Happily Married [ROMANCE]

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October 18th 2017

He rolled his eyes as she stood in front of him, her arms crossed over her chest, blocking him. He was determined to leave, but she was determined to stop him, to keep him there.

Audrey wasn’t stupid. She might have been a naïve girl before but she knew better now. She had to learn of her husband’s true nature the hard way.

She knew what was going on now.

“Stop being childish, Audrey,” Calvin rolled his eyes again, not at all happy with the way his wife was behaving. “Now move out of the way and let me go.” He demanded.

Audrey furrowed her eyebrows, irked with the way that he was talking to her as if she was a lap dog that would happily hop, skip and jump at the crack of his whip. “I’m not stupid, you know?”

“Of course, I know that.” He scoffed, but Audrey could see clearly that he was making fun of her. It wasn’t anything new for her.

“Then you know that I won’t let up until you tell me what I want to know.” She persisted, pursing her lips when he rolled his eyes yet again. If he carried on doing that then she was sure that his eyeballs would just pop out of their sockets.

“There’s nothing to tell.” He replied to her, his answer tight-lipped and short, both of which did not give her what she wanted. Answers.

“Yes, there is. And we both know it.”

“Stop being petty.” Calvin chastised her.

“How am I being petty?” She asked, her voice slightly louder than it had been the previous moment. Her obvious anger and frustration towards both him and the situation that he had put them in evident as she frowned.

Calvin didn’t answer. He made a move to go around her, but Audrey saw it coming before hand and moved more onto the left, intercepting him. Not that it would help much seeing as he was both stronger and bigger than her. If he wished, then he would easily be able to push her to the side and make it out of the door before she was able to get her bearings.

But he didn’t. Why? Neither of them would be able to answer that question.

“I know you’re lying to me, Calvin. I just know it.”

“Have you stopped to think that maybe you’re just accusing people. Have you stopped to think that maybe I’m not lying this time?”

When Audrey didn’t say anything, Calvin sighed and walked around her, making sure that none of them touched. It was only when he opened the door and stepped a foot outside did he stop. “Please don’t lie to me this time.”

He didn’t say anything. He just left with a heavy, feeling guilty.

But for what, he didn’t know.


Calvin ignored the internal war that was going on in his head. He pushed away the guilty feeling as he raised his hand and knocked on door 281.

He waited a few moments before he heard shuffling from the other side of the door, before it opened to reveal the one that he had missed so dearly these past weeks.

When she saw him, she paused; but her eyes soon lit up and she flung herself into his arms. He had been quick enough to brace himself and step a foot backwards or they would have both taken a tumble backwards at the sheer force that she had used to jump into his arms.

He didn’t complain when she latched onto him and buried her face into his neck; not questioning it when he felt her lips pull into a smile against the skin of his neck. He just assumed that she was happy to see him after having not spent any proper time together since she had gotten back from her small vacation.

“Calvin,” Jane called out to him, breathing in his rich cologne. “Calvin.” She repeated, surprised that he had come for her. And to think that she thought that he would actually stay away for the full two months.

“Yes, darling?” He addressed her affectionately, tightening his arms around her as his lips curved up into their own smile. It felt like he was home.

“I missed you.” She confessed, not at all shy about it.

“I know.” He replied haughtily, a teasing glint in his eyes.

“And?” She probed, pouting.

He merely smiled and trailed his nose up the side of her face, only stopping at her temple where he placed a tender kiss, his lips lingering there longer than necessary. “I missed you too.”

“You better have.” She sassed him, though her tone soon turned serious. “What are you doing here?”

“You’re not happy to see me?”

“Of course, I am! But what about the contract and...” her voice trailed off at the end, not wanting to mention Audrey’s name as the very reminder of that woman bought a bitter taste to her mouth. It didn’t sit right with Jane that Calvin was forced to spend his days living unhappily with a woman that he didn’t love, instead of with her, the woman that he did love.

Of course, there was also the fact that Jane feared that with spending so much time with Audrey, Calvin would wake up and see the truth. That Jane wasn’t as devoted to him as he was to her. Her suspicion that she didn’t truly love him, rather just enjoyed his company. She knew this because she hadn’t thought of him once in the week that they had spent apart from each other. Except for the first few days that Jane had called him constantly, Jane had been busy with someone else. A someone whom had left her apartment not over an hour ago after having spent the night.

She was just glad that Calvin had turned up now and not earlier.

She pulled away from him abruptly when she noted the time on her wrist watch. “Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” She asked him, pulling him into the apartment by his hand.

“I’m the boss.” He stated proudly, not answering her question for that was dangerous territory. He could only image what Audrey would do if she were to find out about his current whereabouts, but he rather not think about that now.

“Yes, I know. But you’re normally at work this time of day.” She reasoned, hoping to find out what was going on in that mysterious mind of his. At least then she would know where she stood in his ladder of importance.

“Now you really sound like you’re not happy to see me.” He teased her, though he wished that she had missed him more. He had expected her to fly into his arms and pepper his face with kisses, begging him to never leave her again. But it was probably better that he kept that fantasy to himself.

“I’m just concerned, that’s all.” She mused quietly before leaning into him, wrapping her arms around his neck. Her lips brushed against his as she spoke. “I’m really happy to see you.”

“Oh, really now?”


“Prove it.” He dared her, a mischievous spark in his eyes.

His hands wrapped around her waist and hoisted her up into the air so she could wrap her legs around him. Her lips descended onto his as they kissed feverishly, their actions sloppy and passionate at the same time as they tried to make up for lost time.

“I can’t stay long.” He whispered into her ear as she pushed his last article of clothing down his legs and to his ankles with her feet, her hold on him tight and restricting. Not that he minded.

Now that he was back, she was more than happy to oblige to his wishes. There was something stimulating about knowing that she had been with one man this morning, and then with another now. Jane knew that she wouldn’t be able to keep up this charade forever, but she would worry about that later. She could come up with a solution later but for now, she focused on the man in front of her.

It was not two hours later that Calvin was stood at the front door of her apartment, giving her one last kiss before he headed off to work. If anyone asked, then he would say that he had slept in, not that any of his employees would dare question his whereabouts. He just hoped that Audrey hadn’t called into work to check up on him, for if she did then he would have to come up with an excuse. He would rather not lie -he deemed that not mentioning something and lying were two very different things- because once a lie was told then he would have to stick with it, and it was quite easy to get stuck in one’s own web.

“When will I see you again?” She breathed against his shirt as she gave him one last hug before he had to leave.

None of them said anything as he avoided the question, choosing to answer her with a prolonged kiss instead.

He walked away that morning with his head held high, feeling guilty about more than one thing.


Layla Knight


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