Sinful Bliss

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Chapter 1

Mia LaRoe

It's the first day of Highschool, my Junior year at Daredevils High.

Taking the curling iron to my long cheshnut brown hair I started curling the ends of them making a natural wave flow down past my shoulders. Looking myself in the reflection brown eyes stare down my small figure.

The schools uniform portray colors of red, gold and black. Burgundy red vest, white button up dress shirt underneath with a gold yellowish tie wrapped around my collar. Black knee length pen skirt, long black socks reaching over my calves with black converse shoes pulling the outfit together.

The small emblem shown on my left chest side of the vest shows the schools crest of a Daredevil and the schools name. The Daredevil looked like a red bull with horns as a gold banner wraps around the bulls horns with the schools name on it. Underneath the bull and banner says Junior.

I'm a Daredevil.

This is a private school with girls and boys. All the teachers were raised in Catholic schools and churches. So the subject for religion was required for this school. Even though I'm not that religious, this school has benefits for where I want to go to pursue my dreams of becoming a lawyer. This school has elective class of law and crime which I need on my college transcripts until I graduate next year.

Me, Mia LaRoe needs this, I need to stay away from any distractions.

So here I am getting ready for my first day of Junior year.

"Good morning Mom, dad." I sing song my way in the kitchen. My mother, Ana and my father, Joe are sitting at the kitchen island eating breakfast and drinking their morning hot coffee.

Mom smiles, "Morning Mia" "Mornin babygirl." Dad says afterwards with a soft loving smile, "First day." I nod vigorously in response, I've always loved school because its a step closer to being beside my dad in a court room. My dad is the well known Joe LaRoe Attorny of Hells Kitchen in New York City. My mother is a midwife for the Collins Hospital across town. She's mostly home cooking and cleaning. Something I wouldn't want is to be a stay at home mother. I needed freedom, I needed to get out there and make Justice for everyone. I feel like it's my calling so to speak to fight crime under the roof of a court house.

I heard a clearing of a throat, "Eat some breakfast before I drop you off on your first day. Also we both will be at work so you'll have to take a bus home, text us when you make it back please. You know how I worry dear." Dad says giving me a stern look of seriousness.

I nod, "Of course."

The school looked old well it is about hundreds of years old but still intact and very modern on some parts of the building. Similar to a castel, the crown molding on each window. The grey color of brick faded here and there from the sunlight, stairs of what seems like miles of them enter before the front entrance. It's a tall building for sure, reaching up to 10 flights of stairs.

Stepping up the stairs entering the school, all the students spread out in different directions. Walking past a couple of groups the Jocks huddled in a circle talking, laughing amoungst themselves. Their uniforms are the same as mine minus the skirt the girls where,why I don't know, I think we should wear pants if we wanted to, but I'm no student council. Their wearing black suit pants instead, the emblem on there vest shows that they are Seniors.

Another group full of girls I assume are the cheerleaders because of the shorter skirts and emblem showing Daredevil Squad team with Junior under it.

Where do I fit oh yes. I fit in no where only myself. I made maybe one friend out of my whole teen years in school.

I didn't realize I was not paying attention where I was going, until instantly feeling a brick wall collided into me hearing a deep grunt along with my small gasp.

All my books scattered to the ground with papers flying everywhere around me. On instinct I drop to the ground to pick them up feeling frazzled.

"Are you kidding me? Watch where you're going bitch." I heard from a deep voice coated in venom making me stop what I'm doing and look up.

"What did you just call me?"

The boy in front of me looked enraged, his dark blue ocean eyes narrowing, thick eyebrows knitted in, lips set in firm line, jawline clenched where I could have sworn heard teeth clashing and grinding together. "Are you deaf? I don't repeat myself bitch." With that he left leaving me with my books on the ground as he walks up to the school with his tall form.

How dare he! That, that ugh I can't deal with this as I picked up all my books glancing around all the students are staring my way. Great.

Great start for the first day I thought.

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