Happily Married [ROMANCE]

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November 29th 2017

The words flashed before his eyes repeatedly as he unlocked the door.

I am writing to inform you that the test results have come back. The sample that was taken during the last examination confirm that Mr Paynter’s sperm is functioning normally and are healthy however, it has been found Mrs Paynter’s eggs do not function completely. I regret to inform you that Mrs Paynter will not be able to be impregnated any time in the near future nor carry a child.

The letter went on to explain in further detail, but he didn’t need any of that. He had already read what he needed to know.

He couldn’t wait to show her –his so called ‘wife’– the document that he was currently holding in his hands. He would have to be sure that he had his phone ready to take a picture of her fallen expression once she read what was written in the reports.

They had been arguing about this matter non-stop for nearly two years now and it was about time that they put an end to it.

And just as he knew and had been saying from the very beginning, it was her who was the problem. He knew very well that he was in great shape with fantastic libido and virility –it wasn’t even a possibility that there was something wrong with his swimmers.

It was her, right from the beginning.

It had always been her. Never him.


She had always been the problem in his life.

He had never been able to notice it before but luckily, he had now opened his eyes and drank a generous sip from a steaming hot cup of reality; he knew that he had to get rid of her.

But she had been so persistent when handed the divorce papers. He had agreed to her pointless agreement under the pretence that he would be able to win the challenge and get rid of her at the same time.

She was the trash in his life and it was about time that he disposed of it.

There were only two weeks left. A remaining two weeks and she would be out of his life forever.

And then he would have a clean slate, a blank space to start anew with someone else.

Someone worthy of him.

There was no more Jane and hopefully, very soon, there would be no more Audrey.

He would be able to remove all traces of her from his life and only then would he be happy. To him, she was like the heavy weight of an anchor that forced a ship to remain at bay even though all it wanted to do was be free to swim the oceans of the world.

That’s exactly what they were.

He was the ship, his only desire being that he would be able to sail through life and embark on a countless number of adventures, and she was the anchor that was forcing him to remain at bay.

She was the burden holding him back.

But not anymore.

Just two more weeks and she would be gone.


That brought a smile onto his face.

Opening the door, he rushed to remove his coat and take off his shoes –a habit that she had forced upon him from even before their marriage. Just two more weeks and he would be free to walk around the house with shoes –dirty or not, at least then it would be his decision to make.

There would be no more of her holding him back.

Finally, he would be able to live his life the way he wanted, the way he so badly craved to.

Without her.

Those two days that he had been away he had spent hiding out in a hotel, clearing his mind. The talk with Jane had been pointless, though her words had affected him more than he wished to admit. These past two months he felt as if he was re-establishing that previous bond with Audrey. Things had definitely gotten better between them and near the end, especially the last couple of days, he found dreaming of giving her another chance. Perhaps they could adopt.

But Jane, despite how horrid, disloyal and money hungry that she had turned out to be, was right about one thing. Calvin was delusional if he thought that he could go back to having a happy life with Audrey after everything. Their marriage was failing even before he had met Jane and now, there was no going back. There was no saving it.

“Honey, I’m home!” He called out just as he used to when they first got married. But those days had long sailed now and he was only using the endearment to jab at her.

He knew exactly what would happen.

Upon hearing that he was home she would rush to the front door with a huge smile on her face, her hopes soaring high up in the sky. Usually he felt bad whenever he got her hopes up for no reason but not today. Today he would enjoy the way that she would break down completely. Hell, maybe she would just give up and leave two weeks early.

However, she never came.


Not even a voice or a note telling him where she was.

His heartbeat striked up dramatically and before he knew it he was rushing all over the house, checking the kitchen, the master bedroom, her sofa-bed. He even checked her upstairs office that she would always be working in.

Her wardrobe was stripped bare and her suitcase had disappeared along with the contents of her office. All traces of Audrey were gone. Not even a single auburn curl from the top of her head was left to remind him of his wife. All that was left was her wedding ring and the pendant which he had so desperately wanted to gift to Jane once Audrey was gone.

But now, the eloquent pendant encrusted with expensive, gleaming diamonds was left upon the coffee table, no longer shining but looking rather dull now that it was no longer around Audrey’s neck.

Normally when he got home she was always waiting for him. Even if she was busy doing something or if she had a very important project to hand in the next day, she was always there to greet him when he got home.

It was something that irked him and rubbed him up the wrong way, but not this time.

This time he craved it; to see her. He craved to see her.

For once as the harsh truth dawned upon him, he wished that she was here, waiting for him at the door with or sat on the couch her lips curled up into that beautiful smile which he had despised for so long, but now found himself wishing that he would be able to see it one last time.

However, reality was that she was gone.

His Audrey.


For some strange reason, there was this strange feeling of panic mixed with pain and sorrow that engulfed him once it dawned upon him that she had finally left.

He had wanted her gone all along, so why was he feeling this way now?

But there was no point now, she was no longer his.

She was just gone.


N O T E; fun fact. The epilogue was the first chapter that I ever wrote for this story.

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