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COMPLETE The story of a man who loves his mistress more than his wife. "Why are you still here?" He mumbled, his hands clutching a now empty bottle of beer. Opting to remain quiet, she reached out to grab at it but he pulled away once he noticed what she was doing. Having not expected it, she barely had a moment to register what was happening before she ducked, narrowly missing the beer bottle. He chucked darkly. She had never seen him so drunk before, nor so broken or even deranged, for that matter. "I hate you. You ruined my life." He slurred, his voice loud and strong but the words all jumbled together under the heavy influence of the alcohol. "I don't love you." Pursing her lips, she reached around him and grabbed the comforter. With a simple flick of her wrist she had removed it from under him. It took some time to get him to move around on the bed so that he was now lying down instead of in his previous position where he was sitting up, leaning against the headboard reeking of alcohol. Thankfully he remained quiet as she pulled up the duvet to just under his chin, tucking him in as one does to a child. Grabbing the numerous beer bottles on the ground and on the bed, she allowed herself one last glance at him before she left. "But I love you." She exhaled at last, but he was already asleep. Copyright © 2017 @_illuminating_ All Rights Reserved

Romance / Drama
Layla Knight
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February 27th 2015

Yawning and rubbing the sleep from her eyes simultaneously, just like how they do it on TV, she walked down the stairs. Glancing around the living room, she scanned the area with absolutely no sight of her husband anywhere.

Still sleepy, she decided to head to the kitchen next because it was the closest. Also because that was where the coffee was kept.

The rich smell of the coffee became stronger and even more distinct as she got closer to the kitchen, proving her hunch correct that she would locate her husband there.

Leaning against the doorway casually with her head cocked to the side, she took in the gorgeous man standing before her who appeared to be cooking.

He sported a rugged look which contained silky black hair that was naturally tousled. Strands of his hair curled around his ears, the nape of his neck and his forehead. He had grown out his bangs which were curly, and added to whole masculine appeal.

His eyes were an electric shade of blue which pierced into her soul every time she looked into them. His jaw was strong and firm, decorated with a hint of a five o’clock shadow as he hadn’t shaved since the day before last. His skin was sun-kissed, a perfect contrast with hers.

Calvin had his headphones plugged in and he danced to whatever he was listening whilst he fried some eggs on the plan, preparing a surprise breakfast in bed for his wife. She watched him as he danced in front of the stove, panning some eggs onto a plate at the same time.

Calvin danced with his hips and tapped his sock clad foot, spinning around when the toaster ‘pinged’ that it was done and the toast flew up in the air because he had set it too high. Grabbing the plate of eggs in a rush, a distraught look conquered his face as he thought for a moment that he wouldn’t make it and the toast would become ruined.

Luckily though, the piece of toast came down for a perfect landing on the plate next to the eggs. Relief washed through Calvin as he placed the plate down on the kitchen counter and inhabited one of the bar stools, grabbing the pan right off the stove in the process. Grabbing the newspaper, he spooned some of the egg into his mouth straight from the pan whilst tapping his foot against the floor as he bobbed his head to the music.

With her arms crossed and head resting against the door frame, Audrey couldn’t help but laugh at the sight of her husband acting so cool and carefree. He was acting like a teenager despite the fact that he was twenty-three and counting. No one walking into the room at this moment would guess that he was the son of the CEO of Paynter’s Empire, one of the largest collections of five star hotels in the world. And that was exactly what Calvin was: unpredictable.

His head jerked up at the faint sound of sweet laughter, a smile captivating his face instantaneously as his eyes caught sight of his wife, awake and still clad in her pyjamas. Her hair was mussed and heavily dishevelled from last night, her body clad in the black and red chequered button down shirt that Calvin had been wearing yesterday. It was a few sizes big on her, the sleeves rolled up so that they reached just under her elbows and the hem of it just passing mid-thigh.

Pulling lightly on the wires which were connected to the actual headphone speakers, they both popped out of his ears, one by one before being left forgotten on the countertop.

Pushing up from the bar stool with her breakfast of eggs and toast in hand, he held a sheepish look on his face as he walked up to her. “I made you breakfast.” He whispered, skilfully weaving an arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him until there was nothing separating them from one another other than the clothes they were wearing; that and the plate of eggs which he held in his right hand.

Wrapping her arms around his torso, she smiled up at him coyly. “You seem to have forgotten to deliver it.” She stated, arching an eyebrow expertly at his expense.

A sound of agreement emitted from him as he smiled down lazily at her, brushing a few stray locks of hair that dared to fall into her eyes. “I thought that I should let you sleep a little longer before waking you.” He admitted smugly, his words suggestively referring to last night.

A light blush adorned her cheeks at his indicative choice of words, pushing lightly on his chest to get away from him as deep chuckles erupted from him.

Sauntering over to the already pulled out bar stool which he had been sitting on earlier, she sat down on it with her hands resting on her lap as she looked at him expectantly.

“What?” He asked, confused.

“I’m awaiting my breakfast.” She replied curtly, a devil of a smile playing on her lips.

Shaking his head and laughing softly to himself, he laid the plate of eggs and toast before her on the counter top, grabbing a clean spoon and placing that in front of her too. “Enjoy!” He announced, imitating a French chef as he made “kissy-kissy” sounds with his lips and wild gestures with his hands as he encouraged her to taste his marvellous creation.

Now, to anyone, eggs and toast would straight off the bat and as simple as that. But Calvin couldn’t cook to save his life and the fact that he had been able to make eggs without burning them was an achievement for him.

Smiling at her anxious husband adoringly, Audrey picked up the spoon he had laid out for her and scooped up some of the scrambled egg from the plate, lifting it towards her mouth, sampling the food. She chewed on it softly, testing its edibility precariously.

“Mmm!” She moaned quietly, alerting her husband that it tasted good.

She watched as his eyes lit up with glee and as his lips curved up into a crooked grin. He beamed down at her, proud that he had been able to cook something which his wife approved of, even if it was something as simple as eggs.

However, his genuine happiness did not last long as his wife appeared to be having problems swallowing his concoction, though she made a good attempt of covering up the whole façade, making it look as if she was actually savouring the taste of the one morsel.

Grabbing the spoon from her hand, he ladened it with some of the eggs and tried it for himself. He took a moment to taste and another moment to chew before he grabbed a paper towel from behind him and spit the atrocious abomination into it. Balling it up, he threw it into the dustbin, giving his wife a sad look before plopping down onto the bar stool next to his wife.

Aware that the jig was up, she mirrored the actions of her husband and then stood next to him, rubbing his arm soothingly as she attempted to heal his bruised male alter ego. “It wasn’t that bad.”

Looking up at her with the bridge of his nose scrunched up, he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her down onto his lap so that he would be able to rest his chin on her shoulder and look up at her, questioning her sanity silently.

“Not that bad?” He asked, his mouth still soliciting the task of ridding it of the terrible taste that had been left behind. “It tasted like crap and we both know it.” He added matter-of-factly, daring her to argue otherwise.

Now it was her turn to carry the sheepish look. “Okay, it was kind of bad.”

Tightening his grip on her waist, he placed a soft kiss on her temple. “You didn’t have to eat it.”

She laced her arms around his neck so that she would be able to play with the hair at his nape. “Of course I had to.”

He made a low, questioning sound. “And why is that?”

“Because I love you.”


March 6th 2015


The woman stared down at her, the desk separating the two ladies. “Can I help you, ma’am?” The receptionist asked politely, though Audrey didn’t miss the way she was eying her up, all the way down from her heeled ankle boots and skinny jeans up to the messy bun that sat atop her auburn head.

Turning her nose up, she directed her attention back to her computer screen, obviously not impressed with what the cat dragged in, aka Audrey.

From what she could tell, the woman was dressed in a flimsy white blouse and black pencil skirt, her hair fixed perfectly in an elegant side bun was obviously dressed up for some kind of occasion, and this made Audrey wonder what kind of occasion would one dress up for on a working day.

Adjusting her messenger bag higher up on her shoulder, she smiled sweetly at the women, ignoring the way she was openly glaring at her whilst pretending that she was immersed in some kind of work. “I was wondering if I could be buzzed in, I forgot my key pass at home?” Audrey asked sweetly.

The woman raised a perfectly waxed eyebrow at her expense, questioning her very right to be here in this lobby and making no move to pick up the work phone that sat next to her hand.

Tapping a perfectly pink manicured fingernail against her wooden desk, she attempted to stare the fiery-haired women in front of her down as if she would magically disappear somehow.

Reaching over the desk to grab the work phone which was clearly being neglected by its owner, Audrey decided to buzz herself in seeing as the employee clearly had trouble understanding English – and simple sign language.

Ignoring the astonished look that invaded the woman’s face, she evaded the receptionist’s many attempts to grab the corded phone out of her hand and just listened to the sound of the dial.

“Yes?” questioned the all too familiar voice from the other end.

“Hi, Phil. Could you buzz me up?” She asked, shooting a curt smile at the seething woman who sat with her arms crossed over her chest as she watched her every move, silently threatening to call security and to get her booted out of the building. The woman being the desk would definitely gain an immense amount of satisfaction from that.

“Sure,” was his short reply before the phone clicked off.

Tapping her black suede clad foot against the marble floor, she waited for Phil to come and get her.

Audrey didn’t have to wait long as a gangly and scrawny man came into view, his eyes covered by black tinted glasses and the communication device hooked around the back of his ear. He was wearing his usual attire of a two-piece black suit and pant along with a white shirt and matching black tie, the outfit topped off with shiny, freshly polished black shoes.

He walked slowly, as if in slow-motion with a grin plastered on his face.

He stopped in front of her, though before he could say anything the women who now strongly disliked Audrey – the one behind the desk – piped in. “I tried to stop her, but she just wouldn’t leave.” She said, pouting at Phil like an innocent kitten that could do no wrong.

It was safe to say that this woman was one of those typical blonde office assistants that you would find in the movies, though this wasn’t a movie and she wasn’t blonde.

She was a brunette in fact.

Phil just chuckled and shook his head at her. Judging by the surprised look on her face, this wasn’t the reaction that she had been anticipating.

“Turn her away?” He questioned, clearly humoured by the whole situation. “I wouldn’t dare turn her away unless I wanted to lose my job and my head, not necessarily in that order.” He added, winking in Audrey’s direction as they both watched the woman’s –whose name Audrey later found out to be Sarah after reading the nameplate on her desk - face contort into all sorts of confusion.

Phil slipped his hands in his pocket casually, staring down at the petite brunette. “You see Miss Johnson, this is Mrs Paynter, Mr Paynter’s wife, and if you both you and I want to keep our jobs and all of our bodily limbs, well, you know, attached to our bodies,” he paused for effect and shrugged his shoulders, “we should buzz her up.” He smiled, once again making another remark towards Calvin and his short temper.

The woman didn’t say anything, though she could tell that she was left with no choice but to surrender this battle. With a slight nod of her head, Phil proceeded to guide Audrey towards the elevator.

“Just for future reference, you wouldn’t actually lose any limbs.” Audrey called over my shoulder at the woman who held a perplexed look on her face.

The elevator ‘pinged’ as it came down and the doors opened, men clad in expensive tailored suits and women dressed in formal blouses and skirts flooded out of it, leaving behind a few men to join us as they travelled up.

It would be an understatement to say that Audrey stuck out like a sore thumb seeing as she was dressed in skinny jeans whilst everyone else was in formal attire, though it didn’t really make any difference to her.

She wasn’t here for business, she was here for lunch with her husband.

She could feel the other men – who judging by their appearances were the ′techies’ of the building – staring at her, their eyes boring into her back as Phil pressed the button to take them up to the sixth floor, the highest floor in this building.

“You forget your key pass again?” Phil teased.

Smiling, she waved bye to Phil in response and stepped out of the elevator, walking into the swarm of ‘suited-up’ employees who were rushing around, attempting to make their way to their next conference call or task.

Hitching her messenger bag higher up on her shoulder, she made my way over to Noah who was Calvin’s personal assistant. He had been newly hired after Calvin’s last one had been caught attempting to snoop through the company files, so naturally she had been shown the door and Noah had been hired instead.

Audrey was sad to see Patrice go seeing as she seemed so nice, but if she was caught with her hand in the cookie jar then she must suffer the consequences. Well, that was what Joseph – Calvin’s father and her father-in-law – always said, anyway.

Since he was still kind of new to this all, Noah was still kind of awkward around her...and every other human being that he could possibly come into contact with.

But Calvin had often praised Noah to Audrey, informing her of what a loyal and dedicated worker he was, often pulling over time and late night shifts with Calvin when it was needed.

She knocked gently on his open door to catch his attention. “Hi,” she beamed at him cheerfully.

Noah looked up at her, startled.

She had obviously interrupted him when he had been quite engrossed in the papers that were splayed out in front of him on his desk. “Hello,” he replied quietly, looking anywhere but at her.

It appeared that a plain black stapler was more interesting than her. Interesting.

She couldn’t help but notice the way he gulped once he was alerted of her presence, nervous now that someone had come knocking on his door. He stood up, bunglingly gesturing to the chair that sat opposite his desk, gesturing with his hands that she should take a seat, all of that while looking at the ground at her feet – either that or he held a peculiar fancy for her new suede boots.

Noah was a tall and skinny man; some could even go as far as to say that he was lanky. Judging by his appearance, he was in his mid-twenties, around Calvin’s age yet he was so awkward that it was adorable. He had curly black hair and big blue doe eyes, eyes that she would have said were stunningly beautiful if she ever was given a chance to look at them.

He sported some stubble on his chin and jaw which added to the whole appeal of the package, which was Noah in this case.

It was no secret that Noah was an attractive man.

Hell, if she were to head over to the staffroom on this floor Audrey was sure that she would definitely hear about Noah from many of the ladies there. And the fact that Noah was so awkward and distant all the time just happened to attract the ladies much more as they deemed him to be ‘mysterious’ when indeed he was just plain shy.

Fighting inwardly to crush the teasing smile that attempted to make its way onto her face, she covered it up with a fake –yet very believing, might one say – cough.

“Is Calvin in?” She asked, declining politely his offer of a seat.

If she stood around any longer then she was sure that he would whip up some coffee and bagels for me from thin air.

He nodded his head vigorously for a few moments, but then stopped abruptly once he realised what he was doing.

It was his turn to cough as he answered her question. “Yes, Sir has just come from a meeting. He’s in his office at the moment.” He informed her, pushing his thick rimmed glasses up the bridge of his nose with his index finger, still taking note of her choice of footwear.

“Thanks,” she said before walking out of his office and walking into the much larger one next to his: Calvin’s.

The door opened to reveal her husband sitting at his desk on his big comfy, swirly chair, using a finger to tap at his chin whilst lost in deep thought as he read over some papers which he held in his hands.

Now, Noah was attractive, though he had nothing on her hunk of a husband.

His forehead was scrunched up slightly as he concentrated, though his concentration shattered as he looked up to see who the intruder was who had just dared to waltz into his office without prior permission or even knocking first.

Now, if it was an employee then she sure that her husband would have blown up at them, reprimanding them for it and as Phil liked to say, they would have ′lost a limb’, and may she say that Calvin was ready for it. However, his expression softened once he saw that it was Audrey and his scowl was replaced by an ear splitting grin.

Leaning back further into his chair, he held his arms out for a hug, and that alone was enough to get her feet moving towards him and her body craving his warm embrace.

Snuggling her face into the crook of his neck as he held her tightly to him, she enjoyed the warmth and tingling feeling that came with being in his arms.

His chest vibrated as he spoke. “What brings you to my office, love?” He asked, kissing her hair and the top of her head as she leaned my head against his chest, playing with the buttons on his shirt whilst sat on his lap.

Quirking an eyebrow, she looked up at him. “Am I not welcome?” she teased coyly.

He responded by grazing her mouth with his, unleashing a set of butterflies off in her stomach.

Her toes curled as her fingers played with the hair at the nape of his neck, pulling softly on the silky black tendrils. “You’re always welcome.” He murmured against her lips, his voice low and rough, his breath warm and welcoming.

Reluctantly pulling away from him, she dodged an advance of another kiss from him, remembering the sole purpose that she had come here in the first place. “I brought you lunch!” She announced, hopping off his lap and retrieving the bag that she had dropped at his feet when she had come to give him a hug.

Placing the messenger bag down on the desk with a thud, Audrey smiled as Calvin inched closer to his desk on the wheels of his big swirly chair in order to be able to peer inside to see what it contained as she slid sideways the latch and opened it up.

Fishing out a few containers which contained some Italian bread which she had cut up earlier and a roast carrot and fennel soup to go with it, she handed him a few napkins so that he wouldn’t get anything on his expensive suit.

She had also made a turkey, pickled cucumber and olive sandwich for him and a smoked salmon salad sandwich for herself. And for desert there was a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies which she had baked earlier that day.

She couldn’t help but smile as his eyes devoured the food before his mouth did, obviously hungry. Opening up the container of the bread, she was glad that she had come here to bring lunch; otherwise he probably wouldn’t bother feeding himself until much later in the day.

Calvin placed a soft kiss on her cheek, but not before picking her up and placing her down on his desk so I was sitting on the opening where his desk chair would go. He inched closer to her in his chair, taking off her boots and letting them drop onto the floor. Audrey now sat on his desk with her feet resting on his lap as they both tucked into their respective sandwiches.

Once they were devoured, dusted and gone, next were the bread and the soup which she fed to him.

“You are amazing, love.” He praised her, biting into the Italian bread which she held to his lips, his tongue darting out of his mouth to taste some of the soup which she had dunked it in first.

“I know,” she replied smugly, playful.

Her husband replied with a snort as he ravished the rest of the bread which she held in my hand, licking her fingers as he did. Retrieving her fingers from his mouth and pushing lightly on his chest, she laughed at his child-like behaviour.

“When will you ever grow up?” She giggled, burying her face in his chest; happy and full of life.


Layla Knight


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