Sinful Bliss

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Chapter 17

Lilith Solomon

It's 5:30a.m. in the morning, I usually get up about this hour to get ready for school.

Only because my father likes his cup of coffee ready and breakfast served at this hour.

So here I am up and about before the sun rises. My brothers are still asleep because the school doesn't start until 8:00a.m.

Placing the hot cup of coffee on the counter my dad walks in, "did you finish laundry?" He asks reading the morning papers, eyes glued to it.

Of course I did, weeks worth of them.

"Yes sir."

I place a heaping plate of eggs, bacon and with a side of fruit in front of him as he takes a seat behind the counter.

Grabbing his coffee he took a small slow sip, "good, your excused."

"Thank you, sir."

Walking towards my room I see Kai getting out of his room all dressed in his school uniform.

I hope he doesn't notice me. I needed to finish my homework, I didn't have time last night due to he fact I did all the laundry last night and washed last night's dinner dishes.

I was almost to my room until a hand grasp my shoulders stopping me in place. I turn to see Kaden's face scowling at me, "Didn't you here me?" He asks me voice coated in aggravation.

"No sir, I'm sorry I didn't hear you." I softly tell him, hoping he would leave me alone.

Kaden deadpanned, "my homework, is it finished?"

Dammit, I forgot!

I gulped, how could I forget!

"N-no sir I forgot." I whisper hoping he would let me go.

My brothers made me do their homework because they didn't want to fail or get kicked out of the football team. If they had less scores the couch sends them off to fix their studies before coming back. So the twins thought I should hold that responsibility of taking in and doing their work.

My thoughts cut off feeling a stinging sensation from my scalp, Kaden grabbed my hair from the back pulling it back towards him. " Then get to workin....,"he hissed into my ears pulling tight on my hair. My scalp is burning, he is pulling to tight, "murderer." He spat the last word pushing my head away from his grasp, having me tumble forward through my bedroom door.

As I turn to face him I felt a hard stinging sensation across my cheek.

He slapped me.

I wasn't shocked because they've been hitting me for along time now. Once mother died they use me as their punching bag. Many times I had to hide my bruises and marks with makeup or long sleeves even scarfs.

A tear slipped down my cheek as I closed the door and walked to my desk grabbing a handful of school paper work of both my brothers.

I glance up at the clock on the wall, 6:20a.m. I had time at least for three sets of homework.




Staring at my reflection green eyes stare back at me. Long blonde hair straightened reaching past my shoulders. My uniform showing the schools color of red, gold with a black skirt.

My fingers fiddle with the small object hung around neck with a silver chain, an oval locket.

When ever I feel like this, lost and sad I open it for the small oval picture placed inside.

My mother.

Engraved, 'happy 14th birthday my little flower'.

I smiled. I miss her.

"Kids it's time to leave!" I hear my dad yell across the entire house. "Boys!"

Walking out bag in hand the brothers pass me while grabbing the papers that were in my hand before leaving me down the hallway.

"Welcome." I grumble under my breath.

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