Happily Married [ROMANCE]

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November 27th 2017

Calvin woke up from his nap not feeling much better than he did before, but his headache had sure calmed down and for that, he was grateful.

Swinging his legs out of bed, he brushed a hand through his air. He had managed to sleep all through the morning and well into midday. It seemed that he would not be going into work that day, not that he had much of a choice since there was only a few hours left anyway.

Ignoring the numerous missed calls that he got from his assistant, Calvin left his phone on his unmade bed before he made his way to the bathroom.

The first thing he did was grab his toothbrush and apply some paste on to it. All he wanted right now was to get rid of the horrid taste in his mouth followed by a warm shower to relax his muscles. Calvin needed a few more moments to himself before he went out to face reality.

Brushing his teeth, he avoided looking in the mirror. He was afraid of what he would see.

Once satisfied with his minty fresh breath, he stripped down to his birthday suit and stepped into the glass cubicle, adjusting the temperature of the water so that it was just right.

Bracing his arms against the wall of the shower, her bowed his head and enjoyed the feeling of the warm water gliding over his back, streaming over crevices on his body like a waterfall before making its way to the shower floor.

Last night had been terrible.

He could barely remember what had happened after he had left Jane’s apartment. But before he left he remembered that while he waited for the valet to fetch his car from him, Jane’s other boyfriend had stridden up next to him.

Neither of them spoke to each other, but someone could surely cut the tension in the air between them with a knife. Or, perhaps that wouldn’t be sharp enough.

Calvin had stood with his jaw clenched, his hands shoved into his trouser pockets even though they itched to come out and land a punch on the pretty face of his rival.

It seemed that Tom had, had the same idea as him as before Calvin could even see it coming, he had swung a punch to his gut. The wind was knocked out of him as bent over forward, clutching his stomach. Tom had then taken that opportunity to grab him in a head lock however, Calvin had seen it coming this time and rammed into Tom’s side, knocking him to the ground.

The two men battled it out on the ground, taking turns to throw punches at one another. Luckily, Calvin had managed to save his face from much of the damage, only coming out with a small bruise to the jaw. Tom looked far worse than him.

Before it could get any further, security had escorted them both out of the building. Calvin remembered cursing the other man and smirking when his rival was held down by two guards while the valet finally arrived with his car.

Calvin enjoyed having the last laugh as he drove away from the apartment building, hopefully for the last time.

Shaking his head of such thoughts, he washed his hair with some shampoo and proceeded to soap his body. After he had washed away all the dirt,grime and the nightmares of last night’s activities, he turned on the cold water and allowed it to wake him up.

When it got too much, he turned the water off and then stepped out of the shower. Drying himself off, he walked into his room and got dressed.

Once he was done, he sighed before making his way downstairs. One glance towards Audrey’s sleeping figure on the couch, he knew that he would be cooking for two that morning.

It didn’t take long for him to toast some bread and apply jam to them. Audrey was still asleep so he decided to make some eggs to go with the toast.

The smell of coffee brewing woke Audrey from her sleep and just as he turned around to place the food on the kitchen island, he was greeted with a sleeping Audrey sat at the bar stool, lazily rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

She didn’t meet his eyes as she accepted the food, silently eating her food.

Calvin made an effort to make small conversation with his wife, often glancing at her from the top of his coffee mug as he sipped at it leisurely. None of them spoke of what happened last night. Audrey didn’t trust her heart and Calvin didn’t want to face any more embarrassment.

He still couldn’t believe what Jane had done to him. He had truly thought that she was the love of his life, that she would be it for him, but it seemed that fate had other plans.

Now he knew how Audrey felt; betrayed.

Calvin felt as if his heart was broken beyond repair. A painful sting would stab at his chest whenever he thought of Jane. All the happy memories that they shared had all been spoilt within mere minutes.

What hurt the most was that she had strung him along for so long. He couldn’t even imagine for how long she had been cheating on him. It wasn’t even guaranteed that Tom was the only man that she had been seeing behind his back. For all he knew, she could have been making a joke out of him from the very start.

Just as he had done to Audrey.

Perhaps this was karma’s way of getting back at him for treating Audrey like trash over the years. A taste of his own medicine.

Not enjoying the direction that his thoughts were heading, he finished off all of his food, and when he was done with that, he turned his attention on Audrey.

“I’m sorry,” he apologised to her, surprising even himself as he had not planned to say that. But it seemed that the guilt of the whole situation was just too much that even his subconscious was bothered by it.

Calvin watched as her she froze, her fingers tightening around the fork she held. Looking up at him, her face was blank. For a moment, he wasn’t sure if she had heard him, but he noticed the emotions in her eyes. She was always an open book.

He cleared his throat. “I’m sorry for leaving you yesterday.”

Audrey shrugged and turned back to her food, not saying anything. It was as if she didn’t even care.

“I should have stayed.”

Audrey dropped her fork abruptly. It clanged against the plate before it felt onto the counter top. She looked up at him, her eyes focused and determined. “It doesn’t matter.” She muttered under her breath, but this time, she didn’t turn away from him.

“It does matter. I went with you, and so I should have left with you.” He explained to her, wringing his hands together; a nervous habit.

Audrey merely hummed and sipped at her coffee.

“I’ll make it up to you.” He promised her.

She shook her head. “There’s no need.”

“No, I want to.” He assured her, missing out the fact that he needed to make it up to her otherwise the guilt would eat him out alive. It seemed that the truth about Jane had opened his eyes because what he saw in front of him was a vulnerable woman who had trusted him with everything, and he had just continuously let her down over the years.

Audrey pursed her lips, she was done getting her hopes crushed by him.

“I’m busy,” she told him before standing up. She avoided his gaze as she walked over to the sink and proceeded to wash her dishes. When he stood next to her with a dish towel in hand, waiting to dry them, she ignored him and grabbed the cloth out of his hand and did the job herself.

She would be gone soon and would have to live by herself then, so she might as well get a head start on it now rather than later.

When she got the time, she would do some apartment hunting. Somewhere far away from here, somewhere she wouldn’t have to see Calvin and his lover ever again; somewhere she would learn to love herself and nurse her wounds.

Audrey was done relying on men.

She had learnt the hard way that you couldn’t trust them, that they could do no good. And she had already started on that. She had deleted Joe’s phone number from her phone and deleted all of their messages when she had woken up and now, she was beginning to distance herself from Calvin.

It was about time she learned some self-preservation.

Sadly, that didn’t last long as Calvin followed her to her office. She had attempted to push him out several times, but he was not budging. He just grabbed a chair and sat next to her at her desk. He didn’t even do anything, he just watched her work.

Audrey had no idea why Calvin was acting this way, but it was annoying and there was no getting rid of him.

Hours passed as Audrey worked and she had quickly forgotten that he was even sat next to her. But she had jumped when his phone rang, startled by the unexpected sound of it.

He apologised for it, but sighed when she didn’t even spare him a glance before answering the call. His finger paused over the ‘accept’ button when he saw the name flash on his screen, but he found himself swiping right.

“What do you want?” He pursed his lips. The shorter this conversation the better.

“I wanted to speak to you.” Her voice was quiet and timid, almost as if she was afraid that he would start shouting at her at any moment. Calvin definitely had a temper but surprisingly, he had yet to scream at her.

“You said what you had to last night.”

Audrey’s eyebrows shot up at his cold tone. Who could it be to receive such coldness from him?

“I want to apologise.” She begged.

“I think it’s too late for that.”

Audrey found herself abandoning all interest in her work. She even turned in her seat to face Calvin as she listened in on her conversation. She didn’t know who he was speaking to, but she had a rough idea.

“Calvin,” she whined, sniffling. “Please.” She pleaded with him.

Calvin groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose in anger. “Don’t ever call me again, Jane.”


Audrey couldn’t be more surprised that he was speaking to his lover so viciously, but perhaps there was some trouble in paradise.

Not that she cared.


“What?” He barked into the phone.

Jane sniffled. “Just one more time. Come see me one more time and listen to what I have to say. After that, you won’t ever have to see me again. I promise.” The desperation in her tone was evident, and it was getting to Calvin.

His curiosity got the better of him as he found himself agreeing to see her one last time.

Ending the call, he put the phone back in his pocket before he looked up to find Audrey staring at him. He held her eyes for a moment before he stood up.

“I’ll be home soon,” he promised her before walking out of the door. Even though Calvin was notorious for making many promises yet withholding next to none, Audrey still found herself waiting.

She allowed herself to hope that he would come home like he said he would.

Audrey didn’t wait around for Calvin to come back to her so that they could have their happily ever after. No, she was waiting in hopes that she would be able to see him one last time before she left.

She listened to her heart and allowed herself to hope one last time, despite her head screaming at her for being so blind in love. Her heart didn’t care about anything else, it was just so set on loving Calvin, but her mind; her mind knew better. But it was hard to hear what her mind had to say when her heart was always beating so fast and so loud at the very thought of Calvin.

Her heart had begun beating for him before it all had even begun. She had allowed herself to hope that there would be light under the tunnel, and when she found Calvin; he had become her light. Too bad he was determined to leave her behind in the tunnel.

She waited that whole night, and then she waited the next night too.

But he never came home.


Layla Knight


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