Sinful Bliss

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Chapter 16

Lilith Solomon

Tomorrow is my first day of Senior year at Daredevils High.

My family and I moved here to Hells Kitchen of New York City a couple years ago. My twin brothers Kai and Kaden and our father, Aaron Solomon. Our mother passed away so we moved, she died from a house fire. Reports say it was electrical problems that caused it, but I know it wasn't.

Mainly because I was the reason the fire started.

I, a stupid 15 year old teenager set the house on fire, I should have known better to light up the candles in the living room and forget them once I felt tired and went to bed.

All because I wanted to smell the scent of fresh roses.

Then long story short the firefighters saved me first from escaping my bedroom window.

My mother wasn't saved.

My brothers were at a sleepover while Dad was at a business meeting out of town.

They blamed me.

They hated me.

And I don't blame them. I killed her.

Ever since that night things changed, they changed. My twin brothers treated me differently. My father treated me like I wasn't his anymore by taking away all privilages and my savings for college. That wasn't all, I am to go to school and come straight back home to clean the house and cook them dinner.

Wash their clothes, press and iron dad's suits for business trips. Make doctors appointments to school calls.

Thats his punishment for me.

What he doesn't know is the other punishments I get.

My twin brothers punishments.

The thing is, is I feel like I deserve every bit of it.

I deserve it.

Laying in bed I stare up at the ceiling watching the ceiling fan spinning around. I twirled my finger around my long blonde hair laid against my chest. I close my eyes letting silence fill in the moment, hearing the tick sounds of the ceiling fans chain rotating.

"God, please give me strength."

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