew he was only teasing, trying to brighten my mood. His kind gestures warmed my heart.

I beamed at him with a huge smile. "Oh it's nothing." I decided to play along.

"Nothing? You are like the dessert goddess." I laughed at that.

"Well thank you, my good man." I mocked trying to contain my laughter. My eyes met Elijah's and I felt myself freeze, all traces of amusement leaving my body. His eyes were deadly, he looked ready to attack. I flinched when stood not able to contain the whimper that left my lips. He grabbed Ruth's hand and pulled her along up the stairs.

"What the fuck?" I looked at Noah who seemed very concerned. His eyes were filled with pity as he stared at me. David only shook his head not saying a word.

For the next few days Elijah was cold and shut off. He didn't bother to glance my way and whenever he would look at me he would appear to be bored. Most of the time he wanted me out of his face. I tried to not let it get to me but sadly it did hurt.

One morning I was surprised when I didn't see anyone around. I took the chance to finally go on that stroll in the garden. I felt my mood lifting as I touched and smelt every flower I passed. For the first time in a long time it was peaceful, forgetting everything around me... to forget Elijah...

Looking back I was surprised to see four pairs of eyes on me. My cheeks heated up and I slowly made my way to where they were seated. I noticed the man, Garrett I believe his name was, siting with them. His eyes stared at me with such longing, it made me uncomfortable. David and Noah did not help in the matter as they were glaring at me angrily.

"Over here Gabrielle," Elijah called out looking very calm. I obliged, taking a seat beside to him. My eyes gazed upon his bare chest longer then necessary. My cheeks heated as I stared at all the tattoos. They were so strange but somehow it fitted him.

"My, you get prettier by the day." Garrett complimented. I tore my curious gaze from Elijah's ink filled chest and sent Garrett a soft smile in appreciation. "I have to say I am a bit disappointed Elijah didn't take me up on my offer. Hopefully he can reconsider." Garrett said smiling at me. Elijah eyed him out darkly, saying nothing. He actually looked bored.

"I'm quite surprised he kept you this long, he never had a woman over an extended of time. I was expecting for him to leave you by now."

"Mr. Garrett-"

"Just Garett,"

"Garrett... you speak to me but it is like you are unintentionally speaking to Elijah." He let out a laugh at my words.

"You are very amusing Gabrielle." I frowned at the sound of my birth name, not the least bit of comfortable hearing him say it.

"Gabby," He gave me a look of confusion. "Call me Gabby,"

"Gabrielle is much more beautiful."

"I prefer Gabby," Why wasn't he just calling me Gabby?

"Elijah calls you Gabrielle and not Gabby... why is it you allow him to call you by your full name?" My gaze shifted to Elijah, he didn't look like he was interested in our conversation. He sat there as if we were wasting his time.

I didn't understand why I allowed Elijah to call me Gabrielle. Maybe because he refuse to call me anything else and I'd gotten used to him calling me Gabrielle.

"I prefer to be called Gabby." I repeated. "You asked me to call you Garrett and I did. I only ask for you to also respect what I ask of you and to call me Gabby." I said softly. He stared at me intensely.

"You are out of this world." He spoke slowly as if not believing I was real. "What I wouldn't do to have you." I noticed both David and Noah sitting tensely.

"Is that a threat Garett?" Elijah surprised me by speaking. He gazed at Garett with challenging eyes, not looking the least bit worried.

"And start an all out war... now why would I do that?" Garrett replied sounding appalled but his eyes stayed on me. I uncomfortably shifted in my chair wanting to hide myself from his yearning gaze.

"Yes that would be very stupid of you." Garrett tensed at Elijah's words, his hands gripping the arm rest of the chair angrily. "Know this, you will never have her Garrett, she's mine, understood?" Garrett stiffly nodded.

He stood and extended his hand out to me. I placed my hands in his thinking he wanted to shake but was surprised when he brought my hand to his lips placing a small kiss on the back of it. Elijah sat there his face not giving away a thing.

"I'm looking forward to seeing you again." I shook my head at the stupid man in front of me. Did he not believe that Elijah would kill him.

The second after he left Elijah stood grabbing the chair he was seated in and tossed it across the yard. Noah grabbed me, moving me out of the firing line. Elijah continued to smash anything he could get his hands on. "Fuck!" He cursed loudly.

I tensed when his gaze landed on me. He stalked straight towards me, pulling me away from Noah and striking me across the face. I fell to the ground, the tears spilled from my eyes uncontrollably.

"What the fuck man!" David grabbed Noah back from intervening. Elijah didn't even glance at Noah, his eyes zeroed on me. He grabbed me by my neck pulling me from the ground. His hand squeezed my neck tightly cutting off my air way.

"He's going to fucking kill her!" I heard Noah yell. My gaze got hazy from lack of air. Seconds before I could lose consciousness Elijah roughly shoved me away causing me to fall to the ground.

"Get the fuck out of my face!" I all but ran to my room.

I was in there for a good hour dreading that I would have to see Elijah again. He was very angry and for some reason it was directed towards me. When the door opened and Elijah walked into the room I took a step away from him feeling pure fear.

"You like having that fucker lusting after you? You like having a fucking drug lord lusting after you?" I quickly shook my head. "No? You were all but teasing him just minutes ago." What?

"I was not." I whispered.

"Oh but you were. Regardless if you realized it or not, you fucking were."

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to." I said to wanting to appease him but Elijah did not give in.

"Maybe I should give you to him, beat me having to deal with you." My heart dropped. He was considering giving me to Garrett. "No? You don't want Garrett? You want Noah?"

"I don't want anyone." I whispered. A whimpered escaped my lips the moment Elijah grabbed my jaw.

"See that's the fucking problem." My tears fell faster in confusion. I knew he was gone. There was no getting him back, his jealousy had taken a toll on him.

"Elijah please you're scaring me. I'm sorry... please, just stop." Elijah laughed humorlessly.

"You don't think I tried to stop. I can't fucking stop. I tried everything... I can't fucking stay away from you. I told you to take the gun and let me fuck off out of your life, I fucking told you. But your innocence wouldn't allow you." My heart almost pounded out of my chest when he put his forehead on mine.


"I'm going to fuck you." I froze upon hearing his words. Using all my strength I pushed him away from me taking him by surprise. I backed away from him, wanting to keep as much distance between him and I.

"No, I won't allow you." Elijah smiled walking towards me. Without thinking I made a run for the door. Elijah was on me within seconds. He had me slammed against the wall before I could think. I pushed at his chest, struggling to get out of his hold. "Let go of me."

"No," My eyes widened when he kissed me. It was so soft and gently, I almost forgot where I was. It was only when he thrust his knees between my legs did I began to panic. Once he pulled away I didn't think, I slapped him across the face. His eyes were so dark.

"Don't do that again." He spoke deadly.

"Please... don't..."

"Nevertheless I am going to fuck you. I need to get you the fuck out of my system."

"How can you sleep at night? You are a monster... a cold blooded monster." I glared at him.

"No matter what you call me it's not going to change the fact that I am going to fuck you."

"Why are you doing this to me? Are you that selfish that you would take away from me for your own personal needs?" He didn't answer right away and I felt a glimmer of hope.

"Yeah," I looked at him in disbelief. He was cruel. This man had no heart.

"You really are heartless." Elijah smiled before capturing my lips with his. Without hesitation I slapped him again. He cursed before smashing me right back sending me to the floor. It felt as if my face shattered from the impact.

"You want to fight me? C'mon fight." He nudged me with his foot. I didn't dare move. Elijah saw that I wasn't going to stand and grabbed my arm pulling me from the floor.

Again he kissed me, but this time it was fierce, he used his tongue and all, everything about the kiss was cold.

"I hope you burn in Hell for this. Such evil belongs there." I said so passionately once he pulled away.

"I see you're not done fighting me"

"I will fight you every step of the way. You're wrong if you think I'm just going to let you do what you want with me."

"You mean fuck you?" He mocked. I glared at you.

"I never hated anyone before, not even my mother who left me when I was just a baby. But I swear, I will hate you if you do this to me. I will never forgive you." Elijah's eyes darkened looking almost black. I gasped when his hand wrapped around my neck, pulling me until I was flush against him.

"Then you will hate me." My eyes widened and I felt them burn with tears.

"Elijah... please-" He kissed me, cutting me off. I struggled to push him away but stopped instantly once his hand tightened around my neck. Thankfully he loosened his grip and I gasped in a breath. My tears were falling faster then ever.

Elijah slammed me against the wall all while his hand roamed my body shamelessly. I gasped, feeling my heart ready to stop, when he grabbed the hem of my shirt pulling it over my head and tossing it to the other side of the room.

He roughly turned me around so that I was facing the wall and quickly unstrapped my bra. Pulling down my pants he forced me to step out of them. I didn't even have time to cover myself or to get over my shock as he quickly tossed me onto the bed.

He tore off my last piece of clothing leaving me bare in front of him. Elijah hissed in a breath, his cold gaze taking in my naked body. I tried to cover myself the best I could from his wandering eyes.

"No," He grabbed my hands pinning them above my head onto the bed. "No you don't get to hide your body. Your body is fucking stunning." I closed my eyes sobbing. I wanted to run and hide my humiliation. "Open your eyes Gabrielle." Elijah said softly.

I flinched when I felt his hand dangerously close to my intimate area. I looked into his blue orbs with wide eyes. "Shhhh... relax," He kissed me softly, adding pressure as his fingers continued his work at hand. I whimpered into his mouth feeling an odd sensation. Elijah moved down my body, until his face was aligned with my sex.

"Fuck," He growled out. I started moving away feeling extremely embarrassed, but I immediately stopped all movement at the first stroke of his tongue. I cried out feeling my legs shake from the pleasure I was feeling. I didn't understand what was happening to me, I just needed it to end.


"Please what?" I didn't know what it was I wanted or what it was I was begging for. The feeling of Elijah's tongue had me in some kind of frenzy. I never felt this way before... this need to get something. The feeling was foreign to me. It felt extremely... extremely good.

"Please... oh god... please..." I moaned feeling the pleasure explode within my body. Elijah continued to lick me causing my body to reflexively jerk away from him. Not understanding what just happened I closed my eyes and cried. I was so disgusted with myself.

"Look at me Gabrielle." Reluctantly I looked into the amazing blue orbs. Elijah climbed back onto me. I felt something bigger placed at my sex and my heart skipped a beat. "You're going to have to relax otherwise it's going to be painful." I let out a breath and braced myself.

He pushed into me very slowly. I bit my lip and fisted the sheets to stop myself from crying out. Elijah paused staring into my eyes lustfully. He kissed both my tear stained cheeks so softly, I couldn't help but lean into him.

Nothing could have prepare for when Elijah thrust fully into me tearing through every restraint in the process. I cried out then, the pain... oh god the pain. I could tell he was trying to be gentle but it hurt nonetheless.

"Fuck Gabrielle," He groaned. Not giving me anytime Elijah began thrusting remorselessly into me. I cried out with every brutal thrust. I was sure I was going to tear.

Elijah, lost in the moment, continued to take me relentlessly. His neck was tense, and he looked pained. I was confused as to how anyone could enjoy such pain. I choked on a sob wanting nothing more for this torture to end.

"Fuck!" Elijah pulled out of me and spilled his seed onto my flat stomach. He threw his head back letting out curses and groans. I stared at his semen mixed with a few droplets of blood and felt myself becoming nauseous. I couldn't believe what just occurred. My head began spinning and for a second I thought I would lose conscious.

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