Sinful Bliss

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Chapter 13

Mia LaRoe

My back slammed against Daniels chamber door, a painful sting sear through my body but quickly subdue.

Daniel pushed me further into the door kissing my lips, cheek, jawline and lips again. I moaned out loud feeling hot underneath his heated open mouth kisses.

Legs still wrapped around his waist he steadies me as he tried to open the door to his chamber while kissing me hungerly.

Hearing a click from the knob turning, he finally opens it carrying me with him as we enter his room. Closing the door with his foot behind him he tossed me on the bed.

My back meets a silky fabric on the bed, Daniel hovers over me while ocean blues staring in mine.

His eyes showed a different kind of emotion that I have yet to cipher.

"You okay?" He asks voice strained.

I swallowed, "yes I am."

Bending down he captures my lips again this time its slow and sweet, sensual. Its like he is expressing his feelings to me through it as if caring with each soft peck.

"Do you hate me?"

I was taken back of what he said.

I honestly don't. I never did hated him. I remember I told him I did but didn't mean it.

How could I hate him when that is all he feels is hatred. Rage.

I didn't pity him. I cared for him.

"No." I tell him.

A small smile adorn his face, "Angel....I know I'm not human , and I know I can't feel nothing more then what I am. I just want you to know that i-i i have a feeling and I don't und-

"It's okay." I stopped him. He didn't have to explain. Because I know.

Daniel raised a single finger up to my nose and poked it, "what did I say about talking back to me." He says narrowing his eyes.

I smirk back, "enlighten me again Mr. Wrath."

He smashed his lips to mine giving all he had.




Daniel slowly stood up on his knees on the bed. He withdrew his damp white shirt showing his perfect chiseled chest and abs. Every movement he makes each muscle flexed.

I licked my dry lips.

That motion didn't go unnoticed when Daniel bends down face inches from mine, "I'd suck that tongue if you don't stop that." He warns teasingly with a heated look then nipped at my neck.

Caressing his hands on the damp clothes stuck to my body. His fingertips slide down tauntingly to the bottom seam of my shirt hesitating for my consent.

Biting my bottom lip I nod. Anticipation killing me.

He grabs the bottom of the shirt and lifts it over my body disgarding it. Cool air whips the skin of my breast, pink buds perking up.

He licks his lips this time.

He bends down taking one of my nipples slipping it into his mouth sending waves of pleasure and desire down my entire body. I moaned while he flicks his tongue over my sensitive pink bud then sucking it hard.

As he works on my breast, his other hand slides down my body from my waist to the top of my sweats dipping a single finger and pulling the lastic string down hesitantly.

"Yes." I answer for him. I wanted this. I really did.

Lifting his mouth from my aching breasts he pulls my sweats down with my help by lifting my hips up towards him, he slides them off tossing them with the collection of damp clothes on the floor.

I forgot I wasn't wearing a bra or panties so now I'm completely naked in front of him, vulnerable and exposed beneath him.

"Devil's damn baby... Your beautiful." His voice husky and feral, eyes sweeping up and down my entire body.

Now I feel self-conscious.

I notice his eyes struck lightening blue again, thats when I figured out he is feeling an overwhelming emotion. "Don't ever think your not Angel."

Is he angry?

I heard him chuckle, "no angel, I'm not angry." With that he bends down taking my lips to his.

I felt hot and heavy, a feeling of undeniable desire for this man above me. I want more.

Daniel hurriedly took his pants off along with his boxers. His member flapping out of confinement slapping against his stomach. His mushroom pink as ever, blue veins visible on the sides of his shaft. I couldn't stop staring, its so....

"Will" I ask feeling my face pink up of embarrassment.

"Baby I promise you, it will." He smirks while gripping his member and stroking it slowly, the look in his eye darkening

The action stirred something inside of me. I've never witnessed such erotic actions before, so salacious and such explicit sight, it made me feel aroused feeling wetness between my legs.

I'm a virgin. But I figured he is too since I was his first kiss after all.

But what if....

Thinking about it. I didn't actually want to think about that right now.

I want him.

I want him now.

Watching him stroke his self with eyes watching me. I did something I've never done before or imagine doing.

I touched myself.

I touched my sensitive bundle of nerves with my fingers and thumb, stroking, petting and rubbing circular motions around my clit.

"Fuck baby, that is so fucking hot."

I closed my eyes for a minute. "No! Don't you dare close your eyes. Look at me!" He growled out.

My eyes snapped open, I met eyes with him feeling my own gaze heated filling with want for this man.

Im bringing myself closer to the edge.

"Daniel!" I moaned out pleading for him.

He places himself between my legs spreading my legs with one knee hovering over my body. He held my head between both large hands supporting himself by his elbows.

"I don't hate you." He tells me voice full of conviction.

I nod not having a voice.

"Say it back." He demands.

Moments passed before I said it, "I don't hate you Dan-ahh-

He entered me with one swift motion penetrating my walls, body moved backwards a bit from sudden force. The sting hurt so much feeling my insides shred apart. He freezes halfway in not fully in me so I can adjust to his length from discomfort and aching between my thighs.

He groaned, "mmm babe your pussy is so.... fucking tight."

I moaned in response feeling the twinge slowly cast away as it's replaced with my own pleasure now.

I lift my hips to meet his trying to reach for more friction. I felt my core throb and ache for more.

I need more.

"Baby fuck....don't do that. I'm going to cum in you before you enjoy it." He hissed out his grip tightens around my hips.

I stop my movements while he settles in, he starts pushing more of himself in me.

I gasped then mewled from the size of him.

"Daniel...please." I don't know what I was begging for, the ache was so good yet new for me.

Daniel seems to get what I was saying he starts pulling out then pushing himself back in even more. He's fully in me now.

Wrapping my legs around his waist he thrusts his self harder picking up tempo while breaking every bit of what's left of my virgin barrier.

"Fuck. Oh fuck baby you feel so good."

He kissed me with so much demand and dominates.

Breaking the kiss he tends to my neck kissing, nipping and sucking hard.

My finger nails embed his flesh at the back of his shoulder blades piercing through his skin and dragging them down. He moaned approvingly out loud to my infliction. Causing his tempo to speed up in a messy pattern. Bitting my shoulder with his teeth I could feel it pierce my skin holding me still as he penetrates in and out of me relentlessly.

I felt warm liquid stream down my shoulder. I screamed from the sharp pain until seconds it was replaced with excitement, pleasure.

Daniel reached with one of his hands using his fingers he pinched my bundle of nerves and bringing me almost over the edge.

"Your so wet for me, you like that angel, like my cock in you're tight ass pussy." He growled into my ear.

"Oh Daniel!" I breathe out feeling his length fully in me again as he circles his hips.

I whimpered a little I wanted more.

Like reading my mind he lifted himself off a bit, gripping both sides of my hips lifting me up higher towards him while putting both my legs over his shoulders to bend my knees against my chest. He pushes in me deep and hard with each thrust having both my arms shoot up over my head to hold the beds stoney headboard. I felt my eyes rolling back in ecstasy as he penetrates balls deep in me, my knees folding down my chest more while his cock fucked me hard.

"Oh fuck fuck fuck, cum now baby."

"Daniel!" I scream out riding through an earth shattering haze feeling each thrust harder and harder. Hearing the stone bed move against the rock wall making a cracking sound.

"Mia!" He roars out his release as his body stills inside me.

He pushed himself off me pulling out making me winse from the throbbing aches between my legs.

I knew I was going to be sore in the morning.

Laying on the side he pulled the covers over himself then over my sweaty sated body. He pulls my body into his, back against his chest while wrapping his arms around my waist.

He kissed the back of my head, "goodnight angel."

"Goodnight my Daniel."

I don't know what possessed me of saying that but it felt right. I slowly feel my eyes closing until sleep finally consumes me.

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