Happily Married [ROMANCE]

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September 29th 2017

“Yep, that’s right.” Audrey spoke into the phone as she simultaneously zipped up her small duffle bag.

“I’m not feeling well at all.” She coughed for effect, even adding some sniffling at the end. “I think I’ve come down with the flu.” She lied smoothly, hoping that she wouldn’t be caught out.

“Okay...okay.” She spoke into the phone, nodding her head as if the person on the other end would be able to hear her. “Okay, thank you.” She smiled, though coughed once again, pausing for a moment afterwards for added effect. “Sorry about that.” She offered an empty apology.

“Okay, I will. Thanks, see you in a few days. Bye.” With a click of the button, the call had ended and Audrey had just scored herself a few days off from work. She had been forced to lie about coming down with the flu, but she couldn’t bring herself to feel bad for it.

She needed a few days away from everything. And that included work.

She wasn’t leaving indefinitely or forever -though she was sure that Calvin would really appreciate that- but she was leaving for now. She needed to get away to clear her mind in order to be able to think straight.

Audrey had called up her brother earlier that morning falsely informing that she had been granted some vacation days from work and had invited herself over to his New York apartment that he shared with his wife, Claire. Isaac -Audrey’s elder brother- had been ecstatic and said that both him and Claire were looking forward to it.

Now, lying to her brother was something that she felt guilty of, but it was better than coming clean and telling him the truth.

Grabbing her duffle bag, she did a quick sweep of the apartment in case she forgot anything. At the last minute, she grabbed the divorce papers that remained on the coffee table from last night and stuffed them in her bag, knowing that she would want to think over things while she was away.

She would be back soon, much to Calvin’s dismay.

But she couldn’t bring herself to care about that. It was about time to start thinking about herself.

Not leaving behind a note, Audrey walked out of her house and didn’t look back, because she knew, deep down, that she would be back before she knew it.


There was a spring in his step as he unlocked the front door and stepped into his home.

While taking off his coat and shoes, he waited for the sound of her voice calling out to him, greeting him like she did every time he came home. But it never came.

Genuine surprise crossed his face as he stepped into the kitchen, looking for Audrey. She was normally nearly finished making his breakfast by this time in the morning, but she wasn’t there. There was no coffee awaiting him on the kitchen island and it looked like she hadn’t touched her dinner from last night judging by the nearly full plate that remained in the spot that she had left it. His plate was still there too.

Calvin wasn’t worried.

Worrying about Audrey meant caring about her, and he most definitely didn’t care about her. He could care less if she never came home again. Actually, he could as he needed the divorce papers signed, but after that, he wouldn’t have to waste his time thinking about her again.

After a quick check in all the rooms both upstairs and downstairs, including the two bathrooms that the house had, Calvin was sure that she wasn’t home.

It was strange, but he didn’t question it.

He just revelled in the peace that came with her absence and went about his day as normal.

He didn’t care about her last night, and he most definitely didn’t care about her this morning.


Layla Knight


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