Happily Married [ROMANCE]

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November 10th 2017

Calvin paced back and forth in his bedroom, bored. There wasn’t anything for him to do, especially since he was simultaneously on his day off while also trying to avoid Audrey.

It was tough.

After a few for minutes of pacing and not sure what to do with himself, he sat down on the bed and reached for his phone which was resting on the bedside cabinet. Seeing as he already had the number of speed dial, Calvin had the phone glued to his ear in no time.

“Noah,” he greeted his assistant once he picked up. “How are you today?”

Calvin’s assistant cleared his throat before speaking. “I’m good, sir. What about you?” He asked politely, wondering why his boss was calling when he was supposed to be enjoying the one free day that he had, had in a long time.

“I’m good also.”

An awkward silence passed between them where neither of them spoke a word. Calvin didn’t know what to say and Noah was wondering what his boss wanted. “Is there anything I can do for you? Perhaps you forgot something in the office.”

“Yes,” Calvin coughed in order to clear his throat. “You see I forgot some very important files in my office and I need you to bring them over to me so that I can get started on them.” He said, hoping that his assistant would just comply and do as he was told, but that was mere wishful thinking on Calvin’s part.

“I’ve already started on the paperwork, Sir. And I’m nearly finished.” Noah informed his boss.

“Oh, yeah?” He scratched the back of his neck.

“Yes, sir.”

“Well, if you’ve got the work under control then maybe I should come in and see some clients.” Calvin suggested.

“Oh, no sir.” Noah shook his head, not that Calvin would be able to see the gesture. “We’ve got that all under control. You just enjoy your free day.” He couldn’t help but smile at the way Calvin seemed resistant to get off of the phone. Noah hadn’t forgotten the conversation that they had, had a few weeks ago.

“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely.” He smiled again.

Calvin paused for a few seconds. He hummed, giving off the impression that he was thinking. “I think I should come in anyway.”

“To do what?” Noah asked, curious as to how Calvin would answer the question. “We’ve just finished one project, and we aren’t due to start any big ones until later this week.” He informed him.

“But I’ll be away then, so maybe we should start now.”

Noah shook his head again. “We’d have to change the client appointments and I’m not sure how some of them would take that.”

“Yes, yes.” Calvin found himself muttering into the phone, desperately searching for excuse after excuse to go into the office. At least then he wouldn’t have to stay at home. He needed something, anything, to distract him, to get his mind off everything that was going on around him. But it seemed like there truly wasn’t anything for him to do, and he doubted that even if there was, his assistant would tell him about it unless it was absolutely necessary.

Calvin could hardly believe that he was looking for an excuse to go into the office even though it was his day off. The situation was quite ironic.

“Anything else, sir?” Noah asked politely.

“No, but call me if you need anything.”

“Will do, sir. Have a nice day.”

“You too.” He muttered before hanging up the call and dropping the phone onto the bed next to him.

It turned out that his assistant was pretty good at his job. Perhaps he should fire him.

Calvin just sat around for a while with nothing to do. He walked around the room for a bit until he started to get dizzy from going around in circles. He then took a nap, but found himself awake within twenty minutes. The house was clean and he couldn’t cook. He had tried to call his friends, but they were all at work. Not that he hung out with them much anyway. And he damn as hell couldn’t go and see Jane, even though he really wanted to.

It was only when he got a text from his brother, Kade, that he remembered that he would be going away for a few days, on the 13th to be exact.

Calvin sprung up from his bed, excited with the thought of having something to do.

He walked over to his closet and opened up both doors, eager to get started, but there was very little for his eyes to feast on. Calvin took note of the amount of clothes in wardrobe, much less than usual. And then his eyes travelled down and noticed the singular, medium sized suitcase that sat at the bottom.

It turned out that Audrey had packed for him.


Calvin pursed his lips and crossed his arms over his chest as he stared at the suitcase, studying it, almost as if he could see through the expensive leather exterior of it.

He was in the right mind to tell someone off. And so, he set off to do just that.

Calvin knew the way to Audrey’s office like the back of his hand. He could clearly remember spending many days there when he was home, especially when Audrey was finishing off a project. He would usually bring her dinner and then coax her away from her work long enough for her to eat something. He would help out when he could, but most of everything that Audrey worked with looked like complete gibberish to him.

And today was no different.

A sense of déjà vu washed over Calvin as he watched her through the crack in the slightly ajar door. His hand froze on the door know as he gazed at the side of her face. While his eyes were glued on her, hers were glued on her laptop screen as she typed away on the keyboard, occasionally pausing to fix something or to read over something else.

Her hair was tied up in a messy bun on the top of her head, leaving her slender neck on display. There were dark bags under her eyes from what he assumed to be not enough sleep. An oversized jumper hung off of one shoulder and her loose sweatpants were rolled up at the bottom so that they displayed half of her calves, even while sitting crossed legged in her extra-large office chair.

He was glad that she had her earphones on, otherwise he was sure that she would have heard him approaching.

Calvin found himself stood against the doorframe for longer than necessary. He had pushed the door open a little more so that he could actually step into the room, even if it was just by a few inches.

He hated to admit it, but Audrey was beautiful. In every sense of the word. He wished that things had been different for them, but it was too late now. And perhaps it was fate, to fall out of love. Even if it was one-sided.

It was only when his phone rang that he snapped back to reality. He scrambled around in his pockets to grab his phone as soon as possible -he wasn’t sure how much noise her headphones blocked out, and he didn’t want to risk it.

With one last look at his wife, Calvin turned around and walked back to his bedroom -formerly their bedroom- with the phone pressed against his ear.

What he didn’t know was that Audrey had noticed his reflection in the mirror on the wall next to her long ago, but she chose not to say anything. She was more than content to just let him be.


“Mum,” Calvin answered the call having closed the bedroom door behind him. “How are you?”

“Good, dear. And you?”

“I’m great, mum.”

“And that lovely wife of yours?”

Calvin sighed, but bit his tongue none the less. “She’s good too, mum.”

“Good,” his mother -Sherry- said. “Do you mind passing the phone to her for a minute?”

Yes, he did mind, but he didn’t say it. “She’s actually working right now.”

“Oh, okay.” Sherry spoke softly, almost as if she were speaking the words to herself. “I’ll just call her later then.”

Calvin bit his lip and didn’t say anything in response to that. He tried to change the topic instead. “Is there a reason why you called?”

“I don’t like that tone, son.” His mother chastised him gently, though Calvin still winced. “But yes, I actually called to remind you that we’ll be going away on the 13th, and I expect you to be on time this month.”

Calvin rolled his eyes. “That was only one time.”

“One time too many.” His mother muttered.

“It’s pretty convenient that you called.” He smirked.

“And why is that?” She asked.

“Because I was actually thinking of calling you up a little later today.”

“I guess I got there first then.”

“You did.” He nodded, not that she would be able to see.

“So, what did you want to talk about?”

“I wanted to tell you that I wouldn’t be able to make it this year because I’m too busy with work. I’ve talked it over with Audrey and we’ve decided that it would be best if none of us could attend because with work, neither of us are in a good place right now.” He lied very skilfully, not giving his mother a chance to get a word in edgeways. His words flowed smoothly, coming together to form a legitimate reason that hid the real truth.

But it seemed that his mother had pretty much ignored everything that he had just said. “I expect both you and Audrey to be the first ones in the house.”

He pursed his lips. “Did you not hear what I said?”

“I can hear perfectly.” Her answer was tight-lipped and short.


“I don’t care.” She chuckled. “I’m sure you can find a little time in the year to spend with family. And what’s a family holiday if the whole family isn’t there?”

“It’s only one year.”

“Which will turn into many more.”

“No, it won’t.” He said, opening his mouth to further defend himself and put his point across, but Sherry was quick to cut him off.

“Well, I’ve got to go now.” She informed him cheerfully and hung up the phone immediately, not giving him the chance to say anything else to work in his favour. Calvin tried calling her again but his mum just let it ring. He had no doubt that she was ignoring his calls on purpose. After the fourth try, he gave up.

Calvin cursed his bad luck and sat down on his bed, once again faced with the dilemma of having nothing to do.


Layla Knight


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