Sinful Bliss

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Chapter 2

Mia LaRoe

What is this? Mystery soup? More like bird poop to me.

I clunk the spoon on into the bowl, taking out my red apple of my backpack rubbing it against my chest before taking a big bite out of it with a loud crunch.

Hearing screeching noice next to me it was my best friend Leah taking a seat with a wide grin, "Did you see the new students! They're so hot!"

I nearly laughed but contained it and turning to Leah on my seat, "what are you taking about?" I had no idea what she was talking about and honestly I'm not that interested.

Leah nudged her chin in a direction, "Over there."

Seven guys walked in one by one with the school uniforms. The first guy looked happy, showing perfect set of whites, a smile reaching ear to ear. He closed his eyes and lifted his head up raising his nose higher as if smelling? His head shaved and a 5o'clock shadow adorn his jaws and chin, while skin a darker complexion like caramel. His form tall and firm with broad shoulders and slender around the torso area.

The next guy, he seemed tired and restless. Or is he high? Hair all messed up and unkempt, flat on one side of his head like he was just woken up from sleep. His walk sloughed a bit carelessly he reached into his pants pockets and retrieved dark shades placing them on his nose. Yeah definitely high.

The other guy coming appeared like prince charming so to speak. His blonde hair combed back a bit to the side, his eyes I could clearly see from here almost took my breath away. Pinkish tent to them, I've never seen such eyes like that! His poster confident and sway, lips plumped to perfection. Someone tapped his shoulder making him turn around to a small girl as he sends a wink her way making her blush hard.

Another guy walks in this time with a look of un-easyness and lost. He eyed the area looking at one boy then looking at himself with a deep frown as if comparing? Dark hair ruffled in long waves tossed to one side reaching down his brow line. Something about him made me feel pity of sorts.

Next a boy showing off a proud smile white pearls shown with dimples and all. He was a bit shorter then the rest of them but he looked so confident puffing out his chest a bit. Blonde hair cut even and short from the bottom leaving it longer on top. He shook hands with some of the jocks, I mean he did look jock worthy.

Next to last a boy, no a man, he look so soffisticated and complex. Books in one hand and back pack in the other. He is wearing thick rimmed glasses, his hair dark black slicked back and gelled. In my opinion he would be a business man in his near future for sure.

The last one startled me, its him. The guy that ran into me.

Well I ran into him but still he is no gentleman or man at all in my book.

He was so tall maybe 6'6 at least, dark hair long and wavey touching the back of his neck, those deep ocean blues I know from last encounter. His body looked so well kept and fit. Uniform tight against his biceps and chest leaving no room. His face showing what seems like a permanent scowl, sharp jawlines clenched tight.

What is his problem I thought.

Angry man searched the room full of chatting students, he looked like was about to blow. Literally.

All seven of them sat near the window away from all the chaos in the cafeteria. Angry man seemed annoyed by his friend seating beside him chomping on the mountain of food and the other guy bringing in a herd of giggly girls. The boy in the dark shades sitting up right in his chair arms crossed over his chest staring straight ahead.

Leah took a sip from her juice box staring their way with a dreamy look, "Hot." She mumbled against her straw hearing the juice box emptying but she still sips.

"I know one of them, well we had an encounter." As I say that Leah gasps then squealed happily, "Really! Oh which one."

I glanced back at them, my eyes widen and body stills. Angry man is looking at me! He face stone and stoic with no expression just dark eyes narrowing my way, with clenched jaws. His fist clenching close and open on top the table.

"The one looking over here, Angry and all...

"Wow who ate his babies?" Leah quipped with a click noice she made from her tongue.

I turn to her with a chuckle, "Sssh...


I stilled, face falling at the voice I've heard before behind me. Turning slowly I met eyes with those ocean blues again, a sinister look to them. Oh boi.

"E-excuse me?" I baffled with a gulp. How dare he!

How'd he get here, he was just over there?

The man huff's, "I swear your deaf." He grumbled.

"Did you just call my friend a bitch?" Leah speaks up, defending my honor, "Only bitch I see here is you." She glare up to him.

The angry man sends a seething look towards my friend, body shaking as his fists clenched to his sides knuckles turning pale white, "Was I speaking to you? Sit down carrot top!"

I gasp, "Hey you, y-you...

I tried to come up with an insult to defend my friend but quickly found out I don't and never was good at confrontation or come backs.

The man smirks wickedly at me, "What is it? Cat got your tongue." He chuckles, if I wasn't so mad I would have thought it was a gorgeous sound but right now, to hell with him!

Without thinking I grab a small cart of my milk jumping up from my seat to dump all the content on top of this man's head.

Gasps heard from all over the cafeteria, everything went silent so silent that you could hear myself breath heavily. My friend Leah watching the scene with wide shocked eyes and mouth forming an O shape. Similar to everyone else around us, his friends over the corner watched intently no expression just watching, like observing?

I turn back and meet the eyes of the man in front of me standing tall and towering over me. His demeanor changed to what looked like the definition of rage. Face beet red, eyes hard while darting in my own brown eyes burning holes in them. His breathing became heavy and loud, I'm going to die.

On my first day.

Lawd help.

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