Sinful Bliss

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Chapter 9

Mia LaRoe

Daniel watches my reaction.

I'm sure I have a face full of shock and fear but what was really on my mind is one thing.

"You and your brothers are all sins. Like lust, envy, sloth, greed, gluttony and pride.....and your wrath." I breathed out. This isn't real, such things are myths and nightmares to me.

Daniel nods slowly at that he continued, "Our father is Lucifer, the Lord of Hell. He created us for his souls punishments. Like if a soul damned in hell for the sin of selfishness and rage by killing his family one by one. He sends me to the inferno and punish them."

I felt cold sweat run down my back to what he is telling me, "A-and what kind of punishments do you do?" I ask lips trembling at my words.

He scowls, "I punish them with my wrath Mia."

"How?" I manage out.

"For example one of the souls down there murdered lives of innocents, he was blinded by rage, so he shot them with no mercy. So when he died, he was sent here condemned. He relives his life for eternety watching the faces he killed without his control. I am sent there to taunt him, feed on his fear while he suffers over and over again." He paused taking a deep breath, "rarely does the souls regret what they've done. This one did, so he gave in and suffered until his soul dies into nothing but dust and stuck in a loop whole of darkness." He finishes with serious eyes on me.

"So wait then how does lust and gluttony punish them?"

He chuckled, "that's another story angel." His eyes shining electric blues my way. I blushed at the name he called me, he seems normal right now and carefree. So how is he wrath? He gets mad but he seems normal.

"The soul, Helen said you are imprinted by me. What does that mean and how does this happen with a silly kiss?" I question with another thought in mind, "doesn't lust kiss people so how is he not imprinted?"

So many questions. I really needed to get home before my parents freak and send out a rescue team. My friend Leah doesn't know where I am either so I know she will search everywhere if her life depended on it. We are that close, since the diaper days.

"I don't know. Maybe because....that was my first kiss?" He whispered more to himself, staring off in a blank expression.

Im stunned, eyes widen, "I'm your first kiss!" I baffled.

Daniel sneered, "yes now shut up. And wipe that look off your face. It sickens me."

I shut my mouth.

Rubbing his palm down his tired features he speaks, "let's get some sleep we will talk more about this tomorrow." He promised voice laced with exhaustion.

I stood up from the bed, "no I need to get home Daniel! I can't stay in hell!" I raised my voice looking down to him.

Maybe I shouldn't have shouted at the demon of sin, Wrath.

His body shook, fist clenched to his sides, face red, at any minute he could have steam rushing out of his ears if it's possible. Eyes hard he stands slowly stepping towards me in a taunting way. Like prey and he's the preditor, this forces me to back away stumbling a bit till my back hits a wall stopping me.

Oh no.

Daniels eyes harden more with bright lightening struck blue orbs boring into mine, " I don't like to repeat myself, angel. You are NOT leaving. Now get to bed and sleep." He sneered with a command.

I gulped, "no."

I felt the walls move as a monstersous roar came out of his mouth, so loud I held both palms to my ears. Squeezing my eyes shut tight and bottom lip curled under my upper teeth.

"YOU WILL DO AS I SAY! YOU DISGUSTING HUMAN HOW DARE YOU DEFY ME!" he growled in my face, nose to nose feeling his hot breath against my own.

Shaking with terror lips quivering, I slowly pried my eyes open feeling tears streaming down my red cheeks. I meet his heated stare, "I hate you."

With one quick motion he grabs a fist full of my hair with a tight grip, pulling me and connecting our lips together.

My body stills trying to grasp what is happening. His lips devoured my own feeling his bottom teeth scrape the bottom of my lips, demanding entrance. My stomach knotted up in this fiery sensation, sparks combust, tingles felt around every fiber of my body.

I heard him groan out in annoyance as I still didn't kiss him back.

I lift my hands up trying to push his chest away but to no avail. He is to strong for me, pressing hiself deeper against my body leaving me no room to breath. His fist gripped tighter around my hair sending a stinging pain against my scalp as his sucks my bottom lip, hard.

I'm going to be bold. And lipless.

This was pissing me off! I felt anger bubble inside the pit of my stomach. Such hatred I felt right now and I've never felt this before. It feels like I'm going to explode.

Giving up I grabbed the back of his neck, digging my long nails deep inside his flesh. I kissed him back, full aggressiveness with so much hatred into it. I poured all the anger I had for him in this kiss. Granting entrance he sweeps his tongue in devouring my taste, taking my breathes away. I bite his lower lip, hard, hearing a deep groan of satisfaction, he dug his nails at my waist bringing me closer then ever.

Something inside me felt excited feeling all these emotions pouring out in a vulnerable way. We are showing each other how we felt.

He slowed down his kisses, this time slow and sensual, teasing like.

I moaned softly, "why....d'you....kiss me.." I breathe out between each kiss he gave me.

The kissing stopped as Daniel backed off, leaving much distance between us. To be honest I wanted more, I already miss the body heat of him being so close to me. Why did he stop?

His eyes widen and lips agape, "I have to go." With that he left rushing out the door slamming it shut.

I touch my bottom lip, it was sore from the biting and sucking, "k."

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