Happily Married [ROMANCE]

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November 13th 2017

The car ride to the country cabin had been silent. Audrey had tried to make conversation, but Calvin had just ignored her. However, she was happy to see that her brother had called about half way into the excruciatingly long and awkward car ride, and so was able to pass the rest of it easily.

She didn’t even care that Calvin could hear everything that her and her brother were discussing. It also helped that he knew nothing about her failing marriage.

Audrey opened up the boot and grabbed a suitcase, bracing one hand on the side of the car while the other tugged at the suitcase. She had packed light, but it seemed that the half a dozen books and laptop that she had bought along were weighing it down.

A grunt came from behind her before she was pushed to the side roughly. “Move.” Calvin barked at her as he tugged her suitcase out of the car.

Audrey’s eyebrows shot up in surprise as she watched her husband unload both their suitcase and extra bags out of the car before he locked it with the click of a button. She made a move to take one from his hand, but he dodged her advance. “I’ve got it.” He muttered lowly, his lips slowly pulling up into a small smile.

She was truly taken aback, but when she saw her mother in law, Shelley, standing at the front door waiting to receive them, all her surprise vanished. She wasn’t surprised any more.

Helping her and being chivalrous had all been a show so that his mother wouldn’t question his behaviour towards his wife.

Audrey just smiled and walked quickly up the driveway, passing Calvin as she ran into Shelly’s arms. Audrey may have grown up in multiple foster homes with her brother, so it was nice to have a mother and father figure to look up to.

Calvin’s family truly was her own, even if he hated her.

After greeting everyone and exchanging many hugs and kisses with all of the family members, Audrey decided to head upstairs to the bedroom that she would be sharing with Calvin for the next week or so. She had managed to take to grab her toiletry bag before Calvin had decided that he would be handling the suitcases.

Audrey had just about finished placing all her necessities in the bathroom when she heard her name being called. She dried her hands on the towel as she walked into the bedroom.

Calvin stood in the middle of the room, waiting for her. “Close the door.” His voice was strong and commanding, yet quiet so that no one would her.

She didn’t question him as she turned around and closed the door quickly. Audrey paused for a minute before she turned back around to face him; to face her husband.

She couldn’t deny that she was excited. But for what, she wasn’t quite sure.

“We need to set down some rules.” Calvin informed her once she had turned around. He resisted the urge to roll her eyes at how long that one simple action took her.

“What kind of rules?” She found herself warily.

“The kind that keeps you out of my way.”

Audrey didn’t comment. She didn’t trust herself to. To say that she was disappointed would be the understatement of the century. She had been without any affection or inkling of love from Calvin, and to think that he had called her here for sex was actually quite ludicrous. Embarrassing even, if he ever found out about it.

Audrey willed her heated cheeks to calm down, but to no avail. She was just glad that Calvin didn’t notice it. And even if he did, he didn’t comment on it. He just wanted to sort everything out so he could leave the room and enjoy the rest of his day.

When she didn’t say anything, he carried on speaking. “I’ll be taking the bed, and you’ll be taking the couch. Under no circumstance will we be sleeping in the same bed.”

She nodded, hating that her cheeks had warmed significantly more at his words.

“Make sure all your blankets and pillows and removed from the couch before you leave the room in the morning. I don’t need anyone asking questions.”

“Don’t touch my stuff, and don’t attempt to tidy anything. I can take care of myself.” He paused.

“And don’t expect anything from me.”

Audrey pursed her slips, but nodded stiffly. She wasn’t submissive, and she definitely didn’t bow down to Calvin, even if he was her husband and she was still madly in love with him, but she figured that it would be better to agree and stay out of his way rather than argue and risk the chance of his family hearing. It was best to keep their business to themselves, even if it meant that she would be losing out in the end.


Audrey didn’t see much of Calvin after lunch. The day had passed relatively quickly, which she was happy about. She had spent most of it talking to her Calvin’s sister-in-law’s. They had all made plans to go out shopping the next day.

But for now, it was pretty late and seeing as she was tired after the long car ride, Audrey had been ready for bed since 10:00 pm. It was now 10.42 pm. She had been reading for a little bit, but then started to feel her eyes get heavy so she had turned the lights off and got into her bed -the sofa.

She had just about fell asleep when the bedroom door opened, and not so quietly at that. She didn’t open her eyes when she heard the door close and a single pair of feet shuffling around on the wooden floor. A few minutes passed and by the sound of things, Audrey was sure that Calvin was standing over her. There was also the fact that she could feel his hot breath fanning over her face. She refused to open her eyes.

Her suspicions were confirmed when Calvin reached out a hand and caressed her cheek. When she neither flinched nor moved, he was sure that she was asleep. He smiled triumphantly and climbed into bed, but not before undressing into a thing pair of jogging bottoms and nothing else. Pulling the covers over him and flicking off the bedside lamp, he spared one more glance at Audrey’s sleeping figure on the couch before he grabbed his phone.

Jane picked up on the fourth ring. He knew that it was late and she was probably asleep, but he couldn’t resist.

He needed to hear her voice.

“Hello?” Jane answered the phone, her voice deep, laced with what Calvin assumed to be sleep. But he couldn’t be more wrong.

Calvin didn’t say anything, he just smiled in the dark.

Audrey heard some shuffling followed by a deep sigh. She had thought that he would fall asleep soon, but she couldn’t have been more wrong.

“Hello? Who is this?” Jane asked again, giggling silently when her own lover reached out for her, not happy with the distraction that had pulled her away from him.

“Jane.” Calvin breathed out, his smile only growing when he heard a momentary pause. Light shuffling resounded from her side of the phone. He had been right; she probably was asleep.

“Calvin?” She asked, her eyebrows knitting together in surprise. It had been over a week since she had heard or even seen Calvin. She had thought that he was waiting for the contract to end, but it seemed that he couldn’t stay away for too long. She smiled and crawled out of bed, but not before holding the phone to her chest to muffle the sound of her kissing her bed mate and promising him that she would be quick.

“How have you been, stranger?” She teased him, closing her bedroom door as she stepped into the living room and sat down on the couch, wearing nothing but one of Derek’s shirts.

“Good. But even better know that I get to talk to you.”

“You’re such a charmer. Tell me, how many girls do you get with that slick tongue of yours?”

“Many, but there’s only one that I’m interested in.”

“Oh?” She placed coy, her lips curling up. It was nice talking to Calvin, especially since she hadn’t seen him in a while after having spent nearly every day together for over a year, but her heart didn’t beat like it used to. Not for Calvin, anyway.

Her earlier suspicions had been right. She was just fond of Calvin, she didn’t love him like she had previously though. And now that she had met Derek and gotten to know him over the past couple of weeks, Jane knew what she wanted.

However, she was in a predicament. Calvin didn’t know about Derek and Derek certainly didn’t know about Calvin.

“Yeah.” He chuckled. “So, what have you been keeping busy with while I’ve been away?” He asked, curious.


She faltered. “I’ve just been working and having some alone time.” She lied smoothly, her gut tightening as the guilt seeped in. There was one man in her bedroom that she couldn’t get enough of, but was scared that it wouldn’t work out with. And there was this other man on the phone was absolutely smitten for her. She had no doubt that Calvin would do anything for her.

But the problem was that she didn’t want Calvin. She wanted Derek, but she also wanted a constant in her life, and she wasn’t sure if Derek could be that for her.

“Where is that wife of yours?” She asked, changing the subject as quickly as she could.


“Next to you?”

“No, on the sofa.” He told her, his eyes subconsciously trailing over the room under they landed on Audrey’s sleeping figure. Little did he know that she was awake and could hear every word that he was saying. “This time next year, you’ll be the one to come with me for our Thanks Giving family dinner.”

“Can’t wait.” Jane forced the words out.

Calvin continued to talk to Jane, and Audrey forced herself to stay awake; to listen. Even when he had ended the call and called up his assistant about work. She was still awake when he was asleep, and her eyes were wide open when the sun rose up that morning.

Audrey only fell asleep when Calvin had had left the room for his early morning jog.


Layla Knight


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