Sinful Bliss

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Chapter 12

Mia LaRoe


They have a whole lake down here!

Staring into the view I see a wide range of water soaring through land.

We are on a bridge made of stone, standing in the middle of it staring out at this art work of....hell.

There is no sun here only fire above us as the sky lighting up the whole valley. From afar the edge of the lake had shades of orange, pink and purple mirroring from the reflection in the water.

It is truly spectacular.

"Look down."

I look down the bridge, the water was so clear that I actually see fish. Fish!

Big fish swam in circles around each other, colors of gold, white and red swirling around the ripples of the water. It looked like they were dancing with each other.

I couldn't contain my smile. It was contagious I laughed with excitement.

I looked up again at the view, "so


I giggled then faced him to see his reaction to this scenery but he was already looking at me. His expression changed as his eyes settled on my lips then back to my eyes.

I blushed feeling my cheeks pink up from the look he is giving me. "How is hell so beautiful when all we know is it is suppose to know hell."

He was quiet for a short moment staring out, "this place is only part of hell Mia. There are many more places, but you won't be allowed there."

"How many places?"

Daniel narrows his eyes causing shadows on his face, "well let's see, there's Inferno that's for the condemned souls in a pit of fire, Limbo is for those who don't believe in Christ end up in a box filled with darkness. Treachery, is for souls that betray, betrayal which is the biggest sin of all....ends up in a lake that freezes and re-freezes over and over again to their cold heartless asses. Then there's the Gate of Purgatory, thats where Death takes all souls to Charon a ferryman that sends them through the river Styx to enter the Seven Deadly Sins terrace before sending them to Minos, a judge, a judge that decides which stages the soul should be condemned in for an eternity for punishment."

I gasp, "so we go through all seven sins before going into one of the stages?" I gape at him, "why?"

"It's a test. To see if the soul passes Gods grace before entering the Gates to Heaven or if not the Gates of Hell." He hissed out, I could tell he didn't like talking about it. But why?

I was about to ask but was cut off by a deep purring sound behind Daniel.

Rex was standing there head bent in submissive tail swaying side to side. His worn out pants has holes in them, was he wearing pants when I first met him? I was so distracted I haven't even noticed.

Rex smiles tongue out and all, "have fish food for Mia." He speaks with a heavy pant.

Daniel grunted in response while Rex hurriedly walks up to me placing a small bag of fish food, " fish love."

I chuckled at his grammar use, "thank you Rex." I raised my hand and Pat his head, he seemed to have loved that affection as he purred even louder.

"Okay skit dumb mutt."

Rex sauntered away tail swaying and head bent.

I faced Daniel glaring, "you don't have to be mean to him, he is a sweety." I raise an octive of my voice.

"He is stupid."

"Your stupid." I regretted that instantly.

Daniels eyes darkened as his fist clenched, "don't speak to me that way!" He spat.

I felt daring, "or what?" I challenged raising an eyebrow.

He smirks wickedly, the look in his eyes twinkled electric blue.




I can't believe he did that.

Looking up I see Daniel peeking his head out over the bridge with a smirk, "how's it going down there?" He dares to ask with fake innocence.

How's it going!

"YOU THREW ME OVER THE BRIDGE!" I shouted angrly while giving the most deadliest glare.

I heard deep chuckles from up there, is he serious!

"Don't worry I'll get you out." He says hearing his voice fade away.

Moments later I see a shirt-less Daniel standing up top the edge of the bridge.

He jumped falling from the sky into the lake, landing a big splash next to me.



"Daniel stop it your scaring me!" I yelled. He hasn't came out of the water yet, its been minutes.

I felt fear, fear that this was it he is gone. How will I go home now? How could he do this to me, that selfish bas-


I felt a hand grasp my ankle pulling me down the water. I held my breath as I submerged in it. Arms wrapped around my waist as I'm floating in water. I opened my eyes as they widen in surprise.

Daniel stares into my eyes, one of his hands move from my waist to slowly caress my cheek and jawline.

I need air!

Feeling my thoughts he grabbed my body and swam up to the surface. Splashing out of the water with a big gasp I inhale much needed air.

Daniel was still holding my face in his hand the other around my waist. His ocean eyes soften, lips part, "how is it that I don't get so angry around you anymore?" He asked closing in the space between us.

I gasp feeling his hand grope my butt, "i-i

"Why is it that I try to hate you when I don't even feel that hate anymore." He declares face inching close to mine.

I felt tingles erupt my body, shivering at every touch and word he says to me. I felt heat pull between my thighs having me feel this aching feeling.

I didn't hate him. I knew that for sure.

"Why is it..." He pulls me against his chest, "Mia why is that?" He says before taking ahold of my hair to pull me close until our lips meet.

The world seemed to stop his lips dominating my own, demanding my submission. His lips devoured every breath I have, every taste I have. Licking the bottom seam of my lips I granted him entrance. His tongue sweeps through my mouth exploring every inch, his mouth dancing along on mine.

His hand tightened around my waist with the other tangled in my damp hair.

I grabbed a fist full of his wet hair in between my fingers tugging and pulling with my other hand holding on to the back of his neck.

I moaned into his mouth in return he groans of approval.

I needed more.

As on que, Daniel picks me up wrapping my legs around his waist while hands holding me by my ass.

He walked us out of the lake kissing my neck.

"Where are we going?" I breathe out as he kisses down my neck hungerly and possessively

"To my chamber."

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