Happily Married [ROMANCE]

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September 16th 2017

The heals of his expensive leather shoes tapped against the tiled floor as he walked down the hallway for room 281.

281. 2-8-1.

It was a room that he found himself frequently visiting over the past year, even more often now that he had hired a new personal assistant at work who was very good at doing his job...assisting. Even outside of work.

He could honestly admit that he had been spending more time in this flat than he did in his own lavish, two-storey, three-bedroom house. This place had been a home to him when he couldn’t find sleep or solace under a roof that he used to call his. This was now his sanctuary, a place where he could just disappear to without any worries of work or clients. He would even be able to temporarily forget that...thing which he despised so much.

Even though the apartment was small and slightly unkempt, -nothing like his luxurious town house- it was where his heart was, and that’s what mattered most.

To many -if not all- this would be considered immoral, unjust. They would consider this to be a betrayal, one of the highest degree that a man could possibly commit but honestly, he didn’t care. How could something so pure, so untainted from the black matter that was his life be immoral?

But then again, he was probably biased -again, not that he cared. This was the love of his life that he was talking about.

Brushing a hand through his hair while his other clutched onto the suit jacket which he had taken off earlier and slung over his right shoulder, his left hand reached out and knocked on the door. Once, and then twice.

Leaning against the door frame before the door had even opened, he had his legs crossed at the ankles and the sleek black glasses which she had bought from him a few months ago; a sly grin already in place.

He didn’t have to wait too long before the door opened to reveal his blonde bombshell, the love of his life.

The woman was a sure sight for sore eyes with her luxurious, shiny blonde hair that barely kissed the top of her slender, tanned shoulders. Today, she was dressed in a sleek black dress which came to a stop two inches before mid-thigh, a pair of daring red heals adorned her freshly painted black toenails, which matches beautifully with the expensive diamond neck lace that he had bought her last week, and the pair of stud earrings which she had received from him less than a month before.

To say that he spoiled her would be putting it mildly.

Her make-up was done to perfection -as usual- with a deep smoky eye, thick, fluttery lushes and tantalising red lips that stirred the devil inside of him, the one that had spent months, nearly a year in hibernation. Well, that was all before he had met her and fallen madly in love.

And just for him, she had a grin to match his; one that came with a promise.

A promise for what? Well, only both he and she knew the answer to that.

“You’re late,” she greeted him, not budging from her spot from inside the apartment; making no move to invite him in. “I’ve been waiting for the past half an hour. I was just about to call the other love of my life to come over seeing as I made the effort to dress up and cook dinner.” She teased him, a mock scowl on his face as she crossed her arms over her chest; but she couldn’t stop it when her lips twisted up into a cunning smile, one that gave him a run for his money.

An amused chuckle escaped him as he watched her with a quizzical brow. “Oh, really now?”

Her breath hitched in her throat and her heart beat picked up several beats per minutes as she couldn’t tear her eyes away from his face and his pink, plump lips which were currently drawn into a menacing smile.

She could only nod her head in response, currently at a loss for words.

His grin only grew bigger in size, watching her with careful eyes. “I doubt that you’ve been ready for half an hour, you were probably strapping yourself into those little heels of yours as you were coming to the door. And that meal...you called a delivery.”

She threw her head back and laughed. Only him.

Only he would dissect her words and use them against her when she was so clearly flirting with him, sending him an open invitation.

“You know what that means?” His voice grew low and husky, torturous to her bodily reactions as he reached out and wrapped an arm around her, drawing her to his body; not at all happy with distance between them.

They moved in synch, like two magnets pulling themselves to each other; powerless to do anything to stop the magnetic connection between them. Just as she arched her head to the side, tilting it up towards him, he bowed his head and it took none but a moment for his lips to descend upon hers.

Their lips moved against each as their heads dipped up, and then down. She braced both her arms against his chest, not standing on the line between her apartment and the corridor, the door still open. He was still propped up against the doorway, a lazy smile on his face after he pulled away from his love; content yet still hungry.

And not for food.

With a wicked smile and a promising glint in his eye, he stepped into her apartment, pulling her along with him, already starting to pull at hem of the dress she wore as he kicked the door closed with his foot; all previous thoughts of a nice romantic dinner forgotten.


Spent, he pulled the silk white sheets -the ones that he had bought for her- over them as she curled into his side, her head placed onto his chest. She drew patterns on his chest and abdomen, enjoying the feel of the planes of his taut, hard muscular body against her soft, sensitive flesh.

Sensitive was the only appropriate word to use right now.

He laid on the fluffy pillows with one arm behind his neck and the other, wrapped around her waist, pulling him closer to her; basking in the warmth that she provided.

“This is nice,” she whispered into his chest, closing her eyes.

He hummed in agreeance, wishing that this was his life; that this was wife and the woman that he would be able to wake up next to every single day. He wanted so badly for this to be his life, for him to come home after work and be greeted by his Jane, who, even though had such a busy day, always was able to make time for him.

He liked it when she greeted him at the door with a welcoming smile, a warm hug and a passionate kiss. He did not like when she greeted him with a smile, asking about his day. Even though he always refused, she would take his briefcase and try to help him out of his coat; obviously immune to rejection because that was definitely all that she was getting from him.

Her face would always fall then, the smile vanishing. That was one thing about her, she was an open book. He would always be able to read her as she left her heart on her sleeve for him, even though all he did was trample all over it again and again. She was look so heart broken, like a lost puppy whenever he blew up at her or told her off -which was always.

But he didn’t care. Not about her. Not now, and not ever again.

“Calvin?” She called out to him, now sat up on the bed as she stared at him; a curious look on her face. But once he turned to look at her, now back in reality and in the arms of his lover, her lips stretched down into a frown, her eyebrows knitting together as she thought. “You’re thinking about her again, aren’t you?” The words were bitter, harsh as they rolled off of her tongue.

At this, she turned away from him.

He sat up in bed right behind her, moving slightly so that he was now sat behind her. Leaning forward, he placed his chin on her shoulder as he wrapped his arms tightly around, engulfing her whole body with his presence and his scent as he placed a hot kiss against her neck, his mouth lingering there for longer than necessary.

She couldn’t help but sigh and lean back against him, accepting his embrace and his kiss. She just couldn’t help it. One minute she was angry at him for thinking about her and the next, she found herself enjoying the feeling of his arms around her.

She loved that he loved her.

“My love, let’s not think about her right now,” he paused, clenching his teeth with malice at the very thought of her. “Let’s think about our future.” He whispered into her ear, closing his eyes as he rested his head in the crook of her neck, inhaling the sweet scent of lavender and roses that lingered on her skin.

“When will we get married?” She whispered, her words mere wisps of breath in the air, the question holding more meaning than she assumed it did.

“Soon,” he promised her, nuzzling his neck against her neck, a small smile slipping onto his face as she sighed in response and leaned back against him. “And as soon as we do, we’re going to get started on our family.”

“I never pegged you as a family man.” She mused quietly, her voice quiet and far off, but he knew that she was there for him, listening quietly and offering her own thoughts in response. “I always thought you’d like the quiet life style.”

“I love kids.” He informed her, slightly surprised that they hadn’t discussed this earlier even though they had been serious for a whole year now. “I want a family of kids.”

“How many do you want?” She asked him, curious.

“At least three.” He stated with assertion, a determined glint in his eye; one that she did not see. The way that his eyes got lost in the distance, the way that his tightened slightly around her made it clear that he had pondered over this subject many times before on a rainy afternoon. This was obviously a topic very sensitive, dear to him. “I want one girl and two boys.”

“Just one girl?” She mused quietly.

He chuckled, his chest vibrating against her back as he did so. “I don’t think I’ll be able to handle two.”

She giggled along with him, turning around in his arms so that she was able to face him. She placed one hand on his chest, rubbing it softly with the pads of her fingers while the other reached up to cup his chin, making sure that she had his utmost attention.

She smiled at him; happy, genuine. Excited.

Leaning up, she slanted her lips over his, teasing him as she bit down on his bottom lip; tugging on it before releasing it. Giggling as he growled at her, she wound both arms around his neck, pulling his face down to hers as she placed kisses all over his faces; his eyes, forehead, cheek, chin, nose and the finally, his lips.

If only he could stop this moment and live in it forever, replaying it over and over again whenever he desired.

But just as he let himself go and kissed his love back with just as much as she was doing, his phone rang loudly from the bedside cabinet.

Too good to be true, he groaned to himself as he pulled away from Jane, brushing her blonde hair away from her eyes before releasing a bitter sigh as he reached over to the left and grabbed his phone from off of the cabinet.

It didn’t take a genius for Jane to figure out who was calling; the wife.

He took one look at his screen before a scowl immediately slipped onto his face; replacing the love-struck look that he had been sporting less than a few seconds earlier. Grinding his teeth, he denied the call and dropped his phone on the pillow, but not before turning it on silence. He didn’t care why she was calling; whether it was one of her casual drop ins or if it was an actual emergency -hell, the house could burn down with her in it and no one would find him battling an eyelash in her direction.

All he wanted to do was get back to his love; to his Jane.

“I love you, Calvin.” She whispered against his neck, wrapping her arms tighter around him, not at all happy with the disturbance but knowing better than to dwell too much on it.

“I know,” he kissed the crown of her head. “I love you too,” he whispered against her hair, silently promising her forever.

No matter what, this was one thing that he would give to her, to his Jane.

He would give her forever, even if it was the last thing that he did.

He loved Jane, more than he loved himself. More than he loved anything in this world, and that was one thing that would never change.


Layla Knight


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