Sinful Bliss

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Chapter 14

Mia LaRoe

My eyes flutter open, stretching all my limbs I notice there is alot more space now.

Patting my hands next to me under the sheets I realize Daniel isn't in bed.

Where'd he go?

I decide to forget that and trudge my way to the bathroom.

The soreness between my legs throbs, the pain increases each step I take. I turn the shower head on having steaming hot water cersade down.

I stepped in the walk in shower feeling the hot water welcoming me. It feels so good, the pain almost non-existent right now. I close my eyes having the water fall down against my face. Grabbing the shampoo I washed and rinse all of last night's events run down the drain.

Turning off the shower I hopped out grabbing a towel wrapping it around my hair.

I stared myself in the mirror my face flushed and skin pale as always.

I eyed my body stopping at the shoulder. I touched the bite mark, he really did a number on me. The bite was deep and red, tiny dips from his teeth displayed. Damn Daniel.

That wasn't it there are marks all over my body. My neck filled with hickeys, hips bruised on each side leaving purple and black spots on my pale skin.

I couldn't recognize myself for a moment.

Then a smile creeped on my face remembering last night, him holding me kissing me sweetly, large hands holding me to his body heat, making soft circular motions with his thumb over the back of my thigh.

"I don't hate you Mia."

Taking another towel I wrapped it around my body walking out to the bedroom.

I hope Daniel doesn't mind me borrowing his clothes, he didn't say anything before so I assume he didn't. Grabbing another pair of sweats and baggy t-shirt I threw them on, rolling up the top seam of the sweats.

"You look good in my clothes."

"HOLY Shhit! Daniel don't do that!" I screamed jumping away from him.

He was behind me, now in front of me with amusement dancing in his eyes, "don't do what?"

I poked his chest, "you know."


Rolling my eyes I ask, "I'm hungry, can we go eat."

I squeaked out a noice from the sudden ruffness, a big hand grasping my chin forcing me to look up.

His grip on my chin tightens forcing my lips to pucker up, "what did I say about rolling your eyes at me, and how many times did I say don't?" He asks voice stern, giving me a baleful stare.

Something crosses my mind but first I answered him.



I 'mhm' him before walking around him after jerking my head away from his grasp, "Daniel I need to get home." I said calmly hoping he wouldn't freak out this time.

There was a long passing moment.

"NO YOUR NOT LEAVING! AND DON'T YOU DARE TURN YOUR BACK ON ME AGAIN!" he shouts, full of venomous and hostility.

Daniels face turned beet red with clenched jaws, eyes lightening blue darting towards me. His whole body shakes as his fists clenched on his sides. I can see his muscles bulging out a bit from his arms, a couple blue veins poking out of his skin.

I was terrified for my life, no petrified.

I couldn't move, couldn't speak, couldn't do anything.

I was wrong all along.

Daniel isn't Daniel. He is Wrath.

Nothing more.

I want to go home, I miss my parents and friend, I miss school! I need to go back.

I thought it was raining rain drops, but im inside a room.

Touching my face I realize Im crying, warm streams of tears run down my pink cheeks. Dry streaks welcoming new ones as I sob holding my head between my hands.

"I-iii w-want to go home!" I wailed like a crybaby.


"I n-need go home Daniel, I can't be here." I sniffled wiping fresh tears of my cheeks.

Daniel scowls, "I can't let you go." He spat while bringing up a clenched fist moving it sternly with every word he says, "I. Can't. Let. You. Go."


He was silent for a short passing moment, " devil's damn Mia, because...because your mine!"

Rage builds up within me, my skin burning from his declaration of me being his. But I am not, I don't want to be here. I cared for Daniel but home is where I want and need to be not hell.

"I'm going to make you pay just you wait Daniel. You think hell is hell. " I laughed menacingly at the last part, "I'll show you hell!"

He smirks wickedly, "bring it."

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