Sinful Bliss

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Chapter 15

Mia LaRoe

"Wrath won't like."

"Shhhh I don't care."

"Not good plan."

Counting all the contents place in front of me on the dining table I look back up to Rex, "did you bring all the stuff from the list I made?"

Rex nods hesitantly, "yes. I have all here." He says placing a bag of the 'stuff' I needed.

Taking the bag I spilled all the things on the table remembering to hide afterwards.

"Is not good idea. Wrath will wrath." He reminds me again, with anxious eyes watching me.

I didn't care. I wasn't going to back out. Daniel is keeping me from going home. I don't belong here, why is he making me stay against my will?

I hate him.

And I use to not.

I cared for him but he doesn't care for me obviously, not granting my wish to go home. My home.

I promised him hell and that's what he'll get.

Grabbing the mouth wash container thats half empty I opened the bottle, placing it on the side, I grab another bottle of toilet cleaning solution.

I smiled evilly at my malicious idea tipping the bottle of cleaning solution into the mouth wash container.

Closing the bottle tight I went on to my next evil plan.

Taking a glass cup I poured purified water into it.

Daniel drinks alot during the day, he didn't know I notice the glass of water he always had place on his night stand every night.

Opening a small bottle of eye drops, I squeezed a couple or more drops of the liquid into the glass of water.

I know this is very vindictive of me but revenge is the sweetest taste on the tip of my tongue right now.

That bastard has it coming.

Wrath will feel my wrath.

"Mia is not going to work."

I turn to Rex with a mishevious smile, "bet."

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