Sinful Bliss #1 Original

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(Mature 18+) [[ EDITING, so if you read it everything will change and be revised slowly, this was my first book I've ever written and went crazy on it.]] ......."YOU WILL DO AS I SAY! YOU DISGUSTING HUMAN HOW DARE YOU DEFY ME!" he growled in my face, nose to nose feeling his hot breath against my own. Shaking with terror lips quivering, I slowly pried my eyes open feeling tears streaming down my red cheeks. I meet his heated stare, "I hate you." With one quick motion he grabs a fist full of my hair with a tight grip, pulling me and connecting our lips together. (Strong language and sexual content.) Another Note: I write for fun on my phone. If this were to be published in the future as a book then cool. I'm thinking about it. This is an unedited draft version on this app. All rights reserved 2020 Sinful Bliss Series Book 1 by Morgan English. Any plagiarism or altering to my work and stories will be taken down. Legal actions will be taken. Also I don't own any rights to the songs I write in this story.

Romance / Humor
Morgan English
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Author Intro

Hello, readers and authors of Inkitt.

My name is Morgan and I'm from a small town in Arkansas. This book was my very first to write around 2017. I have decided to make this into a series once I have finished it.

This is so far an Original story about seven deadly sins, soulmates, and the devil. This story was brought up by a dream I once had when I was 16 years old. I'm 25 now.

This book is supposed to be romance/erotica there is comedy.

The book will have more than 11 points of view and some third POV leading up to the end where they should all intertwine. The fun part of my series and this book will have character interviews. I love making them because it kind of gives you more of their personality including me.


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