Sinful Bliss

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Chapter 19

Lilith Solomon

It's lunch time now, me and Jenna are sitting down at our little table we always sat at. With just me, her and Mark Jenna's friend from childhood.

"So what college did you choose Mark?" Jenna asks him taking a sip of her juice box.

Mark smiles cheekly her way, "idk maybe I'll take the UCC Florida."

Jenna's face falls on a small frown, then picked it back with a grin, "that's great." She says happily but not quite.

I knew she is in love with him but never spoken about it because maybe I just seeing things. Besides Mark didn't seem interested in her that way more like a sister. I knew this because he said it before 'Jenna is like the sister I never had' he told me once.

I pitied my best friend, she deserves someone who can see how wonderful she actually is. Her dark hair curled a bit reaching to her shoulder, deep blue eyes, olive tan complexion. She is beautiful and I wish she knew that. Inside and out. She always complained about how my green eyes are to die for and blonde hair shown bright and long is an envy she had for me.

She shouldn't. Because I envied her.

"So guys how's y'all's first day going?" I ask them changing the topic for my friend.

She gave a thankful nod, "good so far, oh how you beat that guy's butt in dodgeball!" She laughed taking a bite of her baby carrot.

I chuckled remembering it. That was great.

Taking the spoon to my bowl I contemplate on eating the soup for today. It looked questionable, reminds me of bird poo.

Gasps were heard around the cafeteria, there's a silent pause afterwards.

Watching every one stare in a direction I follow their gaze landing on a girl with long wavey cheshnut hair standing in front of a big tall, tall, guy.

He looks so pissed looking down at the girl, his fist clenched and jaws working in as his body shakes visibly. His head has this yucky white substance falling down his hair and face.

He raises his hand causing the girl to flench her head back. Is he going to hit her?

The guy paused watching the sudden action making his eyes widen, quickly he turns his back and left the cafeteria.

The bell rings for sixth block, I got up grabbing my backpack, "see y'all later guys." I shot back to Jenna and Mark as I walk towards the double door exit.

Just as I was about to leave through the doors a large hand grasp my wrist having me stop and turn around.

I still, eyes widen at the person in front of me. Derek.

I stare down, "let go."

He didn't. His hand tightens more forcing me to tug my hand away but to no effort, he had me.

I was about to speak until something caught my eye. A familiar tattoo laid on top of his hand.

A red rose.

"You're the one that almost ran me over in the parking lot." I confirmed with a frown looking up to his hazel eyes.

Derek smiles, "ahh that was you?"


"I'm the asswhole."


He chuckles letting go of my wrist having me rub the spot with my other hand. Asswhole.

"I heard alot about you Lilith Solomon. Not good things." He says voice void of emotions.

I raise a brow, confused I ask, "what do you mean?"

He stares down at me, he isn't very tall maybe only 5'9 to my 5'3 height.

Derek sighs a little rubbing the back of his neck, then smiles, "didn't know a champ could kill."

My breathing stopped, eyes wide and lips part. What he said struck me with a heart wrenching pain. I heard him clearly and the words hurt. What did he mean by it, but some how I knew.

I kept quiet staring down the floor like it's the most important thing right now.

"Your brothers are very talkative champ. To be honest I don't care. But everybody else does. "

This time I look up facing him, "i don't care." But I did care, alot.

I'm a murderer and now everybody knows.

Derek tipped my chin up with his finger having me look up to him again, his eyes soften, "cheaters like you are killers." With that he laughed out loud letting go of my chin he walks past me and into the busy halls.

A twinge hits my heart, a stabbing sensation made making it hard for me to breathe. Tears slip down my cheeks as to what he said and what my brothers have done.

If he knows, everybody knows.

My first day of school and my secret has been exposed.

The murderer, the killer, the daughter who killed her mother.




The walk back home is even more tiring especially of the day I had at school. All these new books collected in my bag, I accumulated a few more sores on my ankles.

My attention is caught by a loud roar of an engine passing by me. That black motorcycle again. Derek.

Going fast and speeding past the limit he races down the empty street popping a long wheelie. Is he crazy? He could get killed!

Another vehicle is behind him catching up to him at maximum speed as well.

A red convertible mustang.

My eyes widen at the scene, my damn twins are racing down the street!

They couldn't keep up with Derek as Derek did a hard turn to the right almost sliding his knee to the ground.

I don't know if my brothers could see me watching from the sidewalk. They passed in top speed taking that right hook like Derek did but this ended having them pressing the brakes leaving tires squealing behind them.

Dumb brothers.

I continued walking home.

Opening the door to my house I dropped my bag on the side table, hearing a big commotion in the kitchen.

Dad's home already?

Passing through the threshold to the kitchen I froze.

My dad.

On the ground with fear struck against his facial features.


Dad snaps his head towards me showing now a big smile on his face. "Yes my child."

Hmm he never answers me that way he usually ignores it or sends me a grunt in response.

"You okay?" I ask him raising a brow. "Did you fall, you need help?" I offer walking towards him still laying on the ground but halt when he raises a hand to stop me.

"No child." He got up from the ground, he starts popping his joints from fingers to legs then cracked his neck.

I squirmed eww.

Hearing the front door open the twins arrived finally.

"Did you see that haha did y-

The twins froze mid way from the kitchen staring at me then dad.

"Dad we didn't know you'd be home early?" Kai says voice timid and completely ignoring my presence.

Kaden nods vigorously.

What's their deal?

Dad smiles, "right, I umm here because I wanted to have dinner with you all."

Kai and Kaden tilted both their heads to the side, lips parted.

Dad hasn't ate dinner with us in years, he was to busy working, or out of town for business. So this is new...

"So I'll make dinner while y'all freshin up."


Kaden speaks up, "isn't that what Lilith is for? To cook dinner..." Kai nods in agreement.

Dad shakes his head, "nonsense I will I am your father after all." With that he continued looking for stuff in the fridge.


I'm not complaining.

Down the hall I open my door to my room as I was fixing to close it the twins bombarded in.

Kaden's eyes narrow my way, "you bitch what did you do to dad?"

"Did you drug him?"

"You planning to kill us too?"

Shifting my eyes to each one of them with every word they sent me pierced my heart. Till finally I tore my eyes away from them feeling a slow tear run down my cheek.

They don't trust me.

They hate me.

I'm a murderer.

"I haven't done anything, I came home he was on the ground then got back up and offered dinner once y'all came home. " I tell them the truth.

But their eyes tell me that they think I'm lying.

Kaden grabs my arm sending a tightening grip, fingers digging into my skin causing me to hiss in pain.

"Let go." I whisper shout to him.

In one swift motion he pushed me having me fall to the ground.

"Leave our dad alone.... murderer."

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