Sinful Bliss

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Chapter 20

Lilith Solomon

The sound of clanking from silverware filled the air.

The silence from everyone eating their dinner and taking sips of their water.

I barely touched my food only poking at it with my fork.

Someone clearing a throat brought my attention, "daughter why aren't you eating?"

The clanking stops all eyes on me, "sorry dad just not that hungry."


The door bell sings around the house cutting off dad.

Everybody sat where they were not moving. Dad stares no glares toward the direction of the front door.

Nobody is getting up so I stood up from my seat to go check who it is. Who could it be? It's late, we don't usually get visitors unless its aunt Monica.

Opening the front door my eyes widen and mouth agape in surprise.



He is wearing a red button shirt with long sleeves, dark jeans and black converse shoes pulling off the look. His blonde hair wet as if he just got out if the shower.

Not only he catch me off guard he is holding a single red rose.

He smirks, "hey."

"What are you doing here, how did you find out where I live?"

"Invite me in."

I gape at him, what the hell, "umm no?"

Derek sighed frustratingly, "come on just let me in, I would like to apologize for today."

Rolling my eyes I huffed, "then do it now, here, you don't have to do it in my home." I say putting a hand on hip.

He smiles showing those damn dimples, "please."


"Really? That easy?"

I rolled my eyes, "shut up and come in before I change my mind." Opening the door wider he passes by only to stop behind me making me turn to him in question.

Lifting his hand, "a rose for the pretty lady."

I blush not keeping eye contact, "thanks." I mumbled taking the single rose from his hand. My fingers brushed his fingers having a tingling feeling left on them.

"Daughter who is it!" I hear my dad yell from the kitchen. Footsteps reaching closer to us dad appears with a smile but it quickly faded seeing someone else beside me.

"Hi Mr. Solomon, nice to meet you." Derek reaches for a hand shake.

Dad stares him down narrowing his eyes, "who are you?" He asks then turn to me raising a brow, "who is this Lilith?" He asks me this time.

I bite my lip nervously then reply, "this...he i-is...-

What is he?

"Her boyfriend."

Eyes widening I face Derek but he wasn't looking at me, his eyes still on my father.

What the hell Derek.

My dad is going to kill me. He wouldn't condone this, even though he isn't my boyfriend my dad doesn't know him and hearing those words will piss him off because I can't have a boyfriend.

"Well how nice to meet you..-


My dad takes his hand shaking it firmly, "nice to meet you Derek." He smiles.

Im shook, did my dad really just say that?

My dad gestures a hand toward the kitchen, "come meet the family." Oh no.

Walking through the threshold my twin brothers continued to eat at the table until our appearance.

Kai looked up then choked on a piece of bread, Kaden sputters and spits out his water on the table. Both expressions in shock.

I have a feeling it wasn't for me.

"Sons this is Derek, Lilith's boyfriend."

The boys stared at Derek with un-easyness.

My dad cleared his throat patting Derek's shoulder firmly, "okay why don't you join us." He says walking to the table.

"May I have a minute or two alone with Lilith please. Perhaps her room." Derek's asks my father with a serious face.

I choked on air, "what?" "What!" My brothers say in unison, dumbfounded.

Derek ignored me while waiting on dad's response.

Dad stares for the longest moment at him, "yes that's fine."

I heard the twins gasp with wide eyes.

My mouth forms a O shape, my father just agreed like that. What's wrong with him? He would never allow this for sure. Is he sick...

My mind reeling with so many thoughts and questions I felt a large hand grasp my shoulder softly.

Derek looks down meeting my greens with his hazel's, "can we talk."

I nod hesitently.

Making my way down the hall towards my bedroom I hear Derek follow behind me. Feeling uneasy and hot, heat creeped up to my neck. I was blushing at the thought that I'm bringing a boy into my room, not only just any boy but Derek.

Walking in my room I stop in the middle of my room hearing a click sound of the door.

"So what is it you wanted to talk about?" I ask turning around to face him.

He is busy looking around my room, I notice he clicked a button on my laptop then proceeded to check out my room.

Watching his every move his eyes stuck on the picture on my night stand.

"Whose that?" He asks voice husky and deep. The sound made my insides melt, he did have a sexy voice. So masculine.

I heard him chuckle cutting my thoughts off I clear my throat, "my mother." I respond lightly.

I heard him click his tongue then he met eyes with me, with a small smile, "you look like her."

"Thank you."

It was quiet for a long moment, it wasn't an awkward silence more of a comfort one.

I heard music start to play, realizing I look back to Derek, "you started my play track?" I raise a brow his way in accusation.

"Maybe." He shrugs a shoulder taking a seat on the side of my bed. He looks up to me then pats on the side inviting me to take a seat beside him.

'So lately, been wondering

Who will be there to take my place

When I'm gone you'll need love to light the shadows on your face'

Hesitant at first I oblige taking a seat by him on the bed placing the rose down beside me.

Eyes glued to the floor I felt anxious, "so what to talk about?"

A finger lifts my chin to meet his face, eyes bright and soft with a lopsided grin, "Oh Lilith, I can feel your pain."


"What are you talking about?"

He sighs deeply, "I can feel your pain, ever since I lost that game, i-i some how feel connected to you." "Well not even that it was in the parking lot when you first spoke to me, I felt this pull in my chest."

Confused I shot out of my seat standing tall in front of him, "get out, whatever your talking about I don't need it, so get out!" I tell at him, receiving a blank stare from him.

'And maybe, I'll find out

A way to make it back someday

To watch you, to guide you through the darkest of your days'

Tears ran down my face.

He couldn't possibly know how much pain I'm in, how could he. I feel this pain everyday.

Derek stands taking my hands in his, "look at me." I ignored him as more tears slip down my face.

"Look. At. Me."

I look up having a gasp leave my parted lips.

The glossy unleashed tears set under his eyes, one tear slipped slowly down dropping from his jaw line.

Why is he crying?

Never have I witnessed such a thing, a man crying.

"Lilith I can feel your pain. I can feel your defeat. Why is that?" He asks voice strained.

"I-i dont know?" I really didn't, for some reason I believe him. I can see he isn't lying about it. His eyes tell me a different story.

'If I could, then I would

I'll go wherever you will go

Way up high or down low, I'll go wherever you will go'

His thumb slowly lifts to my top bottom lip slowly pulling it down a bit, "how is it that I can feel your thoughts Lilith, how can I feel your pain?" He asks more to himself when he whispered the last bit as his brows knitted together in confusion.

I blew a small breathe, "I don't know Derek."

He snaps his head towards me eyes widen, "it can't be." He breathed out in shock.


I was about to ask him a question but he cuts me off, "I think I imprinted you."

Do what now?


The hell is he talking about now.

"Oh my delicate flower, we need to talk later. I need to go um homework?" With that he opens my window.

My window!

"Derek wha-

He jumps out my window. Great.

Running to the window I look down to see Derek in one piece, he looks up to me with a wide smile, "goodnight flower." Then he left.

What the freaking hell is going on tonight?

'If I could make you mine, I'll go wherever you will go'

'I'll go wherever you will go'

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