Sinful Bliss

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Chapter 3

Mia LaRoe

His eyes narrowed, "your going to pay for that." He promised with conviction evident in his voice. He is dead serious. I might as well dig a hole and hide for the rest of this block.

The angry man raises his fist causing me to flinch by the action.

But nothing came, slowly prying my eyes open he was gone.

I let out a big sigh of relief holding my hand to my chest as it heaves heavily.

Leah pats my shoulder softly, "Are you okay?" I didn't answer because I didn't know, what just happened. Why did I do that?

Something about him made me so mad, enraged at the thought of him even his face pissed me off.

I jumped startled from the school bell ringing.

"Let's go to class Mia. I'll meet you after school." Leah says taking her bag and leaving the other direction to her class.

I took my bag and half eaten apple with me tossing it into the trash bin and leaving into the double doors.

Walking into World Religions class I scan around the room looking for any empty seats. The room was still half empty so there were many seats to choose from. Thankfully.

Taking a seat at the back, because I knew I didn't and won't like this class I settled by the empty desk beside the window in the far corner. Students piled in along with the sound of the last bell ring. Everybody took there seats but still wasn't alot of students in the room, half the seats still empty. Hmm maybe I'm not the only one that doesn't prefer this elective class.

The teacher stood up from his desk walking in front of the entire class, "Evening class, My name is Mr. Archer, welcome to World and Religions class." He single claps clearing his throat, "Now I usually do roll call but I would like to-

The door jiggles interrupting our teacher.

Mr. Archer opens the door with a frown, "Evening guys, I must say your a tad bit late. I would write you slips for tardy-ness but it's the first day so I'll let it slide....this once."

Oh great.

The devil and his sidekicks.

All the boys came in, it was like they demanded attention without actually trying. All the students stared, girls smiling and giggling, boys rolling their eyes and grumbling under their breath.

All boys take each a seat all seating at the other corner of the room. The angry man met eyes with mine, I held my breath watching him.

I raise my eyebrow towards him questioning the noticeable wicked smirk he gave me.

Now knowing, he takes the empty seat next to mine.

"Alright class settle down. As I was saying I will not do roll call, I want to get to know ya'll personally so we will start from the back." Mr. Archer announced with a smile. He faces the back corner, "How about we start with you young man, full name and about you."

All eyes turn to one of the new boys.

He seems to slouch a bit in his chair, with hooded eyes and a lazy smile, "My name is Darren Sinn, I am from hell and I love to take naps, naps during the day and a goods night rest. Taking breaks from walking and running, but running I rarely do." He says voice sounding strained and tired.

Kind off odd. The whole class whispered to the each other and some giggles heard.

The next person speaks with the pink blueish eyes, "My name is Dane Sinn, but you ladies can call me Cupid. I'm from hell and I love taking long walks, kissing a pretty girl...or guy I have no preferences, and love extenuious activity such as well...." He winked at the other students making their blush deepen, "you get gist of what I'm saying."

As hard as I tried I felt heat creep up my neck trying to hide my blush, I looked away.

I heard a grunt beside me making me snap my head toward the sound, it was angry man, his ocean eyes staring intently at me, his body stiff and eyes hardening. I notice his hands shaking a bit on top of his desk other hand holding a pencil.

I wonder if he has blood pressure issues?

"My name is Derek Sinn, I'm from hell and I like meeting new people, challenging them in games also not scared of a gun fight. I love arm wrestles and debates. Im confident that I will achieve anything and everything."

Wow how....confident.

"Okay next." The teacher says as if annoyed already.

The guy seemed antsy and on edge, he looked at everyone staring his way making him seem small by the look in his face. "M-my name is En-Damien Sinn, and I'm from hell. I love everything of what they said....Okay not really I'm better then them because they make me feel jealous and I hate them actually I hate you all." He paused, "I dont kiss guys like my brother over there." He finishes stooping low in his seat more. I really did pity him.

So they are all brothers. Wow seven brothers! How is that possible? They look the same age...again how?

"My name is Deacon Sinn, I'm from hell of course, and I love math, love money and love more of anything such as well money, fame and fortune. Like a business man or one of those Mafia people I've seen on books. Yeah....I have lots of books."

How crass of him.

They are some weird guys, but made everybody laugh with them. The girls showing adoration toward them while the boys shown jealousy and glares.

The other guy speaks, "My name is Donnie Sinn, I'm from hell, and I love food. More food and sweets. Oh I love donuts! They are delicious and savory. Pizza oh my devil! So gooood. I love to sit and eat good food. Sitting on a couch and munching on chips is the dream for sure."

I can't relate.

Last one is the guy next to me, angry man. He appears calm right now but still his face is in a deep scowl while fingers gripping the sides of his desk, causing the desk to shake.

"My name is Daniel Sinn, I am from hell. I hate people, hate being here and hate y'all. I can't stand this air and the smell of cheap ass perfumes from these snobby ass bitches over there. And another thing is you humans are a waste of my time." He gritted out, face shown beet red. I couldn't help but laugh a bit from what he said making those giggly girls end up glaring his way.

That laugh didn't go unnoticed unfortunately because all eyes were on me also the guy I know now as Daniel.

He face slacked a bit showing a different kind of expression I haven't seen before from him. I couldn't quite grasp it because he quickly hid it with a deep scowl.

I gulped adverting my eyes down to my desk.

Stupid Mia, don't chase for attention.

Looking back up I cleared my throat, "My name is Mia LaRoe, I'm from Hells Kitchen..." I stop myself hearing a loud snap of something next to me.

It was Daniel, he broke his pencil. Why is he looking at me that way, wide eyes in shock the same look all his brothers have too staring my way.

Okay? Anyway, "I-i enjoy painting, reading and studying law. I want to be a lawyer some day like my father. I'm only child and well I wasn't the only child i-i...." I couldn't finish.

The teacher seems to understand my pleading eyes, "Lovely okay next."

I take a deep breathe, why did I even try to start that sentence!

I heard movement next to me catching my attention it was Daniel. He is still staring at me!


Daniel smirks amused , "For some devil awful reasons I wished you finished."

I smiled to him but slowly dropped the smile as his face expression changed to a glare, "Wipe that smile of your damned face. It's hideous."

My jaw dropped to the floor, did he, did he just call me ugly?

I gave him my most nastiest glare I could muster then straightened in my seat facing front.

I ain't giving him the satisfaction.

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