Sinful Bliss

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Chapter 11

Mia LaRoe

My eyes flutter open stretching my legs and arms from sleep underneath the duvet blanket.

My body stills from touching something hard with my hand.

I moved my hand feeling the hardness of it, what is that?

I heard a deep groan, "angel remove your hand now before you get in trouble." A husky sleep filled voice warns.

"AAAHhhh!" I shriek out loud, pushing myself away but ended up on the floor along with a big thump sound. Bringing the whole blanket down with me.

Daniels head peeked up over the bed to my side staring down with hooded eyes, "what you doing down there?" Voice deep and raspy from sleep sending shivers down my spine of how foreign it sounded.

I rolled my eyes, "why were you in bed with me?"

There was a long pause, "it's my bed?" He says as if a question.

I open my mouth to speak but he cut me off, "what did I say about rolling your eyes at me hmm. Don't fucking test me bitch." He seethed.

"Good morning to you to, great A ass-

"Shut up!"

I shut my mouth.

I notice he isn't wearing a shirt anymore, oh my.

His body is the definition of perfect. Abs prominent, he has a small happy trail leading down stairs but not that noticeable unless you were actually looking for it. Shoulder broad and arms thick of muscles showing a couple veins.

"Are you....naked?" Please don't be please don't be.

Daniel smirks wickedly.

"You bastard." I muttered, feeling heat creep up my face. "Get dressed... please."

He huffs then hops off the bed untangling himself from the thin sheets.

I closed my eyes hand over them in surprise, "you kidding me. Daniel-

"Relax angel I'm dressed."

I peeked through my fingers, he is all dressed now with white t-shirt and faded washed out denim jeans.

" did you get dressed so fast?" I stammer with shock.

He chuckles, "I'm a demon Mia, we have ability to be fast and also other tricks but I'd feel comfortable if you didn't know them."

I nod. Just because I didn't want to further investigate him.

"You hungry?"

I perked up, "yes please I'm starving!" "Do you have an extra toothbrush?"




"Here you go, I hope it meets your expectations." Daniel says placing a plate of food on the table in front of me.

Sliced apples, and kiwi with toasted bread the spread on it looks like some type of jam.

"For hell...yes." I say softly with a smile.

Daniel scowled having me drop my smile picking up a piece of toast to take a bite.

Mmm it is actually good.

Strawberry jam.

I moaned in delight licking my lips and savoring the taste. The small deep groan beside me didn't go unheard but i ignored it.

"Will you stop that."

I stopped chewing, "stop what."

"Licking your lips like that." He intoned.

I do as he says and continued to eat my food. The dinning room is dark, only many candle light surrounding the walls and on the dinning table luminating the room. I wonder why they needed so many metal chairs, twenty or more chairs line up on each side of this long concrete table.

I wonder if they have a garden? Where did he get all these fruits?

I stop my thoughts hearing a clearing of a throat next to me, catching my attention, "we have a garden, called Edens Garden out past the threshold over there." He pointed out for me face expressionless, lips firm.

Did he read my mind?

Daniel smirks, "I can feel it, I can feel your thoughts of what you want or need. It's not hard to figure it out."

Right. Weird.

"What about me? How come I can't have some sort of magical power to read your thoughts, as I am imprinted to you too." I question raising a brow, it was unsettling to know he does but why can't I?

Daniel stares for a long moment, "I don't know. Your new to this as much as I am." Is all he said getting off his seat he comes up behind me and my chair pulling my chair out.

"Wh-what are you doing..-

"You want to see the garden?"

Looking at my plate I grabbed one more piece of toast, "yes."

The Eden Garden is what I wasn't expecting down here in hell. Walking down a rock path, water streams through them into a small waterfall in a lower level of rocks. Red rose bushes surrounds an arch way for the entrance of the whole garden. Walking under the archway through the entrance a yellow pathway leads of what looks like miles and miles of land, filled with nature. Trees and flowers bloomed to their finest stages of life.

I strode down the yellow pathway hearing Daniel follow behind me. I stared up at the big apple tree, green as ever, holding up to many juicy big red apples upon every stem.

I spotted a good one, stepping under it I jumped with all my might, and trust me it was alot of effort I could muster trying to grasp that worthy apple I wanted so bad.

My attempts were worthless, I tried again and again but I couldn't I was about to give up when I felt big hands grasp my waist, lifting my body up to reach the apple. I picked it off the stem as I did I was let down softly on my feet. I turn to met eyes with Daniel, his eyes showing so many emotions right now. First time I've ever seen such an image on him.

It's like he has a thousand things to say at that moment but he kept them underneath that dark, stone look of hatred.

Can wrath feel other feelings?


"I know what you're going to ask Mia and no I only feel hate. I hate everything angel. I hate people, my brothers, I hate souls, I'm literally the definition of hatred, Wrath that's my name." He says voice stern and distant.

I felt bad for him. How can it feel to only feel one emotion. Hate, that must be hard to deal with for along time. He may be a demon but I think he deserves more. He deserves freedom from his name. So to me he isn't wrath, he isn't sin, and he isn't a demon.

He's Daniel. My Daniel.

Woah wait a minute.

Did I just....

Daniel smiles, actually smiles, it mind blown me this is the first time I've seen him smile. His tiny dimples adorning his face eyes brightening up.

I am stunned, no I am shocked..okay I don't know what Im feeling at the moment but that image starstruck me.

"I'm yours Mia."

I send an airy laugh feeling nervous, heaps of heat rushing through my face and down my neck, "i-i didn't say that-

"You thought it." He quipped smirking.

Daniel slowly stood in front of me towering over me. Using his index finger gently lifting my chin up having me face him.

His thumb caresses my cheek softly, hot breathes touching my own breathes, his nose grazing my own.

I felt heat rush down my entire form, heart racing fast while my chest heaves slowly up and down, the sparks were coming back.

I can't do this.

Not now.

I brought my hand up with the apple and step back from him, taking a big bite out of the apple leaving nothing but the sound of a crunch.

He raises a brow at me.

I shrug, "I really wanted this apple." I say taking another bite.

Shaking his head at me he put his hand behind my lower back turning me toward another direction down to a rocky pathway behind the apple tree.

"Come. I have something to show you."

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