Happily Married [ROMANCE]

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October 15th 2017

He sat in front of the TV, his eyes wandering carelessly around the screen as feigned interest in the basketball game that was currently playing live. He had no idea what was going on or even which team he should support. This was the first time that he was watching the game and frankly, he wouldn’t find himself watching it again.

But for now, hefff had to pretend to know what was going on.

He pumped his fist in the air when he noticed Audrey watching him, not wanting to give her the impression that he was faking it. Even though he was.

Audrey had been pestering him since yesterday that they should go out and do something, and he had been consistently putting it off. But now that he had gotten home from work, there was no hiding from her.

So, all he had left to do was ignore her in hopes that she would finally give up and leave him alone. Though that didn’t look like it would be happening any time soon.

“Calvin,” she sighed, plopping down on the sofa next to him, sinking into it.

She frowned when he didn’t respond, his eyes still glued to the screen in front of him. He had never watched basketball in a day in his life and they both knew it.

“Ow!” He exclaimed, shifting away from her so he could glare at her as he rubbed his side where she had pinched him. “What was that for?”

She rolled her eyes. “Oh, stop being a baby. You barely felt it.”

He just grunted and turned back to the game, no idea what was happening in front of him. How was he supposed to know who was playing in what position when everybody just seemed to follow the ball wherever it went?

“Let’s go out and do something.” She asked him again.

Audrey had been persistently asking to go out and something since last night, but Calvin wasn’t having it. Why couldn’t he understand that she just wanted to do something with him? She wouldn’t mind doing what he wanted to do, as long as they could do it together. There was also the fact that Audrey wanted to get out of the house with Calvin, perhaps a change of scenery would do them both some good.

The past few days had been tense, especially since Calvin had been home every night on time, never a minute late. It was nice having him home, but he seemed to spend most of that time ignoring her, not even chastising or sneering at her whenever she spoke to him.

She hated to admit it, but she kind of missed it.

“Please, Calvin.” She sighed, throwing her head back against the sofa, her eyes closed.

Calvin almost felt bad for her. Almost.

“Okay,” a rough voice brought her out of her reverie. “But I’m only doing this for the agreement.”

She nodded enthusiastically, sitting up straight as she looked up at him thankfully. Calvin hated it when she looked at him like that. He used to revel in her stares and brief glances before, feeling undeserving of her love, but not anymore. Those days were long over now and he had finally awoken to reality.

“What do you have in mind?” He asked, rubbing his hands done his face once in order to wake himself up. Whatever it was that they were going to do, Calvin would need to be as awake as possibly; he didn’t trust Audrey.

She shrugged, not sure.

They found themselves driving around for a bit, just enjoying the silence. They weren’t specifically looking for anything particular to do, just something to keep them busy for a little while. If Calvin had his wish, then he would drive them home and he would go straight up to bed.

He would rather spend his time sleeping than playing the role of the loving husband with Audrey.

After about half an hour of driving and arguing, Audrey finally put her foot down.

She had made many suggestions such as going to the cinema, bowling or even shopping. But he had turned them all down without even batting an eyelid. It seemed like Calvin had changed his mind about doing something together once he had left the house, but Audrey wasn’t having it.

She had only a limited time left with her husband, and she was determined to make the most of it.

Even though she was extremely hopeful that he would stay with her after the contract -a part of her, the realistic part of her knew that there was no way in hell that he was going to stay with her. She refused to admit it, but Audrey knew that these were the last two months that she would ever spend with Calvin. She knew that once the time ran out, Calvin would kick her out of the house as soon as possible.

She knew she was selfish for not letting him go, but she couldn’t help it.

Love was selfish.

But at least she had these two months to prepare herself -both mentally and physically.

She didn’t tell him, but she was already looking for some apartments online. None in New York though. She was thinking that she would move up to Oakland where her brother and his wife lived. It was about as far as she could from Calvin as possible while still staying in the same country.

She wouldn’t be able to bare having to live in the same city as him, knowing that he was much happier without her.


Audrey was already finished lacing up her skates when Calvin finally returned after having parked the car.

He wasn’t happy about it, but she wasn’t willing to budge. If he had his way then he wouldn’t go out at all. They were both out on the outdoor ice rink in less than five minutes, after paying for an hour on the rink, of course.

They had walked on to the rink together, but after a lap around the rink, Calvin was gone.

Audrey wasn’t surprised, just impressed that he had managed to stick around for that long.

She skated around by herself for a bit, wobbling and falling over many times. She would definitely have bruises from falling over so many times in the morning, but she didn’t mind. The mixed pain and adrenaline that came with skating was a good distraction from the disappointment that was her life.

It was only when the hour was up that she headed inside, returning her ice skates at the front desk in return for her regular shoes. She had no idea where her husband was as he had just disappeared. He didn’t pick up the phone when she called. She tried again and again, and once he didn’t pick up on the fourth try, she gave up.

Seeing as she didn’t have a ride -she had no doubt in her mind that Calvin had abandoned her at the rink to go and do his own thing- she decided to get a coffee from the indoor café that they had at the ice rink before she called a cab to take her home.

Little did she know that she would be picking up her husband along with that cup of coffee that she wanted.

Audrey didn’t even flinch when she found Calvin to be sat at one of the little tables inside the café with three women surrounding him.

He didn’t notice her. He was too busy flirting with the women around him. Clearly a wife and a mistress were not enough women for him.

Audrey smiled gratefully at the cashier who handed her, her change. She sat down at one of the tables next to the front, on the other side of the dainty little café from Calvin and his little gang, but she was in clear sight of him. If he so much as looked to the right of the women surround him, his eyes would land directly on her.

A few minutes passed before she was brought her coffee to go by one of the baristas.

Once she thanked him and he had left to serve the other customers, Audrey was on her feet and heading straight towards his husband.

She didn’t care that they were in public or that he seemed to be enjoying himself. She cared about the fact that he was doing it all over again, and worse this time seeing as she had to sit back and watch him do it in front of her.

There were in this marriage together -for another two months at least- and Audrey refused to give him the easy way out. She was determined that they would both follow the contract to the ‘t’, but it seemed like her dear husband wasn’t as committed. Just like he was to their marriage.

A sour taste remained in her mouth as she took one sip of her coffee before placing it down on the table and popping down on Calvin’s lap, much to his shock.

Audrey ignored the wild look in his eyes as he watched her closely, assessing her for her next move. She glared at him and leaned in, burying her face in his neck as she wrapped her arms around him, pinching him.

She felt his scowl against the top of her head, but he wrapped his arms around her nonetheless; though very hesitantly.

“My wife,” she heard him tell the people around her. But she didn’t care. She only got off of him when she heard the chairs scrape up. Looking up from his neck, they were gone.

Good riddance!

Audrey didn’t spare Calvin another look as she grabbed her coffee and walked out of the shop, heading towards the car. She heard him run after her, the sound of his shoes against the pavement only prompted her to walk faster. She didn’t dare stop.

It was only when they got to his car and she realised that it was unlocked after having tugged on the door handle twice did she twirl around to face him. “Unlock the door.” He didn’t deserve any politeness from her.

Not after the stunt that he just pulled.

“What was that?” He asked, coming to a stop in front of her.

She refused to look at him. “Unlock the door!”

“No!” He whispered harshly at her, not wanting to draw any attention from the other people in the car park. His face was in front of hers now, their breath mingling together as they glared harshly at one another. He grabbed her elbow and pulled her closer to him, his grip on her arm tight and firm. “Tell me what just happened back there.” He whisper-shouted at her, his tone menacingly quiet and soft.

Her frown deepened. “I shouldn’t have to explain myself.” He didn’t deserve an explanation, but with the way that she was seeing red, Audrey was sure to explode any moment now.

His eyebrows shot up in fury at this. “And why not?”

“Because you ditched me to go flirt with some other women.” And there it was; the so-called ‘explanation’ that she was determined not to give him.

Calvin laughed, loud and bitter. He didn’t bother holding back his emotions as he glared down at his wife; the infuriating woman that he had once wished to spend eternity with. “And what’s it to you?” He bit back at her.

“You’re my husband.” Oh, how Audrey wished that it was that simple. “That’s what it is to me!”

“I won’t be your husband for long.”

Audrey ignored that comment even though the words were like sharp knives stabbing into her heart repeatedly. She knew what was to come at the end of their final months together, but she refused to dwell on it. “The contract states that you cannot have any affairs for these two months or it will be annulled. And you know what will happen then.”

“I wasn’t having an affair!” Calvin shouted at her, but then lowered his voice significantly when he noticed a few people around them give them some stranger looks. There was no doubt that some of them were listening in. “You can’t prove it.”

Audrey was utterly frustrated with his behaviour. “You were flirting with them!” She accused him, prodding him in the chest with her index finger for effect.

Calvin rolled his eyes. He had much better things to do than stand around arguing with this woman on whatever she wanted. He didn’t have to sit around and take her accusations...even if someone of them weren’t false. But he was too proud to admit his fault, and so he just continued to defend himself hoping that she would soon give up. “Flirting doesn’t equal to an affair.”

Audrey pursed her lips and willed herself not to cry. Not here and definitely not in front of him. “I’m not letting this happen again. You can’t flirt with other people, especially not in front of me.”

“Fine. I’ll make sure to do it when you’re not around then.” He smirked, though Audrey didn’t seem to appreciate the gesture.

It only made her angrier. “Did you not just hear what I said?”

“I’m not deaf, woman!” He growled at her, finally letting go of her elbow. “Now get in the car.” He demanded, already making his way over to his side of the car.

“No.” Her voice was quiet, but he heard it, loud, and clear.

Calvin turned around, his mind perplexed at what had just come out of her mouth. He wasn’t accustomed to her arguing back. “I said get in the car.” He repeated, his words loud and clear as he walked back to her.

She merely glared at him. “I’m not getting in the car with you.” She said for the final time with a determined look in her eyes. She wasn’t backing down, and it seemed neither was Calvin.

He openly scowled at her and rolled his eyes, but walked past her anyway, purposely pushing her with his body as he walked by. He didn’t turn around when she fell to the ground and he most certainly did not attempt to catch her fall. Audrey looked up to find him snarling at her. “Suit yourself.”

Audrey watched from the ground as he got into the car and drove out of the parking lot, not sparing her a glance back.

She ended up getting a cab home.


Layla Knight


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