Sinful Bliss

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Chapter 18

Lilith Solomon

"Lilith you need to come live with me once we graduate. I'm sick of how they treat you." My friend Jenna tells me as we walk down the halls heading towards our second block. P.E.

I tell my friend everything, only because I have nobody else to vent to. I tell her about my twins and my father. She's helped me alot these past two years being new here.

Jenna is the schools biggest nerd, she is taking college classes already in school along with accepted scholarships to Wastington D.C. and NYCC. She has it made.

I never applied to scholarships because I didn't have the criteria met. My father took everything from me so I have no motivation to do well, only to just get by highschool and leave.

My punishment.

"No it's okay Jenna, I'll find a way." I smiled, "I hate P.E."

She laughed, "girl me too."

Walking into the double doors is the Daredevil gym, filled with bleachers and basket balls, volleyballs and the rope hanging from the ceiling.

All the students piled in taking a seat at the bleachers so we did to.

The class of students were mixed with Juniors and Seniors, boys and girls.

Taking my seat Jenna sat on my left at the 3rd row.

The coach, Coach Hanks stands at front waiting for all to take their seats. Clipboard in hand he blows the whistle with the other having the chattering disperse.

"Okay boys and girls, this is your first day of physical education class. I would like to do roll call before we began today."

"John" here

"Amy" here

As he goes down the list of names I looked at every person respond. I like to get to know faces because I'm bad at names so this helped, so that way I don't embarrass myself forgetting their names to their face while one day we team up.


Looking around I didn't see anybody respond.

"Here!" A deep voice shouts across the gym. A boy walks through the doors in uniform and bag hung on one shoulder. His hair blonde and shining against the lighting, cut short with a fade by his ears and longer up top in a

High and tight style.

The coach turns to him with a frown, "late as ever Mr. Derek, see to it won't happen again."

Derek smiles bright, dimples and all, "yes coach."

He takes a seat three people from me on the side giving a high five to one the Juniors.

I glimpse his way, he is a junior I can see form the emblem on his uniform. I've never seen him these two years I've been here so he is probably new. Then again I'm a senior and never had classes with him.

He is kind of cute.

I blushed at the thought, no Lilith don't go there I thought.

Finishing up roll call the coach talks about the gym clothes. He had boxes filled with them beside him.

"This will be the gyms clothes y'all will be wearing before class starts. So come find your size and go to your locker rooms to dress. Then come back out for more instructions."

Walking down the bleachers me and Jenna find our sizes of clothes then off to the girls locker room.

The locker room is filled with the schools colors, lockers red and bench's painted a goldish yellow tone.

"Did you see that new kid, Derek. He is so dreamy!" I heard one of the girls sqweal out to the other giggling girls. I threw on my gym clothes behind the shower curtain hearing all the girls gossip.

The black shorts were short, so short that if I bend down my bottom butt cheeks will show.

Great I picked the wrong size of small when I should have gotten a medium.

The yellow shirt fits giving a little firm snug to my chest. My blonde hair pulled up in a ponytail.

Walking out of the shower stall I see Jenna give me a werid expression.


Jenna shakes her head, "we should get going."

Out of the locker room we met with the rest of the group in the middle of the gym floor.

The boys wore red shirts and long black basketball shorts reaching to their knee. Luckies.

The coach joins us checking his clipboard, "alright class today we will be playing Dodge ball."

Oh great.


"Now this will be a teaming of junios vs seniors. Seniors on the other side of the line." He instructs blowing his whistle loud.

Jenna and I take the other side with several more Seniors as the Juniors stay on their side.

The coach bounces red and yellow balls down the floor having me grab one of them. Everyone has a ball in hand getting ready for victory.

"Team loses run laps. Now on mark. Get set."


Balls thrown every where, I dodge a couple aiming for my face. I turn and see Jenna is gone. She already out?

I see a girl on the other side not paying attention so I took that opportunity to lunche the ball her way, hitting her shoulder. Out.

A boy, John threw his ball my way but I caught it from mid air. Out. He glares my way as I send him a hesitated smile.

Eh sorry?

Two seniors including me left and three Juniors left. We are looking good so far until I see that Derek threw his ball. His ball hitting one boy on the side of the head bouncing off him to the other boys head.

"You're out kid." The coach yells.

"What!? Coach Hanks that doesn't count! It hit him first!"


I gulped watching three Juniors staring my way balls in hand. Derek has this truimphly smile sending my way.

One kid threw his ball my way having me catch it an instant reflex. Out.

Two more.

I threw the ball targeting the boy next to last lower to his knees. Not having a quick reaction like me he was hit failing to catch the ball sending a war cry.

One left. Derek.

Derek bounces his ball up and down his hand, "don't worry little girl, it won't hurt. I'll make it quick." He winks with determination laced in his voice. His eyes narrowed my way, it was like I was the prey and he is the preditor. A lion targeting his next kill.

I gulped.

I kept my eyes on him every move he made I watched anxiously.

He lifts his hand with the ball, I had to act quick!

I pointed my finger, "look a cat!"

Derek stopped what he was doing turning around with wide eyes holding the ball over his head as if fixing to throw it in that direction.

Ha. Made him look.

The opportunity came as I threw my dodge ball darting towards the unaware blondie.


The ball clashed against the back of his head having him tumble forward, sending a swear word.

I won!

Derek turns to me meeting my greens with his beautiful hazel's.

I didn't have time to admire them for the fact that they narrowed my way, lips snarled, "you cheat!"

"Um no....think the word your looking for is champ." I chastise with hand on hip.

"You bitch."

I stilled. Did he just call me...




He closed his mouth and opening it again then closing it, he looked baffled at my word.


Hearing the coach yell it was 10 minutes till the bell all of us left to the locker room to shower and change.

Jenna walked up beside me with a proud smile, "at least now we don't have to run laps tomorrow "

I smirked.

Yes indeed. I've never won a thing in my life and this was a high I needed to get threw the day.

After a good shower and putting on the uniform we left the lockers to the hall towards third block.

I see Derek walking pass me, giving a glare. He is pissed. But why... it's just a game.

A game I won.

Did he not like defeat. Maybe his ego was that big.

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