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On a mission to get her drug addict sister out of prostitution, Maria ends up in the hands of a very powerful man in the underworld. She finds herself caught in the middle of something she knows nothing about. Will she fight for not only herself, but for the sake of her sister? Or will she give into the sick game he's playing? Warning: This is a dark novel and will have a lot of mature scenes. It will have also a lot of disturbing scenes such as violence, abuse, and other sensitive topics. This is not for people with soft hearts. I recommend 18+

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Life is like a game. Forced at birth to play the game, then encouraged to see it through to the end. It's a game of choices that will eventually shape the player's future. Time is the one significant opponent in the game. Each player is given a set time, and it's up to the player to determine how to use it. The rules of the game are simple.

Live and die.

Life and death are the only two rules that is out of players' control. The timing of death can be altered but never evaded. In the end, when life blooms, death is promised. The game entirety focuses on this thing we call life. Life can take unexpected turns and shift players into new routes, conditioned on the choices we make. Sometimes the results may bring contentment, and sometimes the consequences can be unforgiving.

As I think about this game we call life, I try to locate the events that led to the undoing of my imperfect life. A minor hurdle that could explain when my life was thrown into a direction that was a contrasting mirror from where I was heading. Perhaps if I hadn't slept in, or maybe if I hadn't taken the time to thank the mailman that evening... I pondered if these trivial decisions could have made a difference.

I understand clearly that the choices of my actions are what led me to where I am now. As the concubine of a sadist, determined to watch me crumble at his feet. Funny how quickly life can take an unforeseen turn. No one truly realize the unexpected could just as quickly happen to them. Although we're aware of the possibilities, we don't consider the risks that it could just as easily be us on the unfavorable side of the sword. That is, until it is.

I placed myself here. Imprisoned by my stubbornness. Blinded by my inability to see there was no winning a one-sided battle. If I was given the chance to do it all over, undoubtedly I would end up here again. Perhaps, I was behaving too naive. Foolish enough to take up a challenge where the odds were stacked against me, and to stand by my decision, even now. But isn't love in the heart of foolery?

To protect her, my only family, I was willing to play his game in a already cruel game, even if that meant losing both.

And like any game, life simply isn't fair.



It's been almost two years (I think) and I finally decided to continue writing Lethal. I gave up on this book after I got a case of writers block... I just couldn't find the passion to continue. It started to feel like I was writing because I had to. There was also a lot of things I had to adjust to in my life and the last thing on my mind was to update.

Now that the explanation is over, let's get into what I plan to do with Lethal. I will be rewriting Lethal. My writing has kinda developed over the past two years and as I was rereading the first couple of chapters, I noticed a handful of grammar errors. Also, when I had decided to work on Lethal again, I couldn't go from where I left off. I found it difficult to just jump in and continue from where I was years ago. That's why I will be rewriting Lethal completely.

As for the plot, it will remain the same. I will be changing the chapters completely and will likely add additional information, but all of my characters will still be there, and for the most part, will remain the same. Though I can say, the direction I was heading towards when I first started writing Lethal, is definitely different now.

I wouldn't recommend skipping the first new five chapters because they will be different than the previous five chapters. You will be missing pieces of the plot if you think it will include the same information as before.

Anyways, I apologize to all my readers for going MIA, but I promise to make it up to you. Thanks to all of you who has waited patiently until now.

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