Sinful Bliss

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"YOU WILL DO AS I SAY! YOU DISGUSTING HUMAN HOW DARE YOU DEFY ME!" he growled in my face, nose to nose feeling his hot breath against my own. Shaking with terror lips quivering, I slowly pried my eyes open feeling tears streaming down my red cheeks. I meet his heated stare, "I hate you." With one quick motion he grabs a fist full of my hair with a tight grip, pulling me and connecting our lips together.

Romance / Humor
Morgan English
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"I'm releasing you my children."

Lucifer stares at his sins, his demons, the children he created thousands of years ago standing down below his throne.

Wrath deepens his scowl his body shaking, "the fuck you talking about old man?" He clenches his fists to the sides trying to control his temper in front of the Lord, but to no subdue.

Next to Wrath Greed speaks up clearing his throat, "Is this have to do with gluttony's splurges cause I sure you we will contain him."

Gluttony stills looking up to Greed with wide eyes, "excuse me?" He baffled, "shut up Greed you greedy man, I am not the problem here!"

Envy raises a brow, "what's this about father?" He asks feeling need to speak up because he wanted the attention as well, he felt that his brothers always had more attention.

Pride felt he need to as well but kept to himself, he wanted to know what father is talking about. Sloth is sitting on the floor head bent hands holding his head in deep sleep. While Lust minds his business watching the scene behind them rubbing the back of his neck, he does that when he is sexually frustrated at times like this.

Lucifer watches his demons from above, he knew it was time, he grown tired of babysitting them as they always were a handful in the underworld. He was disappointed in them, they haven't proved such loyalty to him, such headaches they were by accidentally letting free some souls due to there selfish sins. When they torcher the souls in hell they were designed to meet the souls with same sins and torture them with it.

Wrath raises his voice, the Lord of Hell disliking the tone, "what is it father, why are you releasing us? Where are we suppose to go?" He spat feeling the wrath beneath his skin uprise with a bubbling sensation. He knew that he was a time ticking bomb ready to explode any minute now.

Lucifer met eyes with wrath showing the same look, "My children you have disappointed me. I am releasing you to the human world to capture the souls you let escape then once thats done...." The devil pauses thinking he needs to punish them more but they are his children after all, "You may come back as you wish, if wish to come back is up to you my sins. But....once you've chosen your no longer welcome back to either world's."

Pride chuckles, "why on hell would we want to stay in that human world, they are disgusting."

Lucifer smiled wickedly, "Yes my child indeed they are but, that is your punishment." He finalized.

Standing up from his throne he boasted, "Catch all the souls and return them!"

"How?" This was Lust this time finally speaking.

The Lord stares with darkness they've seen to many times before, eyes scorching red, fire erupting from his auroa. Wings expanding to its highest point rising tall from his dark figure. All Seven Sins kneeled before him, Wrath and Pride taking much effort to do so as Sloth awakens from deep sleep shaking his head in confusion then kneeling.

The Devil speaks again, deep and sinister, "You will arrive in the human world with human names, since you all look like what they call teenagers will live a normal human teenager life."

All Seven Sins bow their heads in understanding, "What's our names?" Greed asks with excitement, he always wanted to visit the human realm and experience up close.

Gluttony gasps, "Will their be food? Perhaps sweets?"

Envy hates the idea because humans were not demons and they had more freedom, a life and he did not. He was jealous of the humans. Sloth wondered if there were anywhere to take a nap. A long nap.

Lucifer raises his hand to silence them and it did.

With a quick snap to the devil's fingers a book appears in mid air near his palms, he takes the book and opens it scanning through the paper.

"First, Wrath you are Daniel. Pride will be Derek. Greed your Deacon. Lust will be Dane. Gluttony you are Donnie. Sloth is Darren. Last, Envy you are Damien."

Closing the book Lucifer poofs it away nothing but dark smoke leaving behind it into ashes.

"Don't disappoint me my children." With that the devil snaps his finger leaving a loud echo, everything went dark for all the sins.

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