Deadly Obsession

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Chapter 7

My breaths came out short and uneven as I tried to think of a way to get out of this predicament. There was no way I could go through another one of Elijah's urges.

His blue eyes roamed my body shamelessly, I instinctively tightened my hold on the oversized bathrobe around my body. Elijah, seeing this, smirked.

"How do you wanna do this?" Elijah suddenly spoke drawing my attention. "Fight or don't fight? Either way I will have you tonight?" I stared into his cold blue eyes.

"I hate you,"

Elijah smiled. "No, I don't think you do. You're heart is too pure." He said it with so much distaste.

"Why must you do this? Have you not tainted me enough." He tightened his hold on my jaw. His eyes seeming to have darkened.

"Because I fucking can. I will continue to do what I want with you until every cell in your body is fucking tainted by me." I glared at him, loathing the man in front of me.

"You're vulgar... you're good looks can not cover up for the cruel man you are."

"Every woman I fuck know what type of man I am. Still, it doesn't stop them from whoring themselves to me."

"I am not them."

Elijah smiled, staring at me with mischievous eyes. "No?"

"No, I will never want this from you. Your touch is revolting." His eyes darkened.

"Yeah?" I nodded my head silently, the words stuck in my throat. Elijah moved away from me and took a seat on the sofa. I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding. He continued to watch me, almost studying me. "Come here," My heart dropped into my stomach. I opened my mouth to reason with him but Elijah didn't miss a beat. "Don't make this harder. We both know how this will play out."

I let out a shaky breath feeling the fight leave my body. It was going to happen, why try to stop the inevitable. Slowly I walked towards him until I was standing directly in front of him. I stood tense, waiting for his next move.

Ever so slowly he began tracing my exposed thigh and it took everything in me not to move away. His eyes didn't leave mine as he continued to stroke my thigh as his other hand played with the outline of the bathrobe. He made no attempt to move further. It was becoming unsettling.

A gasp released from my throat when he abruptly stood. I staggered back, unprepared by his sudden movement. He didn't let me get far. His hand grasped my arm pulling me towards him, not waiting another minute to slam his mouth against mine. His kiss was hard and rough. He kissed me as if he wanted more of me... needed more.

Not wasting any time he shoved me onto the bed, tearing the robe from my body. He pushed my legs apart and before I could think his mouth was on me. I cried out, not ready for the pleasure. Elijah was relentlessness.

A moan slipped through my lips as I felt the brink of my pleasure near. My legs shook and my hand instinctively grabbed onto his soft hair as I felt my body become undone. Elijah waited for my pleasure to subside before he grabbed hold of my thighs and pulled me towards him.

He thrust inside me before I had time to protest. I cried out in pain, not at all prepared for his brutal thrusts. I bit my lips to stop myself from crying out as he slammed into me. Elijah stared into my tears eyes. Moving his hand from my thigh, his fingers traveled to my sex and began rubbing my nub. I stared at him in confusion as the pain faded and pleasure overtook my body.

With each harsh thrust my body responded. I writhed underneath him feeling the pleasure near once again. Elijah slammed into me and that was enough to bring me over. I cried out, my body arching as the pleasure hit me full blast. Elijah thrust a few more times before pulling out of me releasing his hot semen onto my stomach. It wasn't until the pleasure subsided did I realize what just took place.

Elijah turned to me with a knowing look. I looked away from him, hating myself. Hating that I gave into his touch. "Go wash," I grabbed something to cover myself with and did just that. As soon as I was hidden away behind the closed door I broke down into tears.

I was disgusted with myself. How could I allow myself to find pleasure from his touch? It was as if my body had a mind of its own. No matter how hard I fought my body responded. It was repulsive.

Once I was sure my body was cleansed from what was left of his touch I made my way into the room. I went to get dress but Elijah's voice stopped me in my tracks. "In the bed," I furrowed my brows, moving into bed but not before grabbing his disregarded shirt and sliding it onto my body.

"You don't look too happy for someone who just had two orgasms." Oh god. My cheeks burned in embarrassment.

"Why do you want to ruin me? Have you not done enough. No man will ever want me as I am, so why must you humiliate me further?" I asked feeling my eyes tear.

Elijah stared at me, not bothering to hide his confusion. "No man will want you?"

"I'm damaged goods. No one will ever wed me... I no longer have anything to give them. I am tarnished."

Elijah nodded. "You're right... no one will ever have you, only me. Only I will fuck you. No man will ever touch you the way I do... I'll kill them first." His eyes were enough for me to see he meant every word. I was sure he would kill any man who dared looked my way and that was what terrified me. His jealousy was unlike anything I have ever heard of.

I looked away but was forced to meet his gaze when he grabbed hold of my jaw. "You are mine. I will ruin you so that no man will ever want you. This jealousy I feel whenever I think about you with another man is new to me. It makes me wanna fuck both you and him up."

"Is that why you attacked Carter and Mason?"

"Who the fuck is Mason?"

"Never mind," I mumbled.

"Answer the question Gabrielle."

"The gentleman I met at the club that night. He was the one who ordered my drink for me."

"He ordered your drink?" I nodded. "Meaning he could've spiked it if he wanted to?" I didn't answer, not fully understanding what it was he was trying to say. "He deliberately got you drunk. Most likely wanting to fuck you." I gasped at his accusation.

"Why would you say such a thing?" Elijah shook his head letting me go.

"I don't fucking know why I bother." He mumbled to himself. "Are you really that fucking stupid?" I frowned. "Do you not know shit about life? You think he wanted a friend also... he wanted someone to keep him company?" He asked as if he was talking to a child. "He wanted to fuck you Gabrielle. He don't want to hold hands and share secrets. Come to terms with it."

"Not everyone's like you." I said without thinking. Elijah's eyes darkened and I instantly regretted my words.

"No... he is not like me. I wanted to fuck you... I fucked you. He wanted to fuck you... he fucking drugged you. That's the difference between me and him. I have you and will continue to fuck you whenever I feel like a good fuck. You will be my own personal slut. Sounds good." With those harsh words he stood and stormed out the room.

The next morning was like any other. I got dress and headed downstairs. Everyone was already seated having their breakfast. I quietly said a good morning and sat beside David who didn't acknowledge me.

Breakfast went on smoothly. Ruth was talking with Elijah about something who I assume was ignoring me.

After breakfast was over I left to find something to occupy myself with. I ended up sitting out on the patio enjoying the view and fresh air. Not long after Noah walked out, taking a seat beside me. I continued to stare at the wonderful view in front of me, not bothering to look or speak to him.

I heard him let out a frustrated breath. "Gabrielle,"

I turned to him, hoping to keep my face straight. "Yes Noah," He cursed causing me to frown. "There's no need to use that kind language."

"For fucks sake, I'm sorry Gabrielle. I'm genuinely sorry for snapping at you. I was just in a bad mood and decided to take it out on you." My brows knitted together.

"Why were you so upset?"

"It's complicated. Now forgive me, I can't stand having you upset with me." I tapped my chin as if I was thinking hard.

"Ask nicely," I teased.

"Can you find it somewhere in you heart to forgive this stupid man?"

I smiled and nodded. "Fine, I forgive you Noah Brown."

"Isn't this a cozy picture." I turned to see Elijah staring at both me and Noah almost deadly. He sat across from us and took out a smoke, his eyes never leaving me. "Come here Gabrielle,"

I felt myself tense, slowly I stood and made my way to him. I gasped when he pulled me into his lap forcing me to straddle him. My cheeks burned in embarrassment, the position was extremely inappropriate. I moved to get out of this intimate position but Elijah didn't let up.

He squeezed my thigh painfully, warning me to stay still. I sat tensely as he twirled a strand of my hair between his fingers as he took a drag of his smoke, his dark eyes not once looking away from me. His gaze was becoming unsettling. Noah shook his head before he up and left, leaving me alone with the devil himself.

"Tell me, why is it whenever you disappear I find you alone with Noah?" I stayed silent, not having an answer. No matter what I say, it will only get me into deeper trouble. "Do you fancy him Gabrielle?"

My eyes widened in disbelief. "No..."


I shook my head slowly. "No,"

He hummed. "He seemed to have fancy you." He said sounding so bored but his dark eyes betrayed him.

"He... He was only apologizing for his rude behavior. There was nothing else." He didn't respond. His fingers traced the little skin that showed on my neck while his blue eyes pierced through me.

"If you had a choice, who would prefer between me and Noah?" He asked too calmly. He tilted his head ever so slightly looking genuinely curious for my answer.

I drew in a breath. "Why are you asking me this?" He paused, his fingers stopping all movement. In an instant his hand was around my neck, he didn't add enough pressure to stop my airway but it was enough to have my heart stop for all but a second.

"Answer the fucking question."

"I do not want anyone. I... I don't prefer anyone." Elijah shook his head, tightening his hold on my neck.

"Wrong answer." I grabbed onto Elijah's wrist, desperately trying to rid of his grip around my neck.

"Stop," I begged hopelessly. It wasn't until I thought I would pass out from lack of air did he loosen his grasp. I greedily inhaled not being able to stop myself.

"Who do you belong to?" Oh god.

"You," I answered weakly, the fight leaving me. Elijah didn't look pleased with my answer.

"My name, Gabrielle... say my fucking name."

"Elijah," He nodded, seeming very well satisfied with that.

"Kiss me," I hesitated before slowly placing my lip on his. I didn't move not knowing what to do. Elijah, not liking that, squeezed my neck warningly. I instantly responded, kissing him ever so softly. He didn't respond, allowing me to take over. It was downright humiliating.

I hoped I was doing this right, I didn't want to anger him further. Without warning Elijah abruptly shoved me from his lap, making me fall to the floor landing on my backside painfully.

"Your fucking face disgust me." He snapped glaring at me. He stood tossing his smoke and walking inside, leaving me there so confused.

"What are you doing?" I heard someone ask. I whirled around, swiftly moving the metal object in my hand behind my back and out of sight. Noah stared down at me with confused eyes. I felt my face heat up as I bit my lip nervously.

"Nothing," I responded. Noah gaze moved to the mess on the floor then back to me. He shook his head and let out an exasperated breath.


"It was an accident." I said, quickly defending myself. Noah gave me a knowing look and I put my head down in shame.

"Why the hell were you messing with that thing?" I shrugged looking down at the metal armor pieces that were now splattered over the floor.

"I was bored," He mumbled something under his breath I couldn't quite hear.

"Let's go," I sat the metal helmet neatly onto the floor before following Noah wordlessly. He led me out to the patio. Elijah and David were discussing something that looked important but was interrupted when we walked out.

I sat beside Elijah seeing it was the only seat open. I made no move to say anything, not wanting to draw anymore attention to myself. The conversation started up again, but all too soon it became quiet. I felt Elijah's eyes on me. He watched me, eyeing me out carefully.

My cheeks burned, it was downright intimidating. Everything about this man was intimidating. From his striking features to his unique blue eyes. To my confusion Elijah shook his head and turned to Noah.

"What she do now?" I played with my fingers nervously.

"Found her picking up the pieces of that antique looking metal armor you have. Thought to bring her here so you could keep an eye on her." Elijah returned his gaze to me and I bit my lip out of nerve. I was sure his cold blue eyes could see through my soul.

"The fuck were you doing with it in the first place?"

"I was bored and was wandering around... I wasn't watching where I was going and walked into it," I tried to keep my answer simple.

"What were you trying to do Gabrielle?" He asked sounding exasperated. It was scary how easily he could read me, I bit my lip nervously.

"I... I wanted to see the sword?" He looked at me the way a mother would look at a troublesome child.

"Why the fuck would you want to see the sword?" I shrugged.

"I never saw a real sword, only the ones on tv... I wanted to see if it was as sharp as it look."

"And what? You planned on cutting off a finger to prove it. Do you know how dangerous that sword is?" I knitted my brows together. I hated how he made me feel so dumb. "What the fuck be going through your mind at times."

"How was I suppose to know? I was only trying to see it..."

"Shhhh Gabrielle, no more talking." I frowned but kept my mouth shut.

Sending him a glare I leaned back in my seat and watched the beautiful scenery. After a while I was desperate to go back inside but I knew there was no way under the sun Elijah would let me out of his sight. Not after my little show of trouble. I let out a breath and waited impatiently for them to finish.

I was taken aback when the men suddenly stood. Elijah grabbed my arm forcing me to follow. Outside both Noah and David got into their car and Elijah forced me into the passenger seat of his car.

"Where are we going?" I asked once he got in. No answer. Knowing he wasn't going to give me a response I sat back in my seat and gazed out of the window.

We were on the road for a couple of hours. I began to doze off when Elijah stopped the car and got out. I looked up at the big mansion that stood tall in the middle of nowhere, although it was nothing compared to Elijah's. Opening my mouth I was ready to question why it is that we are here but Elijah didn't give me time to. He grabbed my arm and pulled me out also. I struggled to keep up with him.

Looking behind me I wasn't surprise to see David and Noah following closely. They casually walked in not saying a word to the guards, as if they owned the place. To add to my confusion Garrett came into sight. He was sitting on the sofa holding a glass of wine and there were a few buff men standing in the room also.

Elijah and the boys didn't look at all taken by the men. They took a seat without waiting to be told. It was quite disturbing how cocky these men were, as if they believed they were unstoppable. Garrett kept his head high, he eyed each man out with what looked to be amusement. When his eyes landed on me they sparkles with an unknown emotion.

"Elijah, what a pleasant surprise. What do I owe the pleasure?" Garrett said breaking through the silence. Elijah tilted his head, his face void of emotion, Noah and David also kept their face blank. Garrett then turned to me. "I am surprised to see you here also, although I have to admit it's nice to see such a beautiful face." I sent him a small smile in acknowledgment.

"How are you Mr. Garrett?"

"Very well now that you're here, your presence can uplift anyone's mood." Um... His gaze was beginning to make me uncomfortable.

"Where the fuck is it Garrett, I'm done with the games." Elijah spoke now. Garrett eyes snapped to where the boys were sitting as if remembering the were there.

"It seem that there was a sudden change of plans." Elijah leaned back in his seat, eyeing Garrett out darkly.

"Was there now?" He sounded almost bored, as if Garrett was wasting his time.

"The shipments is yours but I need one more thing from you."

"We fucking did our part, the shipments is already ours." Noah glared at Garrett. The promise in his eyes as he stared at him was unsettling. I never seen him this way.

"You cooperate and the shipments is yours."

"You think to play us." David said lowly. My, these men could be very scary at times. Garrett didn't look at all worried about the three men in front of him.

"What is it you want?" Elijah asked Garrett.

"The girl," Me? I was sure I was going to have a heart failure. "I only ask for her then I will give you what you want. You get the shipment and I get her." Oh god, I looked over at Elijah suddenly feeling uneasy, but Elijah didn't look bothered. He leaned back in his seat, eyeing Garrett out with a scary look in his eyes.

"You use the merchandise against me... think that's smart?" Garrett smiled but I didn't miss the slight distress that passed in his eyes.

"I want her and I will have her, even if it mean starting an all out war." Oh my... He was willing to go through that extent just to get to me.

"You threaten me, fucked up move." Elijah said sounding menacingly.

"This doesn't have to get messy, I have men surrounding this place. The girl for the shipments... choice is yours." Elijah took out a smoke, not caring that he was inside of someone's else home.

"You threatened me, refuse to give me what's mine, and want me to hand over the girl... sounds like a lot of stupid moves." He blew out a cloud of smoke. For some reason he looked more intimidating with the cigarette and his care free attitude. "Know this, I will fucking kill you... you think your men can stop me."

"Without me there is no product, you would be throwing away millions without the shipments." The stupid man said, having a smug look on his face. The boys were stuck. Elijah eyes were so dark now. David was good at keeping his face blank. Noah glared at Garrett not bothering to hide his anger.

"Um... Mr. Garrett, why start so much inconvenience?" I asked, genuinely confused. "There's no need to be making open threats. I can guarantee you that I'm nothing special." If anything I was burden that always found myself getting into trouble.

"You are unlike anything I have ever seen. Your beauty is out of this world, and you're personality is a character itself. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to have you." He said so passionately, losing himself into my eyes. I knitted my brows together and a look of lust crossed his features.

"We are done here." Elijah and the men stood. Elijah wrapped his arm around my waist pulling me to stand beside him. Anger pooled into Garrett's brown orbs, he didn't like Elijah's intimate action. "You have made an enemy Garrett. Pity, I thought good things could come out of working together." Elijah didn't look at all interested in this conversation, he turned and began walking out without even sparing Garrett a second glance.

"I'll give you some time to think it over Elijah but I won't wait forever, I'm far from a patient man especially when I have my eyes set on something I want. I will have her, under any means necessary." Garrett said as we continued to make our way out. A cold shiver ran down my back. The threat was loud and clear.

On the road Elijah didn't say a word, but I knew he was angry. If not from the tic in his jaw, then how tight he fisted the steering wheel. I was sure it was going to break. I prepared myself for what was to come. Knowing Elijah he was sure to blame me for this.

After sitting there miserably for hours we finally made it to the mansion, it was dark out now.

I didn't wait, I all but ran into mansion and away from the angry man. I quickly went into my room and was ready to lock myself inside when Elijah walked in.

I slowly backed away from him and braced myself. He didn't waste no time to grab me and smack me across the face so hard. I fell to the floor, crying out in pain. I was sure my jaw was broken.

"Up," He nudged me with his foot.

After a few attempts I finally made it from the floor. As soon as I was on my feet Elijah had me against the wall with both hands on either side of my head.

"Garrett want you so badly." He whispered, nuzzling his head into my neck. I was sure I was going to have a heart failure. "You want to be with him Gabrielle? Want him to take you away." I frantically shook my head. He moved away from my neck and traced the outline of my face. "No? You sure? He can take you away from me."

"Elijah I... I want to stay with you." I said hoping to appease him. Elijah smiled. This time I anticipated the smack I received. Elijah broke my fall, grabbing onto my arm. Stupid Gabrielle, stupid. I felt my head spin from the impact.

"Don't try to fuck with me Gabrielle. You're like every other women... a lying little slut. Maybe I should give you to Garrett, let him deal with you." He said making my heart drop into my stomach.

"This isn't my fault. You were the one who forced me to dress this way. I never wanted anyone's attention... not his nor yours. I didn't do anything wrong." I cried out.

"Everything about you is wrong. Your fucking face sickens me." He snapped, glaring at me.

"You continue to judge me. What have I ever done to you for you to treat me this way?" Elijah grabbed my jaw forcing me to look at him. He was so close only mere inches apart.

"You disgust me... your fucking innocent charade disgust me." He spoke almost into my mouth. His words hurt more then I expected them to.

"You're cruel... I don't know why I bother to help such a cruel man, it's a waste of time." I said wanting to hurt him.

"You think you're better than me?"

I nodded. "An evil man like you could never be better than me. No matter how beautiful your looks are you're too full with rage and hate making you an ugly person. So yes Elijah, I am better than you." His eyes darkened and his hold on my jaw tightened painfully. I was sure he was going to break it. My body ran cold when he suddenly smiled, it was a cold smile full of anger.

"You found pleasure from my touch even though I'm cruel... that make you just as bad as I am." My face dropped. He was right...

"You're vulgar... the woman who raised you did a terrible job." I said before I could stop myself. Elijah's eyes darkened dramatically.

"The fuck did you just say?" He asked lowly, sounding deadly.


"What the fuck did you say?" His hand wrapped around my neck, squeezing tightly.

"I didn't mean it... I'm sorry." The tears fell down my face, I was truly terrified now.

"Never mention my mother. I swear to fucking god I will fuck you up... she's not to come out your mouth again, understood?" He squeezed my neck, it was becoming hard to breath.

"I-I understand." I managed to say. He nodded, lightening his hold on my neck. I took in a deep breath of air.

"Kiss me," His eyes were so dark, meaning he was close to snapping. I gave in and placed a soft kiss onto his lips. It wasn't long before he was kissing me hard and fast. He bit my lip hard and thrust his tongue into my mouth. It was becoming difficult for me to keep up with him. What felt like forever but were merely minutes he pulled away. Without so much as a word he turned and stormed out the room.

The next few weeks went by with Elijah constantly ignoring. Whenever he did acknowledge me it was to yell at me about something. He would spend most of his time with Ruth, he didn't even bother to come to his room during night. It was like I had to walk on eggs shells around him.

It beginning to get very restless in the mansion. I could see that the men were more uptight then usual, Garrett's threat was getting to them. They didn't like how he tried to 'play them' I believe they said. Whatever those shipments held were worth a lot, and Elijah wasn't taking it too well that Garrett refused to give it to him.

I kept a good distance away from him but he would scold me any chance he got. He blamed me for what was happening and decided to aim his anger at me every chance he got.

One morning I was sitting out on the patio, Ruth was also there although she didn't say a word to me. It wasn't long before Elijah, and David made their way out. Noah was nowhere to be see, I knitted my brows together.

"Where Noah?" Elijah took out a smoke and took a drag, his dark eyes never leaving me. David shook his head and cursed under his breath.

"Why the fuck you wanna know?" Elijah snapped.

I frowned. "I was curious, I haven't seen him all day... it's not like him to just disappear."

"Scared I probably sent him to his death?" I gasped in horror.

"That's nothing to joke about Elijah." He only shrugged before turning to David, dismissing me completely.

"What did you find?" He asked David.

"He fucked us over, there's no way he's giving us shit unless we give him what he want. He's ready to start and all out war." Elijah tossed his smoke, taking in the information.

"And Noah?"

"It's a dead end, we're fucked." Elijah nodded. He looked so calm but by the craziness in his eyes I knew otherwise. I inhaled sharply the moment his gaze found mine.

"You have a fucking drug lord lusting after you, he's even willing to fuck me over. You must have really left an impression for him to do something so stupid." He was looking to hurt me. I ignored him. There was no point in arguing with him.

"What do you think he want with you? You think he want someone to talk to. Maybe he want the company." He mocked.

"Why are you desperate to hurt me?" I asked feeling exhausted.

"Because you act oblivious to everything around. Everything about you sickens me... your innocence is revolting." My heart hurt by his words. No matter how many times he say such mean things it always tend to surprise me.

"Elijah, man..." David said now. Elijah sent me one last glare before grabbing Ruth's hand and pulling her inside and up the stairs. My heart broke at the sight, for some reason I hated to see him with Ruth.

That night after I finished my shower I was surprise to see Elijah in the room. He only stared at me. I tried not to let it get to me as I went to dress all while having the towel still around me. Once done I slowly made my way into bed, completely ignoring Elijah.

I felt his fingers in my hair and it took everything in me not to react. "Every time I try to wrap my head around what Garrett said it make me want to fuck everything around me up." His grip on my hair tightened, it wasn't painful, it was more like unintentional.

"He put me in a hard predicament Gabrielle, but know this-" he forced me onto my back so that I was staring up into his deep ocean blue eyes "-I will kill him. Slowly and painfully. He thought to take what's mine." Oh god, why was he telling me this? I didn't say a word.

Elijah didn't wait for a response, he pulled me into his chest placing a kiss on my head. I suddenly felt a strong urge to cry. Elijah was making me feel funny things. He held me through the night until I finally fell asleep.

The next morning Elijah was gone. I quickly dress and was desperate to get downstairs and find Elijah. Throwing on some black denim jeans and a loose shirt I made my way out the room.

Downstairs the men were seated in the living area, discussing something very secretive. Noah was there to my relief. It was good to see he was okay. The men didn't glance my way until I was standing fully into the room. Noah was the first to see me.

"Good morning Gabby," I sent them a small smile before turning to Elijah. He eyed me out, waiting to see what it was I wanted. I let out a deep breath.

"I have decided to go to Garrett." The room was deadly silent.

"Have you now?" Elijah asked sounding so bored.

I nodded my head in determination. "Yes, there's no need to argue with me about this. My mind is made, I want for you to take me to him." Elijah's eyes were dark as night as he stared at me dangerously.

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